Hall of Heroes Fellowship of Fantasy #2

Hall of Heroes Fellowship of Fantasy #2✫ [PDF] ✑ Hall of Heroes Fellowship of Fantasy #2 By H.L. Burke ✸ – Oaklandjobs.co.uk Twenty Seven Thrilling Tales from Amazing Fantasy Authors Whether they are unwitting plucky or just plain epic heroes capture the imagination and rescue us from everyday life With stories set in fanta Twenty Seven Thrilling Tales from Heroes Fellowship Kindle Ï Amazing Fantasy Authors Whether they are unwitting plucky or just plain epic heroes capture the imagination and rescue us from everyday life With stories set in fantastic magical realms gritty urban landscapes and fairytale kingdoms our heroes stand fast as defenders of good Struggling against evil governments wicked demi gods wrathful nature supernatural con men and their own insecurities each must find the strength to triumph and the will to persevere  In the second anthology from the Fellowship of Fantasy twenty three authors Hall of PDF \ explore the theme of heroes covering genres ranging from steampunk and fairytale to urban and Arthurian These are the heroes you've been waiting for  Enjoy Heroes A Fellowship of Fantasy Anthology and join the adventures. I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review The Hall of Heroes A Fellowship of Fantasy is an anthology detailing the harsh struggles of nameless heroes as they endeavor to prove themselves and to others that heroes aren’t just people you read about in fairytalesAll the stories in the anthology have a magical realism to them Whether it be about slaves breaking free from their confinement or teenagers rescuing others from burning buildings these protagonists show the world that they aren’t worthless The feats aren’t all that uniue; a knight saving a girl from her abusive family after all isn’t going to garner as much attention as slaying a dragon but it’s significant all the same They demonstrate the simple fact that no matter who you are or where you come from you can be someone’s hero and it’s something I loved seeing with each new narrativePersonally these stories reminded me of the Mother Goose Tales Although there wasn’t nearly as much bloodshed as in The Hall of Heroes the lessons are transparent The values shown are what we carry through to our adult lives and it’s because of these values that we’ve carried through our lives without too much regret or remorse The stories also describes an innocence we’ve carried from long ago and brings it to the fore front of the book Thus I would give this anthology a rating of a 46 out of 5 stars The elegant way these authors tell their stories as well as the spiteful characters that encompass them help me recall memories from before They show me that not every action has to be “grand” to be considered special and in fact sometimes the greatest acts of heroism come from the compassion every day people show each other Still because of its fantastical nature I would recommend it to fans of Cassandra Clare and Suzanne Collins The overall uality of these stories is really great but I did have a few special favorites Alancia's Dance was my favorite of the collection with Cry of the Cave Lion a close second but I also especially liked The Hero Feat of Hannah Helstrom In Plain Sight The Demon Monkeys Sweet Basil A Fiery Gift and Sacrifice to the Iara The best thing about this anthology is the variation of stories in the hero theme so there will be something to appeal to all tastes A few of the stories were very well written but the story or situation wasn't my cuppa tea Taste in stories like all the arts is subjective I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys fantasy no matter the genre An enjoyable anthology I have not read all the stories but here are some comments on a few When I read I will update this Alancia’s Dance I liked this It’s the story of a slave bull dancer and an awkward inventor against an evil king and a retelling of the Labryinth and Minotaur legendThe Hero Feat of Hannah Helstrom Poor Hannah is the weakest of the superheroes with only one talent self healing plus a whole lot of stubbornness Will that be enough to save the day? An engaging narrative voiceIn plain sight An amusing tale of a children’s entertainer who has fallen on hard times but is a hero against evil The superhero publicist the story of a publicist with a super villain who wants to change his image Humorous Sweet Basil this is a heart warming story of a girl risking herself to heal others Living dragon tattooAnd Only the Eyes of Children a half Fae protects humans A lovely twist at the endNot uite a Hero A hero or is he? Dana is desperate to protect her father and save her town so she contacts a man not a nice man to help But is there to Jayden then he seems And what will Dana do when forced to face the monster herself? Gem a boy literally saving the world I really liked this River’s edge ransom this felt like the beginning of a much larger book The Demon Monkeys a heart warming endingLeticia’s song a competent flipped story about a princess rescuing her prince The MC doesn’t tell the storySave the Day A fun zany kind of read about a girl and her best friend She thinks she’s a loser but discovers she isn’tFinn MacRorie and the River Dragon Larger than life hero in a sweet taleThe Ungifted Twin a well crafted story of a girl who thinks she is ungifted This unfolds in an intriguing way My favorite