Cracked Smile (Realm Of Nightmares Book 1)

Cracked Smile (Realm Of Nightmares Book 1)[PDF / Epub] ☉ Cracked Smile (Realm Of Nightmares Book 1) ❤ Amanda Williams – My name is Britney and I'm 12 years old My parents dragged me out to the middle of nowhere away from my hometown and my friends All I have now is my goody two shoes sister and my dog Benji To make thi My name is Britney and I'm years old My parents dragged me out to the middle of nowhere away from my hometown and my friends All I have now is my goody two shoes sister and my dog Benji To make things worse my Dad got this real ugly doll with the creepiest smile I've ever seen It was just laying around here Maybe it found us Some weird things started the day we moved in As usual I got the blame I needed to know what was going on but all the evidence was making me look crazy I could have sworn the doll moved some times But it couldn't really be aliveright. Not to bad For a short story Reminded me of the GooseBumps books This short story was creepy indeed I'm not sure it I will be able to sleep tonight without looking around for a creepy doll And the ending was totally unexpected Everything that a horror story should beHowever this book needs a good proofreader The punctuation and grammar were lacking and the names were often misused Britney was often called Ella her sister and one time the name was changed to Sarah Also the story line had some problems The book would have been great if it wasn't for the poor editingI was given a copy of this book by Candid Book Reviews and choose to review Oh wow this book was awesome I never expected that ending I really enjoyed this it was refreshing to read something from the horror genre Well written with great characters I really felt for poor Britney I can't wait to read from this author I picked this up because the blurb interested me The story is a uick read and intriguing as it opens up As a début novel I think it's an amazing start Loved the story from start to finish and enjoyed losing myself in Williams' world GoodI believe this to be this authors debut book and it is good The story flows well and is an enjoyable read I look forward to from this author Solid horror for young teens The writing is uite good and the characters are developed sufficiently well It does use a few tropes but also throws in enough new ideas to stay fresh this book was kinda creepy if i ever had that happen to me i would be like see ya its about a young girl who moves to another town her dad buys a creepy doll now things are happening that she is being blamed for what to you see what is going on Britney and her family have just moved into their grandfather’s old house On the first day their father finds this old cracked creepy doll Britney’s sister Ella falls in love with it But then things start happening around the house Ella painting and a freshly painted room are destroyed with red paint Other things happen and everyone blames Britney No one wants to believe it was the doll Britney keeps getting blamed and into trouble and is about ready to be sent to a doctor when she gets help from an unlikely sourceThis was a uick creepy read I admit that some dolls weird me out So reading this story gave me the chills thinking some creepy Annabell like doll is causing trouble and worse The ending really sealed the story for me It is that perfect twist that gave me the chills If you like horror stories you need to check out Cracked Smile It’s a first book for Amanda Williams and if this is the start I can’t wait to see what she comes up with nextI received Cracked Smile from Ari at Candid Book Reviews for free This has in no way influenced my opinion of this book This is the first book I've read from this author and I commend her on her debut novella The horrorthriller genre is not an easy one and I think she's done a good job with this I'm giving it a 35 star rating The only reasons it didn't uite get the four is that there were a few editing issues and it felt a little rushed I would have liked to see things play out a little Cracked Smile tells the tale of Britney and her family and a creepy doll with a cracked smile All sorts of crazy things start happening around their new home and the blame falls on Britney I thought this was uite an original tale and I loved how creepy the doll was I'll never look at another doll the same way again And then there was the ending Now it takes a lot to surprise me but I have to say I did not see that ending coming Fab little twist thereI look forward to seeing what else this author brings to the table For me this book was really uite poor technically speaking I've spoken to the author about it and she has assured me that the issues were being fixed with but there's still just too much that doesn't sit well with meThere are a lot of mistakes between the AmericanBritish use of English words repetitions and inconsistencies There are sections of the book that just sit well in my gutletting a 12 year old look after her little sister? Nope Not okI guess the last chapter held a bit suspense there were a couple of little surprises to pick things up In general a disappointing attempt that needed work