Sealed in Sin

Sealed in Sin❰KINDLE❯ ❆ Sealed in Sin Author Juliette Cross – One demon prince may be festering in the bowels of hell but Genevieve’s troubles are far from over Prince Bamal demon lord of New York City still wants her But this time he wants her alive All signs One demon prince may be festering in the bowels of hell but Genevieve’s Sealed in PDF or troubles are far from over Prince Bamal demon lord of New York City still wants her But this time he wants her alive All signs point to the lost prophecy and his desire for her inherent power as a Vessel of LightWhile Jude Delacroix spends his days and nights searching for the prophecy another protector steps in to take his place Thomas a guardian angel claims Genevieve is his to protect if the demon hunter does not As threats against her life escalate he offers her the power to sift Knowing the transfer of power comes through a kiss she hesitates While Gen’s love for Jude is true Thomas stirs a desire where there should be none Thomas also knows Jude’s darkest secret and plans to use it if necessary to win Genevieve for his own. This series is being re released today with a brand new publisher and a beautiful new cover Have you started this series yet? If not now is the time Don't miss it Sealed in Sin is book two of The Vessel Trilogy by Juliette Cross “Warning Contains a demon hunter with dark secrets a sexy angel with ulterior motives and demonic creatures running amok” Is it unusual to love a book so much that you freuently have to remind yourself that ‘this isn’t real Carol?’ I think this might be my favorite book so far by Juliette Cross Or do I think that at the end of each one?Genevieve is a vessel Her power can either be used for the light or controlled by the darkness She has not fully awakened yet has not yet become aware of all of the powers she will possess Genevieve is also the vessel of the prophecy The prophecy that says there is a war coming between the angels of heaven and the demons of hell And that she will have to battle the vessel controlled by the demon Prince Bamal to the death “Not one has been born strong enough to resist the bewitching lure of the Dark to bond with her power and become the infinite source of might for the Flamma of Light Until now” Someone new enters Gen’s life her guardian angel Thomas Generally guardian angels do not show themselves on earth to those they protect So why has Thomas suddenly revealed himself to Gen? Are his motives pure? “I was beginning to believe Thomas had designs of his own—not sinister ones but sensual ones” Gen is in constant danger Prince Bamal wants her so he can control her vessel power Jude is doing all he can to protect her but at the same time he is trying to locate the lost half of the prophecy which contains crucial information regarding the pending war and Gen’s role in it Thomas wants to give Gen a new power one only he can share with her This power would help her to be able to protect herself But the only way to transfer the power is with a kiss Whenever she is near Thomas she feels a pull some sort of a deep attraction she cannot explain Can she risk accepting Thomas’s gift? “I wanted Jude not Thomas No matter what my subconscious might be trying to tell me Jude was the man of my heart”“I might be his moon in the dark but he was my entire cosmos—stars air and gravity all rolled into one” This bookjust WOW As Gen Jude and the others search for the prophecy try to hunt demons and stay safe their travels take them from New Orleans to Scotland to France and to London The love between Gen and Jude is growing their bond strengthening But with Thomas in the picture and all they are forced to deal with is it strong enough? There are secrets revealed in this book secrets regarding Gen’s mother and secrets of Jude’s past of a darkness he keeps hidden But there are other secrets lurking What really happened to Kat when she was being held captive? What does Thomas really want? Juliette Cross’s books are so poetic Her words are just all so beautiful She has such a wonderful way of weaving a story that I fall so deeply into it it pretty much takes over my existence even when I’m not reading All her characters are so real so easy to connect with to care for There is a cliff hanger don’t say I didn’t warn you But the next book Bound in Black is ready and waiting for you So my advice is to get started and read this series no I take that back Read ALL of Juliette’s books Every single one of them is special in its own way I wonder which one will be YOUR favorite? “She holds our hope The tide that will help us win the war” 5 You’re mine now StarsThis is a dual review for the second and third books in The Vessel Trilogy; Sealed in Sin Bound in Black I decided to do it this way because basically both books are eually awesome and I can say very little about them for fear of giving away major spoilersThe best part though is that all three are now LIVE US – Forged in Fire – in Sin in Black – UK – Forged in Fire – in Sin in Black – you can actually go buy them and read them for yourselvesJude and Gen’s story is unlike any other that I have read in the Paranormal or Fantasy genre if you like Angels Demons the good the bad ones you thought were good but are bad and ones that started out bad but then become good then this is the story for youJuliette kept me on my toes with this series right up to the last couple of chapters she also kept me up well past my bedtime with both books two and three because I just didn’t want to stop the ride she had taken me on You know the you learn about our world the you’ll come to understand that everyone light or dark has their own agenda foremost in mindIf you are looking for something a little different to read that will make you think take you