The Defiant Hero

The Defiant Hero[PDF / Epub] ★ The Defiant Hero ✪ Suzanne Brockmann – In The Unsung Hero award winning author Suzanne Brockmann dazzled readers with her remarkable cast of tough and tender US Navy SEALs Now her daring men in uniform return for THE DEFIANT HERO—a thril In The Unsung Hero award winning author Suzanne Brockmann dazzled readers The Defiant Kindle - with her remarkable cast of tough and tender US Navy SEALs Now her daring men in uniform return for The Defiant Hero—a thrilling novel of steadfast courage intimate passions and the profound risks that are taken in the name of love The United States refuses to negotiate with terrorists Meg Moore remembered the warning from her job as a translator in a European embassy Those same words will spell out a death sentence for her daughter and grandmother who have been kidnapped by a lethal group called the Extremists Meg will do anything to meet their unspeakable demands; anything—even kill—to save her childWhen Navy SEAL Lieutenant junior grade John Nilsson is summoned to Washington DC by the FBI to help negotiate a hostage situation the last person he expects to see holding a foreign ambassador at gunpoint is Meg He hasn't seen her in years but he's never forgotten how it feels to hold her in his arms John could lose his career if he helps her escape She will lose her life if he doesn't From the Paperback edition. 365 A Buddy read with my friend Jo The Abtastic Ab Loving Geishas despite not having hot man abs on the cover Well another Navy Seal Alpha Dude story of falling in love and doing whatever possible to get the girl of his dreams to accept his love This time it was John Nilsson and the widowed mother of a 10 year old girl Meg The first time they have met was at a foreign country where she helped him pull a stunt which could have endangered people's lives In that instance she had noticed how likable and trustworthy he is and if she had not been married albeit to a cheating bastard she might have considered some flirting with the somewhat younger and uite charming American soldier This time around he is called up from a training exercise and shockingly is told that his old friend Meg has taken the Kazbekistany ambassador at gunpoint as a hostage and he is the only person she is willing to negotiate with The whole SEAL team 16 aka The Troubleshooters travels with him and kind of like the Musketeers they are all for one and one for all “What the hell was she doing on the nonhostage side of a handgun?” Meg is in trouble and has made it even worse but she is ready to do whatever she has to in order to keep her doughtier and grandma who have been kidnapped by terrorists alive She is pushed to the edge and the only person she could think trusting enough to keep her girl safe is John She has never even imagined herself holding hostages and despair is her constant companion Meanwhile Grandma Eve is keeping her great granddaughter occupied with the story of her first love during WWII in England distracting the little girl from the terror she is experiencing while being held by the Kazbekistany terrorists But the girl is not the only one captivated by the story of love and war Their big burly jailer is also riveted and this gives some hope to the old lady that he might show at least a little bit of kindness The story of Eve and Ralph includes the battle of Dunkirk and I loved every second of that tale They were my favorite of the all together three love arcs that were addressed in this book I loved the way Eve was introduced to us A faceful of wrinkles sagging breasts thin gray hair loose skin brittle bones failing memory—wah hoo Let’s have a party She hadn’t minded so much while her husband was alive He’d always managed to make her feel twenty years old and impossibly beautiful But he’d been gone for two years now and for two years all she’d felt was old The main couple Meg and John drove me insane at times Through the whole book Meg was acting like a maniac which is somewhat understandable since the lives of her and her loved ones were in immediate danger However she trusted John enough to call on him but not enough to let him do what he does best and actually help her Her fatalistic view of the situation and her inability to see the big picture was hurtful to both of them and could have ended in many tragic ways Thank goodness John was a professional and cared enough about her to still give her choices where I might have just hit her over the head with a brick and done what needed to be done her opinion and feelings be damned “Fuck sorry” he shouted He was actually shouting at her He was livid “Sorry doesn’t cut it when the bullshit you’ve been shoveling is way up past your head You were just using us You were using me You know Meg when it comes to getting fucked by you I would have preferred finishing what we started three years ago” The third couple consisted of now FBI agent Alyssa Locke and another member of the SEAL team 16 SamHoustonRoger who have a love hate vibe which results in some sizzling sexual tension Pity neither one of them knows what to do with it and they end up acting like fourth graders pummeling each other with insults and ending up hurting each other's feelings They are a team I could really get behind though We will see where the author leads us with them Overall this was a very engaging read with plenty of drama and love but there were little things that bugged me mostly phrases some of the characters threw around which made them seem petty and shallow as well as made wide