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Highland Outlaw❰PDF / Epub❯ ✅ Highland Outlaw Author Monica McCarty – Oaklandjobs.co.uk Handsome and dangerous Patrick MacGregor is a wanted man possessing the tough tenacious spirit of his outlawed clan He will stop at nothing to save his people from destruction even if it means marryin Handsome and dangerous Patrick MacGregor is a wanted man possessing the tough tenacious spirit of his outlawed clan He will stop at nothing to save his people from destruction even if it means marrying Elizabeth Campbell the daughter of his worst enemy Yet the flaxen haired beauty disarms him from the start Her sweet unspoiled softness touches the cold depths of his ravaged soul–and makes him want much than revengeInside the shy and dutiful Lizzie is a passionate woman longing to emerge a woman ready for love So when the piercing emerald eyes and searing kiss of a stranger spark in her a desperate hunger she surrenders to Patrick’s glorious seduction–unaware that his daring deception has just found its one and only chance for redemption a love powerful than hate. No it wasn't perfect few things are but I did enjoy it 5 stars worth Definitely preferred this to the predecessor although I did enjoy that one as well IMHO the heroine in the first novel was nothing compared to this heroineThe odd thing is that this had a few elements that I'm not particularly fond of in a romance and McCarty completely made it work for me SOME SPOILERS BELOW I like the virgin heroine trope It's not a moral judgement at all I think it's mostly because I enjoy the wakening of sexuality part and because there's a certain implied vulnerability factor For someone who loves vengeful heroes andor heroes with ulterior motives the virginity factor fits in perfectly However McCarty was able to make the heroine even MORE vulnerable due to her experience without using a previous rapesexual trauma as is often done in these casesThe heroine who I loved was seduced and lost her virginity to a man who wanted her for her dowry and she finds this out in a heartbreaking scene The heroine was someone who struggled with a stutter and was shy because of it By all accounts she was pretty but not the kind of flashy traffic stopping beauty that some heroine's are Combine that with a stutter shyness and a very powerful and over protective family and you get someone with a limited amount of suitors and little self esteem where menrelationships are concerned After what happened with her POS of a former fiance she is terrified of relationships and also afraid no one will want her once they find out she has been ruined sadly a real possibility in those daystimesThe hero who was just yummy instantly found her beautiful however There was so much chemistry between the two Even though he had ulterior motives in seeking her hand it was clear from the prologue that he was drawn to her in a way that he'd never been drawn to a woman beforeI knew the big reveal where the heroine realizes she has been deceived had the potential for a great scene if you like those sorts of story lines and I was not disappointed I could feel her pain and the hero's remorseAlso again as in the previous book I give kudos to McCarty for addressing the gritty sometimes downright brutal reality of those times The actions of the heroine's cousin and older brother mentioned in the first book are hard to swallow and I'm not sure the cousin will ever get a comeuppance There do seem to be shades of gray with him though I still have hope for the brother Colin's reckoning He has no redeeming ualities that I can see But I think he does love the heroine in his own way and she loves him So still dealing with shades of gray and a time where men did horrible things and not only got away with it but they were often considered heroes because of it Looking forward to book 3 ETA Audio Review Roger Hampton is one of the few male narrators in romance that I can tolerate Most men make the heroine sound like a linebacker in drag YMMV I think he does an exceptionally good job of doing the female voices It has to be be hard to voice another sex Not sure of the accuracy of the accents but sounds good to me The heroes sound bone meltingly sexy Oh Highlander you're so yummyI love this story and I love Patrick and Lizzie The characters were well developedI thoroughly enjoyed this book and could not put it down Definitely worth the money and the time to readCouldn't get enough of the beautiful view of Loch Katrine credit colingray8 Castle Campbell used to be known as Castle Gloom credit K Burn My review contains spoilers and they're mostly my thoughts as I went with the bookThis one’s so far my favorite in MM books Although not the way I envisioned the book I absolutely loved the 1st half of the book even knowing how sad it’d be when Elizabeth gets to learn about Patrick’s deception Knowing what she went through with one suitor didn’t help at all But I adored how possessive Patrick was about Elizabeth all through the book I adored that after knowing her Patrick knew he couldn’t hurt her she was just so lovely On the