A Murderous Relation

A Murderous RelationVeronica Speedwell And Her Natural Historian Colleague Stoker Are Asked By Lady Wellingtonia Beauclerk To Help With A Potential Scandal So Explosive It Threatens To Rock The Monarchy Prince Albert Victor Is A Regular Visitor To The Most Exclusive Private Club In London, Known As The Club De L Etoile, And The Proprietess, Madame Aurore, Has Received An Expensive Gift That Can Be Traced Back To The Prince Lady Wellie Would Like Veronica And Stoker To Retrieve The Jewel From The Club Before Scandal Can BreakWorse Yet, London Is Gripped By Hysteria In The Autumn Of , Terrorized By What Would Become The Most Notorious And Elusive Serial Killer In History, Jack The Ripper And Lady Wellie Suspects The Prince May Be ResponsibleVeronica And Stoker Reluctantly Agree To Go Undercover At Madame Aurore S High Class Brothel, Where Another Body Soon Turns Up Many Secrets Are Swirling Around Veronica And The Royal Family And It S Up To Veronica And Stoker To Find The Truth, Before It S Too Late For All Of Them Veronica and Stoker are back for a new thrilling adventure to face their old demon Jack the Ripper Are you ready for another smart, entertaining, sexy, twisty ride with this fantastic couple to witness how their abilities, intelligence to solve the crimes, bringing the criminals to the justice and also reading their sizzling, undeniably growing chemistry They re historical version of Castle and Beckett, David and Maddie and less weird, lovely version of Scully and Mulder You know what, this is kind of fascinating series you want to binge read and then discuss all the details with tour buddy readers I actually don t have one One of my buddies escaped for urgent spa session and other one prefers to binge watch Walking Dead, chasing me at the streets while she s walking like zombie As you can imagine with her slowness, she never catches me In the meantime Veronica not only has to face with one of the most dangerous criminal of the history but also has to meet with her stepmother dearest for helping her prevent a probable scandal about Prince Albert Victor An expensive gift has been received by Madame Aurore can be traced back to the prince So they have to get rid of the evidence by stealing it So two mysteries intertwine and the story takes a surprising turn but don t worry, unconventional and smart methods, unique approach of Veronica and charming, problem solver, calm and patient manners of Stoker will help them to work as compatible couple and give us an memorable, heart throbbing, exciting new adventure I love their shared sarcastic, straightforward, smart dialogues and of course the fast pacing, straight to the point kind of development force us read this book at one sit but the worst part about finishing this so fast is quiet big problem You want stories and find yourself grumpier, whining about why you read so fast, now you gotta wait too long for the upcoming sixth book s release Overall Fast, enjoyable, exciting, thrilling, humorous page turner If you haven t read the other book, I could say you re so lucky because you got four adventures to get invested.Special thanks to probably my second best fairy Godmother Netgalley sending amazing books to my library and making me learn dance moves every day to celebrate and of course Berkley Publishing for choosing me to send this wonderful ARC COPY in exchange my honest review And let s not forget to congratulate gifted Deanna Raybourn for creating this remarkable and one of my favorite historical crime thriller series.bloginstagramfacebooktwitter As this is the fifth book in the series, I encourage any new readers to start at the beginning of Veronica Speedwell s story, in A Curious Beginning After getting to know our titular character and her sidekick love interest Revelstoke Stoker Templeton over the past 4 books, I ve come to adore them as a team, and as individuals as well This installment really digs into Veronica s murky heritage, while also focusing on Raybourn s fictional version of the Jack the Ripper murders As always, this was a fun romp full of witty banter and hilarious antics, and I highly encourage fans of the series to snatch A Murderous Relation up in March when it releases Many thanks to the publisher for providing my review copy. GIVE ME THIS JACK THE RIPPER MYSTERY WITH STOKER AND VERONICA DOING THE HORIZONTAL REFRESH NOW RAYBOURN I M GOING TO START BURNING STUFF SOON TO RELEASE THE SEXUAL TENSION SIDE NOTE I feel Veronica become proud of me everytime I convince someone to read the book and OMG I ve gotten so many people into it Ga 11 03 2020I read it smirk I would like the sequel now Thank you. Let me start by saying, it is not bad But this is one of the only historical romance mystery series I have followed religiously, so I was simply expecting The characters, the setting, the mystery, I have always enjoyed the artful combination of it all This book still technically has all those elements, but they feel uncharacteristically diminished And if I am being honest, which I always strive to be in all my book reviews, the mystery problem this time around is rather lackluster The return of a certain villain made it feel a lot like a rehash The synopsis itself speaks with a certain urgency I never felt while reading the actual book Also, the mention of the ripper murders in the synopsis proved to do the book harm than good because it led me to think that major historic mystery would hold influence on the plot It did not Stoker VeronicaTheir chemistry usually always does it for me But this time we are hit with just how emotionally stunted they both are Even after having somewhat admitted their feelings to each other in the previous book, they spent most of this one dancing around their relationship status And I am sad to say we did not get any steamy scenes, which is what I had thought we were building up to all this time I was expecting something along the lines for