Red❮Reading❯ ➼ Red Author D.J. Doyle – WARNING Content may disturb and offend Content is of a sexual nature and not for the fainthearted AWARDED 5 STARS by READERS' FAVOURITEA depraved past has shaped a man into the twisted serial killer h WARNING Content may disturb and offend Content is of a sexual nature and not for the fainthearted AWARDED STARS by READERS' FAVOURITEA depraved past has shaped a man into the twisted serial killer he is today His obsession with the color Red and his lust for blood leads to inventive ways to kill his captives Who is his next victim and can she be his salvation This is extreme horror and not meant to scare but to push the boundaries and give you a uniue tale that will have your stomach turn Please note there are triggers in this story. 35 starsGenre HorrorHumor 45Darkness 35Writing style 2755Triggers? Uh huh view spoilerThere’s a brief mention of a family pet being poisoned and chopped to bits but it isn’t a gruesome description There’s also blood drinking a kidnapping scene mention of molestation and an at home abortion scene hide spoiler Blood poured in buckets I lapped some upand tasted her soul on the buds of my tongue The story is told in a first person narrative voice by a serial killer Dwayne aka Todd Jenkins who has his sights on a new princess Amanda Price He has been watching her for weeks now and is ready to make his move Through Todd we learn about the other women he has taken and the horrific experiences they endured under his care In his deranged mind he's merely satisfying their needs and searching for a good companion If they're good to him he's good to them But if they don't cooperate or show him the respect he feels he deserves he commits unthinkable acts Will Amanda do whatever it takes to appease him or will Todd see red and begin his search for princess number ten?This story was engrossing from the very beginning Todd's character is developed nicely through his thoughts of the past I applaud the author's courage in stepping beyond her comfort zone to craft such a sick and gory book She doesn't just skirt around the violence and depravity but pulls readers right into the horrors with her rich descriptive writing The brilliant twist at the end provided the absolute perfect satisfying endingThank you Ramona Plant for recommending this great story I will certainly be reading books by DJ Doyle A dark tale of a twisted man who blames his abused childhood for his sociopathic tendencies as an adult male Dwayne has been hearing voices in his head of the princesses that would be his world All his to do as he pleases with them until he is unpleased`Red` is told mostly through Dwayne's thoughts where we get to listen to his rationale and point of view of his world and from that some kind of understanding of why The why's are never fully realized except he's fucking nuts but his own justifications result in a surprising twist that had me clawing my own skinIt's a very dark read with some non con torture and gore Definitely a good read if like the torture horror genre This was a uick read The story is well written and character driven The twist at the end is definitely unexpected This is what kept me reading; wanting to know how this was going to end I confess I had to breeze over some passages I guess I am one of the faint hearted and this story is not for the timid or faint hearted Yes it is a very disturbing story I was totally grossed out I enjoy reading horror stories but this was on a whole other level It is of a sadistic story I had to give the author all of her stars because she delivered a well written and well told story I believe the author accomplished what she set out to do with this story—get up under the reader's skin make their stomachs roll and their eyeballs pop Well done This was very difficult to write but i love that I pushed myself to do something out of my comfort zone It was worth it Red is absolutely gruesome at it's bestThis novella is definitely disturbing gory demented and intense The whole time I'm reading this I'm saying oh my god No he didn't This is my first book by this author and sure is heck won't be my last I went and bought the paperback I can't wait to read the second part to this series This is a uick read being a novella but that doesn’t take away from the fact it’s a great book Not for the faint hearted it even made my eyes water at times and I love me a bit of gore I loved the twist at the end I didn’t see that one coming at all Onto book 2Reddest Eerily well constructed psychopath in a well written and gripping tale There is no dancing around in this story you will face the darkest most graphic sides of said psychopath and boy is he a doozy And the twist at the end You won't see it coming A great read for the true horror fan Red An Extreme Horror Novelette by DJ Doyle is the story of Todd Jenkins formerly known as Dwayne and his bloodlust for all things red Red lipstick red books red kerchiefsall souvenirs taken off women who became his prisoners Told in the first person Todd reveals his history with princesses and the highs and lows of each prisoner which always culminate with a violent act of sodomy and the lapping up of their blood once they'd stopped appreciating him His conuests are detailed and his methods are severe My favorite is the small baseball bat with the push up button that released a head full of nails at the top of the bat It took hours to hollow out the middle carve every hole and connect every nail to the same metal piece in the middle but it was worth it My masterpiece When he meets drugs and makes Amanda his captive the story takes an especially unexpected turn in a narrative where unpredictability begins to feel uncomfortably compos mentisRed is not for the faint of heart A psychological slasher thriller Doyle unpeels the backstory of Todd Jenkins methodically As we begin to understand as well as anyone is able to understand a psychopath Doyle is able to do the unthinkable endear Todd to the reader Yes you've read that correctly While Red is written simply something about the narrative drew me to actually feel sorry for Todd The same Todd who violently kidnaps violates tortures and kills women That's a massive feat for a novelette where character development is severely limited by word countIf you enjoy a uick read à la American Psycho give Red a try You'll probably regret itbut only if others happen find out you actually enjoyed it which you most certainly willReview written for Readers' Favorite If you think extreme horror is just a male’s domain then think again DJ Doyle doesn’t mess around with this short sharp slice of brutality right here ‘Red’ is a graphic gore splattered gut punch revolving around serial killer DwayneTodd and his compulsive behaviour as he slices and dices his way through a series of women A terrible upbringing and not so happy childhood has shaped our demented antagonist into what he is today a man infatuated with the colour red and driven to act on the voices he hears inside his head voices he believes are those of who ultimately become his victims The themes and the premise of the tale are not any major departure from many similar ones of this ilk but Doyle has managed to deliver them in such a compelling way that elevates Red above books which tread like minded paths The writing is sharp crisp and lean without superfluous words or padding it is pared down and straight to the point which works very well given this novelette is a short read that you’ll be bound to devour in one sittingCharacterization is strong with well fleshed out and developed folks what few of them are here populating the story and the pacing is superb Doyle puts the foot down pretty much from the word go dropping us right into the sordid life of DwayneTodd and swings back and forth between the present and the often disturbing history of the lunatic without sacrificing anything in the switches between these now and then momentsRed is a journey into the unhinged psyche of a man who never rises above the bad hand dealt to him as a child but instead chooses to venture deeper into his world of dark depraved desires and obsessions It is unrelenting unapologetic and most definitely not for the faint hearted but if you’re keen to delve into the extreme then I’d highly recommend it The stunner of an ending alone is worth the price of entryExtreme horror is where I love to dwell and Red makes for a cracking read in that department