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Vampire Academy[Reading] ➶ Vampire Academy ➽ Richelle Mead – ONLY A TRUE BEST FRIEND CAN PROTECT YOU FROM YOUR IMMORTAL ENEMIESLissa Dragomir is a Moroi princess a mortal vampire with a rare gift for harnessing the earth's magic She must be protected at all tim ONLY A TRUE BEST FRIEND CAN PROTECT YOU FROM YOUR IMMORTAL ENEMIESLissa Dragomir is a Moroi princess a mortal vampire with a rare gift for harnessing the earth's magic She must be protected at all times from Strigoi; the fiercest vampires the ones who never die The powerful blend of human and vampire blood that flows through Rose Hathaway Lissa's best friend makes her a dhampir Rose is dedicated to a dangerous life of protecting Lissa from the Strigoi who are hell bent on making Lissa one of themAfter two years of freedom Rose and Lissa are caught and dragged back to St Vladimir's Academy a school for vampire royalty and their guardians to be hidden in the deep forests of Montana But inside the iron gates life is even fraught with danger and the Strigoi are always close byRose and Lissa must navigate their dangerous world confront the temptations of forbidden love and never once let their guard down lest the evil undead make Lissa one of them forever. So I watched the movie aaaaaand I hated it I also made a comic review of the thing on the blog But I'll also post it here for your reading pleasure Warning a lot of Dimitri shots UICK RANT THIS is the hot Dimitri? THIS? WHO THE HELL IS THIS WHO THE FUCK IS THIS CRETIN HE IS NOT THE DIMITRI I EXPECTEDI'm not sure I can endure the movie nowEnd rantAnd Bubbles makes her comeback yet again I've been a fan of Richelle Mead since I started her Game of X series but before that I have never ever tried her much popular Vampire Academy series until today My paperback copy has been waiting for me for two years and I have finally given in and opened the first page Bubbles will be sharing her opinion in my stead get ready 21 Apr ‘19 Eight years and this review is still attracting mad fangurls So as a pre empt I highly suggest you not read this review if you can’t handle negative criticism of books you love Be thus warned 14 Apr '13 Future commenters if you disagree with the review that is perfectly fine and normal If you wish to add your own thoughts of the book that's also perfectly fine But please keep the ad hominems and accusations and not just directed at me but also other commenters at homeEveryone's free to say what they wish on a public forum But I am also free to moderate what goes on in my space I've never deletedmoderated comments before as that goes against my beliefs on free and public discourse but any future offensive or judgementalcritical of people instead of the book comments will be ignored and deletedThis is a review of a book not a fact sheet Just because I think this book is stupid does not mean I think people who enjoy it are stupid No need to be defensiveinsulted over it 11 Dec '12 Edit because I am fucking sick of people coming up to the comments section especially without reading through the previous pages of comments and stomp in guns blazing with accusations of racism and slutshaming1 Racism wtf does Race have to do with anything? stfu you racist cow Stop putting irrelevant topics in your review bitchplease refer to comment 69comment 742 Slutshaming How dare you call her the S word Girls like you are setting back feminism by a few decades Other holier than thou commentsFirst of all if you're going to start accusing me of slut shaming simply because of my use of the word slut GTFO I'm going to steal a commenter's words here slut shaming is not about the word it's about a mind set view spoilerThanks Red Please don't sue me for plagiarism hide spoiler So many people talk about Twilight and miss this super great bookI liked Twilight but I had a hard time dealing with Bella I thought she was just toogirly for some having with vampires I wanted someone that could stand with them in a fight and not cower behindEnter Rose She is the bodyguard to Lissa a vampire princess that must attend school and keep out of the clutches of the dark side Rose is aggressive and hard headed sometimes risking Lissa while trying to prove she is strong but all the while terrified to let anyone else in To make her stronger her elders bring in the hot and ever so delicious Dimitri and with fists and kicks a flying Rose's world gets a might interestingThis is one killer book for anyone who loves Vampires and is looking for a good young adult book I strongly urge anyone not just teens to pick it up because once you start it you won't put it down or the second and third LOLSo get past Edward and Bella not that I don't love them and sink your teeth into Rose and Lissa's often dangerous lives 2017 lowered rating to 2 stars because realistically 3 was generous Vampire Academy is a difficult book to reviewOn one hand it is a variation on the norm and Rose is definitely not the usual character occupying the myriad of PRNs these days The writing style is blessedly free of awkward construction and mistakes In fact the writing isn't too bad at allThe secondary characterizations are uite good for the most part and well rounded The pacing is agonizingly slow at the beginning of the book and doesn't pick up until the last fifty pages The lore behind the story is complex convoluted and somewhat ridiculous So you have the Moroi's a race of weak magic wielding vampires and the Dhampires who are their stronger Guardians The only way that Dhampires breed is if they are lucky enough to get up to shenanigans with the Moroi who won't marry them and have illegitimate bastard children However this is somehow okay for this race because they can't breed amongst themselves and if you're a Dhampire male than you can just give up on the idea of ever having children because extreme