The Madras Affair

The Madras Affair➽ [Download] ✤ The Madras Affair By Sundari Venkatraman ➲ – Sangita Sinclair was not always this successful passionate lady heading the NGO “Penn Urimai” for downtrodden abused and homeless women When Sangita catches the eye of Gautam Sinclair she is a sim Sangita Sinclair was not always this successful passionate lady heading the NGO “Penn Urimai” for downtrodden abused and homeless women When Sangita catches the eye of Gautam Sinclair she is a simple homely girl; utterly unaware of her charms capabilities She has the devil’s own time in overcoming her inhibitions hesitation and her family’s orthodox and outdated rules before recognising her love for Gautam Will Gautam be able to solve Sangita’s Dilemma or will she be forever trapped in her pastNOTE The Madras Kindle - This extensive edition comes with two extra chapters words. The Madras Affair was my first choice among Sundari Venkatraman’s books simply because of the title The moment I started reading the story I was hooked because it is set in the late 90s exactly the time I went to live in Chennai with my brand new husband I still call it Madras in my head The book was like a trip down the memory lane for me The protagonists including the minor characters are very realistic Sangita is the uintessential Indian woman from an orthodox family who struggles with her identity and suppressed emotions Her family seemed real to me because people like that still do exist especially in the smaller pockets of our society where religious and social dogmas are used as tools of suppression Sundari has depicted Sangita as her own greatest enemy But then it is true for most women who are brought up from childhood on a short leash Like the baby elephant reared in captivity never realizes its own mammoth strength as it grows into an adult elephant; that it can actually break the flimsy chains with just a jerk and be free The scenes of domestic discord are very realistic especially with Radha patti and Gopal I used to know some people like that and have seen this rubbish enacted many times in reality How ironic that women should smite down their own sisters instead of providing the much needed support and affection Who needs enemies when we have mothers like Radha who slash at their daughters’ confidence and crush their spirit I burst into laughter when Radha patti’s partially comical lamentations end in ‘Bhagavane’ as though she were the victim Yes maybe she is just as much a victim who grew avaricious to protect herself from the system Gautam is truly the knight in shining armour who turns up to rescue the damsel in distress The adorable English professor knows how to woo his lady with poetic earnestness The chemistry between them was so sweet The yearning the passion of young love and the blossoming of friendship was all depicted very beautifully We need loving grandfathers like Ganapati and kind brothers like Raghavan too Giridhar was horrible Again an honest picture of an abusive sadistic tyrant I don’t know if the modern confident women of today would identify with Sangita’s character It is so easy for most women today to take uick decisions in both professional and personal matters without being bound by archaic social rules But a simple shy woman from a traditional set up with a lot of baggage would understand Sangita’s predicament better Sometimes there is no choice because we just don’t see them as choices but as rebellion and sin It was good to see her grow into a mature woman by the end of the book and not depend completely on Gautam to define her existence Loved this book from start to finish I don’t know Tamil but I would still say Romba nalla airukke Sundari Characters Meet Sangita a widow in her early twenties who is trapped in the confines of an orthodox family Sweet and shy Sangita's world revolves around her son Sandeep Unaware of her own beauty and charms Sangita is bound to make the readers fall for her Meet Gautam Sinclair our blue eyed hero from America Gautam is the handsome hunk who falls head over heels in love with Sangita right from the first sight English lecturer a perfect gentleman and romantic at heart Gautam is going to set many hearts on fire with his oh so perfect mannerismsPlot Sangita head of Penn Urimai an NGO for downtrodden homeless and abused women had a past; one that has taught her to stand up for herself and for million others who are victims of society's orthodox ways But Sangita wasn't this brave always There was a time when she had suffered all this silently Until she met Gautam Gautam comes is like a gust of fresh air in Sangita's life For once Sangita feels like rebelling against everyone But shedding the baggage of past isn't that easy While Sangita fights with her own dilemma Gautam works his charm to win her heart over The uestion is how long will it take for Sangita to realize that she cannot live without Gautam What will it take for her orthodox family to agree for this proposal Things I LikedRead the full review here Escape Reality Book Reviews Being a 'Chennaite' I was all kinds of excited and gleaming with pride just with the title The book has made an accurate description on the city along with the timeline Talks about how fued up some old school parents behave and how that messes lives and hearts But there were traces of the Typical Indian arrogance found in Gautam that could have been avoided and I felt the story was kind of short not concise but short A little of emotional and physical chemistry could have drawn it a higher rating along with a little details on about her other 2 kids and her NGO Penn UrimaiOverall a neat read Love blooms between Sangita and Gautam he is suave and handsome; a perfect gentleman She is shy beautiful resplendent in her charms and yet innocently unaware as Gautam falls for her simplicity and sensuality The