Bringing Down the Duke, but all I got was tell and no show Veronica EddieThese two were precious I am so glad Veronica got the opportunity to know her younger brother, even if only for a little while And while Eddie was naive well beyond his years, he is also earnest and thoughtful So you cannot help but forgive some of his obvious shortcomings So all in all, this was my least favorite mystery of the series Mainly because, as I mentioned, I assumed the mystery would somehow tie in with the Ripper murders But alas no dice Thankfully, a fellow reader has informed me this is not the true end And so, given my overall adoration for this series, I will continue to follow it and hope the next books are along the lines of the previous four I received a free ARC copy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Big thank you to Berkley Publishing for providing me with a copy after book 4, i had high high high high expectations for this book not just because of what we finally get in book 4, but because the mystery in book 4 was very compelling and kept me on the edge of my seat and also, yeah, because of what happens in book 4 okay.so this one first off, i was like whyyy are you two being like that, you weirdos secondly, it moved a bit slowly for me in the end and the mystery wasn t as captivating in fact, sometimes i was quite confused and am very thankful we get the wrap up summary at the end otherwise i d still be confused i do love when one character has to explain something to another character so that they also explain it to me lol.i still adore veronica and stoker and would happily read about their adventures forever, but this book was easier to put down than it should have been but i still very much enjoyed it overall because i do love this world and these characters so much i loved the new characters introduced, i still laughed out loud several times, i still rolled my eyes lovingly i just love the way this series is written and the characters truly are fabulous it s such a delightful series and YES OKAY what we get at the end was fabulous and wonderful and well worth the wait the end made me a little worried though, as it sounded like a wrap up to the series but thankfully i don t think that is the case i am pretty sure there are and i will absolutely read them in a heartbeat.so overall, loved it because i love the series and the characters and the writing want it need it can t wait2020 is much too far away, surely we won t have to wait that long will we Rating 3.5 StarsI really had trouble getting my thoughts together with this book After several books with Veronica and Stoker having exciting after exciting adventurethis possible conclusion to the series was a bit underwhelming BUT I did devour it pretty quickly and was pretty engrossed nonetheless.This next installment or conclusion starts off with a wedding A tortoise wedding to be exact The Earl has requested Patricia, his ever grumpy pet who lumbers about the grounds of his estate Bishop s Folly to be wed to a beau who has not yet arrived Veronica is than happy to oblige but Stoker makes it clear that he has work to do in the belvedere, the place him and Veronica use for their work But the wedding would have to be put on the back burner as the two are summoned by Lady Wellie to discuss something urgent There they are surprised to come face to face with the Princess Alexandria of Denmark, Veronica s stepmother due to her blood But this was not a family reunion The Princess was there to ask a big favor of Veronica and Stoker Veronica s half brother Prince Albert affectionately known as Eddy has been frequenting a club of bad reputation and has given a expensive gift to the enigmatic owner of the Club named Madame Aurore His decision to the have the gift made by his mother s jeweler made it easy for her to trace his steps The Princess has requested that the Star be retrieved by Veronica and Stoker to avoid a huge scandal from breaking out Veronica is quick to decline since she does not see why she should ever help the family who has denied her but Stoker convinces her to help To execute their mission they had to pay a visit to Stoker s brother Tiberius, much to his chagrin He helped get Veronica and Stoker dress up to look the part of new members to the Club that were just there to have fun and join in the debauchery In their disguises, the two get into the club easily and try to find a way to get to Madame Aurore s private wing The wing is guarded by a surly man but Veronica is invited by Madame Aurore to her suite There she finds out where the stars the madame has gotten from admirers are kept She is escorted out and meets back up with Stoker to tell him her new development They find a vent that leads up to the Madame s suite and try to overhear a conversation with a person they assumed to be Eddy since they were told he would be there tonight They can t make out the conversation and hear a lot of commotion In bribing the servant, they are able to get to the wing from a different direction and enter the suite They encounter a woman that turns out to be Eddy in disguise and they also unfortunately encounter the body of Madame Aurore who has been stuffed under the mattress in her room The three fled to prevent the murder be pinned on them but are ambushed and made unconscious outside the club.When they awaken, it is revealed that their captor is Veronica s Uncle He was presumed dead after being engulfed in flames and falling into the Thames in their last adventure He is still determined to use Veronica as the pawn to usurp the throne and claim it for the Irish He had help from none other than Inspector of special branch in Scotland Yard Veronica refuses to cooperate in their scheme and the three are held captive for days Eddy now knows that Veronica is his half sister and they form a kinship Veronica finally thinks up a plan and three barely escape, Stoker being in rough shape from being beaten by