A Year of Mornings

A Year of Mornings❰Read❯ ➱ A Year of Mornings Author Andrea McKenzie Raine – Oaklandjobs.co.uk A Year of Mornings is a collection of ghazals that are uiet meditations on the early moments of each day enveloped by themes exploring relationships seasons daily life writing as well as projections o A Year of Mornings is a collection of ghazals that are uiet meditations on the early moments of each day enveloped by themes exploring relationships seasons daily life writing as well as projections of hopeful dreams These ghazals are reflected in accompanying illustrations to enrich the experience of these thoughts and happenings Featuring illustrations by Christina Winther. A Year of Mornings is a beautifully written book of poetry and my first introduction to ghazals or poems of two lines The author uses insightful and creative phrases that describe the simple moments when we greet the day Many of the poems are truly touching and capture feelings we all experienceFilled with intention this morning slips throughcracks of sunlight; how my floor is joined I exist in betweenAnother woman's words on the screen;I invited this the past woven with presentWe rise together in a working life staggered showers And the first to put on the kettle; a happy shiftPiano music occupies spacious thoughts;Notes remembered a jumble of sound that creates orderThis morning dance we invent up and showerYou make me a sandwich and I kiss you to workI enjoyed this wonderful book of poetry The illustrations fit the delicate phrases that describe the first glimpse of the new day The expressive words paint lovely images of simple daily life Firstly this is a beautiful book; wonderfully bound and presented with illustrations to accompany the poems within these pagesApparently these two line couplets are known as ghazals and they set the tone and pace of the verseSet around the four seasons 'A Year of Mornings' is a series of meditations around the process of waking up and facing the responsibilities of the dayMy favourite begins the section on Autumn on page 42 However there is much to reflect upon here and this is a perfect companion by your bed to read at your leisure and perhaps not in those groggy moments between sleeping and wakefulness I have one criticism being the many references to cats and later kittens and their behaviour in the home but I did enjoy these two lines The cats look out like coast guards on this soggy day; watch the birds bathe and suirrels run out of treesThe lines cover normal life and routine relationships and work mostly writing and poetry It is perhaps best summed up by Nothing is truer than a rush of words Use any makeshift slate or canvasPoetry is subjective often and can be mute at times but in the right circumstances verse can sing and resonate with your very soul These few pages of couplets may strike a chord and be brought to remembrance when it is cold outside and all you want to do is roll over under your duvet If you want to keep your own job however you shouldn't uote these lines every morning A thin layer of frost holds in the day we should be sleeping stillPerhaps I should end on a upbeat ghazal or we'll all be wasting the day Morning light changes the slant of shadow;the days our hardwood floor near the sleep dented couchAn author with a power over words and a turn of phrase is recommended without reservation in both her novels and her books of poetry Seek out her publications and judge for yourself An intriguing book of poems “A Year of Mornings” delivers beauty and hope The use of the ghazal form provides a framework of elegance while the poet’s observations have a certain charm The reflections surround home life love and writing while also conveying a clear affection for animals The simple moments of the morning are captured wonderfully with fluid lines and emotional depth These are enjoyable meditations Recommended This is a great book of personal thoughts presented in the ghazal poem form I am an avid mysterywho dun it reader for decades and it takes something different and of real value to catch my interest A Year of Mornings fit these criteriaI found that many of Ms Raine's poems expressed ideas and perspectives that I recognize as very similar to my own The poems are interesting as expressions intensely human emotions and daily situations faced by us allOverall I suggest you read this collection of poems as a way to expand your perspective on relationships daily life and dreams An interesting read and concept Very nice illustrationsI won a copy of this book during a Goodreads giveaway and I am under no obligation to leave a review and do so voluntarily