Her Greek Inheritance

Her Greek Inheritance[PDF / Epub] ❤ Her Greek Inheritance ✅ Amanda Horton – Oaklandjobs.co.uk My brother left his billion dollar inheritance to her And I will get it back at any cost Even if i have to kidnap her back to Greece Gemma Like living paycheck to paycheck and being a single mom was n My brother left his billion dollar inheritance to her And I will get it back at any cost Even if i have to kidnap her back to Greece Gemma Like living paycheck to paycheck and being a single mom was not enough my estranged boyfriend and the father of my child Alexi comes back in my life out of nowhere As much as i Her Greek PDF/EPUB ² want to run away from him he has a job that i need desperately Being an art restorer takes me to exotic locations and amongst some great looking men Alexi is one such man and our passionate night in Paris changed my life His deep blue eyes still draw me in but i must resist him or i’ll lose my entire world my son I need this job and I need the money If going to Greece with him is what it takes then be it Our relationship is strictly professional and i'll be back once the job is done or so i thought until i realized that a billion dollars were at stake Her Greek Inheritance is a standalone steaming hot K words Billionaire Romance Novella that has a super sweet climax and a guaranteed HEA This novel is ideal for fans of Penelope Bloom Melinda Minx and Kira Blakely Don't miss it. I wish that some of the bits of this story would have given details so you as the reader could know deeper understanding how they were all connected and such?? me but maybe those bits will be shared in the next book? There is steamy and hotness I've never meet a Greek man or lady before but I can imagine they are extremely beautiful and just so wow wee I will be curious where or what else will be known or found out from the next read?? glad to read Amanda's book I will be reading from her soon enough ; 4255This was definitely a better novel than I thought it would be I love romances but I find that most Secret Billionaire romances tend to be very similar This one however was intriguingSynopsis Gemma is an art restorer and one night in Paris she ended up having a one night stand She never learned his name and she left before he woke up She ended up pregnant and raises her son as a single parentLeo is a man seeking to keep his fortune His late twin brother had signed his portion of the family bonds over to Gemma a woman his family had no knowledge of Leo must get her to sign the bonds back over to him or he must marry a horrid woman to keep his family togetherI hated Leo to start off with He was a pretentious ass who only cared about getting what he wanted Gemma mistakes him for his brother and when she confides in him that she has been raising his son Leo gets all bent out of shape He decides that in order to get Gemma to go to Greece he's going to go behind her back to her boss To top it off he practically tells her that he's gonna keep the kid whether or not she wants him tooHe does redeem himself throughout the novel I get that it was the way he was raised plus he wanted a part of his brother close But come on You don't need to threaten the motherGemma's a no nonsense woman with a heart of gold Not only was she raising her son alone but she was also providing for her younger brother so that he could go to college So when it came time for her to go to Greece I was rooting for her to get her son away from Leo But then you can see the two of them fall in love And it was actually rather cute Plus there were a few steamy sex scenes which is always a plusOverall it was a good read And I'm intrigued on if there is a seuel in the works Disclaimer I received an ARC of this novel in exchange for an honest review Very good contemporary billionaire second chance romance Gemma works hard to take care of herself and her college age brother While working at an auction for expensive artwork that she restores and appraised she meets Alexi Leo is filling in for his twin brother They've switched places before When he meets Gemma he wants her They spend the night together then meet again about 2 years later He doesn't give his real name of why he's there to see her As a dominant wealthy Greek alpha male he's come to expect people to submit to his wishes Gemma doesn't and she stands out which intrigues him There are a lot of twists and turns in this story uite a bit of what happened to Gemma was not of her choosing yet she wasn't a doormat I received a complementary copy of this book and chose to write a review I look forward to reading future books by this author 375 stars I enjoyed this book and was hooked from the beginning This was a uick read for me; finished in about 3 hours However I did have a couple of issues with this story First Gemma the h has a couple of uestionable decisions and I had trouble seeing her character make those decisions Secondly I did not have a clear picture of why they loved each other just that they had great chemistry Finally I'm still puzzled as to WHY the stocks were left to her Overall I still enjoyed the story despite some plot uestions I received an ARC of this story and this is my voluntary and honest review This is a great story I really enjoyed reading it It is exciting suspenseful sweet hot and so much She is sent from work She meets one twin who says he is the other She meets that real twin later on and has an few days of bliss with him and then goes home She finds out that twin left her his shares in the company She has a son by him The one who lied about who he was then shows up to see why I goes on from there I highly recommend it I was given a review copy and voluntarily review it I enjoyed reading Gemma and Leo story It was a different way for them to meet even though they had meet 2 years earlier during a one night stand Gemma is a strong independent single mother who lives from pay check to pay check She doesn't mind since her son is her world Leo comes back into Gemma life and turns it upside down Can't wait to read second book in this series and see what actually happen to Alexi This book will keep your attention and you will want to read I was given ARC for an honest opinion Headline I have voluntarily read and reviewed and ARC version of Her Greek Inheritance by Amanda HortonI really enjoyed this book The ending definitely left room for another book which I truly hope will happen Gemma and Leo were amazing together This was a nice change for me since I usually read naughty smut the romance of this book was welcome and refreshing Would for sure recommend this book Happy reading I love secret baby books and book did this book live up to its name Gemma and Leo were really good together I loved how this book had a story line to it with romance too It was hot but didn't have that smutty feel that some billionaire books gets I loved it from the moment I picked it up and I hope that there is another book in this series I voluntarily reviewed this book in exchange for a honest review Great book Loved the characters of Leo and Gemma Alexia and Leo being twin brothers really confused Gemma but the son belonged to Leo whom Gemma had a chemistry with Alexia being found and coming back will be great to read in the next book Well done by the author Can't wait to read of Amanda's work I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book and five stars are well deserved Her Greek InheritanceThis story line starts out with lies Twin brothers who are rich tend not to tell women that the bed their real names So it is no surprise that when one goes missing the other learns of a child by one of those women years later But the twist is she unknowingly holds into stock in a company that makes people upset What happens next is lies and another woman who has her sights on marriage into that family