Just Because of You

Just Because of You❰Download❯ ➹ Just Because of You Author Isla Chiu – Oaklandjobs.co.uk Hilarie Walsh just wants to lay low during her senior year after being branded the class tramp by her loathsome ex Unfortunately for her she doesn't escape the notice of the new kid Eric Lawington the Hilarie Walsh just wants to lay low during her senior year after being branded the class tramp by her loathsome ex Unfortunately for her she doesn't escape the notice of the new kid Eric Lawington Just Because PDF/EPUB ² the arrogant but incredibly sexy son of a billionaire who makes the rich heirs and heiresses at her school look middle class in comparison At first she wants nothing to do with him but Eric is nothing if not persistent and evident sparks fly between themHowever jealousy the past and a drama making twin with a history of wrecking his sibling's happiness threaten their relationshipA word new adultyoung adult novel featuring an alpha male some insta love and some sexy times. A smoking hot tale of an alpha male who refuses to take no for an answer Just because of you is exciting and sexy and though it is labelled as New Adult I feel this is suited towards Young Adults Although it had lust filled scenes our main characters are still in high school and display immature temprimental behaviourOur alpha male Eric the son of a multimillionaire has the telltale signs of a cocky rich and hot tempered bad boy who also show us a vulnerable insecure side which helps him become relatable and the story become a little realisticThe storyline was great though at times the story felt a little disjointed with certain scenarios and didn't flow smoothly It left me feeling like I had missed out on a section of the story Also the ending seemed to be uite rushed and abrupt like we are building to a huge climax then let down by a flat lack lustre ending Regardless I feel that if the story flowed and had a slightly less vague abrupt ending I would have gone with 4 stars The potential was definitely there but the execution for me didn't uite hit the mark So therefore I have given a 3stars THANKYOU to the the author Isla Chiu for sending me a copy of Just Because of You in exchange of an honest review Honestly this isn't my typical genre of choice but actually was just what I needed to read at the moment In and amongst the stresses of life this was an easy read that was uplifting The main character is relatable and once I started reading I read the entire story from cover to cover without putting it down Unlike a particularly famous series of books with an alpha male main character not naming names but the titles starting with 50 the main male character whilst in places seems controlling and insecure is not verging on abusive or psychotic and his perspective and background is explained just enough to make him also relatable and loveable I will be recommending this book to my female friends for an easy adult fairy tale probably perfect for reading by the pool on holiday I thought this book was highly entertaining and intriguing The only slight criticisms I have is that there can be some simplistic language and that the story moves fairly uickly but other than that was a lovely chick lit novel to enjoy in one sitting 35 uite good touches sensitive topicsThat was really adult behaviour of the main characters in this book as for the people finishing their senior year Just saying from my own experience So maybe better idea was to put them close to finishing their college rather than high school When you stop thinking about their age the story seems uite plausible I'm aware we are reading fiction but sometimes I'd like the authors to think about the integrity of the story line and make it a little bit realistic and relatableThe hero was ultra alpha possessive and jealous He acted on his territorial tendencies by being brutal and harm his opponents physically All the problems between hero and heroine were solved by kissing or after some time having sex They were trying to talk and solve their issues by discussing them but the impression left was that it was not the way it should be in a healthy relationshipA lot of heavy and not so easy topics were addressed in the plot Philosophical subjects and uite serious topic of abortion I can't believe being sixteen you can just simply go to the clinic and get it done without your parents or guardians acknowledge it at least So for me it was very serious and emotional read I have mixed feelings regarding the delivery of it Seems like it was suppose to be different story but outcome is not bad if not the age of the main protagonists The writing itself is uite good the sexy scenes are hot and steamy you can feel the emotions flowing from the characters but there are lacks in the plotting and execution of the story line For me it was not consistent Okay so it was a fast read But did I really enjoy the book? No I didn’t ish Let me explain The story is about sexy wont take no for an answer Eric and pushover Hilarie It was supposed to be cute and romantic how he cared for her but no Just no I did not like Eric’s overbearing need to micromanage everything in Hilarie’s life From the underwear she wore to the people she talked to I couldn’t stand it It seemed abusive to me especially the cemetery part I actually had to put the book down take a deep breath and push forewordHilarie was a whole other problem she could not say no to anything She could not stand up for herself and it was frustratingI just I can’t I really can’t The alpha male aspect was kinda hot at times but I couldn’t get over the cringeworthy ness of it So overall Nope didn’t really like it But if it’s your cup of tea go for it I’m sure others will enjoy it 👍🏼 Loved the book it was great the story was well written and the characters were interesting Once I started I could not get enough from start to finish with twist and turns jealousy people being cruel infatuated Hilarie was no different when the ex boyfriend decided to say bad things by calling her a tramp Eric is new to school and has his sight set on Hilarie and persists to go out with him there are people who do not want this to happenThank you for you allowing me to review your bookI received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review Utterly all over the place Lot of things are not really making much sense but it’s cute in a pseudo teenager passion wayI received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review This was a pretty entertaining book Some of the scenes seemed a little far fetched but it actually kept me entertained November 14 2017 JUST BECAUSE OF YOU is available at major e book retailers everywhere You can also read it for free on Scribd and Playster Get a digital copy here 13 2017Yeah I gave 5 stars to my own book Why? 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