Aveoth[Read] ➬ Aveoth ➵ Laurann Dohner – Oaklandjobs.co.uk Jillian Milzner has lived a life on the run Her biological sperm donor has made it clear he wishes she'd never been born Most kids get presents from their dads growing up He sent thugs to make death t Jillian Milzner has lived a life on the run Her biological sperm donor has made it clear he wishes she'd never been born Most kids get presents from their dads growing up He sent thugs to make death threats to ensure she never tries to find him He needn't have bothered since she wants nothing to do with Decon Fil His father however thinks Jill might be useful Things go from bad to worse when her grandfather's goons snatch her up to deliver her to a man both terrifying and straight out of her sexiest daydreamsLord Aveoth isn't surprised to hear from Decker Fil The man is desperate to make the GarLycan lord call off the hunt for his life and eually determined to reclaim his VampLycan clan To achieve both goals he'll offer Aveoth yet another half human granddaughter from his bloodlineIt's lonely being a lord of a clan so Aveoth agrees to the meeting and he's instantly attracted to Jill He's also angry to learn she's been brought to him against her will but he still wants to keep her Even if it exposes his darkest secret which could tear his clan apart. The GarLycans have just been added in the mix and this world keeps expanding and becomes complicatedSince book 1 I was dying to read about the story of Aveoth the GarLycan Lord I was not disappointed The story was fast paced interesting and a nice introduction to the GarLycan’s society and their strange customsAveoth is a good leader He cares about his people; he is fair but also ruthless when he sees injustice He deserves his happy ending His biggest secret is that he is also part VampLycan and he has an appetite for blood – especially for the blood of the granddaughter of Decker FilDecker Fil sees an obvious opportunity here So he kidnaps his clueless granddaughter Jill and he will try to use her as leverage in order to get Aveoth to help him Decker really wants to get his clan back and establish his power over the rest of the clans of the VampLycansJill is smart mouth girl full of spirit and nerve When suddenly she becomes the intended bride of a strange good looking man who can fly and lives in a cave; she won’t be petrified She will try to understand and she will eventually fall in loveA really nice story If you follow the series from book 1 this is the book where the story basically comes full circle You will learn the secret about Aveoth’s father and you will see the conclusion for the parallel story of Decker and his evil plansJust a suggestion it maybe a good idea to have a glossary of terminology in the beginning of each book 3 and 12 starsIt was not bad but slightly formulaic The dialogues were sometimes stilted forced I got the feeling that it wasn't flowing as it shouldStill it was nice seeing a different Aveoth not just a stone faced warrior 4 Bat baby StarsLove it LD is my go to girl for completely guilty pleasure reads This series has been hit or miss but thankfully this one was a hit I've wanted Aveoth's story from the beginning and I wasn't disappointed He's a basses sweetheart Everything a girl could want in a garlycan mate 😱😨😲😂😂😂 Garlycan Mate The things I read Jill was a total smartass A little too much so at times but she was hilarious I liked her a lot All the females leads in this series seem to range from just slightly bitchy but tolerable to way over the top I want to slap you so hard bitchy Jill was in the slightly category There's a cool little secret revealed in this one that I was happy to know Made sense I wonder if it will stay secret for long and if it will effect the future of the series Anywho can't wait to see what Ms LD gives us next in this series or any of her others I'll be in Kinda hope there's a new New Species book soon though They're my favs Happy reading I'm slightly disappointed in this book I was so looking forward to reading Aveoths 'wings' book He came across as dark mysterious and alpha Unfortunately reading this book he came across as a little desperate 'I can't wait to sleep with a female who wants to sleep with me' Not knowing the heroine very sweet not always a bad thing but slightly weak with it and beta This story was sweet but lacked any real depth fast instant love I wanted darker slightly edgier and a bit of grit I wanted hero to keep that alpha mysterious air about him Otherwise besides my own disappointments it was a fair read Heroine was a tad annoying at times but had some funny moments with bad guysCan someone please tell me was he addicted to that bloodline? I don't think I ever worked it out lol 5 Aveoth StarsI found myself smiling and chuckling all throughout this book I have loved each book in this series but I think this might very well be my favorite Aveoth is unlike any of the other characters he is witty well so are some of the others we have encountered I just found him to be amusing Jillian is a spunky character and I really enjoyed her from the very beginning and her nicknames are fantastic HAHA to amusing for words She made me laugh and smile so much and the two of them together with magic  I am on to the next book I can’t wait Also Savannah Richards is amazing her performance it fabulous You don't have to like my review but its 100% my opinion and I am allowed to have it Having lost leadership of his clan and key Vampire Council support Decker Fil finds a bargaining chip to use against Lord Aveoth leader of the Gargoyles to cement an alliance that would all but guarantee his return to power and subseuent destruction of enemies Jillian Milzner and her mother have been hiding from her biological father for most of her life running from place to place until such time as his representatives find them though they're able to escape each time With her mother now deceased Jillian's on her own which may be why this time when they find her she's caught Finding out it's her grandfather who has abducted her with plans to serve her up as a concubine to a reclusive paranormal ruler ups the ante as Jillian discovers her blood is the sole reason she's been sought after all her life Now a pawn in a political paranormal war Jillian is offered up as a prize to guarantee that her grandfather wins 7th installment in the VLG series that FINALLY features Aveoth Gargoyle leader Can be read as a standalone though better appreciated if reader has working knowledge of past installments To say I've been looking forward to this story is an understatement as the buildup in previous