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Please visit our blog wwwtwogalsandabookcom for reviews and an interview with Logan Keys Wow I loved this short story about Barkley Five Oh the robot Barkley sort of reminded me of Johnny Five from Short Circuit in a way with how his personality changes over time and he becomes human minded I just loved it It's short and sweet emotional at times and I loved the endingThanks to Logan Keys for sharing it I'm very much looking forward to reading of her books 4 I loved it It was a tad bit difficult reading in the beginningfor me personally however all comes together as the story goes on Thanks Logan Keys for the great forethought and imagination in writing Barkley Five Oh a wonderful short story I think Barkley Five Oh was a good short story about a possible future living with AI artificial intelligence The robot is purchased but develops human like emotions in dealing with its human companions positive and negative Kind of scary considering how far the science of AI has come and the developments that are happening everyday Although the application of giving AI emotions is still a puzzle to researchers the robots that have been developed are frighteningly human like two examples and there are many for those interested in pursuing the subject Stephan Hawking Elon Musk and Bill Gates have all stated serious misgivings about artificial intelligence which I think is interesting in light of the storyhttpobservercom201508stephen hhttpswwwwashingtonpostcomnewst I received a copy of the story in exchange for an honest reviewhttpstwogalsandabookcom for interview with the author Short but great story from the perspective of a robot assistant who deals with having emotions and sees the conseuences that they reek on humankind There is a little Asimov here as well as a little Philip K Dick It was a very original tale I'd like to read from this author ROBOT First off I thought this was a much better and less high handed approach to Asimov's Centennial Man and I appreciated the dark humor much in this story too I must admit I'm already a fan of the author because she's fun to talk to so this here might appear to be a horribly prejudiced review in sick favor for a writer who just happens to be cool BUT LET ME DISABUSE YOU OF THAT NOTION ;Honestly the robot story hooked me right off the bat and I felt for Barkley than any of the humans he outlasted but how fun it was to watch them go about their lives and think themselves so clever It's refreshing to have a regular robot become an actual likable Everyman that everyone unconsciously revolves around But of course the story is much than that and I think it's superior to Asimov thank you very much and not least because it's a modern type story with our oh so updated sensibilities So bravo Clear and clever writing and an engaging story with an awesome character for the winAnd I'm NOT EVEN SAYING SO because I think the author is cool There Wow 6 AM and my face is STREAMED with tears This STORY Friends and fellow readers few would believe this about me that it's even POSSIBLE but I'm at a loss for words Well almost ;Barkley five oh is the most precious lovable darling pure and good robot I've EVER had the pleasure of meeting I want to have him and keep him and sueeze him and love him and never ever let him go In this story we share as he experiences his 1st human interaction watches as humanity progresses through multiple mass level life changing events And throughout all this he grows He learns He lives He evolves But most of all by the end of the story he makes off with our hearts Or at least he did with mine I can absolutely see Barkley five oh appearing in other stories Or better yet perhaps a book of his very own?? For you see I think this short story's ending makes it the PERFECT Barkley Five Oh 05 type of publications we see popping up all over the place It has all the makings for it being a little preuel one that doles out just enough to GUARANTEE I'll be back clamoring for HIGHLY recommended A powerful short readMy genuine thanks to the author and publisher for the review copy of this heart touching story I would like to thank Logan Keysthe author and Le Chat Publishing for the review copy of this heart touching story in exchange for an unbiased reviewGR Rating 474My Rating 425 Simply because I felt like I wanted of thisMeet Barley Five OhA robot with feelings one who can upgrade downgradecan learn new things and is one of a kind and one who is a companion a protector a bodyguard and a friend sometimesNow don't think that this is another dystopian world with Machine Vs Human plot but this is rather a plot wherein you journey the book with the perspective of Barkley and the various emotions that he feels in different situations life changing situations each chapter emotions that have been introducedprogrammed into his systemand the way he learns and improves and grows and evolve each time The closer I get to humanity the I see them for what they are Scared Simple Lazy Genius Humans Messy nutty stronger than anything—screwed up cutting and running life bringing humans Courageous kind selfless magical passionate organic weird and uncomfortably comfortable humanslovingand about to be extinct humans Everything I hate and everything I'm longing to behumanThis barely a half hour read with 5 eually engaging chapters pack a real punch and make you feel the same way Barkley Five Oh feels be it his confusion his anger his love his infatuation his worry his sadness his curiosity and yada yadaEach chapter shows another chapter in his life in continuity over no of yearsHe was present now and he will probably remain a witness till all humans die and yet he will live onhis miserable yet good lifeLogan Keys has done a wonderful job and I could have definitely read this even if it was a full length novel To pack such a story in mere 35 40 pages is a talent in itselfI heartfully thank Logan Keys for writing this wonderful book Tragic and sweet Poor Barkley five oh who with each new human it lives with evolves ever sophisticated emotions and gains understanding of the contradictory messed up things that humans areThe humour is sly and subtle and dark as Barkley’s conversations with successive owners sheds a little light on a political and environmental disaster that's destroying the robot's surroundings while Barkley’s brain is becoming ever complex and its intellect and emotional intelligence becomes increasingly nuanced I wanted to give Barkley a hug by the story's ending I knew this would be a great read because I love this author's Last City series and I was so right I don't know how the heck the author packed so many emotions into such a short story I was angry sad happy disappointed elated you name it Barkley loved so much even when his emotions were turned off and I wanted so badly for those undeserving people to love him back Seeing the world through Barkley's eyes was funny and a harsh reality How people allowed themselves to be manipulated and abused How they fought over such petty things Reading about Barkley not only feeling new emotions but trying to figure out why he felt them was so captivating The ending was just the best I was literally in my room like Great read from start to finish