Decline (Declan Reede: The Untold Story, #1)

Decline (Declan Reede: The Untold Story, #1)➵ [Reading] ➷ Decline (Declan Reede: The Untold Story, #1) By Michelle Irwin ➪ – Hold on tight stick to the racing line and watch for the corners Four years after making the decision to leave his home town behind all of Declan Reede's dreams have come true Unapologetically foul mo Hold on tight stick to the racing line and watch for the corners Four years after making the decision to leave his home town behind all of Declan Reede's dreams have come true Unapologetically foul mouthed and well known for his off track antics his success seems unstoppable At least until ueensland Raceway and a chance sighting of the girl who once held his heart Now getting around the track seems an impossible battle as he struggles to return to his previous form With his career racing downhill faster than his V on Mount Panorama there's than just his reputation on the line What will it take to put the brakes on his declineDue to strong language and sexual content not intended for anyone under age of . Nice race car romance novel that will rev up your engine Declan is not one to settle down with one woman Alyssa has been his kryptonite and seeing her four years since the split turns his world up side down She becomes his sweet obsession and rekindles the spark in their relationship Her presence in his life affects his perfromance as a driver and brings out many strong emotions This creates a heady atmosphere and Declan is making serious mistakes His career is in danger and it’s time for crucial decisionsThe book was fast paced but you were able to stay right a long with it The writing was honest and smooth and there was a good mix of characters The plot was good with credible dialogues With the right mix of extreme sexiness romance and drama Decline is a fantastic read that you cannot absolutely do without Complimentary copy kindly provided in exchange for an honest review I thought the hero was anything but Sure he's on the decline as the title explains However he's dangerous to himself and others He pushes a one night stand so much so she slams against the wallnot in a consensual way but in a violent one He treats these women with no respect We even find out he threatened to slit his mother's throat if she brought up AlyssaThen? When he finds out the big read obvious secret the heroine is hiding? He throws her out of the room Excuse me?? She tried so hard to contact him For her trouble he sent her a video of himself in a threesome or was it foursome I can't recall and told her he wanted nothing to do with her Is that the actions of somebody you'd want to spend your life with? I'm tired of the alcohol and drug excuse This goes to the fundamentals of his character He is selfish sober or drunk I think there is a dark message in this in that people this unhinged can be fixed by somebody else Nobody can save this guy he has to do it himself Blackmailing him in to therapy isn't the answer either Meanwhile of course the other hot guy in the heroine's life is not her lover Wouldn't want her to have experience with a normal loving guy now would we? Because otherwise why would she return to this abusive tool I don't see strength from the heroine and I don't see wounded from the hero I see a doormat and a selfish jerk If anybody I loved was involved with this guy? I'd stage an intervention 4 DECLINE STARSOneHellOfABookNothing prepared me from what happened in this book I thought I could put the pieces together since wellI read the introduction novella but fck no The story keeps going better and better that it took me several pauses just to savour each moment and feel all the roller coaster of emotions it gave me So anyway this story picks up four years after Declan chose his race career over his first love and family I could say the author gave Declan's charater a realistic appeal The hunger for fame and that feeling of being alive The living of his DREAM WOW but despite all that there's still that lacking part of himself the one that haunts his every dream That one particular reason of his crashes and DNF'sEntered 'Fate' when he's about to sort his self out And that's where the every twists and turns of the story starts It also started the moment when I really wanted to enter into the book and maybe slap some sense to Declan but at the same time hug him so tight because you know I just felt him His every emotion triggers something deep within me And of course I wanted to high five Alyssasuch a strong heroineAnd to top of it allarghhhhhhhthat revelation What the hell???? It broke my heart into piecesI really wanted to crawl into this author's mind so atleast I can be prepared for what will happen next The book is just fantastic that it really made me hate my work coz it messes with my reading schedule Michelle Irwin you really have done great I cannot wait for the next bookecopy provided by the author in exchange of an honest review 45 Cranky stars Decline is listed as book one in the Declan The Untold Story but I have to say it is really book two because you do need to read the novella Decide first to fully understand the history of Declan and Aylssa I also feel you should know is that this book does end in a cliffhanger I prefer to know before starting a book when they end in one and nothing warned me of this endingNow for a spoiler alert if you have not read Decide Decline picks up four years after Declan decided to leave the girl of his dreams Alyssa and take the racing contract and move from his hometown He is living his dream uickly moving up to be the one to watch out for at such a young age He is also known as a manwhore and even the photos the paparazzi caught of him with 2 girls at a club did nothing but boost his ego Then something happens after a glimpse of Alyssa at one of his races She is there with some other guy yet would never come to any of his races when they were dating His thoughts become consumed of her and his career is on a major decline He is now on his way of setting a new record DNF Does not finish as each race ends with him crashing the car He needs to sort himself out and figure out what is happening so after his latest crash he is sent on a sabbatical to do just thatOnce again this story is told in Declan’s point of view and the author has done a great job of keeping his thoughts and actions realistic There were a couple things that were predictable but so much of the story I so didn’t see it coming It is one that will have your emotions all over the place The supporting characters play a major part in the story and you can relate to these characters Just when you think it's going down one road something happens and takes that unexpected turn The years of hurt and pain aren’t washed away in a blink of an eye which again the author kept things real I didn’t want to put the book down and can’t wait to read the next book I freakin LOVE