The Secret Secret #1

The Secret Secret #1❮EPUB❯ ✿ The Secret Secret #1 ✺ Author Jessica Edwards – I never should've been there but I wasI wasn't supposed to see anything but I saw everything I didn't mean to get caught but you caught me Now you make my life a living hell and I can't escape from it I never should've been there but I wasI wasn't supposed to see anything but I saw everything I didn't mean to get caught but you caught me Now The Secret ePUB ✓ you make my life a living hell and I can't escape from itWARNING This book contains very disturbing situations explicit sexual themes dubious content violence and strong language. OMG I’VE FOUND YUTA ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ DO YOU THINK 35 rounded to 4 The Secret is a gritty and harrowing novel Jessica is an engaging writer She knows how to craft a page turning story Jessica's novel calls attention to the plight of women caught up in human trafficking Her story highlights the violence committed against women trapped in these situations Jessica also does a good job in showing the self loathing these women feel and how this is used to control themDespite the explicit content warning the book would be helped by implying certain things rather than describing them in detail Doing so would help the book appeal to a broader readership All told though take Jessica's novel to the beach this summer Or if you are pasty white like me read it indoors Full review 060718 Wow like wow I cannot believe I just read that? Like this is something completely new for me I don't know how to feel but the idea and concept I loved This is I think a good 35 star rating only because of the darkish elements such as non con rape and graphic descriptions of torture which I did skim through but the story I believe was well executed and written We are introduced to Maggie the daughter of a model yet she is very much a tomboy I liked Maggie instantly she didn't care about what others thought or said to her she stood up for herself and she learns fighting skills because it is her father's wish Even if she has never met her father since he is working in something confidential she trusts he will return to them During her last day at uni she bumps into the three brothers who are loved and looked at often Yuta Chen and Kang Three very interesting and intimating brothers By their looks you can see they have a secret to hide a true nature they possess that nobody will ever guess But Maggie will see something that she really ought not to and that's when her life changes for the worse This concept was really executed I loved every moment it was so well written with such suspenseful writing that it was captivating from the very beginning Amazing work Jess for another great success keep it up strongly girl ❤️❤️This ends with a cliffy as Jess usually likes to torture her readers with the waiting game 😉😆 So I am super pumped and ready for the next one 040718 Full review to come since it's like almost 1 am My faults for starting it at 11pm and I wasn't intending to read it all at once but it happens anyways ? Whoops haha 😂 Received this book from an amazing author for an honest review It was thrilling and surprising Our heroine has so many secrets As the secrets are revealed we learn and about her and her father Everyone has secrets that she reveals one at a time Lots of violence lots of sex and a heroine that never stops fighting Even when the bad guys think they are winning she never gives up Can’t wait for the next in the series 😊 The book went from 0 100 real uick and definitely was the fastest novel I read this year filled with so much intense action and dark stuffRTC Holy hell What did I just read? I don’t mean this in a negative way because I really enjoyed it but it’s not something I normally read so I don’t really know how to feel haha The Secret follows a girl named Maggie who doens’t give a single fuck about anything or anyone I liked her instantly ;One day she bumps into the Jinyoung brothers Yuta Chen and Kang Even though they’re her neighbours she had never really talked to them before And holy hell these three brothers are something But then Maggie witnesses something she really shouldn’t have witnessed And now she has to suffer or rather survive the conseuences This was a really enjoyable read I read it in one sitting last night and I couldn’t put it down I always have so much fun reading Jessica’s books They’re always intriguing and addicting however it is really different than her other books This book wasn’t perfect though so 4 stars from me Thank you so much for sending it to me Jessica 3 This book will not be for everyone and will be offensive to some It was a very fast read that ended in a cliffhanger To me it read like young adult with emotionally immature characters and added rape torture and crime thrown in Definitely not for younger readers the author definitely makes this clear on the description page Thank you to Jessica Edwards for providing a free PDF of the book Book The SecretAuthor Jessica Edwards Rating 4 Out of 5 StarsI would like to thank the author Jessica Edwards for providing me with this ARC So this is the fifth book that I have read by Jessica and I must say that she keeps getting better and better with each book I actually do prefer The Secret over Small Town a lot of people think differently I thought the plot and characters were a lot developed and complex than they were in Small Town The world is a lot different I’ve not read a lot of books like this so it was a pleasant different read At first I thought the characters were a bit immature but that changed as the book went on It was like after about fifty or so pages they suddenly grew up I was very drawn to their stories and background I thought they all really added to the story I did like Maggie but it is really here character that made me knock a star off the book She was too much of a Mary Sue; it just seemed like no matter what she did she was good at While she does struggle in the book its not with anything that she actually does I don’t know; I just thought that maybe she was a little bit too prefect The plot is really uick moving I felt like as soon as I started reading it it was over I really did enjoy getting to read this darker plot and seeing another side of Jessica’s writing I liked the complex nature and how as I read and layers just kept on being pulled back It was really cool to see how everything just kind of melted into each other at the end Now we do have a cliff hanger and I’m not sure if and when a second book will come out There are some trigger warnings There is a lot of sexual stuff and kind of graphic content so I do not recommend this one for younger readers The Secret is out now so you can go over to to pick up your own copy Deep Dark Mysterious Oh and has some smut I received a free PDF from the author in exchange for an honest review Oh and it's on Kindle Unlimited if anyone wants to read it as well The Secret was so good I read it in less than an hour and I'm already here on my computer knocking out the review In this book you will meet Maggie and three handsome dark and super mysterious brothers Well not mysterious enough because Maggie already knows so much deep dark shit about them they would probably shit their pants Oh and Maggie is my type of girl because she gives zero fucks about anything and everything If she ever wanted a friend well I'd be right by her side giving no fucks eitherBesides Maggie you do meet the three mystery next door neighbors Yuta Chen and Kang are definitely a handful Kang the youngest is such a douche bag He definitely deserved to get beaten up by Maggie every now and then Then there's Chen who I loved the most He uestioned everything they did and didn't like what his family did one bit Last but not least there's Yuta and HOT DAMN IS HE FINE I'm definitely seeing a love connection between these two but that's mostly because I ship the HECK out of them Now of course every book has a flaw or two This one did have some spelling issues but only a few and a with a teeny tiny bit of editing with some sentences and it would be golden Heck I'm still giving it 4 stars because I ended up loving the bookOverall it really was a page turner I can't wait to dive into the next book I hope it comes out soon because I really suck at this whole waiting thing IS THERE MORE BECAUSE I NEED MORE ?