Flirting With Time (The Charlie McClung Mysteries Book 5)

Flirting With Time (The Charlie McClung Mysteries Book 5)[Ebook] ➠ Flirting With Time (The Charlie McClung Mysteries Book 5) By Mary Anne Edwards – Do you know what it’s like to feel someone stalking you shadowing every move you make For months now Detective Charlie McClung and his wife have been tormented by an elusive figure toying with them Do you know what it’s like to feel someone stalking you shadowing every move you make For months now Detective Charlie Flirting With PDF \ McClung and his wife have been tormented by an elusive figure toying with them almost daring the detective to catch him Any hopes that this is the work of a harmless prankster vanish when an innocent man is found brutally murdered McClung will go to any lengths to protect his family but how far is too far What people are saying about Flirting With Time “Haunting but in a good way Twisty turny and full of heart Gretchen Archer author of the USA Today Bestselling Davis Way Crime Capers “Fans of Nick and Nora fans of Tracy and Hepburn—rejoice You’ll love Marian and Charlie The talented Mary Anne Edwards weaves a charming entertaining and delightfully romantic tale of small town deceit It’s as if Agatha Christie wrote Hart to Hart—and happy readers will eagerly await the next page turning puzzle” Hank Phillippi Ryan Anthony Agatha Mary Higgins Clark and Macavity winning mystery author Emmy winning journalist “Mary Anne Edwards has written a classic whodunit but the deeper mystery at its heart is who and how we love Tender fast paced and rich in character Flirting With Time delivers malice and warmth in eual measure” Tina Whittle – Bestselling author of the Tai Randolph Mysteries. I HEART this book so much What a wonderful and fun mystery with many twists Marian was a fun and sassy character and had amazing chemistry with Charlie This story kept me guessing and on the edge of my seat I loved this book I have enjoyed all the books in this series My full review will be posted on my blog wwwangiedokoswordpresscom on July 12 as part of the blog tour Mary Anne Edwards has done it again She has made me fall in love with Charlie and Marian all over again This story has a very dark dramatic overtone It was finely written to show the effects of the ongoing threat and yet balance it out with the devotion the main and supporting characters have for one another I was enjoyed that it focused a lot on the investigative side of the story but still had balance with the personalAs for characters Charlie and Marian balance each other out thoroughly Charlie the strong leader although sometimes he may not have thought so and Marian with her softer side of life Then there is Marian's no nonsense friend Joan still reeling from her ordeal and Charlie's devoted staff I also love Stewie and Penny I identify with them They may not be out in the field but support him just as much Then there are the antagonists they aren't the love to hate them kind either Due to the nature of the story their are many suspects and one is just as bad as another Ultimately they were all realistically written villains with eually well written realistic devious reasonsLooking forward to reading the next chapter in the McClung's lives in Good To Be KingThis book was sent to me by the publisher I love the McClung series I highly suggest reading the series in order The first book is deliberately slower paced to introduce the characters After that the mysteries get complex Each book gets better and better Which brings me to Flirting with Danger it is my favorite book so far I say so far because I hope there are plenty books in this series Once again Marian and Charlie McClung find themselves in a mystery Warning there is a continuing story line therefore I recommend reading Sins of my Youth which is the fourth book in the series I loved the 1980's references Characters discuss Fast Times at Ridgemont High and they use the slang awesome They gave me flashbacks Marian and McClung remind me of a working class Hart to Hart Their love is never a uestion and they both have big hearts This mystery is the best one yet Great pacing continuing character development and lots of suspense There are reoccurring characters from the previous books including my favorite Charlie's Ma She is such a giving person that takes everything that comes and makes it better There are tons of suspects and revelations I will not spoil the fun I highly recommend this book to all mystery lovers It is a must read Another wonderful and entertaining mystery in the Charlie McClung seriesMary Anne Edwards' books go from strength to strength The characters continue to develop and the mysteries get intriguing and suspensefulI'll be looking forward to the next instalment in Charlie Marian and their friends livesTo get the best out of this series the books should be read in order Book Reviewed Flirting With Time A Charlie McClung Mystery The Charlie McClung Mysteries Book 5Author Mary Anne EdwardsPublication Date 6302017Reviewed by Tammy Payne Book Nook NutsMy Rating 5 Stars REVIEWI have loved every book in this series thus far and this book reminds me why We get one heck of a mystery to solve and it's someone after poor Marian yet again But Charlie McClung is not going to sit back and allow anything to happen to his wife No sir not on his watch Two ex's with an agenda a bunch of hearts and a few jilted lovers What can that spell out?Well grab your copy and find out “I read this book via Kindle Unlimited”Mary Anne Edwards I bought this book in paperback from either or BN because I enjoy all of Ms Edwards booksThis is another finely crafted mysterywhodunit with a side order of characters who promote a strong image of respect and honesty especially between Acting Chief Charlie McClung and his men within the Police Department And of course with his wife Marion who is being harassed and threatened by unknown persons and drives with storyNot all in this book is positive There are murders violence and deceit by many and just when you think you know who caused all the fuss you are wrongIn ending I liked this book because it was clean and did not rely on naughty words or overly descriptive crime scenesHigh recommend to everyone Wow another amazing book I couldn't put it downWe finally get some answers on the broken heart stalker Also we get of Charlie and MarianI highly recommend this book I received an arc of this book and am voluntarily reviewingAs a warning I'll have a moment at the end where I discuss my feelings about the culprit I'll put this is a spoiler so you don't read past that if you don't want to know who did it My arc was a beta so there were some typos etc But it was a beta and I know this author fixed said typos so it should all be good on that front I actually read this series out of order lol But even saying that it's alright There's enough information and backstory you needn't start from the start to read this one However I highly suggest it as there were things I'd like to know of which I plan on doing once I get some free timeAs for the book itself I thought the mystery was intriguing McClung's wife is getting stalked But by who? Each person seems to both have motive and no motive at the same time The head of the library is a really weird dude and the fact he pretends not to know who Marion is is even odd Though his sister for me really wasn't a motive at all She seemed relatively normal compared to everyone else From the beginning I thought the wife of the library dude was off her rocker She seemed to have multiple personality disorder or DID I wasn't sure she could do it though by herself because of her instability And when McClung's ex shows up with a new face I was like that one that one But all seemed to have alibis So I thought hmm maybe the women are working togetherMarion and McClung get along really well Their relationship is sweet I also liked the other secondary characters such as Marion's friend and one of the police officers They were funny and I hope they get a relationship in the future I also really hated that waitress She was wayyyy too flirty and annoying and rude Idk what crawled up her butt but it's been there for awhile and just because the guy you have a crush on gets married doesn't mean you can act like a witch to his wife and become even flirty to himWhat I didn't really get was how Marion didn't know she was pregnant Apparently she couldn't have kids or whatever But it's clear super duper clear from the beginning that she is due to her aversion to food weird cravings and wanting to puke feeling I'm not sure how they can get excited though about trying again after the miscarriage Because if she couldn't for years then this is a fluke And she probably won't? Unless they try some heavy duty treatmentsAs for the mastermind behind it all this is a spoilerThe library dude planned it all Had the ex and his wife go after Marion Hoped they would die or get caught and blamed on While he would have the alibi of being with the waitress girl So I guess every suspect really did have a hand in the stalking lol I feel bad for the poor wife though Even if she was a bit bonkers It's rude of your husband to convince you he won't love you until this other girl is deadAll in all loved it Can't wait for and to go back and read 3 12 stars