her Uncle s Henchman The three return to the estate and find that Madame Aurore s body has been placed inside the sarcophagus in the belvedere Lady Wellie remains comatose after swooning at the knowledge that Eddy could possibly be the Ripper But Veronica and Stoker come to doubt that he would be capable of such evil The two don t escape their captors for long and there is a final showdown, leaving Veronica s Uncle and the Inspector dead Stoker is shot as well but it would have been worse if they didn t get help from Inspector Mornaday once again and J.J Butterworth who was writing the article s on the Ripper s victims Veronica has also been shot but does not discover it until the adrenaline wears off Her and Stoker recover and Madame Aurore is laid anonymously to rest in order to keep Mornaday s reputation unsullied since he was the one to put it in the sarcophagus Lady Wellie recovers and the scandal with Eddy remains under wraps Eddy returns to his home, hoping that him and Veronica can still have some semblance of a friendship but Veronica does not believe their paths will cross again The story ends with Veronica and Stoker once again escaping death and vowing it to be their last adventure for a while at least The two also realize they can no longer deny their attraction to each other and wrap everything up with them making love and making their relationship official.As I have said in other reviews of this series, Veronica is the protagonist I have been waiting a long time for She is witty, snarky, and doesn t let men think she is of the lesser sex I think many female protagonists can learn from her since she shows that not all female characters have to be romantically driven Yes she fell in love with Stoker but that was a small detail in the overarching plot I m truly sad to see her go if this really is the last in the series.Stoker is my Mr Darcy He s broody, surly, and grumpy but I can t deny how much I love him not to mention how fucking sexy he is He also never stepped on Veronica s feet and tried to make her lesser than him He always respected her as an equal and that is too rare in books these days I m looking at you Thomas Cresswell I am equally heartbroken to say goodbye to a man I could truly swoon over There are many other character s but the ones I feel that are worth mentioning is Lady Wellie and Eddy I loved Lady Wellie from the start with her wit and her spitfire attitude She could cow anybody into submission with that will of hers and I just couldn t help but grow a soft spot for her How could I not when there s a woman making her own rules and her own name in a world filled with men and unfair rules for woman in place Eddy was just like a little lost puppy that I wanted to take home Yes he fucked up by giving a Star to pretty much a courtesan but he tried to make it right himself and is trying to be a better man than his father I don t know how this man was truly in real life but I hope he was close to what this rendition of him was like I hate to see them and other go too holding in sobs ahem So now that I addressed character it comes down to plot AND that s where this book truly suffered for me This series has been truly character driven and dialogue driven as well, but there was still some semblance of plot and it was just not what this book was advertised to be With the synopsis mentioning the Ripper, I thought for sure we were in for a fun adventure of Veronica and Stoker finding out the identity of the Ripper But it was unfortunately a small side plot that was just there for dramatic effect I did appreciate Raybourn making a point to say that the victims were than prostitutes but there was still so much lacking The plot was really just a continuation of Veronica trying to escape her blood relations to the royal family and other s trying to use that knowledge for their own gain Also I usually don t mind that the conversations between characters go on and on for quite a bit of the book but it seemed to bog down the whole thing this time and leave little room for plot The last point that really just drove home me not giving this full five stars was the lackluster ending I wanted a steamy, raunchy, arousing sex scene between these two after being denied it book after book Butnothing No details Just vague suggestions that it was some wild sexy times they had Some kissing might have made up for that but nope, just that little bit as they started making love I know this would be totally fine in other people s books but not in mine It is a adult book so I expected adult content But all in all, an enjoyable series and I would still recommend it to anyone. Veronica Speedwell and Stoker are back for a fun one In A Murderous Relation, they are asked to help Lady Wellingtonia Beauclerk what a name to avoid a potential scandal with the monarchy.The scandal Prince Albert Victor visits a private club in London, the Club de l Etoile, and the owner, Madame Aurora, has received a high dollar gift from none other than the prince The assignment from Lady Wellie is for Veronica and Stoker to grab the jewel before the news breaks.But at the same time, Jack the Ripper is about to change London forever Lady Wellie thinks the hysteria surrounding the murders can also be traced back to the prince.I loved the history in this one with the Jack the Ripper backdrop I also just love Speedwell and Stoker Their chemistry is amazing, and they balance each other out Veronica is fleshed out even in this installment, and I feel like I came to understand her much better.Overall, I found A Murderous Relation to be another lighthearted and entertaining historical mystery from a series I adore.I received a gifted copy All opinions are my own. I ve struggled quite badly with a reading slump the last couple of months and there are a lot of books I ve started to read and abandoned and plenty of times have I abandoned books half way through if I even get that far So, I m not always