this book and Declan What I'm not so clear about is why Michelle Irwin is trying to kill me?Declan Reede is finally living his dreams of racing for his favorite team Sinclair Racing He is very successful has a foul mouth and is a giant manwhore after leaving Alyssa the girl he loves behind After 4 years a chance glimpse of Alyssa in the stands at a race has all his old feelings choking him He can't sleep can't focus and is coming close to breaking the team record for DNF's did not finish His life is uickly spiraling out of control and he doesn't know how to stop it Will he be able to find peace before he crashes and burns literally?WOW Decline caught my attention uickly held me hostage throughout and left me enraged at the cliffhanger ending This may not go over well and trust me I don't say this lightly but even though Declan is out of control I don't see it as all his fault Does he need to get it together? A thousand times yes but I feel Alyssa has half the blame for her choices The story is a HUGE emotional ride with a HUGE secret that throat punched me Character development is fantastic with a fabulous storyline that flows very smoothly Since I needed the next book yesterday it's going to be impossible to patiently wait Congrats Michelle Irwin on an AMAZING story AND making the list of authors trying to kill me HIGHLY RECOMMEND WOWthis book was such a ride This book is about 4 years after book one ended Declan and Alyssa are definitely at different places With a chance meeting will they be able to salvage if anything but a friendship if thatThere are so many things that come into play in this book Declan really needs to get his stuff together he is a drunken fool I love Declan but I was ready for him to get his SHIT together OMG Declan has the worst mouth EVERhahaha He drops F bombs But even though you feel Declan has hit rock bottom I can see him trying to pull himself together for what Alyssa for himself AlyssaI am heartbroken for her I could not fathom what she is going through She is one strong women and to not take Declan's crap High five I loved watching these two try to reconnect try to heal and try to put trust back on the tab However the story does not end with you completely figuring it out Holy Cliffhanger I cannot wait till Dec This book is really good I was entertained from page one book one This book did not disappoint Can not wait for the next book Please note this review may contain spoilersSorry Michelle I'm just going to put this out there I cannot stand Declan Reede Never before have I read about a young man acting so much like a spoilt child Seriously if he was real I'd punch him in the face kick him in the balls and then run over him with his own car He is completely unable to accept responsibility for his own actions and seems insincere in almost all his apologies He is unbelievably rude to the people that want to help him and speaks to them like they're not worthy of his time He's highly arrogant and expects everyone to bow down to him just because of who he is He is very uick to anger and doesn't seem to act rationally at all Clearly he has some serious mental issues that need to be dealt with pronto And don't even get me started on how oversexed and foul mouthed he is AarghI liked Alyssa and felt terrible about what she's had to go through but I didn't like that she apologised to Declan for things that weren't her fault She tried harder than anyone else in her position would have to get in touch with him She shouldn't have apologised for his lack of knowledge; she should have set him straight and put the blame right back at his feet where it belongs Clearly Declan is her kryptonite as he weakens her resolve to forget him and move onSo given how much I hated Declan and what I've said above you probably think I hated the story as well but I didn't I gave this story 5 Hearts because I couldn't put it down because I gave up sleep just so I could finish it because it brought out a wide range of emotions in me and because it left me wanting And damn it despite hating Declan I can't stop thinking about him It's like he's burrowed under my skin I'm hoping and praying that Michelle has written him so badly here so that he'll redeem himself later Please please please make him a better person I want to see redemption I want to see some major grovelling I want to see Alyssa bring Declan to his knees I didn't know what I expected when I started reading DECLINE but it blew me away DECEIVE book # 2 can't come out fast enough in my opinionFor reviews please visit our website wwwromancebetweenthesheetscom I was given an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review WOWWords cannot express how giddy sad and excited this book makes mestrap in and get ready because this series will take you on a rollercoaster ride of emotionsOh man THIS BOOK I can tell you right now that it’s awesome and you should read it but I should probably tell you a little about it hey?Four years after choosing his career over his girlfriend after becoming a driver for Sinclair Racing Declan Reede is slipping into his decline A new girl every night? Binge drinking when nothing goes right? Why not? But when he gets a chance to right his wrongs he gives it all he’s got There are surprises along the way and even though he’s a total jerk there are scenes where he’s less of a jerk and makes my heart go all gooeyDeclan’s use of the f word is atrocious but it fits his character perfectly; not just added for effectThe author’s writing is like a breath of fresh air and the characters are far from flat and boring Declan and Alyssa seem so real to me that I spent days thinking about them after finishing DeclineSo yeah go read it We received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review I had read the preuel to this book and I wasn't happy with the ending so I was eager to get into this book to see if the cliffhanger the preuel gave us worked itself out Declan may be hot and gorgeous but I was team Alyssa I felt for her I wanted to kick Declan in the nuts for her but she had some lady balls of her own and I was chanting 'you go girl you tell him where to shove it' “don’t act like you care when you’ve made it clear you don’t” She stood and moved away from me We're left with another cliffhanger I was expecting it but I was hoping I was wrong now I need to eagerly wait for the next book You can read this book as a standalone as I did not read the first one but understood the story This book takes you on an emotional roller coaster from a high to a low in a few pagesDeclan is at the height of his career but is making mistakes that threaten that career When Alyssa comes back into his life he needs to makes decisions that will alter his life and careerHe also finds out somd devastating news tgat he needs to come to terms with before he can move onI was given a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review Naughty Book Eden