A Pair of Blue Eyes

A Pair of Blue Eyes[Reading] ➷ A Pair of Blue Eyes By Thomas Hardy – Oaklandjobs.co.uk La bellissima e volubile Elfride orfana di madre e unica figlia del pastore Swancourt si innamora di Stephen Smith giovane architetto di Londra erroneamente ritenuto di nobili origini Poi uando uesti of Blue PDF/EPUB è La bellissima e volubile Elfride orfana di madre e unica figlia del pastore Swancourt si innamora di Stephen Smith giovane architetto di Londra erroneamente ritenuto di nobili origini Poi uando uesti per poterla sposare accetta un incarico in India Elfride conosce l’affascinante e maturo Henry Knight antico mentore di Stephen; ben presto Knight come già era accaduto al suo pupillo perde la testa per la fanciulla Elfride divisa tra la promessa di fedeltà a Stephen e la nuova passione per Knight infine accetta la proposta di matrimonio di uest’ultimo Ma ancora A Pair PDF/EPUB ² una volta le cose non vanno come immaginato una presenza oscura dal passato di Elfride insinua in Knight il tarlo del sospetto sull’onestà della sua futura sposa e il fidanzamento è sciolto Smith e Knight si incontreranno casualmente ualche anno più tardi entrambi si scopriranno ancora innamorati di Elfride ma ormai sarà troppo tardi Terzo romanzo di Hardy fu il primo che lo scrittore pubblicò a nome suo una grande storia sulla gelosia e sui dubbi del cuore da uno dei massimi esponenti della letteratura vittoriana. These eyes were blue; blue as autumn distance—blue as the blue we see between the retreating mouldings of hills and woody slopes on a sunny September morning A misty and shady blue that had no beginning or surface and was looked INTO rather than ATThis is my third Thomas Hardy novel and I’ve now learned not to expect a joyful sentimental sort of story from him Melancholic and brutally honest – yes that is Hardy’s line of writing I admire his keen insight regarding the social barriers surrounding both women and class His perceptivity into the hearts of women is certainly worthy of esteem I don’t typically uote from the bible or walk around with numerous biblical sayings floating around in my head but I couldn’t help but think that Hardy would find 1 Corinthians 13 rather absurd Love is patient love is kind It does not envy it does not boast it is not proud It is not rude it is not self seeking it is not easily angered it keeps no record of wrongs Rather love is challenging judgmental and jealous It is not tolerant it demands perfection Hardy’s protagonist Elfride Swancourt might seem like a silly girl on the surface but I couldn’t help but feel sorry for her Motherless and raised by her father the vicar of Endelstow Elfride is not the worldliest of women Her social opportunities are naturally lacking and her father is let’s face it a bit of a hypocrite and a blockhead The plot revolves around Elfride and two men a love triangle of sorts Not the irritating sort of triangle but one that gives the reader much food for thought Stephen Smith is an up and coming architect raised by parents from a lower social class than that of the Swancourts Elfride doesn’t mind but of course good ole’ papa does The bankrupt vicar has ambitious plans for his beautiful daughter Henry Knight mentor to Stephen Smith is a educated cultured sort of fellow Maybe he isn’t uite good enough for dear old dad either? But Elfride falls for him hard and fast Torn between the two men Elfride develops in her own subtle way I ended up finding her to be an interesting heroine flaws and all Elfride’s capacity for being wounded was only surpassed by her capacity for healing which rightly or wrongly is by some considered an index of transientness of feeling in generalVictorian pressures and social norms would not have suited me at all who would they suit? Elfride struggles against them constantly The expectations that are placed on Elfride are stifling and she may not always make the ‘right’ choices I wanted to place all blame on the men in this novel simply because they were ‘Victorian’ men; but that would be unjust Through Hardy’s crystalline lens I was able to see both Stephen and Henry as clearly as Elfride No one has the advantage in love regardless of rank class or sex It’s a sticky messIf you enjoy classics then I can easily recommend this one Hardy’s writing is lovely and engaging not too dense His observations are intelligent and relatable despite the distance of time There’s even a breathtaking perilous scene that left me super tense And the ending was well uite perfect If I really seem vain it is that I am only vain in my ways—not in my heart The worst women are those vain in their hearts and not in their ways Hardy's third published novel A pair of blue eyes has often overshadowed by the popularity of its successor far from the adding crowd Yet it remains notable not merely for showing the full emergence of those ironies of known work but also for its autobiographical ualities I have no idea why I enjoy Thomas Hardy's novels so much Normally I loathe romances especially FM romances tragic or not However there is something about Mr Hardy's writing that reels me in every time His writing style is clear and precise The images his words evoke are vivid He knows his characters and makes them real to his readersElfride the heroine of A Pair of Blue Eyes is a young woman who is reaching for than her uiet life in the country with her father allows She's not the most likable character but one cannot help but feel sorry for her Her heart is torn between two men and though the writing and her speech is overly sentimental and dramatic it works because it's Thomas Hardy  It's mostly obvious where the story is headed and yet I had to keep turning the pages Speaking of turning the pages the term cliffhanger most likely originated with this novel What an exciting scene it was when Henry Knight was barely hanging on desperately awaiting rescue the churning sea 650 feet belowHardy is not everyone's cup of tea but if you're a fan you don't want to miss this one  This was a fast read and I very much enjoyed it If you are already a Hardy fan I heartily