Redemption Island Island Duet #1

Redemption Island Island Duet #1[Reading] ➷ Redemption Island Island Duet #1 Author L.B. Dunbar – “I want you to tame me” he hummed “But you make me wild instead”Juliet took revenge The result landed her in a social experiment of solitary reflection called The Island She didn’t mind the “I want you to tame me” he Island Duet PDF/EPUB é hummed “But you make me wild instead”Juliet took revenge The result landed her in a social experiment of solitary reflection called The Island She didn’t mind the solitude in this tropical paradise until she learned she wasn’t alone One of them was there with her and this changed everythingTack commited a crime almost By association his bad decision cost him the Redemption Island Epub / experimental banishment He thought he’d treat the time away like a much needed vacation until he noticed he wasn’t by himself She was here the woman who derailed his life and that made all the differenceCan two tortured souls find their way to redemption through the one person they need forgiveness from the mostThis bold beginning to the Island duet is LB Dunbar’s detour into dark romance If you Island Island Duet PDF Æ like thought provoking circumstances intriguing situations and something stunningly different in romantic suspense then this redemptive romance of enemies to lovers is for you Welcome to the Island. Wanting a uniue read then look no further than this book get transported onto a magical island where all inhibitions and outside influences are left at the door Redemption Island is a story that will speak to you capture you embrace you It's about forgiveness love and atonement I solely reuested an arc copy of this due to the cover then the synopsis pulled me in even further and I knew going into this and sneaking peeks at reviews that it was going to offer me one unputdownable uniue filled read and that is exactly what I got I can't even compare this to anything I've previously read before REDEMPTION ISAND is the first book within the Island duet trio by LB Dunbar And is spoken in 'Dual Perspectives' He's used to living a life of opulence everything he wants he takes she's the girl from the wrong side of the tracks who knows what it's like to live in a trailer park Both know how to survive Twenty seven year old Tack Corbin and twenty five year old Juliet Mont have been whisked to 'Redemption Island' for various reasons Tack was found guilty of a heinous crime a good decent man who made one wrong decision but instead of serving time in jail he's been offered a reprieve of some sorts to save face and his family's good reputation he's to be banished to Redemption Island to partake in a social experiment where he must live in solitary confinement for one year a time to reflect on the crime he committed Juliet never asked to be a victim she was abused without her consent a crime committed against her afterwards she was just a shell of herself without thought she took matters into her own hands which resulted in taking a mans life so she has also been banished to the island to repent on her sin for one year Both thought a year on the island would be heavenly Neither knows the other is thereWhen paths are crossed and recognising the other from that fateful night neither know what to make of it She hates him with every fibre he's sorry for his part he played that night She was a little mouse and I was a lion ready to pounce Even though she hated him she couldn't deny his good looks He was gorgeous cut from clay and moulded to perfection REDEMPTION ISLAND fights against it's two inhabitants and now than ever they have to lean on each other Redemption Island P1 was a really uniue heartwarming dark story It had a uniue premise great main characters a nice romance and a great message There were just so many things I loved about this; a survival story a twisted romance action suspense heartbreak The summary? It peaked my interest a little Juliet and Tack have committed a crime Seeking salvation and redemption they decide to isolate themselves on an island away from the people of the world The one isn’t aware of the presence of the other until they accidentally discover each other The author did an excellent job of showing how tough life would be when thrown to the elements Neither of them could foresee what the days ahead promised an odyssey into the fiery heart of passion trust need for submission love and sometimes hate Juliet and Tack were a wonderful couple I enjoyed their banter and their eventual chemistry Giving this one 4 solid starsIn shortHero 45 | Heroine 45 | Plot Point Originality 45 | Writing Style 45 | Steam 45 | Romance 45 | Angst Suspense 35 | Darkness 35 | Humor 05 | Secondary Characters 35 | Drama Conflict 45 | Mystery 15 | Twists 35 | Pacing Steady | Action 45 Wow What a story It's a journey of self discovery removal of distractions to hear your soul Ethereally visceral contemplative and spiritual to an extent It doesn't hit you hard like a sudden storm yet it builds in strength The cadence as gentle  as soft swells of the sea it starts by skimming on the surface of blue sea like dolphins but  soon its the only thing you can see Endless expanseAn unfortunate and horrible crime has been committed Yet the victim and the perpetrator  find themselves together on the Redemption Island The mission Experiment she thought She allowed herself to be part of the scientific process and she felt played when she swore she’d never be taken advantage of again Repent The word drifted through her head Without him she wouldn’t have been on this island Without him she wouldn’t have found herself again She offered forgiveness in exchange for loveHe took what he intended before they knew one another and then she give it to him willingly Because he asked He wanted permission and she agreed—love him and be free You make me wild he said when all she wanted was to be cared for cared about She wanted to be claimed Restore the liaison had said but she’d never felt so brokenFor both of them cause Terrence Jackson Corbin IV Juliet Mont are both somehow are criminals in a way One didn't speak out one didn't speak enough They are both completely broken  mistrusting and reticent Very unlikely neighbours and dangerous in personalities but stranger things have happened They find each other and themselves to try and get past the horrific ordeal  and the stigma attachedBut man proposes and God disposes Unfortunate nature of events tear their lives apart Once again they drift away from each other Very very farTbh when I started reading it though the words spellbound me I was hesitant thinking it's another