out of this world and put you in another with a uniue story line a great cast of unusual and interesting characters a Hero and Heroine that together were hot when apart heart breaking and everything for all of the in between addicting then this series if one you need to be checking out Don’t step too far into the shadows with meHow else am I to get close to youI only discovered this authors writing recently and have literally devoured each and every book I have read by her since There are few authors that jump straight onto my auto buy list nowadays but Juliette Cross is 100% on it and most likely to never leave it if she continues to produce books and series of this exemplary calibre You’ve always been my moon in the darknessAnd you’re my guiding starARCs generously provided by the author and it was my pleasure and privilege to provide the above honest review in exchange Wow What a ride I enjoyed Sealed in Sin and every twist and turn that this journey took me on ❤️ and now onto saving Jude from the bowels of hell With one demon prince down and out of the picture Genevieve must now deal with Prince Bamal Bigger badder and powerful than Dante the demon lord of New York City wants Genevieve her powers as the Vessel of Light and to defeat the prophecy she is part of controlling her with his darknessWhile Jude has gone off in search of the missing prophecy Gen will come face to face with her guardian angel a being who has watched over her her entire life But is Thomas looking for from Genevieve than she can give? Is he as pure as one would think a guardian angel would be? He can give Gen power but at what true price? What is Thomas stirring within Genevieve’s heart and soul? Are his intentions pure or are they SEALED IN SIN?Juliette Cross will sift us through London New Orleans Paris and even to Scotland where a private hideaway could become the only haven Gen and Jude may find This time out emotions are at the boiling point across the board as hearts are laid bare doubts and insecurities creep in and every minute brings darkness just a little closer to becoming the reality of the world Time for Gen to believe fully in herself and those around her but will she choose to trust in the wrong people? Perhaps it is better to go with her heart her soul and her gut because they may need to be her closest allies when the unthinkable happensDo you ever wonder what an author is thinking as they begin piling and on their heroine? Pretty sure Juliette Cross was testing someone’s limits not sure if it was Genevieve’s or mine Talk about gut clenching chaos and yet I have faith that Gen will survive As for me it was close I had the grip of death on my Kindle but I made through dangling by clenched fingersI absolutely love this series these characters and Juliette Cross’ style it’s like she “gets” what I want to readTrilogy The Vessel Trilogy Book 2Publisher Entangled Select Otherworld July 31 2017Publication Date July 31 2017Genre Paranormal RomancePrint Length 350 pagesAvailable from | Barnes NobleFor Reviews More I really enjoyed book one of this trilogy but I absolutely LOVED this one I was taken on a wild adventure ride that covered every emotion possible While Gen is growing into her position as a Vessel there are always dark forces working against her and the other Flamma of Light I struggled with her response to Thomas but held out hope for her relationship with Jude Of course I shouldn’t have worried This book definitely picks up the pace where Jude and Gen are concerned and I loved every moment of it As they continue to search for the missing piece of the prophecy we are pulled deeper into the darkness that threatens to destroy humankind I was on the very edge of my seat nail biting in full force as Gen makes decisions that may or may night be the right ones I never really knew what the repercussions of such decisions would be By the time I reached the ending I was a sobbing mess needing resolution and yet knowing I wouldn’t get it until I dove into book 3 Which is exactly where I intend to go right nowWhy did I wait so long to read this series??? Totally rectifying that mistakeHeroine POVSafe view spoilerh is drawn to her guardian angel and even has a make out session with him – she does feel as if she’s cheated on the H – I personally felt that he held a form of persuasion over her hide spoiler Jude Fierce Jude Strong Jude Unwavering Jude Beautiful Il est toujours aussi puissant et vaillant mais si tendre et dour He is ever so powerful and valient yet so tender and gentleSealed in Sin not only saw Genevieve growing stronger in her powers and continuing with her training but it had me anticipating at every turn as to what was going to happen with Gen Jude George and Kat The journey they were on to find the other half of the prophecy had them traipsing all over the world battling demons and angels too or just one in particularThomas ugh It also had me feeling breathless at how much Jude would stop at nothing and to sacrifice everything for his mon cœur; and wanting for all the love and the burning passion between them It was indeed a beautiful thing to witness Like the words unfolding into a scene being played right out in front of you Breathtaking However my heart is broken and I can't even believe that ending I knew that no good so called angel Thomas was up to something evil The entire last chapter of the book had me screaming at Gen to not trust the mother fudger I was about to throw my kindle in rage That cliffhanger and epilogue is the death of me and I've loaded the final book in the Vessel Trilogy so I can dive right in and find out how it all comes together and ends Will Genevieve continue to soar towards the light or will she fall into the hole of despair?Will Jude remember and fight for