course of the story I identified that this one goes almost simultaneously with Highland Warrior If you read that you’ll see there’s a mention of Lizzy falling in some trouble with the MacGregorsElizabeth or Lizzy is known to us from a few previous installments We knew she was shy and reserved prone to stammering Here I saw a woman underneath a strong and passionate one at that just waiting to be discovered We also get to see some of what happened to her in the past few years She’s called ‘plain’ by society’s standard though I have no idea why She has pale hair and bright blue eyes to go with it But all the cruelties of life has left it’s mark making her someone with uite a low self esteem Then when I knew about what her last suitor did to her I was mad so so mad The poor girl already went through 2 engagements; one childhood engagement broken by something that her illegitimate older brother Duncan did the other was with Rory MacLeod of Highlander Untamed When this suitor started courting her she thought she’s in love with him or the skunk wanted her to believe it taking advantage of her sweet and trusting nature It was all a ploy to get her lands and the fact that as she’s ‘plain’ she’d always welcome the suit of a handsome lord The first scene of the book where we also meet Patrick a scene as these two meet albeit not personally Patrick witnessed a scene that led him to plan his deceit that played the vital role in the book It was a Highland Game fest where that suitor was making fun of her and Elizabeth heard it all It was so sad the way it all happened and she started stammering and trying to get out of there In her haste she fell into the mud and Patrick who heard it all and was already incensed on her behalf helped her out It was a huge chance he took being a MacGreor and an outlaw decreed by King James His cousin the Chief Alasdair was about to create some distractions Anyway Patrick remembered Lizzy the MacGregors even named her as ‘Patrick’s Campbell’ to poke fun at him Lizzy meanwhile broke the engagement and has never since took another chance Now at an advanced age 2 yrs after that incident her cousin Argyll is subtly reminding her of her duty The ever romantic Lizzy has been disillusioned uite thoroughly from her last suitor’s duplicity She’s very sure she’ll never marry for love though in her heart there’s still optimism Also seeing her two closest friends Meg and Flora from Highlander Unmasked and Highlander Unchained finding love makes her wistful She does often think of that MacGregor man later she learned that it was someone from the MacGregors who showed her such kindness that day On her way to Dunoon on Argyll’s summon she and her maid Alys are attacked by the MacGregors There’s this gory fight she tries to defend herself and her maid But suddenly there’s this man comes through the wood as her savior She also wounds the leader of the gang with her dirk Either way she’s grateful to this tall dark sinfully handsome savior They talk on their way to Campbell Castle and the man introduces himself as Patrick Murray a guardsman of some lord He tells her that he just lost his wife in childbirth along with the child so he’s going away to some other place to be a hired hand and leave the memory behind Lizzy is uite intrigued and instantly sympathetic wants to comfort him Since she had no idea of his real identity she takes his offer to accompany her to the Campbell Castle This was closer to them at the moment as Alys’s husband along with other guards needed treatmentThis book explains a lot from the MacGregors’ POV of the feud that had been fought between them and the Campbells I wasn’t really sure in the previous books but now I know that Robert the Bruce had some influence instigating this feud Campbells were his close allies so he allotted the MacGregor lands to them The MagGregors didn’t have the legal documents to prove their lands and lost it becoming tenant on their own land The feud started and grew as the centuries passed by The recent being Patrick’s maternal uncle the Black Duncan Campbell was given this land by the King Patrick’s mother thought they were safe being kin but it was just a fool’s dream The Black Duncan was as ruthless a laird as it can be and when he wants something nothing stands in his way not even his own sister So his men killed Patrick’s parents along with many other clan members that night almost 20 yrs ago He and his siblings somehow survived and now working with their cousin Alasdair When he heard that his land and the castle built on it Edinample is given to Lizzy as her dowry he put forth a plan I’ve already mentioned why he thought Lizzy would be vulnerable to seduction He’d seduce and marry her and his land would be again with the MacGregors His 2nd brother Gregor who’s a bit temperamental would attack her carriage and Patrick would be their savior In the meantime Alasdair along with his youngest brother Iain and a few other MacGregors would take refuge with the Lamonts on it in Highland Warrior But the inherent truth was Patrick was already taken with Lizzy and her vulnerability in a protective