Prepared To Fall (a Golden Oakes novel)

Prepared To Fall (a Golden Oakes novel)❰PDF / Epub❯ ★ Prepared To Fall (a Golden Oakes novel) Author E.J. Shortall – LOST ALONE GUILTYAdam is stuck in a thankless job with a father he loathes and his secret childhood love is marrying somebody else In a desperate attempt to forget it all he used a friend in a night o LOST ALONE GUILTYAdam is stuck in a thankless job with a father he loathes and his secret childhood love is marrying somebody else In a desperate attempt to forget it all he used a friend in a night of drunken passionFREE SPIRITED DETERMINED DRIVEN Golden Oakes’ golden girl Cassie’s life has been a torment of impossible parental expectations lies and secrets The only constant has been her close friendship with the Oakes brothers and her kickboxing coach turned boyfriend Jay Now training for the fighting highs she has only ever dreamed Prepared To Epub / of Cassie has to trust in Jay than ever However when Jay’s demanding ways begin to spill beyond the ring Adam discovers his feelings for the spritely kick boxing pixie might be stronger than he ever imagined Putting the past behind him he vows to be there to protect support and comfort CassieWith their lives traversing precariously along unpredictable cliff edges falling in love is the last thing on their mindssometimes though you just have to fall. I loved this book Adam loved Olivia but her love belonged to someone else This is is Adam's and Cass' love story It was emotionally charged and that is never a bad thing in my eyes It gives you all the feels without being too much or not enough EJ Shortall is uickly becoming one of my favorite authors Don't miss out on this great book This is another standalone in a series The characters from book one are in this book as well and you kinda should read the first book to understand Adam and CassieAdam has had his eye on one woman for almost his whole life an while she didn't know it he loved her from a far He figured if he had her in his life as a friend that would eventually lead to But that's not how life works His best friend and love Liv finds her true love and ends up engaged Adam still has feelings for her and try's to get her out of his system by sleeping with women What he didn't intend to happen was Cassie She was there for him and never asked for at the time But now things are changing With Liv's wedding coming that meant Adam and Cass would be around each other again Could they put what happened between them in the past and regain their friendship Or could there be Cass is feisty bossy and independent She is known by the men for her no nonsense attitude So when she starts dating Jay something states to go wrong Her personality seems to change her feistiness is gone and she is lost Friends start to notice and Adam is there to help herCan Adam prove to Cass that she is worth than what Jay is offering Can Cass trust Adam not to hurt her againI loved this book it was a really easy book to read It flowed really well It does have spots that seemed to drag but besides that is was great Oy this book It was definitely right when it said there might be some triggers; but they just make the whole story better You don't have to read this after Prepared to Fight but you should as that's where we first meet Adam and Cassie Adam's life is less than ideal so he has a drunken one night stand with a friend Trying to forget that girl he loves Liv is married to someone else Meanwhile Cassie is training to become a kickboxing phenom trained by her boyfriend Jay Who over time Cassie finally notices that Jay has been cutting her off from other people taking over her life a domestic abuser in the making eh Cassie and Adam's friendship gets deeper as they try to fight their feelings while Cassie is preparing to fight to break free of Jay I would recommend reading Prepared to Fight first Adam has always loved Liv and thought that one day she would see him the way he sees her but the heart wants what the heart wants but being the best of friends is better than nothing but Adam wasn't prepared for Cassie she came in at the right time with no uestions asked but when things in Cassie life starts to go sour Adam returns the favor but can Cassie trust him I loved it I received this for an honest review I have to say that I just loved this book from beginning to endI found myself falling in love and with this amazing author This was Adam and Cass's story and oh what a freaking storyThis book has all the feels I just freaking LOVED IT 5 Stars I was given this book in turn for an honest review Adam and Cassie are both lost lonely and seeking happiness They found a friendship that bound them together Will their friendship stay platonic or will their attraction become too hard to resist I was so excited when EJ Shortall said she would be writing Adam and Cassie’s story; after reading Prepared to Fight book #1 I felt they had a story all of their own to tell and WOW what a story it is It is much deeper and emotional than I expected it to be for both Adam and Cassie they both had troubles and issues to work through ones I didn’t even imagine EJ Shortall has delivered another brilliant romance with passionate and emotionally filled scenes I will be honest about Adam; after reading the first book in the series he wasn’t my most favourite person however after reading his and Cassie’s story I fell for him and I fell for him HARD He was a troubled young man with a whole load of love to give He was simply lost and seeking guidance acceptance and love He was also strong caring and wouldn’t ever harm those he cared for Cassie also grew on me with this book; I had been unsure of her in the first book She was strong independent caring and loyal She was also lost and lacking love and support from those she needed it most from Without realising Cassie was able to open Adam’s eyes and see that what he had believed to be true for years wasn’t as deep or as powerful as he had first felt That there was a life out there waiting for him and he had feelings he hadn’t even recognised Adam could see that Cassie was slowly losing her true spirit and fight; that she deserved much better than Jay was showing her Jay was a manipulative and controlling creep with an ulterior motive to his actions; he was dangerous both mentally and physically I would have happily crawled into my kindle and given Jay one hell of an ass kicking This story ended with a bang that I never saw coming EJ Shortall gave no clues to the explosive ending she had me sat on the edge of my seat waiting with abated breath hoping that Cassie and Adam would find the love and happiness they both had longed for and deserved and she did not disappoint If you love contemporary romances with real life circumstances that are dealt with in a delicate and truthful way Prepared to Fall by EJ Shortall is for you Adam Ashworth and Cassie Burton are two characters we meet in book one of the Golden Oaks series These two had