assumptions of others which bordered on bigotry The fact that it was true on all sides did not made it pleasant but I guess we are supposed to accept that as part of the soldier's life I will continue with the series but I hope it gets better than this book Now I wish you all Happy Reading and my you always find what you need in the pages of a good book Buddy read with the amazing Choko As with the previous book The Defiant Hero seems to follow the same recipe featuring the romance of the main couple but also a romance set in a past war “I’ve let you get away too many times before” he said uietly She could barely hear him over the rain “I’m not letting you go this time Not willingly Not when you need me—and dammit you do need me” I’m not a big fan of second chance romances but for the most part I liked the romance between Meg Moore and Navy SEAL John Nilsson Years ago the chemistry between them was hard to deny but Meg was married and even if her husband was a cheating bastard in the end she chose to stay with him because of her daughter and she hasn’t seen John since But when her daughter and grandmother are kidnapped by a terrorist group named the Extremists the only person she can asks for help is John Obviously the feelings they had back then is still there and it’s definitely just as strong I really liked how protective John was over Meg and how hard he fought to help her risking his life and his career numerous times to help her Meg on the other hand annoyed me at times Although I admired her determination to save her daughter and grandmother at all costs the risks she took with the safety of others made me think of her as reckless and stupid view spoiler Ralph did much better “I never stopped loving you” he said “I want you to know that Not a single day has passed since you came to see me in France that I haven’t thoroughly completely regretted the fact that I didn’t tell you I loved you too I’ve kicked myself one thousand nine hundred and seven days for that” hide spoiler 269 stars rounded upSometimes you want cheese and it's just the right amount and you're in cheese nirvanaOther times you want cheese and it's just too much and you end up with all the regretsThis was a little of bothClearly a story about terrorism child abduction and a mother in peril just isn't meaty enough to carry the plot of an entire book all by itself doncha know Nope this thing needs some filling Lots and lots and lots of filling So much filling that you pretty much lose sight of the plot entirely for huge chunks of the book Because who cares about terrorist plots when romance is in the air amirite?So you have a story wherein a little girl and her great grandmother are abducted by extremist terrorists not just your run of the mill terrorists view spoilerbut thank God they're also somehow amateurs hide spoiler I really enjoyed this book by Suzanne Brockmann about the Navy Seal Team 16 and their romances I gave it 3 stars because it felt like that Brockmann's main plot was weak I didn't like Meg at all and the relationship with John and dialog felt weak and forced almost not interesting In fact MEG IS TOO STUPID TO LIVE Sorry had to get that off my chest I hate it when female characters are stupid Oh gee I have a big strong Navy Seal to help me but I'm sure I know better how to handle a terrorist than he does so I'll go ahead and do this my wayThe subplots were way interesting Alyssa and Sam were funny and I'm glad it wasn't wrapped up in this book They will be a good subplot for a while yet The grandmother's story about her WWII romance was awesome and well done That alone was worth the book But I didn't like how the focus would switch while the grandmother was telling the tale to the narrator and back It didn't feel natural like Brockmann lost the focus I listened to this book and the reader was not a good one Her voice was good and she did the female voices pretty well but didn't handle the male voices well or keep them separate and straightThis was one of Brockmann's early books in the series and definitely intriguing enough to read the other stories I disliked the characters and I disliked the author's writing styleThe author has five different stories happening 3 current day and 2 flashbacks She freuently is telling one story then stops at a cliff hanger point then goes on to another two stories before coming back to the first story Notwithstanding the cliff hangers she is jumping around within these five stories for the entire book It was irritating annoying and offensive It felt worse than tv commercial interruptions Other authors can create suspense without resorting to this method Aside from this problem I did not like the choices and actions of the three main female characters I disliked Eve's lying in her flashback story I disliked the way Alyssa treated Sam and therefore I disliked her I hated Meg's actions She kept doing stupid things that put her own life and John's life in danger I also didn't like the way she pressured him to tell about his abused youth Nothing was fun about this book I wanted it to be over The story is primarily about Arab terrorists kidnapping two females and related Navy SEALS actionDATASexual language moderate Number of sex scenes four Copyright 2001 Genre romantic suspense This book took me 10 days to read that's terrible The first half of this book was slow Honestly I really really did not like Meg Talk about TSTL at least for me If she'd just trusted John from the immediate things would have been a lot interesting in my opinion The constant driving from