sort of way He felt possessive about her already though he won’t say it out loud So his plan was working just fine but it wasn’t working the exact way he planned it Confused? I know I mean he thought it’d be a calculating thing no attachments of any sort; seduce her ASAP make her runaway with him marry her and then tell her the truth By the time it all comes out the deed would be done Yet he and his men can’t seem to contemplate the whole thing in this regard any Lizzy’s so sweet caring and nice they fell under her spell in a very short time Lizzy makes Patrick stay because she really wanted him around Something about him just makes her breathless The thought of him leaving well she just can’t think of it He also saved her from a wolf attack on their way back from the MacGregor attack She already knows he’s a formidable warrior and feels safe and protected whenever he’s around So she unwittingly makes Patrick’s job easier by asking him to act as her guard knowing his ‘intention’ to become one Before that just after they arrived Patrick becomes ill with an old open would trust me I couldn’t believe the size of it and how he survived all this time without it being treated well Jamie in the meantime pays a visit to Lizzy hearing the news of attack But he’s called away soon when Colin’s attacks on the Lamonts reach him Patrick was a bit scared how the ruthless Argyll Henchman a nickname given by Argyll haters to Jamie because of his absolute loyalty to the earl would react but he knows it’d be certain death Jamie has been hunting the MacGregors on Argyll and the King’s behalf for a long time I really enjoyed the scenes where Lizzy tries to take care of Patrick but he’s so attuned to her that even in his weakened state he’s aroused by her nearness But when he asked Lizzy to ask someone to take care of him Lizzy at first thought she’s a fool to think there could be something between them But soon after Patrick tells her how much he really wants her and what it does to him errm yah he did She can’t believe it and is really happy since she already cares about him a lot So her proposal that he stay as her guard as Jamie ordered be done wasn’t farfetched I so enjoyed their little banters and scenes together on their stay on Campbell Castle Lizzy was trying hard to forget that Argyll might soon call upon her She’s in a dreamland now with a handsome masculine knight who it seems can’t take his eyes off her it helps that it’s a part of his duty too he being her personal bodyguard ooh There were a few kisses but the problem was when Patrick said something about her skin being soft she suddenly remembered her last suitor This is when it’s revealed that the skunk took her virginity I wasn’t really expecting this then just a few days later broke her heart That scene was actually very heart wrenching the things that man was saying to his cronies about her things Patrick and Lizzy both heard Anyway she tells herself that she can’t have anything to do with a guardsman her family won’t approve but her heart won’t listen She tries to give him wide berth but the wretch would tease her with his gorgeous face green eyes and half nude manly body there was a scene I totally loved p just to irritate her And Lord he’s always around Lizzy hears of him and his men going to the village the informer using innuendos which she understands and is instantly angry and jealous She tells him as much when next day he followed her But Patrick vehemently denied being with other women telling her very clearly he wants only one woman in his life Lord it was sexy Though I knew he was playing a deception but his feelings for Lizzy were genuine; the game has shifted and now going completely wrong for himBut Patrick’s actually been in the village to meet Gregor and exchange news Gregor is mad angry at Lizzy for wounding him and wants nothing to do with her In the end he did come off as the merciless outlaw MacGregors are termed to be He would foul mouth Lizzy and the Campbells at every opportunity which even though Patrick didn’t like couldn’t fight back lest he gives away just how much he’s softened towards her He knew that Lizzy felt different for him he hated to deceive her but right now it’s a mess and nothing else Then suddenly Lizzy’s elder brother Colin and her suitor chosen by Argyll Robert Campbell pay a visit Robert is Black Duncan’s son which makes Patrick his cousin But none except Patrick and his men know this truth Lizzy tries to make him understand but can’t ignore the charming and good looking Robert as well Patrick is totally insane and mad seeing them together Soon before leaving Robert proposes Patrick follows them in the garden and sees him kissing Lizzy instantly wishing to kill the man fans herself Robert asks Lizzy to consider she agrees Later when she finds Patrick in some secluded place all the simmering rage and passion comes undone from him He raves at her telling her how much he wants her Lizzy is a bit shocked even stunned by this display yet strangely aroused and happy They kiss which leads to other things They were about to do it when Lizzy hesitates for