CCX (The Jinn Cycle, #3)

CCX (The Jinn Cycle, #3)☉ [PDF / Epub] ☆ CCX (The Jinn Cycle, #3) By Nini Church ❤ – CCX's attraction to her was unstoppable undeniable Like a thunderbolt piercing his heart it beat only for Stacey and had since the first time he saw her two years ago at the Annex Ball In those fleeti CCX's attraction to her was unstoppable undeniable Like a thunderbolt piercing his heart it beat only for Stacey and had since the first time he saw her two years ago at the Annex Ball In those fleeting few seconds Cal sensed their incredible connection he knew it felt it lived it After that there was never any uestion Stacey belonged with him Usually Cal was highly skilled at predicting malefemale attractions He had a keen eye for the subtle nuances spotting a passionate connection a mile away And he could often predict the next step in attraction's delicate dance of maybe yes maybe no Only that little skill sure didn't work for him Cal was dead fucking wrong and way out in left field with his heart’s desire Uh huh he suspected with Stacey he wasn't even on the same field Fuck he’d certainly called this attraction wrong as Cal watched Stacey on the far side of the Council of Nine office smiling up at the powerful Ruler of the Vampires – the Chosen One Roman Mangetti Cal stiffened when her shiny black hair splayed over the Vamp’s too muscular forearm as she leaned in close to playfully but chastely peck Roman’s cheek Softly Stacey suealed with laughter as Roman Mangetti hugged her too tightly Cal absorbed the fantastic sound of her laughter while ignoring Roman’s hands were still on her Oddly her laughter calmed CCX settled that caldron of power inside him unmanageable power once unleashed Stacey's long black hair cascaded around her strong shoulders and tumbled down her delicate back An incredible set of piercing blue eyes Aegean blue and wide lush lips she always painted red made Cal’s cock incredibly hard From the first Cal appreciated her classy looks and those piercing blue eyes that would lead him into a world of wonder A world he never imagined he’d be part of Stacey was that world – she made that world possible for CCX. CCX was a fast fun ride with everything I love about this series Stubborn lifemates paranormal creatures and snarky friendsThis book gets 4 stars because 1 Stacey and CCXBoth are wildly attracted to each other but can't act on it This is due to paranormal politics caution and the secrets they keep They are important leaders in their communities with fearsome reputationsI liked how both Stacey and CCX were euals in all respects being lethal the roles they played how stubborn and irratiional they could beWhen they finally decide to take the next step both of them think kidnapping is the best and most effective solution Even before a proper introductionLove was love and mates were mates no matter what – he'd seen it happen time and again It never failed to amaze him how it all came together2 Supernatutal Support SystemFinding your mate can make the most level headed people act in a foolish primitive and impulsive manner Luckily Stacey and CCX have their friends and family around to keep things sane and smoothI liked how Jericho and Reno helped CCX slow down and consider his strategy when it came to Stacey Thanks to this group there was no big silly misunderstanding that could drive them apartJericho's Golden Rule First Rule of Mating It isn't about you – it's about her – what she wants how she wants it and fuck the why”Zulu was very sweet when he offered advice and hilarious due to the language barrier Zulu first–born son of the most powerful Pacific Tribal Chief appeared clueless “Forever in a cave? Female won't like that”3 RomanRoman was an excellent character Can't reveal a lot without spoilers but he was fierce funny provoked people just to mess with them powerful and cunning Can't wait for his book He was my favorite in this story Do not rush in where Angels fear to tread Do Not Go Near Roman”4 The last 30% I love how this author ends her books There's a nice happy ending and a mind blowing twist which makes you crave Always This book loses one star because I wish there were details about Dark Science and how it works I really wanted to see CCX in action scenes with his uniue abilities Cal and Stacy are a fantastic love story of opposites who can't resist each other This author has a nack for characterizing strong women that's appealing An also strong man an alpha Cal works through a journey of his own and accepts Stacy for who she is I hate when a series ends Realised too that I didn't read in order but it didn't matter 5 Stars A terrific book Stacey is really a strong main character A warrior and I really liked that So many books are good but the women's roles always seem to be weaker Not with CCX He's also a dream guy who just loves Stacey passionately Twists and turns that I didn't expect kept popping up This is a great love story a great romance Would recommend any of Nini Church's book