Revealed (Western Palm #2)

Revealed (Western Palm #2)☁ [PDF / Epub] ☀ Revealed (Western Palm #2) By Britni Hill ✎ – Angry and jealous Two words that perfectly describe Jason Parker The only thing that matters is numbing his pain doubt and guilt With the guilt comes the realization that he can't survive all alone He Angry and jealous Two words that perfectly describe Jason Parker The only thing that matters is numbing his pain doubt and guilt With the guilt comes the realization that he can't survive all alone He intends to make amends to seek forgiveness but when his stepbrother's ex girlfriend shows up Jason can't deny the pull he feels toward the pretty brunette A steamy night in high school with Corinne pushed him toward the downward spiral he's been riding He knows he should keep his distance but he can't seem to make it happen Corinne is different than she was at seventeen She's no longer the spoiled brat out to be arm candy like her mother taught her She sees something in Jason Something he desperately wants to believe is real Once he gives in he gives it his all he can only hope everyone is ready to see the real Jason Parker. check out this review and others atwwwTwinsietalkcomwwwfacebookcomtwinsietalktwinsietalkI received this book from the author for an honest reviewI read Tess and Blake's book and was completely in full on hate Jason mode There is nothing that Britni could do to make me LIKE Jason let alone LOVE him I mean will she redeem him yes of course But that still doesnt mean I gotta like the guy I am #Team Blake 1Million times over Hottie with a lip ring won me over hard core and I wil be his biggest cheerleader until the day I dieWELL SHIT DAMN YOU BRITNI I fell so in love with Jason that I MAY be cashing in my #Team Blake banner for #Team redeemed DB Can you believe this I sure can't I mean when I hate a character it is full on foreverLOL I abso loved Blake's book for the angst and chemsitry which is why it landed on my top 5 books of this year from Jan June Jason's book is sooo different and so amazing at the same time Here is whyThe Jason we see in Book 1 is such a self absorved ASS I mean he really doesnt care about anyone but him What he wants and how soon he will get it Then we see Corinne enter the drama between Tess and Blake and man did I wanna kill her too How self absorbed she was Its no wonder she screwed Blake over with Jason all those years ago They are perfectly descructive together See I hated on them BOTHThen the books starts and we relive a couple BlakeTessJasonCorrine scenes that were pretty vital moments to the relationship of Blake and Tess But now we see them from the other side and SHIT I felt bad Jason is soooo lonely and so is Corinne They both are jealous as shit at Bake and Tess They want to make them feel like they do OK Now Corinne isnt near as full of hate as Jason but she is pretty miserable Now we being to see Jason continue to move into and self destructive behavior and everyone has turned their bacl to him except Corinne She sees the man he is and can be again She really reaches out to him and he starts to changeslowly because this is Jason we are talking about but changes none the less The relationship that they two have is pretty heavy and when you see the fact that their relationships with a parent of each is strained it gives them time to form a very strong bondNow if you read book 1 which serioulsy ya need to you are waiting for the bomb shell at the end of book 1 to come into play When it does I was teary and I had butterflies in my tummy Jason is so nervous Alpha I will do whatever I want and dont care about anyone else is a MESS He needs Corinne OMG dont even get me blubbering on when he realizes the tighness in his chest is Love AHHHHH Such a girl I amSo now I am stuckdo I love the perfect brother Blaken with that lip ring that makes me go HRMMMMM OR Jason the reformed DB who has a heart of gold Honestly both men are tapping their foot and looking at me for an answer and I just dunno I told Britni their friendship is now screwed because their Bro's before Ho's mantra is now out the window LOL Received an ARC in exchange for an honest reviewI have to say I was pretty impressed with this series I really liked Hush which is the first installment to this series I liked the fact that the story continued and Blake and Tess also came out in this bookJason has always been jealous of his step brother Blake and he will do whatever it takes to hurt him He went as far as sleeping with Blake's girlfriend Corinne Jason did not get along with his father and would do everything he possibly could to avoid his phone calls He was never good enough for his dad and no matter what he did it just wasn't good enoughCorinne never really loved Blake and eventually left him and had a one night fling with Jason She could never forget him and when she runs into him again she just can't help her feelings for him Her mother seems to want her to be this perfect girl who should be dating a rich man Corinne on the other hand doesn't want what her mother wants for her She wants to be an ordinary girl living an ordinary life She avoids her mother as much as she possibly couldCorinne and Jason have this pull to each other and no matter what they just can't stay away from each other I loved this story between Jason and Corinne even though they were both douche's with Blake they were perfect for each other Jason realized he just needed to stop using women and finally became serious with CorinneThis was a good series and I highly recommend it I totally dig Happily ever afters so this story made me really happy in the endI give this story 35 stars I was a little worried going into this book After reading the first one I was NOT a Jason fan at all and didn't have much respect for Corinne Now the end of Hushed definitely had me curious how they got to that point but still wasn't over the top about them With that being said the author certainly made me eat my wordsthoughtsFirst off Corinne was a major shock I had her pegged as a slutty bi#ch and I was way off When she was younger she was a bit of a spoiled brat but that was her mother programming her As she got older she didn't like pretending to be that person and matured into a lovely young lady who told her mother to stick it she was going to be her own person I have the upmost respect for this character nowNow Jason he took work to make him likeable He was such a self centered jerk Once I saw him start to actually care about Corinne and want to be a better person I started to crack Seeing him attempt to make ammends with Blake and Tess then moving away from bad habits I really started fallingOnce they both got there controlling parents out of the picture and shook off the horrible things they had pounded in their heads then they could truely be happyIn the end I love both characters and the bumpy journey they took to be together Oh Jason Parker I never thought I'd fall for you but dang it I did While this book could totally be read as a stand alone I think the fun of a series like this is to get the little glimpse of a character before you see their true story So you should check out Hushed prior to reading thisWhere do I even begin Jason is mad at the world and mad at himself for the mistakes he's made Corrine is breaking free of the chains of her parents and the future plotted for her without her consent Jason wrestles with his feelings for Corinne thinking deep down he'll do something stupid like he always does But Corinne is the only one that can show him he's worth than he ever believedThis story is sweet and emotional with plenty of heated moments It'll make you believe in the meant to be and the power of true love Loved itI bought this series because I friend recommended it I loved Blake and Tess in Hushed and wanted to throat punch Jason With Revealed it so was an appropriate title for him and Corinne this story was about them Revealing their true selves I no longer want to do bodily harm to Jason because I see why he was the way he was no I just want to love him

Revealed ePUB ¼ Paperback
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  • 272 pages
  • Revealed (Western Palm #2)
  • Britni Hill
  • 21 February 2016
  • 9781547247578