Redesigning Fate Revive #1

Redesigning Fate Revive #1➚ [KINDLE] ❄ Redesigning Fate Revive #1 By A.M. Wilson ➤ – When my boyfriend threw me down a flight of stairs I knew there was only one place left to go—far far away I packed up my car and left everything I’d known for the nearly twenty two years I’ve b When my boyfriend threw me down a flight of stairs I knew there was only one place left to go—far far away I packed up my car and left everything I’d known for the nearly twenty two years I’ve been alive One hundred and fifty miles of highway separated me from the life I grew up with and the one I needed to findThe same day I was offered a job in my new city I met Elias He was an enigma A mystery One that I Redesigning Fate Epub / wanted to uncover One I didn’t know if I could trustHe pulled me in with adventure and the melodies of his guitar but his secrets held me at a distance He couldn’t tell me about what he did for a living or why he took phone calls in a different roomThen my ex returned Travis wove a sordid tale of danger; that he was only there to keep me safe from EliasI never expected truth to be nestled in his lies. Reviewed by Wendy for YOUR NEXT HOT READRedesigning fate by A M WilsonFabulous 5 starsOMG this book is brilliant and a great book to kick off a new series I'm waiting with anticipation for the next in the series this is one almighty suspense thrillerWe meet Marlene and her boyfriend TravisTravis is controlling abusive and aggressive towards Marlene and she's had enoughOne particular night Travis through's her out and tell her to go home and wait for Him to call herMarlene's had enough and decides it's time to break things off with himMoving into the city Marlene get herself a new job at a law firm where she literally bumped in to EliasWho is one hot piece of alpha male Eye candyElias is one mysterious man he as secrets that he will not share about all is comings and goings all He ever tells Marlene is that he will protect her and what he's doing is goodBut then Travis arrives on the scene again and is convinced that Marlene is the only one for Him and that Elias is the one that is putting her in dangerHe keeps telling Marlene that she belongs to him and that he will protect her from EliasBrilliant secondary characters and brilliantly written this series is looking really good from this First bookThis nail biting thriller will have you on the edge of your seat with hit and runs kidnapping back stabbings and murders who can Marlene trust Travis ? Or Elias ?I've been left with so many uestions unanswered that I am eagerly waiting for the next in the seriesRated 5super duper starsBrilliant writing A M Wilson xx ARC gifted to leave an honest reviewThis was a rollercoaster of a book the way you expect it to go but it doesn't then we get back on course very twisty I loved it We meet Marlene who has moved on from her ex Travis she meets Elias who she literally runs into ; Elias is everything she needs or so she thinks? And Travis was the perfect villain so demented at times he even had me understanding his POV crazy I know We have great secondary characters possible book for Sin Shelby?? some pretty hot sexy times plus he's a musician Score There are many unanswered uestions it definitely leaves you wondering things that you wouldn't even think of Can't wait for the next book Bravo Allison 🎁 FREE on today 432020 🎁 Find This and Other Reviews At Craves The Angst I received this eARC from the author in exchange for an honest review45 Incredible Stars An Intense Addictive Read with Nail Biting Suspense That Will Have You Holding On Tight Through All The Twists And Turns The Review What a ride From the moment I opened to the first page I was hooked This book was suspenseful mysterious and sexy It kept me guessing and wanting and I loved it from beginning to end And what an ending I hope there’s to come There NEEDS to be to come I can’t wait to see what happens next StoryCharacters This story starts off with an intense encounter between Marlena and her boyfriend Travis who is in the midst of showing off one heck of a temper But Marlena moves on from that frightening moment and from her daunting past and settles into a good life with friends a budding career and potential love when she meets the sexy and mysterious EliasElias and Marlena uickly find their other half in each other with some fun date moments sexy make out scenes and some great dialogue all the while building to something I loved the way the author had these two interact They were playful but also passionateMarlena I think was uick to act childish and not uick enough to ask uestions but she was also sweet and caring Her past didn’t define her She has a strength that shined through the pages Elias is sexy and intense and he also has a sweet caring side He’s still a total mystery to me and I loved trying to sort him out I can’t wait to find out about himI also liked the little sub stories going on with the side characters I’d love to get Sin’s story at some pointThings seem to be moving in the right direction for Marlene as she’s surrounded herself with a good life but as the story progresses she uickly realizes she’s being stalked by her ex Here’s where things get tricky We get Travis’s POV and though you know he’s this impending force with a temper and serious issues you also began to realize he wasn’t always that way and there’s to his story then just what’s on the surfaceTravis Dawson was a complex multifaceted character who I both liked and