a moment so Patrick leaves telling her to make up her mind Then there’s this game takes place where Robert challenges Patrick They’d already been fighting each other for Lizzy albeit subtly It was great how Patrick finally claimed his victory over Robert on an archery match although it made him kinda vulnerable to discovery since Patrick’s skill is simply unmatched in this Later Robert confronts him he was nice though but reminds him that a guardsman can’t give Lizzy the life she deserves Patrick concedes and decides to leave Ugh but it made me mad Meantime Lizzy was being ready for dinner and had already made up her mind about Patrick with a little wisdom from her maid Alys But she hears about his resignation from her guards and finds Patrick in his room packing She won’t let him go of course It’s a scene I totally loved how she seduces a reluctant Patrick not that he didn’t want it into making love Patrick realizes that she isn’t a virgin but that doesn’t matter to him he wants her just as she is He had some idea who did this though She says ILU to him and Patrick knew he’s now in great trouble Anyway Lizzy as they were talking tells him about some incidents with the Lamonts being killed and Alasdair surrendering to Argyll with Jamie acting as their intermediary Patrick is totally shocked by the news He knew something’s wrong when Gregor failed to appear in their village meetingsThen in the next few days he tries to convince her to runaway But Lizzy is a hard nut to crack about this Oneday she was visiting Alys when Patrick comes to take her back As they were talking about their mutual disagreement about the marriage Patrick senses Gregor hovering nearby After sending Lizzy away he talks to his brother in return is informed with some gruesome act of treachery by Argyll concerning Alasdair and Iain with many of his clan members If you read Highland Warrior you can link most of these incidents Agryll executed all of them betraying the contract drawn by Jamie Also that their sister Anne has been raped by Colin’s man FYI Anne was said to be the love interest of Niall Lamont Jamie’s wife Caitrina’s brother They already knew that Jamie married Caitrina in a hurry and the contract was a part it this Patrick in a haze decides he won’t go through the marriage since vengeance is all that is left now Gregor keeps asking for Lizzy and give her what Colin’s men did to Anne Only Patrick’s feelings for her was what kept her safe at least for now Patrick comes back but Lizzy is very worried about his aloof behavior He asks her to pack and be ready to leave for Dunoon the next day He doesn’t come to her at night like before At their journey Patrick remains aloof and doesn’t say a thing to Lizzy But the temperamental Gregor takes it in his own hand and attacks them challenging Patrick’s power as the new chief Patrick who is now in a very double edged situation handles it as he can; once defending his clan by killing the Campbell guardsmen But he also asks some of them to take Lizzy and ride to Dunoon pronto but they fail as Gregor’s men attack them mercilessly Also the guardsman who was always suspicious of Patrick came back with news about Patrick but dies in this scuffle Lizzy is totally speechless with horror and as the proportion of Patrick’s betrayal dawns on her she’s utterly horrified But this won’t be the only thing that would horrify her again and again Gregor won’t listen to Patrick He wants Lizzy to exact vengeance so he injures him Patrick kinda grabs her and rides for the unknown Not exactly unknown he knows this place like no other Being an outlaw his life was in the wilds living however he could Soon we get to learn some of things he did to survive throughout the years I have to say Bear Gryles or no see author’s note I was really saddened by learning the truth in a hard way to observe the things from his POV They run to lose Gregor’s men but Lizzy was having trouble never being used to in such situation or terrain They spend nights in a cave with Patrick taking care of his wounds They walk and walk through the heavy rain and the cold finally coming close to MacGregor land now added to Lizzy’s dowry yes she knows about most of the ‘whys’ of Patrick’s reason behind choosing her initially and Lord it hurt even to read it can’t tell you how much I felt for her He tells her about his clan and shows her Edinample Castle They spend the night in a small island inside a hut Lizzy has already decided to forgive him weighing the truth and the situation in hand knowing whatever it is she won’t be happy ever without him And everything he did so far was for her So she convinces Patrick who was still determined not to marry her They handfast consummating it afterwards The next day set off to find Patrick’s men On the way she slips on the mud and Patrick helps her get up Suddenly something clicks and she recognizes who was that kind MagGregor in that long ago Highland Game fest She’s over the moon realizing this that her savior was the same man she loves But then she learns that Patrick who couldn’t lie as the matter came up chose her not only because of