Every October

Every October[Epub] ❥ Every October By Aubree Lane – Oaklandjobs.co.uk Being dead isn’t as easy as you thinkTied to the cemetery where her remains came to rest the ghost of Zoey Harris is stuck The only bright spot in her miserable afterlife is that every October she g Being dead isn’t as easy as you thinkTied to the cemetery where her remains came to rest the ghost of Zoey Harris is stuck The only bright spot in her miserable afterlife is that Every October she gets to visit her daughter It’s typically a uick fly by to see what costume she’s wearing for Halloween but this year the five year old can not only sense her mother’s essence she can see her The adventure begins when Zoey grows confident in her newfound haunting abilities and decides to sneak a peek and see what her husband has been up toUntil death do us part was all Caleb promised To have the specter of his dead wife reappear the moment he finds the courage to take off his wedding band is the stuff nightmares are made of Their daughter loves it when Zoey drops by each fall but he’s tired of the sadness and grief Caleb needs even if it means chaining Zoey to her headstone for all eternity. What a lovely story A ghost is sticking around on earth because she can’t bear to leave her daughter The ghost has lessons to learn before she can move on For a short story this has been packed with all sorts of goodies Love loss and healing I found all the characters well developed and the story extremely well written I loved the humor I recommend Aubrey Lane’s book wholeheartedly I thought this story was thought provoking about how we have to let go of the past to move forward Which is hard if your spouse's ghost can't move on I received a complimentary copy and I am voluntarily giving a review This book was sweet funny and a little heartbreakingI loved how well Every October is written and how likeable the characters are I would definitely recommend this book and can see myself reading it again down the roadI can’t wait to read follow up books So much love for this story What if after you die you could visit your family once a year Should you? Would you? This is a great story about love and loss and letting go I loved the characters and the storytelling just as I have come to expect from Aubree Lane's books Gosh the feelsWhat a sweet story about learning to let go and move on Caleb and Amy have to move on after the wife mother dies It's been years and is time to let go but are any of them ready?? A very beautiful story First I received an ecopy of this story from the author in return for nothing Second I have become a fan of Ms Lane's worknot related because her stories have a true feeling About this book A woman is killed in a car accident and her soul is having a great deal of trouble rectifying her death And she misses her young daughter who was injured in the car accident that same accident Sounds simple? Not a chance Add into the mix her sexy husband now a widower Her brother in law who is a dipstick Then to top it all off her guiding spirit is 30 degrees off centerThis story is sad then happy then maybe sad maybe funny; you just wont know What happens when the dead doesn't want to let go?Every October explores the dynamics of a family torn apart by tragedy Zoey watches over her family and wants to make herself known She can't let go and it hurts to see her family moving onwithout herA funny witty and even sad roller coaster ride of a story with a point of view from a ghost and her living husband Zoey has to make the right choices but how can she do so when her heart longs to keep her family together even though she's no longer alive Zoey could be uite selfish but I totally felt bad for her All she wanted was her family and she crossed many lines to stay but in the end run she had to learn some difficult lessons Zoey Harris is dead but stuck in the in between as she needs to put the past to rest before she can move onto a higher placeEvery October she is able to visit with her daughter Amy and this year Amy can not only hear Zoey but can talk with her as well When Zoey's husband Caleb can also sense Zoey will she let the two of them move onto a future without her?This was a sweet story about love and letting go I can't imagine what Zoey was going through stuck as ghost and knowing life was going on around her and seeing her daughter grow up without her The idea of that just kills me and I can completely understand why she was so possessive over both Amy and Caleb But Zoey also understood to a certain degree that she needed to let them both move on without her and it was beautiful to watch everything unfold I felt bad for both Caleb and Amy as well with missing Zoey but knowing that they had to move on and live their own lives Caleb's brother was definitely funny and I liked how well he did for himself when Zoey died and how he had to grow up and help Caleb outThe ending was funny with the trick or treating and I kind of hope that Caleb makes a move on the doctor I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book I've loved everything written by this author This book is no exception But it's like nothing else I've EVER read I was on the verge of tears or crying during the whole book There actually were some funny parts when Zoe the ghost's brother in law Brian made horridly snarky comments to her or threatened to punch her Zoe could be seen by her 5year old daughter Amy her husband Caleb and her brother in lawafter she nearly got him killed Zoe came back every year in late October for Halloween to see Amy's costume Zoe was killed in the accident she and her family were in 2 years ago She hasn't been ready to go It seems maybe her family is ready to move on That's what makes the whole story so incredibly sad for them all and for me to read It was excellent and difficult to put down and difficult to read And yet also heartwarming and heartbreaking to read Such a delightful dilemma wow this was a great story I always wondered if some people stayed after they passed on and why they did Written so you get to see the ghosts point of view we are given a uniue incite as to why someone might hang around I truly felt sorry for Zoey everyone might say that they would like their spouse to move on but when it becomes a reality it would be hard to let go This story was filled with lessons both for the living and the dead and provided an insightful look at this very topic The characters were portrayed well the storyline was interesting and engaged the reader While a sad topic I found humor love understanding and acceptance in the written words that touched a place deep in my heart Letting go is never easy for the living or the dead and sometimes moving on isn't uite so easy I volunteered to read this story for my honest opinion