recommend reading A Pair of Blue Eyes 1873; if you aren't this just might make you one A Pair of Blues Eyes was the third novel published by Hardy and the first published under his own name In his later years Hardy created three categories in which he placed all of his fiction The largest category Novels of Character and Environment includes the well known core of his oeuvre also known as the Wessex Novels; this novel falls in Hardy's second category the novels of Romance and Fantasies; with the third category Novels of Ingenuity containing just three relatively minor works A Pair of Blue Eyes is set in Hardy's fictional 'Wessex' of southwestern England; and in fact this novel is largely played out in 'Lower' and 'Off Wessex' in reality that part of England referred to as Cornwall with its rural countryside and majestic sea cliffs As is typical of Hardy's prose the novel does a wonderful job of connecting the reader with the characters and the character's place in the natural environment Every time I read a Hardy novel or short story I have this over whelming feel that I am experiencing the sights sounds smells and emotions of the characters that he is writing about The reader can't help but fall in love with his pastoral scenes; feeling the breezes at it ruffles the leaves on the trees and watching the hay grasses waving back and forth in the fields and meadows Hardy involves his reader time and again in the simple things like watching the sun set in all of its orange red and purple glory or the glimmer of the stars and planets as they brighten in the darkening night sky I think it is this deep connection with environment and the passage of time that seems to make the human elements and aspects of Hardy's stories resonate even strongly with me Through Hardy's fiction I find another example of my own understanding that the individual human experience and existence is nothing than a infinitesimally tiny blip when compared to the history and time line of the Cosmos; but that it also makes my understanding of those brief experiences we have with one another and the emotions that we feel so much important and interestingIn A Pair of Blue Eyes Hardy addresses the well trod literary ground associated with class consciousness and its effects on courtship and Love The novel's primary protagonist Elfride Swancourt the beautiful daughter of the local parson struggles with becoming a woman and experiencing romantic feelings for the first time when she meets the young architect Stephen Smith upon his visit to 'Endelstowe' to begin restoring the old parish church It is generally considered that much of the courtship between Stephen Smith and Elfride Swancourt is based upon Hardy's own courtship of Miss Emma Gifford whom he later married in 1874 Like his character Stephen Smith Hardy was also trained as an architect and undertook a trip to Cornwall to help restore the parish church of St Juliot in CornwallIn the spirit of full disclosure I am inserting a 'Mild Spoiler Alert' here If you are one who wants no hint of plot direction or details I suggest that you scroll past the next paragraph and two block uote sectionsSuffice it to say that the novel is not just a simple little tale of young blossoming love set in the uiet bucolic countryside There is plenty of drama passion and intrigue involving various characters of all class levels of English life in the mid Victorian period in Hardy's telling of Elfride's tale During the initial serialization of the novel the term cliff hanger was coined referring to one of the exciting events that occurs on the precipice of the 'Cliff without a Name' One of the characters is literally hanging by his fingertips on the edge of the cliff with the rocks and thundering sea one hundred feet below him While the personal terror described by Hardy is palpable as a geologist myself I just had to marvel as I read the following By one of those familiar conjunctions of things wherewith the inanimate world baits the mind of man when he pauses in moments of suspense opposite Knight's eyes was an imbedded fossil standing forth in low relief from the rock It was a creature with eyes The eyes dead and turned to stone were even now regarding him It was one of the early crustaceans called Trilobites Separated by millions of years in their lives Knight and this underling seemed to have met in their death It was the single instance within reach of his vision of anything that had ever been alive and had had a body to save as he himself had nowandKnight was a geologist; and such is the supremacy of habit over occasion as a pioneer of the thoughts of men that at this dreadful juncture his mind found time to take in by a momentary sweep the varied scenes that had had their day between the creature's epoch and his own There is no place like a cleft landscape for bringing home such imaginings as theseI think that this is an important novel and it is also one of his works that Hardy was known to be personally uite fond of Typical of Hardy's fiction Fate and Chance play a prominent role in this novel too Also the character of Elfride Swancourt as a heroine is interesting to consider in the evolutionary continuum from 'Fancy Day' Under the Greenwood Tree 'Bathsheba Everdene' Far From the Madding Crowd 'Eustacia Vye' The Return of the Native 'Tess Durbeyfield' Tess of the d'Urbervilles and that culminates with 'Sue Bridehead' Jude the ObscureI hope you enjoy A Pair of Blue Eyes as much as I did As for me; well I am taking Far From the Madding Crowd off of the shelf now for a re read over the next few days It is time to spend some time with 'Gabriel Oak' and 'Bathsheba Everdene'My review is based upon the Wordsworth Classics softcover edition of A Pair of Blue Eyes published in 1995 305 pp “Men may love strongest for a while but women love longest”This is the story of Elfride Swancourt our blue eyed heroine Elfride is torn between two lovers the young kind hearted socially inferior Stephen Smith an architect; and much older and scrupulous Londoner Henry Knight a literary man and Stephen’s mentor She also has to satisfy