lothed I think given a different past a different upbringing he might have been a good man but instead he let his past consume him turn him into someone dark and sociopathic He let his mother's demons become his own and it ruined him And I have to know what finally made him snap What took him from caring and protective to cruel and abusive He was disgusted and enraged by what was done to his mother so what made him in return treat Marlena so cruelly? Wishlist I do wish I we had learned about Elias’s daily activities I have my suspicions and the author did a good job of both concealing him in mystery and leaving breadcrumbs for you to follow but this book ends on a huge cliffy and I’m dying to know what happenedAlso there were some character points I thought could have been better played As much as I loved Marlena’s strength and her bravery some of her actions were just not smart Casually leaving a crowd to go alone to the bathroom at a club after seeing her stalker stomping out of the apartment just to prove she could be missed after arguing with Elias knowing she wasn’t safe not trying to escape when she was unbound and alone It was those little things that made me uestion her intelligence She also came off as very impatient She “snapped” or “huffed” or “yelled” to uickly in certain situations and I think with a bit of different wording she would have come off feisty and sassy as the author intended instead of childish or rudeAlso I think there were a few continuity issues I was confused a couple of times throughout the book where there was mention of something and in a different paragraph that same topic had something a little different It was a bit distracting in some parts The Wrap Up Even with my “wishlist” I enjoyed this book immensely and was completely absorbed in the story Once I started I was itching to get to the next page to see what happened next There were some very realistic and scary moments in this book and I loved the author wasn’t scared to put her characters through their paces And there were a lot of uestions left unanswered I can’t wait to see what happens next The blurb for this book got me really excited and then seeing the numerous 4 5 star reviews I was convinced I was in for a treat I wasn'tThe book is written well enough for a romance but once you consider the fact that it's also supposed to be a suspenseMy biggest issue with this book isn't even the fact that's it's not exactly suspenseful but rather the charactersThe villain was laughable and very difficult to understand even though we get a lot of facts and even uite a bit of his POV His revenge plans were so stupid I can't even begin to understand how he thinks that view spoiler he would get revenge on a man that we never meet and never gets to meet the heroine btw by breaking his sons' heart who is also a grown ass man in his golden age whatever that means Even the most sensitive emotional father I think wouldn't be too affected by his grown son's relationships however tragically they might end especially when they don't even know the woman Sure at the beginning he wanted to find some dirt on the man but when he couldn't do that he figured the next best thing is to break up his son and her girlfriend Of course hide spoiler Wow I don’t even know where to begin with this review AM Wilson has completely captured my attention with Redesigning Fate It’s not very often that I come across a book that pulls me in so fast She is a master story teller and the ueen of twisted and turns and giving the reader the unexpectedIn Redesigning Fate we meet Marlena She has a rough past that she’s desperately trying to hide from and forget While at a job interview she meets Elias Seeming cocky and too self assured Marlena wants nothing to do with him even though the attraction is plain to see between the both of them Her past with men isn’t the most stellar and she has no desire to take chances on another disastrous relationship Elias doesn’t give up though He sees Marlena and decides he wants her Soon Marlena finds herself in a relationship with Elias and her feelings are growing stronger by the day But Elias is hiding something He receives mysterious phones calls and disappears without reason He claims he can’t tell Marlena but Marlena’s mistrust of men makes her leery of completely trusting him When Marlena’s past comes back she turns even to Elias and he helps her to try to overcome her issuesI’ve seen multiple reviews where the reader sympathizes with the villain of a book and I’ve never understood how someone could feel sorry for or like the villain Without giving anything away I have to say that this book was definitely a first for me For the first time ever I found myself rooting for the villain of the book Don’t get me wrong I still wanted Elias and Marlena together but I also wanted Travis to have his happy ending as well What he did to Marlena is wrong and twisted and gruesome but I felt connected to him somehow Some people may not feel the same way but I KNOW some people will Who knows maybe AM Wilson wrote Travis’s character so well and descripted his inner mind so good that she somehow twisted my mind into thinking like Travis Does that mean I’ll start thinking I can do twist things and think it’s okay??There is no way I can recommend this book enough I received this book several weeks ago in exchange for an honest review and I’m still thinking about it It’s one of those books that you think about and something new pops in your head and you have