The Bride Price

The Bride Price[Download] ✤ The Bride Price ➸ Quenby Olson – To save her family from scandal Emily Collicott must marryRuined in her first season in London she is given no choice but to wed her father's pick for a husband or be cast out from her home Emily agre To save her family from scandal Emily Collicott must marryRuined in her first season in London she is given no choice but to wed her father's pick for a husband or be The Bride Kindle - cast out from her home Emily agrees to marry William Hazlitt a man she hardly knows But William remembers her Growing up as a tenant on her father's estate he admired her from afar their lives kept separate first by class and then by loss Emily seeks to begin a new life with this uiet man to whom she finds herself wedded But the scandal she escaped in London soon finds her again the very man who destroyed her reputation threatening to tear down the happiness she's found with her new husband To keep from losing everything she must either make a deal with a devil or learn how to defeat one. A Heartfelt RomanceLoved everything about this story The way the romance unfolds was sweet and tender and there was no unnecessary drama between the two main characters because they actually communicated with one another shocking in a romance I know Very much looking forward to of the author's work One of the things I like so much about uenby Olson's stories is the way she takes familiar tropes and makes them unexpected In the case of The Bride Price it's a character who often appears in historical romances as the hero the Rake But Olson's rake is not a hero In fact he's the villain who sets the story in motion ruining Emily and forcing her into a marriage of convenience with William a man who ought to be below her station The Bride Price is a lovely story of finding unexpected love and friendship I loved watching William and Emily's relationship develop loved the positive way marriage is treated in the book The plot that unfolds with the rake Marbley at its center was tense enough that I was on the edge of my seat until its resolution And as a bonus there was Olson's beautiful descriptive prose to enjoy as wellThis would be a good book for someone who isn't familiar with the romance genre but wants to give it a try From the back cover “Ruined during her first season in London Emily agrees to marry William Hazlitt a man she hardly knows But William remembers her Growing up as a tenant on her father's estate he admired her from afar their lives kept separate first by class and then by loss”uotable “Kiss me” he said He raised his hand to her face the tips of his fingers just grazing the point of her chin “Please”If you're an avid regency romance reader in desperate need of a palate cleanser look no further this intimate journey of two uiet resilient souls finding each in adverse circumstances will wash the dirt of a thousand scoundrel dukes off your Kindle William isn't rich powerful or talkative Emily falls down the social ladder and directly into his lap and under uenby Olson's tight and descriptive prose their understated romance warmed my desiccated little heart like a cup of hot cocoa Find a warm blanket kick back and treat yourself A tender and moving story of a young woman ruined by a handsome scoundrel Emily then finds love with the man her uncaring father has arranged for her to marry Despite the unexpected happiness their union brings she can't uite escape the ruthless rakeHighly enjoyable The dialogue and historical detail are well done uenby Olson's books haven't let me down yet The story makes a good start with a naive country girl in London for her 1st season and loses her reputation at her first ball after a scoundrel kisses her Her greedy father uses this as an opportunity to make money sells her to H We are led to believe that the H has loved her for years I found this unlikely given she didn't even remember him I found it hard to know either of them she moved through the book in a fog he was so reticent they didn't talk much at all I didn't find it satisfying as it was very sad they were often uite helpless and at the end I doubted they would survive very long This has a very Austenesue feel but with a modern easy to read style of writing I found it very relatable It's a story of a woman finding love and uiet happiness despite seeming to lose everything Emily loses her standing in society after being caught in a compromising position against her will with the handsome Viscount Marbley It's her first and only season in London With all hopes of securing a good match dashed Emily is married off to a farmer considered beneath her station She believes she has no choice in the matter as a woman of ill repute The reality of life as a working wife not a gentlewoman hits hard However she adapts to her new life with admirable strength even if at first she feels out of control her life subject to the whims of society of her father and the other men in her lifeIt's also a story about power about men who can't take no for an answer It points out the hypocrisies of society the way a young unknown woman is dragged through the mud while the powerful man responsible gets away with little to no conseuencesMarbley is a man I know I mean not literally He has a lot power than most men I've known and he's a character in a book But he's that guy who thinks buying you a drink means you've entered into a contract and owe them sex He's the guy you turned down who still has your number years later and keeps trying to talk He's the ex who sent lingerie in the post even though we'd been split up for months and I was with a new partner Marbley is of the same cloth So when Emily receives a certain gift I had no trouble believing it It's about control and Emily is savvy enough to know it wouldn't stop with one demandEmily's response to him is just as believable to me Not wanting to tell people about Marbley fearing they'll judge her instead Hoping it'll all go away if she just keeps uiet and doesn't tell her husband Too often we suffer in silence and worry that we'll be blamed or that it'll only make things worse if we open up about it This is what powerful people rely onAnyway this turned into an essay about harassment but the book got me thinking about these things There are many other commendable parts such as the clear writing good pacing the twins and it's good to see Emily grow becoming confident Also William is just so sweet and such a good husband for Emily Her father is a complete ass who doesn't really get his comeuppance which may seem dissatisfying but is all too true to life I feel like the author could've taken inspiration from my own life and added Regency elements to it but the reality is my experiences are just not that rareOh and we all need a friend like Josephine After a heartless rake ruins her reputation Emily Collicott retreats from her first season in London back to her family's home Faced with the choice of marrying a stranger uickly a situation arranged by her shady father or never marrying at all Emily makes the choice that will ensure she and later her sisters are taken care of Despite the circumstances of their marriage she soon finds happiness with her new husband William and believes the lot she's drawn is a good one after all But when the same man who ruined her suddenly reappears he threatens to destroy every ounce of goodness in her life What I love about uenby Olson's historical fiction is that it takes the elegance and intrigue of the 19th century and approaches it from an angle the modern reader will appreciate So often beloved classics while wonderfully written and easily enjoyed have for lack of a better term cringey elements and moments one must skip over and try to ignore Olson approaches the Regency era with a frankness and candor regarding the social problems of the day particularly those pertaining to women in ways that enhance the story From beginning to end this book is filled with interesting characters who endear enchant and enrage Even minor characters are full flesh and blood creatures there are no paper cutouts here I strongly recommend this novel as well as all of Ms Olson's titles to readers everywhere Sweet Romance I enjoyed the slow build up to their relationship and the fact that this is a clean romance William is very sweet and a good man Emily is a woman of integrity Nice book “The Bride Price” is rare in that it is a riches to rags story but with a happily ever after Read full review in the 2018 March issue of InD'tale Magazine Well written This was well written and a good mix of history and story More descriptive of marital sex than I prefer there were maybe two scenes that I skimmed over but I enjoyed the story and the love that the main characters had for each other