installments has been stressing me out Stone cold emotionless Aveoth has had a rough life and even rougher history in the romancelove department finally gets a mate About time This book is pretty much a straightforward format romance between Jillian Aveoth with a few roadblock obstacles thrown in to spice things up Roadblocks that include Decker and his ongoing uest to become King and Alveoth's judgmental clan who are resistant to change For fans of the series and author I'm sure this will be very appreciated and enjoyed The actual romance between Jillian Alveoth does eventually hit the adult content threshold though me myself and I felt there was smoke than fire between the two I had high hopes that these two were a match when they first meet as nothing says love than busting heads and breaking bones in my book Alas the chemistry just wasn't as combustible as I'd hoped in subseuent scenes In addition unanswered uestions linger Non spoiler vague comment example a kiss is a kiss but is a kiss always a kiss forever and beyond? The cast of secondary characters was a successful blend of pros and cons that supporting the main characters and provided depth to the world building Stand oust for me were Kelzeb Chaz Fray though for different reasons Jobi was a scene stealer and I loved him for that Underappreciated character award goes to Mack This character had so much potential and could have added a heck of a lot in terms of twists turns etc but wasn't I'm also bummed about Lane and all circumstances surrounding her I had high hopes maybe she and Winalin had history Oh well Regarding the actual story line and series plot side of things I was looking for smoke mirrors etc in the story line that just weren't there Overthinking on my part for sure but it is what it is What I wouldn't have given to be a beta read or editor for this story I guess the major issue I have is that for the overall series Alveoth has been portrayed as a ruthless emotionless cold hearted and body as he's a Gargoyle bad ass He rose to power when he killed the former clan leader his own father and has since ruled his clan knowing that to show any weakness is to die himself He's distanced himself both physically and emotionally This story didn't support those concepts other than glimpses of passiveaggressive spurts here and there Totally totally anti climactic for me Alveoth the character deserved better I'm going to add that when a series has a rationale logical point that the beginning plot premise resolves vague set of words but can't figure out how better to say it without giving anything away so deal a series should end Spin off andor new series if applicable but I respect an author who doesn't string their readers along just to keep a series going Personally I thought this book would be the end of the series but I'm seeing comments that this isn't the case I guess time will tell but for me I'm good now that all the main players have achieved their goals and found their mates I'm gonna give this 4 stars but I also have to say that even though I enjoyed it and gobbled it up nonstop it wasn't anything special and I was hoping for something special from Aveoth's story Aveoth the leader of the Garlycans was an enigmatic character in previous stories He's all powerful and instils fear in most but in this story he loses ALL of that and becomes just a regular guy Well a regular guy with wings who can turn into moving stone that is But he was romantic and devoted and sweet Jill is the illegitimate granddaughter of Decker yep Decker again He has her kidnapped to try and force Aveoth to reinstate him as the leader of his Vamplycan clan AND all the other clans too Guy is just nuts now So Jill ends up with Aveoth and we go from there The expected push and pull but not to any annoying degree The expected trouble from Aveoth's clan but again not to any worrisome degree The wannabe OW who isn't really important to the storyOverall a nice smooth read that still kept my interest The romance was sweetI loved the ending Yeah safety is all goodchokengtitiktitikchokengs there is also a nice set up for the next book about Creed looking forward to it Bat babies 😂🤣 I have been really excited about a gargoyle book in particular Aveoth's book since book one and his book has been so well worth the wait I loved this book from beginning to end in fact this is my favorite yet in this series Aveoth is an amazing hero and person? We see and hear all these things about him but in his book we actually see the truth and who Aveoth really is From the very second I was hooked on this book Not only is it a great story but it flows really wellDecker is at it again in this book and finds his granddaughter that had been hidden from him and offers her to Aveoth Wanting his clan back and control Decker thinks this is his ticketBeing Kidnapped Jillian is thrust into a world she didn't know existed Intrigued by Jillian Aveoth agrees to take her in but won't fall for Declers plan Neither could have guessed how much meeting each other could change their lives and though Decker is gone he isn't done with his uest for revengeI loved this book First lets start with Jillian oh my gosh she was amazing funny and strong and don't take crap I actually woke my husband up laughing in this book I loved her she is a stand out character for this year for me Aveoth was everything i hoped he would be and oh so much Their romance was greta and the story blew me away We get some extraordinary twists that literally had my jaw dropping and made me love this series and so excited for I wish this book hadn't ended I stayed up till it was done and wanted so much not because it was missing anything but because it was so so good I can't wait for book 8 I am so excited and for this wondering this one can be read on it's own I was so impatiently waiting for Aveoth book from the first moment I meet him I have to say that he exceeded all my expectations One of the things why I love Laurann books is that her heroines are kick ass And may not always literally but they always are strong sarcastic funny and they never let fear to control them or theirs actions So since Jill is everything listed above I adore her She's made me laugh then once And she was a perfect match for Aveoth And talking about Aveoth I loved him I love how he claimed Jill from the first moment he saw her He didn't cared that her bloodline may cause trouble in his clan Aveoth just wanted her as his mate and no one would stand in his way I can't wait for next book After some snippets about the life Creed had I'm so ready for his adventure to happiness He so need it