Scandals Child

Scandals Child[PDF / Epub] ★ Scandals Child ✪ Pamela Gibson – Miranda Comstock widowed and impoverished accepts a position in London caring for a child who was blinded in a fire When she discovers the child’s mysterious guardian is the lover who’d seduced an Miranda Comstock widowed and impoverished accepts a position in London caring for a child who was blinded in a fire When she discovers the child’s mysterious guardian is the lover who’d seduced and abandoned her five years earlier her first thought is to flee But nine year old Phoebe depends on her and is blossoming under her care Jeremy Montague returns from Jamaica to take up his duties as the new Earl of Longley and is shocked to find his former lover is his ward’s nurse Believing she played him for a fool he vows to remove her from his household especially when his traitorous body begins to remember the passion they shared But there is a mystery afoot involving a long ago disappearance Miranda’s resemblance to a society debutante and the child’s suppressed memories of the fire which are starting to emerge As Phoebe’s memories become sharper Jeremy begins to suspect that he and Miranda were pawns in a twisted game And both must learn to trust again if they are to find their way back into each other’s hearts. Miranda and Jeremy were once lovers When Jeremy was dispatched to Jamaica to oversee a family property he sends for her But the note is intercepted and they part both thinking the other was uncaring Five years later they meet again The meeting is arranged by Jeremy’s brother who has always been curious about their relationship What transpires is a rekindling of their love which never uite died although both resist until they can no longer ignore their feelings In books like this a reader might ask why they don’t have a heart to heart conversation and clear up the past They do—twice—but their core beliefs about what happened are different so they always end the conversation confused than before But Jeremy begins to wonder if they may have been pawns in a dangerous game and sets out to find out what really happened All this occurs while Miranda and Jeremy are at odds over how best to treat Jeremy’s blind ward with Miranda finally taking action that leads her into unexpected perilEvery author has a book of her heart This was mine because my sister knowing she was dying of cancer helped with the research in between her bouts of chemotherapy The book is dedicated to her 🎁 FREE on today 7262019 🎁 Great story I loved the drama and what the characters had to overcome The mother aspect was amazing and can I just say wow Fake Regency feels and reads like American take the sentence I guess so hence the swing from Contemporary to contrived Regency use of words like process in present day context doppelganger origin German 1824? or 1826? about 13 years after the book's timeline based upon Jeremy's return as the Earl of Longley indicating lack of research? a phrase like lie back down and failed plot How could John not know about their mother's mood swings? where was the formidable and fast relay of gossip called the servants' grapevine? despite them being dismissed owing to the the Countess' madness nothing can stop them from talking for her meanness could not inspire loyalty also in a small village where mostly everyone who works at the big house could most likely be related to someone in the village and their main excitement would be gossiping about their betters to add spice to the monotony of chores including speculating even on Jeremy's and Miranda's trysts the woods being an ideal place to hide and spy at people to hunt rabbits and make assignationsetc etc etc in such a setting there could be no secrets Can love conuer all??? When it is true and real then absolutely Miranda and Jeremy are young and in love each waiting for the other a message a visitsomethingbut Miranda never shows and Jeremy's mother delivers a message alright just not the one Miranda was expecting to hear Both are heartbroken and fell betrayedbut were they? Miranda marries the local doctor and Jeremy now sees her betrayal is completeand Jeremy off in Jamaica never sends a letter explaining himselfso Miranda knows his mother was telling the truth betrayal complete When Miranda's husband dies nd she has nowhere to go Jeremy's brother hires her on as a companion to a young blind girlPhoebe unbeknownst to Miranda Jeremy's wardWhen Jeremy returns he is furious with his brother still desirous of Miranda yet both cannot get past the perceived betrayalthrough tons of misunderstandings miscommunication and loads of love for a sweet little girlas well as dealing with a mebtally unstable interfering and dangerous motherJeremy and Miranda navigate their way through a maze of doubt confusion and mistrust and find their way right back where they startedto the place it all began where they fell in love and when the facts of that night meet the harsh light of dayand the unraveling of a teensy case of mistaken identity or two come to lightthese two characters wind up exactly where they should have been all alongin love together and living happily ever after And I loved the entire journey Fresh and interesting plotOverall I enjoyed this book especially the storyline that had some interesting twists and turns I liked that while I knew it concluded HEA I was not able to guess the exact role the mother or the younger brother would ultimately play I did struggle a bit with the uncharacteristic layout which reuired us to get to know the main characters’ interactions with one another through memories These were the weakest parts of the book and it often felt like they were included to satisfy a sex scene reuirement than to help us learn about their love and commitment to one another I don’t actually mind a good sensual read but felt the book was good enough to stand without random acts of erogenous memories Without giving too much away I'll rave and say this heartwarming book is a wonderfully woven story of misunderstandings and negative assumptions between potential lovers I particularly enjoyed the way Ms Gibson used a bit of mystery to add depth to her plot line Ms Gibson has a solid understanding of what life was like in this Regency period She reveals this with her descriptive language and rich dialog giving readers a clear picture of characters' clothing their home furnishings and their manners Ms Gibson has a strong character driven plot line We see how these characters evolve I highly recommend this book to fans who love Regency romances 4550Pamela Gibson has written a heartwarming tale about love loss and compassion and this enduring tale of lost love will tug at the reader’s heartstrings Read full review in the 2017 December issue of InD'tale Magazine I enjoyed this regency romance The characters were well developed and realistic the plot twists kept the story moving forward and while a great deal of the romantic conflict was based on miscommunication it was touching to see the couple forgive and move forward despite their misconceptions A nice read for a rainy Sunday Young lovetrue love Interesting insight into treatment of mentally ill manic depressive issues and how little was understood of the issueChildren with problems such as blindness were treated as invalids or sent to basically asylums to be housedLiked the development of the love between Amanda and Jeremy as they mature and find what they thought was lost