her dowry but also he thought she would be an easy conuest I felt like screaming at this point it was hurting me so much as well Anyway he very strongly tells her that whatever that was in the past stays in the past; there is no denying his true feelings for her any Patrick thought he’s near the kirk where his men were supposed to be waiting but he soon learns how wrong he was Gregor was already close on their trail and Jamie has found them too A fight ensue leaving him unconscious from a knock by Jamie’s sword After that when Patrick regains his consciousness he and Jamie comes to an understanding about Lizzy which was totally utterly moronic and made me so frustrated I mean how much can one take of such “doing this for her good” not even consulting her Lizzy on the other hand didn’t know so she AGAIN thought Patrick never really wanted her and is hurt But she asks Jamie to see to his freedom as well as his land given back to him Here the ever annoying Caitrina did play some vital role for Jamie to come out with the truth Lizzy knew she’s already pregnant Lord the way they were going in that hut LOVED those scenes sigh but of course I wasn’t surprised Now knowing the truth she’s very angry at both men but plans something to make Patrick come back to her and so the ending was very sweet leaving me wishing for my own Patrick as amazing was the long author’s note in the end full of historical facts So I give this one a 45 starThe story used in the book of Edinample being haunted is real If you wanna read Scottish ghost stories I recommend Scottish ghost stories by Elliott O’Donnell It’s an old book can be downloaded from Gutenberg I just loved it my favorite being the 9th story set in AyrSome pictures of the Edinample Castle that played such a central role in Patrick’s lifeEdinample closeupCouldn’t help giving it a faraway view the way it was described in the book Seriously this is an absurd book I've read Highland Warrior There is no way in bloody hell that Jamie's sister would so uickly run away with Patrick I didn't buy the story that she would leave with an outlaw Mcgregor who admittedly intended to kidnap her And I don't believe Jamie would have let Patrick live Her brother Colin killed all of Jamie's wife's family and burned her lands to the ground for harboring just one of the outlaws Also there was no real falling in love Some of Mccarty's books skip the falling in love stage and go straight to love I like McCarty a great deal but this one disappointed me Having met Elizabeth Campbell a few years before Patrick McGregor the outlaw highlander was happy to marry Elizabeth for her dowry which included his clans land This was a good read with two strong characters Love conuers all after so much tragedy This book was simply amazing I loved it It had been a while since I read such an entertaining historical romance I couldn't stop reading it Monica McCarty created an amazing world I must admit that I had huge problems with it in the first book because there were just too many new names to learn and family history to understand but by the second book as all of them were the same I could finally manage it Once I did the series made a huge turn for me Seriously this was a terrific read Enjoyed every page of it a perfect romance I'm glad I gave this series a second chanceIn this installment we have the outlawed Patrick MacGregor as a hero which was extremely gratifying as we get to see the bad guys POV It was amazing to understand everything from both sides and to see how everything worked out Another problem I had with book one was that even though I could understand all the problems that were between the hero and the heroine it got too annoying to see them fight so much In this book this was not a problem as the heroine does not realize she is with the enemy right until the endlol But everything worked out perfectly IMHO I loved how the author managed to close everything so smoothly even things that didn't seem to have a possible solutionI just hope next book is just as good or better Then I'll have a new fav series to follow SPOILERS AHEADGot bored with this book really fast I mean while I was reading Highland Outlaw all I could think about was my list of things to do or my to knit items What does that make me? Senile? OkNo really I just couldn't stand the fact that he was using her for something that I couldn't care less for and that she was really annoying not in a I want to kill her way but in a how dense are you? way I agree with one of the reviewers at the end he gave up way tooooo fast on them when throughout the whole book Patrick wanted to prove to Elizabeth why they were meant to be in a dungeonIt was like wham bam they meet they have a relationship then they have sex they fall in love he leaves her so she could marry another dude she invites him to the wedding he wants her back only bc she was going to marry another man wasn't that the whole point of letting her go you stupid man? and he wasn't going to let any other man have her bc she's his One True Love and she forgives him in less than a paragraph and happily preggy after And I