a connection but with Adam in love with his best friend their relationship didn’t have a chance Adam continues working at a job for his father that he is not happy with thanks to promises made when he was young and continues to carry his secret crush for the one that doesn’t belong to himCassie is finally getting the chance at her dream of entering the world of kickboxing competition With her boyfriend Jay who just so happens to also be her coach she can see this finally happening regardless of what her mother thinks of how she is living her life Jay has been there when things with her family went downhill and destroyed her so when things started to change with Jay she wouldn’t face the truth When Adam starts to see these changes he realizes that his feeling are than he originally thought but what he really needs to do is protect her and get her to see the truth Falling in love is not a part of the planThis book took me on several unexpected twists and then when I thought I knew what was going to happen the story went differently than predicted I love that element of the suspense in the story and not being able to guess what is going to happen It kept me wanting to read even when I was unable to Sure this is a book that can be read as a stand alone but I would recommend reading Prepared to Fight first to get of the background with the characters The author does a great job of covering the interactions from the first book but by reading the other book it will add to the depth of this story This book was even better because it was great catching up with Liv and Nate as well as Wes who I hope will have his own story It really was great getting to know and understand Adam and Cassie This is an emotional book and some of the subject matter can cause triggers for some but the author does an excellent job in showing how even the strong fall The story is not rushed and is very realistic You feel the emotions of the characters and will be having conversations with them on their actions I found myself trying to yell at them both like they needed my arm chair coaching I am looking forward to reading from this author who I hope besides Wes will give Caleb a book as well Well once again EJ Shortall has delivered an amazing piece of work I personally fell in love the Golden Oakes boys in Prepared to Fight This is where we met Adam and Cassie for the first time They hit it off but all did not go well for this pair Prepared to Fall is Adam and Cassie’s story But as we learnt in Prepared to Fight Adam has lingering feelings for Liv can he get over his feelings for Olivia enough to move on now she is married to Nathan Prepared to Fall is full of twists and turns on both Adam and Cassie’s parts But can their paths finally align for these two giving them their happy ever afterAdam lives his life to a promise he made as a child to his grandfather to remain in the family business This is not what Adam wants for his life though As a child it seemed like an easy reuest now as an adult he is torn between family loyalties and following his own dreams so far family has won Unfortunately this does not make for a happy life Cassie strong willed an excellent fighter never notices her boyfriend Jay taking over her life and her personality She becomes tied in a relationship where she thinks she wants to be but doubts creep in leaving her to re evaluate her relationship Can Cassie make the break from Jay which she really needs or will he keep her just where he wants her I am glad to see the passion between Adam and Cassie never died they are definitely a good match Even though she is still seeing Jay Adam is always there for her as a close friend He is her shoulder to cry on but they both know Adam is hung up on Liv leaving no space for him to be open to a different relationship A really great story once again by EJ Shortall I really cannot wait to see what comes next from my Golden Oakes boys I've had the opportunity in the past to review EJ Shortall's novels but never had the time I will say without a doubt I am happy I finally made timePrepared to Fall is a fast paced read full of well developed characters I wouldn't say that reading Prepared to Fight Book 1 is a reuirement but I have to assume it would help further support the already strong relationships between Liv Nate Cassie Adam and WesCassie is an up and comer in the kickboxing world Paired with boyfriend Jay as her trainer she feels she's headed in the direction of a title fight But boyfriend Jay has a few let's say control issues Jealousy is not a good color on this guy The trigger warning in the blurb is no joke and fuels your hatred toward this out of control relationship Most of the time I just wanted to smack Cassie in the head and found myself than once screaming at my Kindle pleading with her to find a clueAdam is an Architect working with his Father's firm He's in a job he doesn't love fueled by a promise he made to his Grandfather when he was young he sticks it out when he'd rather be doing anything but working with and for his Father Having missed what he figures was his only chance at love by allowing his best friend to marry another man he now figures it will never happen againI adored this story sure there were things about it I didn't love and the volatile relationship that Cassie found herself in was one of them but on the whole this was a beautifully written love story about personal growth empowerment and staying strong as individuals friends and as a coupleMagical Read EJ Thank you for sharing your story with me I always find it odd reviewing my own book I mean I wrote the thing of course I'm going to love it and shout 5 from the rooftops The thing with Prepared To Fall though is that I genuinely am so in love with this story In book one Prepared To Fight we had a brief introduction to Cassie and Adam We loved Cassie's feisty ballsy attitude and her relationship with the Oakes brothers We saw a side of Adam that was maybe a bit controlling but also sweet It took me a while to fully appreciate the dynamic between these two characters and understand what made them tick But when they finally started talking to me oh boy I fell in loveThings aren't always as they seemI'm not going to offer spoilers; if you want the teasers I suggest you check my blog or social media pages What I will say though is that this is real it is gritty it angsty what Cassie goes through so many women around the world go through Believe me the research alone was enough to break my heart These characters took me on an emotional journey that left me drained yet euphoric broken yet ecstaticCassie and Adam's story isn't your typical boy meets girl romance This story will have you yelling cursing and wanting to throw your books and e readers out the window It will also have you swooning awwing and trusting that things will always get betterGrab your Golden Oakes membership card and come meet the men and women of Golden Oakes They are waiting with open arms