stories were Alancia's Dance Superhero Publicist Gem Teamwork and Not uite a Hero They not only kept my attention all the way through but I really enjoyed them and thought they were well written I also liked Sweet Basil The Tale of Sir Ronan of Camelot A Fiery Gift and Boy of Sand and Sky The Love Talker was definitely well written and kept my attention but my personal taste doesn't care much for for that type of story I'll remember these ones and will likely re read them at some point Awesome set of storiesEach of these authors has provided a great story you will not be disappointed I've found several new favorites here And likely the last anthology of the Indie Fantasy Addicts Summer Challenge I'm not sure why it's taken me so long to real these as they are fantastic and free This is a really wide ranging collection of shorts that really digs in deep to find some unusual heroes There's an eclectic mix of genre's and perspectives to chose from here and there are very few stories that fell short of their markAlancia's Dance by HL Burke; 45 stars A lovely little tale about a bull dancer and a fearsome Minotaur I really liked the characterisations here and how Alancia did much of the hero work herself Burke has a way with words that really brings this story to life beautifully I’ve read a few of Burke’s shorts now and they seldom disappointThe Hero Fear of Hannah Helstorm by JPhillip Horne; 45 stars Another winner here I’m really interested to read from his universe in the future Horne sets up an unlikely heroine here and I was drawn to the characters and the worstIn Plain Sight by Arthur Diagle; 55 stars I adored this tale with its uirky and unexpected hero and his talking dolls The descriptions and the characters are fantastic and I loved how the action was set up Finn MacRorie and The River Dragon; 355 stars Another strong contender although not uite as excellent as the preceding tales I do like how many of these authors have twisted the conventional hero trope into something new and interesting and how here the threat wasn’t of life shattering evil but the smaller cruelties of the individual and familyLittle Victories by Karin DeHavin; 35 stars A cuter little tale than didn’t have uite the impact of the others And Only The Eyes Of Children by Lauren Van Arendonk Laugh; 455 stars Urban fantasy at its best this is brilliantly narrated as a changeling goes after kidnapped children I loved the references to Shakespeare and his plays and thought the action was brilliantly managed This is a tale that captures humanity and fae at their worst and their bestThe Demon Monkeys by ARSilverberry; 45 stars A brilliantly written tale that captured me The world building here is really impressive considering the length of the story Superhero Publicist by Janeen Ippolitto; 255 stars Humorous but that’s about it It needed far detail to flesh out the characters to my mind As it stands it’s not bad but it’s nothing special hereSweet Basil by Lea Doue; 45 stars Another really well done tale that puts an unusual twist on magic and fantasy I felt the characters were well drawn and I liked how they were broken yet trying their best There’s an over reliance on magic to fix problems but that’s my only real complaintDarkness Follows the Light by David Millican; 55 stars This is dark creepy and absolutely brilliant There’s a stark depiction of children living in abject poverty and how when there are limited resources those who have the least are at the bottom of priority lists Josiah UBear by DW Framenfelder; 25 stars I struggled with this one despite loving bears and all things cuddly The writing style just didn’t work for me and the narrative was so far fetched that it was clearly meant to be a satirical commentary Not my cup of teaRiver's Edge Ransom by Julie CGilbert; 355 stars Another one that I enjoyed; there are some interesting uses of magic here but importantly it’s a tale of love and betrayal when family goes wrong I felt the ‘villain’ was a tad too caricatured but I’m interested to read in this universeLove Taker by Deanna Fugget; 355 stars An interesting re write of an age old faery tale There’s a nice bittersweet twist at the end to hit you in the feelsGem by RJ Gonte; 55 stars Oof Talk about bitter sweet This one really hit me in the feels and then some Possibly science fiction than fantasy but it really reminded me of Jemsin’s Fifth Season series somehow Beautifully written poignant and heartfelt this is a wonderful piece of writingLeticia's Song by Jessica LElliott; 35 stars Some beautiful writing but this is another tale that felt as though it were part of a larger whole rather than a self sufficient short A Wooden Ruler by David Millican; 455 stars Different and original this story takes the perspective of a sentient toy gnome and his uest for freedom from the prison that holds his people or in human terms the store I really enjoyed how uniue this was and how well Millican manages the dual perspectives of gnomes and humansThe Tale of Rolan of Camelot by Frank RLuke; 355 stars This one could have come straight out of Arthurian legend and I struggled to engage with it a little bit The thorny issue of religion is brought back into play as Rolan makes a deal with the devil and I felt it was a little too much like a basic morality tale of oldA Fiery Gift by AJBakke; 45 stars A really sweet little tale that builds from a slow beginning