Madras Affair is a story that reads itself; you end up turning the pages even as you wish the book would not finish so fast But there is to the story When I read the book in it beta it moved me and to say the end product gleams like the glittering Diamond Rose Sangita receives is true for the book too To address issues that affect women and to present the ‘happy ending’ as well has been dealt expertly Society changes if we change and The Madras Affair shows howThis book takes a look into the unfair and malicious society that preys on simple young women and then blames them too Forced marriages strict control and abuse are pretty common in our societies but not many women get a chance to break free Gautam tries his best that Sangita soars and how We see women like Sangita but here the author has written a story that I feel delves into the heart of the matter Most of the times these women do not know any different; that a better world a happier world that awaits them if only they embrace itLooking for the silver lining the light at the end of the tunnel of despair; The Madras Affair is one such story Sangita is married at 19 and then a widow soon she knew little of happiness and love in her life Sundari has written Sangita with a lot of thought she represent the scores of young women who bow to their parents and husbands wishes living their life as dictated by them Life never offers a second chance to them but here Sangita gets another chance only she is so surprised and hesitant to take it that I wanted to push her towards Gautam at times Ah The girlHe is a gentleman and kind thoughtful charming and wants to love her is besotted by her Did I tell you he has intense intoxicating blue eyes a dimple The guy is hot Gautam Sinclair is a man who knows his mind and the moment he laid his eyes on Sangita he knew he had found someone special This is book is a statement that romance can be sensual and substantial Not just fluff misunderstandings and compromises but the epitome of true loveTo stand by your decision when everyone around you is against it and many are trying to sabotage the little chance at happiness you have reuires a lot of confidence and faith for both partners This story too had roadblocks at each turn but the help of supportive Rekha and Raghu made the path straightforward The Sinclair family with their love and support add to the storyThe book has Giridhar Radha and her vile tongue Gopal; along with the slimy Rakesh to make her life hell This book also has Sandeep; the cute little bundle of joy for Sangita and does he have a lot to say The little boy Gautam’s grandparents all do their bit to unite the two lovers I enjoyed reading about the secondary characters as they play an important role and are well written Ritikha with her bindass attitude is my favouriteAlso I think Sid needs his story; I hope you are already writing one for him Sundari Sid who Well you have to read the book for that The language story flow flawlessly the flashback and the present are balanced and give a clear picture of the hesitation and hurt faced in the book The words are well chosen and the occasional use of regional words add to the charm of the bookGreat chemistry sizzling sensuality endearing emotions lots of reality and familial love all come together to form a dynamite mix for an absorbing read Now it’s your turn pick a copy today and experience love that celebrates the loved oneThank you for the acknowledgement Sundari it was easy to beta read this well crafted book The review are my own thoughts I am a huge fan of Sundari Venkatraman’s books like “The Runaway Bridegroom” and “Meghna” so I was over the moon when she approached me with a beta reading reuest for her latest romance novel “The Madras Affair” And the book didn’t let me down at all uite the contrary I think it’s her best novel yet though I have a tendency to say that after each of her new releasesThe story started with a glimpse of the present where everything seemed so positive but with foreshadowing hints that I just knew something big had to be amiss Sure enough the next chapter was like a slap in the faceI suffered alongside Sangita and I could associate with her plight because the situation here in Sri Lanka is similar to the one in India though not as severe and tragic From that chapter on the author had me hook line and sinker She whisked me away in a maelstrom of emotions portraying a deeply hurt heroine who had been pressed into a mould and made to obey and felt like a caged bird to me But she wasn’t as weak as she could have been as the encounter with Gautam proved soon enough And suddenly I had a different image while reading about her dilemma a raw gem plucked from the depths of mud with just a bit of sparkle to entice The I read about her – and the she got involved with Gautam and his cajoling and admiration – the of the gem shone through the rough shell as if someone were polishing the stone And once enough colours had broken through Sangita bedazzled like the most beautiful of gemstones showing her hidden strength her awakened passion and her potentialMost of it was thanks to wonderful Gautam a hero I have been dreaming about since It wasn’t just his mix of India and America that is perfect but also the way he never gives up I loved the way he wooed Sangita and the way he shaped her present and their future throughout the book He too underwent a change though much subtle than Sangita’s immense transformation I loved and hated the other characters with a passionAs a beta reader I look for inconsistencies in the plot for superfluous scenes and for abrupt developments I found none in this book The flashbacks were neither too many nor too few and inserted in the right placesI can highly recommend this novel to all those who love heroines that are anything but ordinary and refuse to be trampled upon