Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood➶ [Read] ➲ Little Red Riding Hood By Candice Ransom ➾ – LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD Featuring 32 pages of fresh captivating illustrations this 8 x 8 story book tells the tale of Little Red Riding Hood who is uneasy when her grandmother looks suspiciously like a Little Red Riding Hood Featuring pages of fresh captivating illustrations this x story book tells the tale of Little Red Riding Hood who is uneasy when her grandmother looks suspiciously like a sly wolf Children will eagerly continue reading to see what will happen when the wolf shows how big and sharp his teeth are CLASSIC STORIES This classic retold tale captures a child's interest page after page as Little Red ePUB ✓ they take their imagination on a magical journey through timeless stories and adventures BENEFITS Easy to follow story books are an excellent skill building resource for reading comprehension while introducing your child to hundreds of new words FAMILY STORY TIME Reading together is a great way to bond with your child while also fostering communication understanding and a lifelong love for reading BUILD A LIBRARY Collect every title from the Keepsake Stories collection to create the perfect library that will enchant readers time and time again. Having seen and read many different versions of Little Red Riding Hood reading this original one keeps getting betterI loved going back to my childhood days Nostalgic Am I really petty enough to add my child's bedtime stories to my Goodreads so I'll complete my yearly reading challenge? You bet I am Red Riding Hood is a young girl who is told by her mother to take some treats to her poorly grandmother Little do either of them know that a sneaky Wolf overhears their conversation and plots to get to Grandmothers house before Red Riding Hood As the Wolf gobbles Grandmother up and takes her place Red Riding Hood enters She uestions grandmother’s big eyes big arms and big teeth when suddenly the Wolf pounces on Red Riding hood sniggering ‘all the better to eat you with’ Just in the nick of time a wood cutter saves her and cuts grandmother out from the hungry wolf’s stomach This is a great book to read as a class in EYFS and KS1 Teachers can relate the story to the curriculum subjects; Geography and Science through exploring the forest as a setting and looking at the type of animals you may find In addition to this teachers can form a circle time looking at how to keep safe and perhaps looking at the dangers of speaking to strangers Ransom's book Little Red Riding Hood told a traditional tale of Little Red Riding Hood going to the woods and meeting a wolf The story ended alittle different than other Little Red Riding Hood books with the wolf jumping out of the grandmothers window and then Little Red Riding Hood and her grandmother enjoyed a nice visit togetherThe illustrations throughout the book were bright and colorful The illustrations filled the page and most of the pages were enclosed with a border The text was an easy read This particular book contained a spanish version also which would be handy if you had a second language students in your classAges 4 upTalk about strangers and what would you do if you were approached by someoneSpanishEnglish lesson Text to text connectionI can make a text to text connection between Little Red Riding Hood and the story Never Talk to Strangers by Irma Joyce both consist of themes of the danger of strangers to childrenText to self connectionI can make a self connection with my personal life because as a child my parents warned me against talking to strangers just as Little Red Riding Hood was cautioned in the story Little Red is on her way to her grandmothers house to take her some goodies She has to go through the forest to get to her grandmothers house and while on her way she meets up with a wolf and he asks her where she is going and if he can have a goody from her basket She tells the wolf no that they are for her sick grandmother When she gets to her grandmothers house she notices the door is cracked open She goes inside and goes to her grandmothers side as she looks at her grandmother she notices that she looks fairly similar to the wolf she encounters on her way to her grandmothers She discovers that the wolf has eaten her grandmother and he ends up trying to eat Red Riding Hood A man with an ax ends up coming and cutting open the wolf and saves Red and her grandmother This would be a fun book to read when we introduce fairy tales in the classroom I feel that the children would have fun reading this book and they would also have fun doing an activity that goes along with the story An idea that I have that could go along with this story would be to have the children draw their version of the story and share as a class Little Red Riding Hood by Candice F Ransom is a younger version of Little Red Riding Hood because no one gets killed in the end This book takes place in the woods Little Red Riding Hood was walking to her grandma's house and decided to take a different path When she got to grandma's house there was the wolf wearing grandma's night gown which had sheep print on it The wolf locked grandma away in the closet in hopes of saving her for a late night snack Luckily the wolf didn't eat or hurt anyone he accidentally fell out of a window tumbled down a hill and ran away Afterwards Little Red unlocked the closet door and let grandmother out They later had a picnic and lived happily ever afterIn the kindergarten little red riding hood unit Social Stranger danger what the to when someone we don't know asks you uestionMath PatternsLanguage artsreading Beginning sounds and seuencing Health EyesDramatic play React the story This is the story about a young girl who goes to visit her grandmother when she isn't feeling well on her way to her grandmothers cottage she runs into a dangerous wolf The little girl does what she can to continue on her way as fast as possible but the wolf follows her and stops her on her way a few times Eventually he catches on to where she is headed and arrives before she does The conniving wolf disguises himself as her grandmother and tries to fool the young girl As young readers read this book they will be captivated by the suspense of what the wolf will do and will have that desire to continue reading With the bright colors and cartoon like illustrations it brings to life the story that is being told and works well with the text Overall this is a great book for early readers to start off with because it will capture their attention and their desire to read due to the author's writing style 5 StarsI knew the story of this book before reading So reading this was very predictable for me BUT still a great tale to read I loved this tale before reading and also loved this after readingEveryone should spare some time for this tale You will enjoy this one A story that every child should know A great lesson on fairy tales A lesson on characteristics Comparing the characters The setting is the woods and grandmothers house

Little Red Riding Hood MOBI ´ Little Red  ePUB
  • Paperback
  • 32 pages
  • Little Red Riding Hood
  • Candice Ransom
  • English
  • 09 March 2016
  • 9781577681984