I was far engaged once Everly finds the fire otters and loved the description of them gamboling through the magma I didn't think the opening really brought a lot to the tale but it than made up for it with the climatic finaleThe Hero of Emoh A Parents Fairytale by Sarah Ashwood; 455 stars Another very different look on the faery tales of old as we so rarely hear from the parents Any parent or onlooking sibling who has brought up small beings of chaos and destruction will fall in love with this charming little taleSacrifice to the Iara by HL Burke; 455 stars A rare example of an author really capturing the magic of high fantasy in a short story This has wonderful writing some fantastic world building and characters who leap off the page There is also a far nuanced look at religion and spirituality hiding within the pagesCharla visits Earth by Diane Asthle; 155 stars I really didn't get on with this one I have to admit I found the characters rather bland their gifts unexplored and my pet peeve of people acting in stupid ways for stupid reasons was on display Cry of the Cave Lion by EKaiser Writers; 45 stars There's a Clan of the Cave Bear vibe to this piece and I really enjoyed it I loved the writing style and the poignant message about fear and courageSave The Day by Zaplendam; 45 stars Another winner although a completely different style of writing This is far YA fantasy but with enough tension to keep an adult reader satisfied I'd have loved to see a little bit of the fallout to the events but that's one of the perils with reading shorts and it's a good sign when my main complaint is that I wanted Boy Of Soul And Sky by Laura Matthias Bendoly; 45 stars Religion makes it's way into these tales once as we read about a young boy gifted extraordinary gifts and treated with disdain and derision because of them I liked how Bendoly captures his fear and anxiety over using his gifts and how magic can be a double edged swordTeamwork by Laura Van Arendonk Baugh; 55 stars Simplistically told but the unusual point of view rocketed this one into my favourites from the collection There are some very adult themes here so be cautious but it's a good reminder that it is not only the humans that can be heroesThe Ungifted Twin by Tamie Dearen; 35 stars Another one where I really enjoyed the writing style but struggled to engage with the narrative and the characters I suspect there is a huge world on display in the author's longer works though and I'm interested in checking them outUnlikely Hero by Arthur Daigle; 55 stars Another stand out favourite from the collection as Daigle merges villain and hero in one sublime package The descriptions were wonderful and the characters jumped off the page I have been on a three day adventure reading the 27 tales in this anthology based on enchanting worlds and incredible characters you will care about long after you finish the stories I only hope I can do justice to the authors in my Hall of Heroes review I found the writing to be well edited clean strong and professional This 419 page collection will delight you from beginning to endAll of the stories will satisfy your love of fantasy and the wonderful creatures we have grown to love You’ll find jealous Kings and slaves who bend to a point under an iron rule From the deadly Minotaur to the Merfolk your reading nook will be catapulted into enchantment from beginning to end There are Magicians and monsters mechanical dolls and creatures who live in mountains valleys and forests Are you sure there aren’t some near your house?You’ll find yourself cheering for the heroes as they thwart the monsters intent on snatching our children Perhaps you’ll decide you also want to be gifted in one of the seven magic schools Would you become a Destroyer Shapeshifter Conjurer Minder Seeker Guardian or Healer? The choice may or may not be yoursThe imaginations of the authors will thrill you as you encounter dolls who seem alive and water sprites that can’t exist can they? I found the depths and complexities of the short stories were intriguing making it truly a jewel you won’t want to put downThe best part? Each story was vastly different from the ones before and I was able to sample the writing styles of fantasy authors I hadn’t previously read Hall of Heroes an anthology is great If you like fantasy your going to love this 27 stories from 23 author's with stories that vary from fairytale to steam link to Arthurian there's no doubt you will find stories you love This book is only 422 pages so it's a pretty uick read as a whole So if you like your stories to shift urban landscapes to magical realms your in luck because it's all here I enjoyed every story although some than others but overall this book is an easy 5 stars just on variety alone The world building and main characters are definitely a plus So if your looking for a book full of good varied stories pick this up and give it a try you will not be disappointed that you did First let me preface by saying that all of these stories were excellently edited I also must say you get A LOT for your money here These are not superficial stories; these are in depth and complex worlds that you will findAs a whole and especially for someone who prefers suspense or YA realistic fiction I enjoyed some of the stories though some I appreciated a bit than others and some I didn't relate to at all Here is a breakdown of my