to go back because you realize “Oh sht I didn’t catch that the first time” It makes you think There’s twists and turns and OMG moments I am so very anxious to get my hands on the next book AM Wilson has done a phenomenal job with this books There are no words to express how much I enjoyed it and how much it had me on the edge of my seat Get this book now I was drawn right into this book I couldn't seem to put it down It's one of those books where you think you know where it's going but that happens to not be the case at allMarlena is a survivor She has gone from a cheating manipulating and violent ex to a new life all on her own Her decisions are now her own Her actions belong to herEnter Elias Strong and successful Powerful in every way He knows what he wants and he isn't afraid to go after itThere is a connection with these two from the first second Something powerful they coudn't resist Their banter and flirting made me smile They are at ease with one another practically from the get go But as always things aren't going to go the way the characters want Enter sociopath Travis the ex He will stop and nothing to get Marlena back no matter whatFriendship love stalking violence kidnapping murder Who wouldn't love a book with pretty much everything in it? Oh and yes there might be a slight cliffy maybe some things left to be answered you will find yourself wondering about So keep that in mind when you pick up this book And don't be hating because not everything is wrapped up in a pretty bow for you This definitely isn't a full on HEA There obviously will be and I can't wait Well I can but I don't want to OhMyGod There are not words for what just happened to me This book was CRAZY I mean that in the best possible way I'm not even sure how to describe it without giving it all away and you should go into this book blind The prologue kind of tells you how the book ends so you see it coming but the book still manages an amazing build toward the event Warning though semi cliffhanger I am dying to read the next one I mean I uite possibly might die from needing to know what the heck is going to happen And what the heck is Elias involved in? So many uestions Seriously though clear a day and read this Once you get started you are not going to stop until its finished so just be prepared I will have a full review on my blog when I recover from this book hangover The story of Marlena aka Lena Marlee and Elias with Travis thrown inWhen the story begins Marlena is fighting with Travis He gets very physical But it isn't until she comes back later to get her things that she finally realizes he is a jerk through and through She leaves town to start a new life She winds up hired as a paralegal at a law firm Before her interview though she is lusting after a hot tatted man sitting in the waiting area Whom he is talking to turns out to be the woman interviewing her She literally runs into the hot tatted man Elias and they end up dating However Travis is not going to give up on Marlena And he'll stop at nothing to do soOkay this is a tough one for me to review At times I really felt as though the story stalled So many useless activities fully described fully described cooking a dinner It almost seemed as though there was a bunch of extra thrown in just to lengthen the story I did not understand why after what Travis did Marlena would trust Elias for various things He was a complete jerk sometimes yet she'd forgive and forget without him giving any explanation The prologue was promising a glimpse into what would happen at the end of the story but we did not end up in exactly the same place at the end I'm unsure if that is a foreshadowing of things to come in a future book or not as this one is left in a cliffhanger of sorts If I am to read a future story of this series I definitely would want several answers At the top of the list an explanation from Elias as to why he ditched on the birthday dinner Also while the title is nice I did not see that it fit with the story just a pondering from meThe sex scenes were enjoyable and things were definitely described in detail Less mundane book fillers and action is the key to a 5 starRomance Readers received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review This was the first book I have read by Author AM Wilson and I need Redesigning Fate isn't your typical romance I wouldn't even go as far as to say it's angsty Marlena freshly out of a very abusive relationship is ready to move on with her life and move on from Travis She never anticipated he would seek her out She never anticipated he would attempt to wiggle his way into her day to day life She never anticipated that he wouldn't let her go Elias being in the right place at the right time is allowed an inside peek at the real Marlene The fear that surrounds her when Travis finds her All of his protective instincts flair to life She brought him into her world now he refuses to leave her to fend for herself But after the pain that Travis inflicted how can she trust Elias not to do the same? What is Elias hiding? She barely survived Travis will she be able to survive Elias? AM Wilson has a new reader to add to her database I fell in love with her writing style in this novel She has the ability to capture her reads within the first pages of RF Complex characters are an understatement in this author's world So many twists and turns I never uite knew where each page was going to take me This blogger is anxiously awaiting the next book in this series