thought the first book was bad As far as brawny lads go they don't get much better than Patrick MacGregor After re discoverying Monica McCarty I have read 3 books from her and been most pleasantly surprised Granted there are a few things that bother me a little bit But all in all I have to say I am most impressed with her story telling skills Patrick MacGregor aka Patrick Murray in the first half of the story was a hunted man Any avid highland romance readers must have read about the MacGregors in history at some point They were an outlawed clan who were hunted everywhere The King wanted them extinct Patrick was cousin to the then MacGregor chief and had survived 20 years of hardship of being a MacGregor He started this nomad life when he was 10 when his parents were killed So by my calculation he was 30 in this book He met Elizabeth Campbell at a Highland Game and lent the single helping hand when Elizabeth suffered the most cruel blow to her confidence and dignity Then they did not see each other for 2 years Elizabeth Campbell was the sister of Jamie Campbell a naturally formidable Campbell warrior and the hero of the first book in the series I skipped Jamie's story because I knew I would hate his wife Caitrina with a passion Elizabeth grew up in wealth and was a sheltered lady After the tragic day at the Highland Game when she was humiliated by her then fiance view spoilerand one time lover hide spoiler This is my first time reading a book by Monica McCarty and I'm so glad I took the chance on a new author This was an engaging read and the book is well written; it held my attention to the endWhat I liked most was that my emotions were involved in the reading I actually cared about both the hero Patrick and heroine Elizabeth Lizzy And I could identify with both characters in some ways For Lizzie I could understand the feeling of being betrayed used and unloved Or being wanted only because of your possessions and not your character Some readers have stated they were annoyed by her seeming back and forth feelings towards Patrick but I was not I can totally understand her vacillation given her history It takes time to learn to love and trust another person especially if you've experienced the pain of betrayal and ridiculeFor Patrick I could identify with his need to avenge his familyclan losses and restore the honor and dignity that was deserved I could feel his sadness brought on by his many losses and the loneliness that ensued I could understand the burden of leadership while grappling with love and honorThe author made it clear that he and Lizzie though separated due to social status nevertheless had much in common Each had experienced pain and loss and each had hearts for justice and were honorable They were an ideal coupleI also appreciated that this book was true historical romance I was seeking a romance book that would weave in some Scottish history and this is exactly what I got In her author's note at the end McCarty gives us history as background to the storyMy only minor constructive critiue of the book is that in the beginning I found the numerous descriptions of Patrick and his muscles and masculinity a bit much I wanted to scream 'I got it; I knows he's a hunk enough already' But thankfully the writing picks up and the romance and intrigue are in full forceI plan on reading of McCarty's books and would highly recommend this one to historical romance lovers After reading the Highland Guard series I promptly went to and bought up all of Monica McCarty's other books Unfortunately it's a short list This is the second in the Campbell Trilogy The 7th Earl of Argyll and his minions are still doing their level best to extirpate the MacGregors and Patrick MacGregor has had a bellyful of it Some years ago he encountered Argyll's niece the beautiful stammering Elizabeth at one of the humiliating moments in her life He found her beautiful endearing and well ripe for the picking So when he learns that his family's lands the lands stolen by the Campbells years ago when they murdered his parents have been added to Elizabeth's tocher dowry he thinks The plan is he will send his evil rapist brother Gregor not to be confused with Lizzie's evil rapist brother Colin to attempt her abduction so he can ride to the rescue gain her trust and win her heart It all goes swimmingly until parts of his anatomy above his belt become involved After that he keeps trying to do the right thing but somehow it just never uite works out the way he plans Recurrent themes in McCarty's books involve heroines who fall hard for guys who violate their trust Betrayals broken hearts regrets and reconciliations—these themes may repeat themselves but they resonate with me She writes characters I care about and she seasons her stories with well researched historical elements something I dearly love I don't think I've read a book of hers without crying andor wanting to put someone through a prostatectomy without sedation So far her stories have always come through in a way that's left me holding my breath for the next one

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