experience1 Alancia's Dance The story had spark but there wasn't any real development with the guy and the romance seemed hasty and unrealistic2 The Hero Feat of Hannah Helstrom Less focus on regeneration than I expected I was also thrown off by the POV as it seemed to come from a male's perspective3 In Plain Sight I was surprised by how accepting the town was of Zampini's dolls they're abnormal and supernatural but everyone treats them like they are nothing extraordinary I also didn't get the point of the ogre's role Arthur Daigle's author note is confusing too Arthur Daigle is the author no jokes please he's heard them all I don't know what he means4 Finn MacRorie and the River Dragon This was an interesting little tale and it works uite nicely and magically I was confused about the woman not being her Ma though5 Little Victories This was a fun little tale that concentrated effectively on Shea's talents6 And Only the Eyes of Children There was a bit too much telling and not enough showing in this one which made connecting to the character difficult7 The Demon Monkeys This tale has so much bigness and depth in i1 I was impressed by how much Silverberry was able to implement in such a short piece a very heavy life changing world8 Superhero Publicist There was a nice message to this uniue tale a lesson we could all use about kindness and a change of heart9 Sweet BasilThis was dynamic story that emphasizes paina curse successfully I was confused why the MC was hungry as this wasn't explained10 Darkness Follows the Light I had a hard time with this one as the first several pages spells out every non essential detail This piece was pretty dark too but it comes with a satisfying ending11Josiah U Bear The writing style of this story is uite sophisticated There is a bit of a political slant to it and some confusion with the MC's loyalty12 River's Edge Ransom The characters are full of spark in this oneand there's a lot at stake I would have liked of an understanding as to why Jackson despises his sister13 The Love Talker This story was put together well as a cautionary tale though the message seemed to have the mom's own personal reasons for her warning which were never explored14 Gem A uniue look at a young boy with amazing abilities Conte shows us how important a person's compassion for others is15 Leticia's Song This one starts out a bit awkwardly as I am unsure of the motives behind the characters or the direction we are supposed to go As you get deeper into the plot a purpose unfolds though I don't understand why a certain man teased a woman previously or how that relationship ever changed16 The Wooden Ruler I couldn't connect to this story it felt too abstract I didn't see how things were connecting these two different world17 The Tale of Sir Ronan of Camelot A serious cautionary tale that surprised me Why would you sell your soul to the devil? Thankfully this one finds a happy ending18 A Fiery Gift A bit too much telling The otter is suddenly introduced pages after it has been discussed but not clarified Outside these two problems the story is uniue and it showcases a girl's special place in this world19 The Hero of Emoh A Parent's Fairytale Excellently spun together The descriptions of the characters are vivid and one can't help but feel the terror of the child20Sacrifice to the Lara This tale was cohesive and full of intrigue21 Charla Visits Earth What an engaging story A mermaid a boy and two worlds colliding Charla was delightfully ignorant and so the reader feels swept up in her child like innocence One thing that threw me was her sudden regret and belief that a certain man might be bad as it came out of nowhere22 Cry of the Cave Lion I didn't get the purpose of the lion I couldn't relate to the direction of the story as it seemed off23 Save the Day This has a great lesson in looking past your disdain for someone and becoming a martyr for your own enemy I enjoyed the two MCs in this one and the treacherous terrain they traveled24 Boy of Sand and Sky What a precious story about a gifted boy who we should all love but who is up against the world's hate and intolerance This was written with a special skill set that allowed us to adore a newfangled boy who changes the lives of a small world forever25 Teamwork Excellent story from a dog's perspective Scary Edgy Fulfilling26 The Ungifted Twin An interesting story that foregrounds two strong willed twins; we get a sweet sense of sibling love and fun and find a sense of certainty that all will be well even when there is danger27 Not uite a Hero Very descriptive and vivid with a strange and different kind of villain This is an amazing and uniue collection of short stories I am very familiar with anthologies some of my favorite authors have been found in such Therefore I must explain Hall of Heroes is uniue Until now every anthology I've ever read has at least one 5 star story Usually at least half are 4 or 5 stars and there are at least one story that's no than 2 stars But Hall of Heroes is filled completely with 4 an 5 star tales Some deserve their very own series and the authors of most of those have anticipated my desires by writing those very series I not only am totally satisfied with this book I now have several to look forward to reading As I'm sure you can tell I highly recommend it and know you will enjoy it as well

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