And to all who love reading about hunky heroes that are not ashamed to show emotions and know how to fight for what they want and what is right The story is full of sizzle thrill and insights into the human mind and heart It’s thought provoking sensual and alive not just with the many authentic characters but also with the exotic setting of Madras which the author clearly seems to love The Madras Affair by Sundari Venkatraman is an entertaining but mature love story written fluently that I finished it in one sitting by 1am in the night or morning whatever The novel addresses the deep rooted outdated and regressive customs still prevalent in India for widows and remarriage Though the perception and outlook is changing bit by bit it still is a kind of a disease in some parts of the countrySangita is a widow with a five year old child the story revolves around her life and her parents conservative ideas on how she should conduct herself in the society They are worried about the opinion of their neighborhood than the well being and future of their own daughter Gautam with a cute dimple and blue eyes is a sexy dream come true the moment he enters the hospital with his broken arm where Sangita works As Sangita is caught between her desires and attraction to Gautam and fear of her parents views an entertaining romantic drama unfolds Sangita is homely and adorable and as I said Gautam weaves ‘love in the air’ magic Chemistry between them is hot and sizzles whenever they come together The most entertaining part for me was the way he handled Sangita’s mental block can’t giveaway too much It was very entertaining to see her pine for him and gradually reconcile to the inevitableLoved the secondary characters both positive and negative ones Sangita’s parents and her younger brother Rakesh are as slimy as one could get One can never imagine a mother having such a vile tongue for her only daughter But Rekha’s character as Sangita’s bhabhi is note worthy I wish and women stood for oppressed ones as Rekha supports Sangita Gautam’s large family is fabulous cute kids and an adorable dog adds to myriad flavors of the storyThe story has the unmistakable stamp of Sundari’s style and brand Language is simple and fluid This is by far the best novel from Sundari’s desk and I am eagerly looking forward to read the next one hopefully it will be about Siddharth with black eyes Highly recommend to people in love with loveDisclaimer I got this book from the author for my honest review Positive Engaging Well narrated These are the top 3 things I liked about Madras AffairThe story of Sangita's journey of rediscovering herself both emotional as well sensuous aspects of relationships is the theme of the book MA is very fresh take on the widow remarriage concept Usually books on this subject have the tendency of getting preachy or boring but no MA was an expectation and indeed a wonderful one People talk about the social aspect of this issue; MA explored a personal journey of the woman considering this big step in life It's society the new man in her life and tormented memories of past from her lens I think the author did an outstanding job of making her book stand out It's true that in our country even in metro cities like Chennai people like Sangita's parents Gautam's grandparents live in a 1 mile radius It's the unfortunate contrast of our confused society And this contrast was another thing author researched very well and brought to life in simple wordsThe only thing I didn't like was how Gautam finally managed to convince Sangita's parents I understand every author has their own story to tell it's unfair to suggest on how they'd like to conclude But provided she was projected as head of a group that works for women; I was looking for some seething rebels in the story which is placed in her early days Apart from that the story is simple yet engaging You end up loving Sangita admiring Gautam Gautam in particular I liked little ; all because his charms and most importantly his patience with his lady love to break the shell We need Gautams in our society we definitely doHighly recommended Few things mark the coming of age of mainstream entertainment and its portrayal of women As a professional nitpicker on the way any gender is portrayed objectified and disrespected by the mass media in its every form every attempt at deconstructing it is a life jacket for me Sundari Venkatraman’s The Madras Affair sees to that What I enjoyed most about the book is that there is nothing conventional whatsoever I’ve lived between Madras and Bangalore all my life and I’ve been thrust this notion that women in Madras are conservative – but I’d beg to differ and offer up proof in the form of many friends and their families and now Sundari’s delightful book because her forward thinking mentality has shaken up some of the most regressive traditions that are imposed upon widows and the ugly whispers that surround the concept of remarriage in many a community Sangita Sinclair is a brilliant protagonist She is not perfect and yet you identify with her perfections and you recognise her flaws She has the kind of flaws that you admit within your mind to having yourself but never outwardly It takes courage to admit that side to one’s personality even in a literary character She is a single mother with a five year old child having been widowed Her parents have a bit of a glass cage ideology when it comes to how she should behave and conduct herself as a “widow” Sundari stings you with a harsh reality – that these ascribed attributes take precedence over everything else It dehumanizes Sangita She is not a human but a “woman” please note the uotation marks the intention is to convey the way her gender is politicized and being perceived by her own parents with negative connotations of being a burden She is not a woman but a “widow” She