who he is and the love he has for Gen or will he be lost to the darkness forever? I don't know but I'm dying to find out Onto the final book My feelings I’m dead Wonderfully ingenious Juliette Cross weaves a majestic spell that sucks you deep into The Vessel Trilogy worldGenevieve’s powers as the vessel are growing but she hasn’t fully awakened leaving her vulnerable to possession by evil While Jude is searching for the prophecy a “guardian angel” named Thomas has made himself known to Gen There is something connecting Thomas and Genevieve Thomas offers Gen the ability she covets but at what cost will the power transfer come?This whirlwind adventure had me laughing crying and yelling no no no you can’t do that To put it plainly Cross has a way of capturing her readers and keeping them hostage to the characters every plight Beautifully vivid writing only enhances that connection to the charactersAmazing revelations heartfelt emotions and the mother of all cliffhangers will have me biting my nails for the final installment in The Vessel TrilogyI received this ARC copy of Sealed in Sin from Juliette Cross in exchange for a honest review This book is set for publication April 21 2015Written by Juliette CrossSeries The Vessel TrilogySeuence in Series 2Paperback 290 pagesPublisher Samhain Publishing Publication Date April 21 2015Rating 5 Bright StarsISBN 10 161922934XISBN 13 978 1619229341Genre Urban Fantasy | ParanormalFind this book on | Barnes Noble For Reviews and More Check out  355Mon avis en FrançaisMy English review I was curious to read this second novel after having a good time with the first one I must say that it is uite in line with the previous one So yes still a good time with that same volume even if a little something is missing for me againThe latest Genevieve’s adventure had resulted with the death of the demon prince who wanted to keep her with him Some respite you might say after so many worries? But no this is not the case and our heroine has to do complicated things this time Indeed the demon prince who wanted her dead now wants to capture her and nothing seems to stand in his way In addition to this we also have the appearance of a new character Thomas Ah Thomas what a difficult character to pin down We understand the appeal for this guardian angel He challenges the Gen’s feelings for Jude while they are yet sincere He offers her things that he only can provide her and it is true that the whole is very tempting Then it must be said that with such a description we can only be intrigued Yet it’s also pretty amazing to see that the young woman manages to trust him so uickly although we understand that a new ally would not be refused From this you can imagine that the story will run for a party on the Genevieve’s feelings and what she really wants This is also what allows her to understand exactly what she wants Added to this the abstinence problem becomes present in this volume a point that is recurrent in factThe second part of the story focuses primarily on the research of the prophecy but also the desire of the demons I admit that I was really curious to find out about the second half of this lost prophecy Through this we also learn about all the characters their past their secrets and what they haveendured It was interesting to be able to understand some with thatIt was an interesting story and Gen evolves much in this story She realizes what she really wants she tries to lead her own battles but her powers are evolving exponentially I’m curious to see where all this will lead her especially after such a purpose Oh No I need book three that ending I'm a little sad and anxious now Gosh I liked book one but I LOVED book two Genevieve's character is maturing and evolving and she is growing powerful every day The race to keep her from being captured and possessed by the demons is tense and a full time job Jude her primary protector is such an intriguing character I really like him The tension filled connection between Gen and Jude is getting harder for them to resist More specifically sexual tension Jude oozes sex appeal but he's also very dark and dangerous But when it comes to the woman he loves he is protective patient careful and honorable I love how their connection to each other evolved into something very deep and emotional His careful touch with her was surprisingly sweet I love it when tough guys aren't afraid to show their tender side We have a surprise character jump in in this second book Thomas an angel who has his heart set on Genevieve His character was and still is a mystery What is he up too? His angelic aura is hard for Gen to resist And then there is Gen's Demon Hunter friend Kat I adore her character this description of her from the mind of Gen made me smile it's perfectIn a skintight black leather cat suit a silver zipper cinching her from pelvis to chest knee high boots that said I'll kick your ass into tomorrow her silken platinum hair swinging in tandem to her walk she looked lethal and utterly stunning I smiled I wanted to be Kat when I grew upLOL yep so do I She is fierce and a great friend to have at your side when you're being stalked by demons And I must have of Alexander a fellow demon hunter who made his first appearance in this book He was such an adorable flirt he and Kat would make an interesting pair But somehow I think her friend George might object to that I am curious about their story as well So this series slowly hooked me in with book one but now I'm completely and totally hooked and anxiously waiting for the next installment An edgy engaging and emotional story with lots of interesting and intriguing characters that I can't wait to get to know better ARC was provided by the author Follow us on KT Book ReviewsTwitterFacebookPinterest