the expectations of her father the Rector of Endelstow A Pair of Blue Eyes is a moving and poignant story about love social conventions limitations women faced in the 19th century honor sacrifice and loss Thomas Hardy sure knew how to portray women their sentiments and state of mind He was a true feminist who knew how to break hearts and sadden souls with his exceptional words What a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceiveElfride Swancourt is a vicar’s daughter unschooled in the world who falls in love with two men Her first is a young impressionable boy himself and her second a worldly but dare I say no emotionally developed man of letters At a number of junctions in the novel Elfride might save herself a bad experience by being honest but she elects to withhold the truth for easily understandable reasons and it is her undoing Like Tess she is doomed to heartbreak by the unreasonable expectations of men and the societal pressures put upon womenHardy never fails to surprise me with his understanding of the female characters he paints They are full bodied and thoughtful and they breathe life His men are so often cruel in exacting standards that a saint would be hard to live up to and that beg for the rules to be bent if not broken Never were conditions favourable for developing a girl’s first passing fancy for a handsome boyish face a fancy rooted in inexperience and nourished by seclusion into a wild unreflecting passion fervid enough for anything All the elements of such a development were there the chief one being hopelessness a necessary ingredient always to perfect the mixture of feelings united under the name of loving to distractionI found here the same elements that have always made me such a avid fan of Thomas Hardy There is such a feeling of doom of having the cards stacked against happiness and that tearing desire to whisper to the characters as you go “don’t do this listen to your gut you are about to step off the edge of a cliff”Speaking of cliffs this story has the distinction of being the source of the term “cliffhanger” When first produced in its serial form it ended on a scene in which a major character is literally hanging from the side of a cliff by fingernails and readers had to wait for the next installment to discover the fate ahead A lovely read for any fan of Thomas Hardy which can rank alongside many of his other works for both plot interesting characters and style It seems to be less known but I have no idea why since it delivered for me on all levels Yet another story of love and life by Hardy he advocates for women and understands them in ways i don't know how but he does and he is a wizard with words and he knows the sunset and the moonlight and everything in between as passionately as humanly possible A lady would have said there was a smell of tobacco in the room a man that there was not Curse you Thomas Hardy Curse you for tearing my heart out and making me cry like a dummie over fictional characters I thought I was so smart and knew what was going to happen and you ripped the rug out from under me You left me without my happy ending Curse you And the saddest thing is that I am no newcomer to Hardy I've read your work before As I cracked this one open I thought of my teenage favorite Return of the Native I should have thought of Tess Yeah you heard me Poor TEss and Poor Elfride But at least even though you are a man your sympathies do obviously lie with the poor misused females I can tell you hated that Mr KNight as much as me You did Alright I'm done ranting and raving now The least you could do is pop up beside me in your ghostly self as it is now and hand me a tissue at just the right moment I had to fumble for one Spoilers Thom’s third novel is a classic Victorian tale of a scatterbrained ingenue who falls for a working class upstart and changes her mind about eloping with him in London while eloping with him in London who then starts seeing the working class upstart’s posher middle class mentor who over a number of pages learns about her time with the working class upstart not his name and the botched elopement and turns against her for social embarrassment and Victorian deportment reasons and who then marries a much richer man who is allowed to have sex with her but who kills her with his penis thanks to a miscarriage and later in the novel the lovers realise the whole stupid thing because names were never used and that ends the thing A tremendous read This is a novel I would highly recommend to everybody not only to Hardy's fans The story is so nicely unfolded and detailed that you can almost feel the wind in that spellbinding cliff scene This is a simple story don't expect great literary references or witty remarks But it is told with so much gentleness and the characters are very well portrayed and developed Elfride though is not as the other Hardy's heroines she is young gullible and has grown up protected by her father I thought she was too innocent and easily impressed and lacked resolve and character But what can you expect from a barely 18 year old who hasn't been shown to the world? She is not to blameStephen I like immensely He's got but a true heart through all the story he is consistent in his love and protects Elfride when the time comes even if it breaks his heartMr Knight He is a complicated character but I found him fascinating The initial passages where he meets Elfride are funny and they seem so natural you find yourself falling in love with him tooYou've got the three key pieces for a tearing love triangle where there's no good or bad characters just love and the unfairness of lifeThough written well before the famous Tess of the D'Urbervilles the story contains many similarities to his best known masterpiece The moral issues regarding the treatment of women in the late eighteenth century their unconscious power over men and the struggle to overcome social backgrounds are present in this storyA piece not to be missed and treated unjustly because it hasn't been noticed as it deserves

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