is not a widow but a “single mother” She is not a single mother but a “burden” The reflection on widowhood in the parochial social mindset is suggestive of the euivalent of treating one with a dreaded disease Sundari’s remarkable portrayal of this is a beautiful undercurrent It has a way of lending itself to the storyline without being overbearing and yet it slaps you tight across the face Enter Gautam In Gautam I felt that Sundari may have added a few layers True Sangita sees Gautam as the Messiah the saviour that gives her relief from a terrible world through the attraction – but it felt perhaps that Gautam came across as too perfect BUT that is still something I would not dismiss simply because Sangita is in a frame of mind that is looking for a life boat while she’s thrashing about in a sea of turmoil It’s interesting how beautiful Sundari has kept the narrative without descending into a sense of “victimhood” in Sangita Powerful writing this The rest of the story is Sangita’s Hobson’s Choice – conservative parents versus new romance – and where the Madras Affair goes is something you should read about in Sundari’s words not mine The book is gripping well written and highly refined in its sensibilities The vile tongued mother the grouchy brother the supportive pillar of a sister in law who stands up to oppression like a powerhouse the little daughter caught in the cross fire – not one character is a puppet Everyone is essential to the narrative The Madras Affair by Sundari Venkatraman a book that would draw any Chennaite to pick a copy for the title and the author I received the e book for review from the book club Regardless of my love for Madras Sundari and TBC the review presented below is honest indeed First Impression Pretty attractive title and a cover so strong With a voluptuous woman’s body and a face with eyes so powerful representing a tale of a woman’s life history Inviting Overall Impression Spellbound The smile that I had when I read the first chapter vanished when I finished the second The lovely story turned to a painful history in a matter of a few pages The pain inscribed in every word used to describe what Sangita has gone through picks like a thorn It shrieks the reader Sundari has ensured to choose the right words to give life to pain At the end of the second chapter I started reading the third with a thirst to know how Sangita made it A feminist or no the story touches the soul What did I love about the book – With no doubts the Characters Gautam the blue eyed hero is the one that any woman would love to meet Prince charming and chivalrous who showers the much deserved love on Sangita as if the prayers of readers who got the gist of what she went through in her past were answered In a matter of a chapter Sundari injected much hatred towards Sangita’s first husband which rather delighted the reader to hear the news of demise rather than to land as a shock Though the subject handled has potential to say it is deep and dark the author has ensured to leaf in details like Sangita Gautam’s conversations that make it a light read which many authors give it a missWow Factors 1 Language and choice of words 2 The nativity followed – She takes the reader to 1995 with names like Pankajam being used and the breeze of words like Idly Sambar Upma and coconut chutney which marks that it is Madras 3 Beautiful portrayal of what the woman goes through especially the parts where that Sangita had to agree for a tonsure in the event of her husband’s death and the light thrown at her sexual frustration takes a special mention which most leave unattended When there are artificial stories and movies that say a woman will lose interest in sex and would dedicate her whole life to help her kids grow The Madras Affair tears the mask created and calls a spade as a spade 4 Figurative language perfumed when reuired adding value to understand the depth of the situation 5 Beautiful dive on the oscillations a woman would go through in unfavorable situations 6 Handling emotions of a kid in want of a father to feel complete have never been this real Stunning is an understatement Frown Factors 1 A bit on the lengthy side which slows down the pace here and there though at times a few detailing were eye catching there were places that makes a reader skim through than read Otherwise a wonderful read Indisputably Indian authors have a knack for writing books in simple language which is easy to read and less taxing for the mind This book thus felt like a whiff of fresh air with thoughts and words blending seamlessly into each other It feels like a typical soap opera only that it was to be read The author has crafted this tale with such beauty that every character every scene took perfect shape in my mind To my amazement I felt the joy of characters as much as their sorrowsThe book relies heavily on description of every detail which sometimes works against the tempo of feelings a reader is going through For instance Sangita's 'Slender frame'and Gautam's 'Blue gaze' took prominence on every page once these two characters had met each other It might have been a constant reminder from the author of her creation's outline but to me it poked when gotten beyond permissible repetition limits which is normally like sprinkling them every 20 few pagesI had been so engrossed with the story until these two got married What followed was skipping sentences and jumping paragraphs to getting impatient at such a lengthy detail of lovey dovey unions and re unions of the couple I could never stomach Fifty Shades of Grey and I extended the same courtesy to this book for those peculiar scenes as wellBut I was and I am happy at having by Goodreads recommendations stumbled on this book and to thank Kindle Unlimited on putting the same in my lap within less than a minute Sigh I love happy endings wink wink