sure it s me or the book that s the problem Although, I have read a couple of really good books during the autumn winterAnyhow, this is a favorite series of mine, I was quite looking forward to reading it and I loved to once again step into Veronica and Stoker s lives Especially the beginning of the book was hilarious, with the struggle of wanting to consummate their relationship and not being able to do so However, I struggled with the case and reading about the pair working undercover at a brothel should be a lot of fun, but I felt my heart was not in it And, yes Veronica meeting young Eddy was quite interesting However, I never really took to him and his problem Poor lamb, not that brightThe best part of the book was Veronica s brief meeting in an alley with a chilling figure That made me wish the book had been about the terrible murders that occurred at the time rather than the silly Eddy problem at the brothel But, this series is humorous than serious so it s probably not the right kind of story for Veronica And, hence this could the root of my problems reading the book As much as I enjoy lighthearted historical mystery books do I prefer the darker onesStill, those that like this series and love reading historical mystery books will probably enjoy this book I want to thank the publisher for providing me with a free copy through Edelweiss Listen, I already know I m going to be an outlier on this one again so you should just scroll right past this review before you get too sad about this rating.For various reasons, the last two books in this much beloved series have just not done it for me Book four because of what I felt were out of character behaviours for characters I had grown to love so much, and in book five, it s the mystery This book had a lot of expectation riding on it because of where things ended in the previous installment and while it started out hopeful. it kind of rambled about in another direction, putting certain things on hold, only to pick up a plot from a few books before one I kind of thought we had moved on from Only now do I see that this particular bit has finally please run it s course.The particular investigation in this book runs parallel to when Jack the Ripper is rampaging around London and I definitely thought there would be some crossover with that It seems a popular, or common, event for this time period Strangely, we ended up bypassing it, and in some ways that was a refreshing choice But there was a moment. oh, wow, it perked me up What a brilliantly written interaction.As for the will they won t they have they finally just got on with it question, whether things progressed or not, you ll just have to read to find out.Considering my rather lukewarm feelings about this one on the whole, however, I wonder if this series has just run its course for me I hate to think it so, I ve so loved so much of this again, books one to three great, delightful, the best kind of frustrating , but lately Again, I doubt this ll be the common feeling So definitely be excited about Stokewell on your kindles or on your shelves I ll just be over here hoping to find the love again in book six Not willing to throw in the towel quite yet.2.5 stars I received an ARC from NetGalley and the publisher thank you in exchange for an honest review This review can also be found at A Take From Two Cities. This review can also be found atCarole s Random Life in Books.This was a fantastic installment in a much loved series This is the fifth book in the Veronica Speedwell Mysteries series which is a series that is best read in order I have been with Veronica since the beginning and am finding that I like this series and with each installment I read this book in just a couple of days and found it to be incredibly entertaining I really had a great time with this book.I have grown to love Veronica, Stoker, and some of the other recurring characters in this series Veronica and Stoker work very well together and obviously are quite good at solving mysteries They also have a lot of chemistry We have been gradually watching the heat grow between these two since the beginning of the series and while I do sometimes wish things would move a bit faster, it is obvious how much they care about each other.The mystery in this book was a bit unexpected Veronica s heritage is a well kept secret Because of her connections, she is asked to look into some of the dealings of the prince He has given a piece of jewelry that can be traced back to him to a woman who runs a scandalous club and his family wants it back before anyone can find out about it Of course, things are never easy and Veronica and Stoker must navigate a pretty dangerous situation before everything is settled Throw in the famous Jack the Ripper murders which are happening and you have quite an exciting story on your hands This book had everything that I hoped it would have There were some rather light hearted moments and some pretty intense scenes I loved the chemistry between the characters and am loving the way Veronica and Stoker are slowly working their way towards each other There were a few surprises in this book and I really enjoyed the fact that the Jack the Ripper murders were a part of this story I thought that the pacing of the story was very well done and I found the book hard to put down.I would highly recommend this book to others This is a smartly written mystery series with incredibly wonderful characters I cannot wait to read of Veronica and Stoker s adventures I received a digital review copy of this book from Berkley Publishing Group via NetGalley.Initial ThoughtsI loved this book I think that this series just keeps getting better and better The characters are so well done and I love the chemistry between Veronica and Stoker I thought the mystery in this book was quite good and I liked that the story touched on the crimes of Jack the Ripper.

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