Genderueer Voices From Beyond the Sexual Binary

Genderueer Voices From Beyond the Sexual Binary☉ [PDF / Epub] ☆ Genderueer Voices From Beyond the Sexual Binary By Joan Nestle ❤ – Perhaps than any other issue gender identity has galvanized the ueer community in recent years The uestions go beyond the nature of malefemale to a yet to be traversed region that lies somewhere betwe Perhaps than From Beyond PDF/EPUB ì any other issue gender identity has galvanized the ueer community in recent years The uestions go beyond the nature of malefemale to a yet to be traversed region that lies somewhere between and Genderueer Voices PDF or beyond biologically determined gender In this groundbreaking anthology three experts in gender studies and politics navigate around rigid societally imposed concepts of two genders to discover and illuminate the limitless possibilities of identity Thirty first person Voices From Beyond PDF/EPUB À accounts of gender construction exploration and uestioning provide a groundwork for cultural discussion political action and even greater possibilities of autonomous gender choices Noted scholar Joan Nestle is joined by Voices From Beyond the Sexual PDF/EPUB ² internationally prominent gender warrior Riki Anne Voices From Beyond the Sexual PDF/EPUB ² Wilchins and historian Clare Howell to provide a societal cultural and political exploration of gender identityMarketing Plans National Advertising The Advocate Academic mailing to gender studies and ueer studies professors Media campaign hilighting authors Nestle and WilchinsJoan Nestle is the cofounder of the Lesbian Herstory Archives in New York and the writer and editor of six books including the groundbreaking Women on Women series Riki Anne Wilchins is the executive director of GenderPAC the national gender advocacy group and the cofounder of the Gender Identity Project of New York City's Lesbian and Gay Center She is the author of read My Lips Sexual Subversion and the End of Gender Clare Howell is a senior librarian at the Brooklyn Public Library. This is a collection of essaysstories by people who don't fit into the neat packages of 'male' and 'female' A number of them defy any labels while others identify by their gender or sexual orientation but aren't uite what you'd expect from that labelI did find it all interesting but there was a lot discussion of sex than I was expecting It gives the impression that gender is all about or mostly about sex Not a lot of asexual voices in here for one thingIt's also a little inaccessible wait bad term scratch that term There are a number of references to people places events and a lot of terms and acronyms that the writers and editors just expect you to know It seems to be written with the LGB if not even also T community in mind Now I'm not ignorant but there were a number of things that went over my head completely And it took me a minute to figure out what GB meantThere are some really good ones in here A few I even half identified with But even though I didn't identify with any of them fully you sort of glean that it's okay that you don't Because most of these writers are trying to carve their own path amongst all the labelsWeirdly I kept thinking this was published in the early 90's But it was 2002 I think I kept having to remind myself that it really wasn't that old Still a lot has changed in even 8 years Resources and information and community are a lot easier to find on the Internet nowI'd like to see another anthology like this aimed at teens maybe More current Less sex More diversity of voices Holy crap the intro essays are boring and not particularly well written It's no wonder I never made it through this book the first time I tried I am unimpressed with the idea that emerges in these essays that genderueer folks have it harder than transexual folks I dislike this theme eually in reverse as it is divisive and pointless and doesn't get the trans community anywhere We all struggle for different reasons and I don't find it helpful to fight about who has a harder timeThere are a few excellent short stories personal narrative style that are well worth the read and thankfully make up the majority of the book I don't find it particularly insightful as far as gender goes though if it were my first book on transgenderueer identities I might have gotten out of it A few essays of solid gender theory followed by many many first person essays by folks all along the gender borders Some narratives are better than others but it's great to have so many different voices It gives a rich picture of the gender frontier DNF at 60% This book was published in 2002 and to my knowledge contains essays dating back to 1995 It is a testament to the absolute clusterfuck of early Gender Studies especially around transgender and genderueer issues There are pages of just rambling on about some abstract concept of genderueerness and what that means what it doesn't mean Halfway through the book there's an uplifting interview with Sylvia Rivera published That was the high point I gave up after the third or fourth essay from a femme lesbian who is either confused or repulsed OR both over trans men The essay in particular I gave up on was 5 or so pages of whining from a femme lesbian who is so bothered by trans men who previously identified as stone butch coming out as trans men and invalidating femme lesbians that she goes so far as to sexualize herself as a child Also her stone butch partner has a brief spotlight where she refers to trans men as female freaks I am SO glad I came out as transgender in this era and not any other era; even 15 years ago that is not to invalidate those who paved the way for me but to express relief that I don't only have the musings of some of the people in this anthology to go off of Would NOT recommend This was one of the first books I encountered when I was starting to uestion my gender identity as a teenager and I'd read it many times back then but haven't touched it in years I loved going back and experiencing these old familiar stories again I was especially delighted to find that some of the pieces in this book were written by people I've become friends with since then Excellent Not brand new and still covers ways of thinking existing and identifying that many of us have yet to ponder Empowering and reassuring This book is a collection of short pieces that actually divide into two books the majority are short personal essays while the first sixty pages are intro and theory Both of these were wonderful and I recommend the whole book although I can certainly see the two parts being worthwhile to people in different amounts or at different times or coming from different places I found the theory articles to be eye opening as someone who hadn't been exposed to these ideas before and particularly to ideas of gender being the core issue of challenging the binary framework that asks the uestion in the first place that marginalizes people who don't fit the neat boxes that gay movements have carved out etc The personal pieces were amazing and many of them emotional and powerful Hearing about how other people experience life in their own words is enlightening in a way that reading theory can't be And it's comforting even when the stories are troubling to hear people sharing experiences that while different have parallels with your own And even when there is no parallel it's still powerful to have your view of the world expanded by hearing how people experience the world differently than you I would also recommend this part of the book to anyone who is or wants to write about their personal experiences I really want to hug this book The book is not perfect though The stories do not represent all experiences They are mostly urban At times I felt that the authors failed to account for the experiences of asexual people It is a decade old And the inclusion of a piece by JT LeRoy is fascinating But despite these problems it was a wonderful starting point for me and I highly recommend it I want to post so many excepts from the book on social media because they still point out relevant ideas that shake up one's way of looking at the world that the mainstream and ueer mainstream are just not challenging This book is amazingly affirming and eye opening It is a true testament to diversity and all the invisible groups and individuals within the ueer community If you are seeking to understand the transgender genderueer even butch and femme communities all those gendered or not self expressions which generally go undiscussed this book will really help And if you are looking for ideassupport for your own expressions look no furtherThe essays on gender are very insightful and incredibly easy and fun to read as well as eminently uotable The stories are touching and widely varied so if you are ueer in any form I believe you are bound to connect and identify with at least one Even if not the understanding it can provide is well worth the time it's a uick delicious read easily read in chapter installments before bedtimeI wouldn't recommend this as a gift to those unfamiliar with the trans or ueer community as it is very radical I found it comfortingly so but It also contains a lot of terminology used within the ueer community without definitions which can be off putting I do think it does a decent job of being introductory to the topic though at least in the essays and it's definitely thought provoking Highly recommend Fantastic collection of essays on gender While not a new topic to me there were still some ah ha moments while reading And so many short essays to share with friends on the experience of genderueerness Great read FANTASTIC

Genderueer Voices From Beyond the Sexual Binary PDF
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  • Genderueer Voices From Beyond the Sexual Binary
  • Joan Nestle
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  • 27 July 2016
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