place to place and all the arguing about trust it was overkill It felt like 75% of the book was the same conversation between Meg and John over and over again However the last uarter of the book was really good I even sniffed a bit at the end The last 25% is what pushed this book up to a three star book That and Eve and Ralph actually Again there were three stories Eve and Ralph Meg and John and Alyssa and Sam Eve and Ralph were told in flashbacks Alyssa and Sam were the side story Meg and John were the entree Of the three in the end I think I liked Ralph and Eve's story the most It was so touching and heroic I'd say Alyssa and Sam but their story isn't complete yetOverall not uite as good as the first book but still decent Supposedly the next book really shoots it out of the park so I'm excited for that Meg Moore is approached by a man in a parking garage He tells her that her ten year old daughter Amy and her elderly Grandmother Eve are being held hostage until Meg complies with their demands Meg must enter the Kazbekistan Embassy and kill Osman Razeen a known terrorist With no other option Meg enters the Embassy taking the Ambassador Razeen and a third man hostage When the hostage negotiator contacts her Meg insists that she will speak with no one except Navy SEAL John Nilsson Meg and John have a past She knows if anyone can help her get her daughter out of the hands of extremists John is the man for the jobThe second book in Brockmann's Troubleshooter series is even better than the first I had a hard time putting this book down Not only do we have Meg and John's story we had a riveting suspense story a flashback to a WWII romance and some positively scorching scenes between Sam and Alyssa I'm loving this series and wish I could just jump into the next book right now My rating 5 Stars Book two in the long running and popular Troubleshooters series Suzanne Brockmann again incorporates three plotlines to weave her story Surprisingly it wasn't the main plotline regarding kidnapping terrorists and second chance love or the WWII nostalgic story which really kept my interest it was the explosive enemies to lovers third thread between Roger Sam Starrett and FBI sharpshooter Alycia Locke that earned this book an extra half a star And promises to be ongoing over the next couple of instalments Woo Hoo ★★★★☆ Warning This book contains flashbacks to characters who are not the MCs Be aware that said flashbacks and then flashforwards to present day are always during exciting moments and I personally found it extremely frustrating because I hate when the action on page stops to go to something elseThis is a continuous series where all the characters play a role in each book sometimes big roles sometimes little and I have my favorites In the case of The Defiant Hero I wasn't super interested in the lead characters Meg and john Yes this is supposed to be their romance and HEA but come on Sam and Alyssa are getting their groove on in this book For the first time This is important Sam and Alyssa are KEY characters in this series and if you are going to read this series you first DO have to read them in order if you want to get all the backstory and you MUST pay attention to Sam and Allyssa Jules Cassidy and Max Bhagat If you skip parts about them you will not be getting the FULL wonder that is the Troubleshooters series Not kidding John and Meg's story in The Defiant Hero is good and fun and I enjoyed it don't get me wrong But if given the choice I would have been just as happy to have read only the parts about Alyssa and Sam Cassidy his 2 seconds worth of page time and the historical romance of Meg's grandmother Eve and her WWII romance with RafeI had no clue what I was getting in to the first time I read this series OMG I was obsessed with it all those years ago couldn't get enough and I literally bookmarked my hardcopies with the sections on characters I wanted to read over and over like Sam and Alyssa In fact after reading about them in this book with all their anger distrust and almost hate I want to jump right in to All Through the Night where I can finally see them happy and loving What a contrast And of course Jules Cassidy If memory serves Suzanne Brockmann had no idea that a bit character named Jules Cassidy would soon take over the Troubleshooters series We don't get to see much about him in these early books but he is a total badass and he gets his moments yes plural to shine A gay FBI agent I was in love at first sight and when he finally gets his HEA I couldn't get enoughThe Defiant Hero is a good installment to the series and it's extremely well written I liked seeing Meg and John again it's been a long time and I am almost giddy with excitement because I know what is coming and I can hardly contain myself4 stars The narration was good Still wish it was dual narration to give the male characters authentic voices 4 Defiant Hero Herione STARSThis is how I pictured Eve She was fantastic to read The book as a whole is filled with romance and suspense And a good solid story with well done plotting and pacing The steam factor IMO was kind of PG 13 with extra sizzle factor added A RomancesEveRalph cute couple I liked them SamAlyssa one of my favorite couples in this series thus far I loved themMeg Nils I liked them The Action was solidThe suspense was awesome The descriptive writing was perfection I felt at ease jumping inside this books war zone The Characters were developed with precise efficiency Everybody had their own voice

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