cookie cutter romanceBoy Was I wrong The story has a gentle pace but it's seeps into your soul like a chill or warmth Right through to your bones The background of the mishap isn't very clear but the focus is mostly on now and here How they share nights days food companionship and ultimately trust The human heart learns to apologise and forgive despite its logic and morality I particularly loved how Garvey says Dance “You need to become one with nature Pick an animal Reenact its behavior and reflect on what you can learn from it”Though Tack dismisses at first he subconsciously find his Mouse and he learns to dance like her with her  and in turn finds himself His new role of protector and nurturer It surprises him as much it does Juliet He's her rediscovered Romeo in the sense that he woos her stands under her balconytreehouse and she bestows him with her rarest smile trust and her heartI'm amazed at the writers ability to write such an unusual story with such finesse such tendernessThey help each other in getting in touch with their innate goodness and inner humility“I can be a bad man when I go into business mode I tend to dominate until I get what I want I want what I want and that means taking companies making them mine and stripping them of what I need My father always believed in survival of the fittest“Have you ever considered doing something different? Building something up instead of tearing those companies down? Making something that’s for the good of others?”Most amazing transformation of characters right in front of your eyesI loved the feels that gush forth The right word would be engulfing The story engulfs you like a mist on the ocean and you shall find strength of the human spirit here yet reminds you of basic life lessons If you commit a crime you must make things whole again If you killed a dog you might need to adopt a puppy or work at an animal shelterIts the foundation of survival and decencyMy first by her but certainly not the last5 Circle Justice Stars#BookBistroBlogApproved Follow us onFB Title Redemption IslandAuthor LB DunbarCategory Romance DarkSeries or Standalone Part of a duet Book #1POV DualPlot 3Characters 3HEA Not tellingNot what I expected Review to come at a later date If Naked Afraid had a baby with Scared StraightThis was pretty good It wasn't dark per say but there were dark moments It honestly felt like a stranded by choice story where two people who do not want to be around each other end up leaning on one another I feel like the story was interesting but something was missing for me Or maybe a piece of the story just didn't work and allow me to appreciate it as muchI think if you are a super forgiving person or can accept disliking a heroheroine greatly then you will be able to enjoy this book at a five star My dislike for one of the characters poor choices stopped from fully loving this one That being said I will definitely read book two because I did enjoy the read 🤷🏽‍♀️ This is a long winded review but whatever it's mine There are books that are read for the pure enjoyment of the story and then there are those books that challenge how you think and change your view of the world of humanity This is one of those books that challenged me and I am a better person for having read it The only reason this is a 4 star and not 5 is that I felt as though LB pulled a few punches held back when I needed her to follow through Still an awesome read I am eagerly waiting for the next installment Currently Reading From reading the blurb and looking at the gorgeous cover I just had to sign up Repentant for sin or not this tropical haven was the religious revival she needed She'd atone in the sun bask in freedom and hold no regret for the evil she'd done Redemption Island is a story that will stay with you A novel that will grip your heart like a vice and tears will be shed I don't want to spoil anything but I will say this is a must read for all romance lovers I have read uite a few of LB Dunbar's novels and I must say Redemption Island is my favorite One night will forever change Juliet and Tack's life forever Will they be able to forgive themselves for their past sins and find love in the darkness? Read to find out Redemption Island by Author L B Dunbar is book one in the Island DuetHe needed to be alone He wanted to get away A year on an island by himself sounded heavenly Five star accommodations or not this punishment would be a piece of cakeTack has to atone for his sins so he is sent to the island Juliet must pay a price as well and the Island is where the payment must take placeRepentant for sin or not this tropical haven was the religious revival she needed She’d atone in the sun bask in freedom and hold no regret for the evil she’d doneRedemption Island was the book you take into a movie theater and read while flashes of the story appear so vivid in your mind that it is as if you could mentally project them onto the screen“I think I want you to tame me” he hummed “But you make me wild instead”This story was so incredibly different that what I was accustomed to from Author L B Dunbar I was stunned and in awe Although I have always enjoyed her stories Redemption Island had a edge of mystery that surpassed the others and made me hang on each wordEach day I feel as if I’m in a dream and when night falls I’m afraid to sleep and end the dream”I could feel the change in Tack and Juliet from the beginning of the story until the end Their emotions actions and reactions remained true to their characters but also revealed just how much impact they had on each other It was so interesting how their life on the island though immeasurably different still paralleled real lifeWithout anger we cannot know peace Without hatred we do not know love It’s about recognizing one and controlling the other”The redemptive nature of the story coupled with a renewed love for self and others made this story emotionally compelling and physically rejuvenating There was no doubt in my mind that this island had been created for Tack and Juliet to find one another in a new way and I was their biggest cheerleader cheering them on and wearing my emotions on my sleeve the whole way There were shadows of sadness and despair that became lined with hope and newfound life Laughing crying and celebrating with these characters I heralded the triumph in their journey as they passed through each hurdleRedemption Island was a bold and suspenseful beginning to this new duet Can't wait for ★ 4 stars ★ “Without anger we cannot know peace Without hatred we do not know love It’s about recognizing one and controlling the other” Disgusting Peehu's Review