chances are that you won'tThe Dhamires are the Moroi's Guardians against another race of vampires the Strogoi who want to feast on Moroi fleshBut you'd think that on behalf of your race if you were a Dhampire and naturally stronger and tougher then these Moroi you'd just conuer them and keep them as your slaves Who wants to dedicate their lives their entire lives they literally LIVE to protect the Moroi just for the faint chance of being able to reproduce? Especially with a race that looks down on youIt just doesn't make sense and the dynamics don't really compute I mean okay I'm not the most ethical person out there but if I were a stronger tougher breed of vampire and the weak vampires came and said Okay we'll keep you as our Guardians and have drunken disrespectful sex with you on occasion as long as you protect us from the Strogoi I'd probably respond with How about I protect you by keeping you in my dank dark cellar as my slave while I take over the world? Does that sound fair to you?It's just the way nature works FFS The pay off isn't anywhere near the sacrificeGuardian women either have to give up their children or uit have no income and become a blood whore those that feed the Moroi something that's looked down upon as beyond disgusting I'm sorry I vote for overthrowing the weak pissy Moroi and ruling over them as tyrants It definitely would be a feasible option with less likelihood of me ending up screwed overThe love story surprised me I spent the entire book up until the last few pages thinking it was extremely gross if not weird and awkward I didn't and I still don't feel any chemistry between the main two love interests They seem to be thrown together by the author with nothing real between them to make you think that they actually belong together The last part of the book redeemed a lot of that for me though with the encouraging decisions made by the male romantic leadOver all it's not a bad read if you're into teenage romances and school stories The School aspect plays a major role in this book particularly the politics of the average teen life For those who were immensely glad to leave high school behind this book may not be for you I like this series because everything makes senseUnlike other urban fantasy series featuring vampires cough Twilight cough It’s an old subject so I won’t dwell on it but let’s just say that there’s nothing terrifying about having your vampire body sparkle like you’re covered with diamonds It’s ridiculousBut this book isn’t I find the concept of having vampires be protected by guardians very interesting For once it’s the bad guys that need protecting—though they’re fairly okay all things considered You usually forget as a reader that they drink people’s blood until Rose mentions it If you’re hesitating between watching the movie and reading the book first pick the book and then watch the movie That’s what I did and I’m glad for it Because the movie is ABSOLUTELY ridiculous—almost like pretty Edward and his sparkly body But it’s somewhat self aware of its ridiculousness so I had a blast watching it with lots of popcorn in front of me Give this series a try if you’re looking for a good boarding school story with a kickass heroine—whose love interest is not the top guy at school—and vampires that can control magic Blog | Youtube | Twitter | Instagram | Google | Bloglovin’ If I let myself love you I won't throw myself in front of her I'll throw myself in front of you “Only a true best friend can protect you from your immortal enemies” This book is amazing I loved Rose and Dimitri I loved Lissa and Christian But I also loved Rose and Lissa Vampire Academy not only has mysteryadventure and great romance that we all love but it also shows us the power of the friendship which we don't see a lot in booksSo let's start from the beginningWe have 3 kinds of vampires1MoroiThey are good vampires who live and die like normal humans but they have fangs and they drink human blood they don't kill the person who drink from They can also use magic Each of them can use one of the four elements Earth Water Fire and Air Moroi are able to walk in sunlight but the sun weakens them and makes them uncomfortable 2StrigoiThey are bad vampires who are immortal and are made instead of born How you become a Strigoi? There are two options 1st if they force them to be a strigoiIf a Strigoi drinks blood from their victim and then forces them to drink Strigoi blood then you become a StrigoiThat could happen to humans Moroi and Dhampirs 2st way is to willingly become Strigoi but is only from Moroi If a Moroi purposefully kills another person while feeding then that Moroi turns into a Strigoi The Moroi who becomes Strigoi lose their magical abilities and they can no longer go into the sun They are faster and stronger than Moroi3DhampirThey are half human and half vampire A long time ago dhampir were born through the relationship between human and Moroi but in this time vampires wants to keep their identitysecret so dhampir are born through the union of a Moroi with another Dhampir They don't drink blood and they don't have magical abilities But they are a lot stronger and faster than humans They are protecting Moroi from StrigoiSo RoseDhampir and LissaMoroi are best friends who run away two years ago Rose has a one sided bond to Lissa which allows her to know Lissa's emotions and thoughts Which makes her the perfect guardian for Lissa But when they are forced back to their school Dimitri Belikov a handsome dhampir is assigned to be Lissa's guardian and when Rose learn how to be guardian she will be her guardian as well Dimitri also offers to mentor Rose in extra classes because she has to make up for the years she has lost So how was the bond created?Why the girls left from the St Vladimir's Academy? I had this uestions from the start Okay I don't know where to start1The bond between Rose and LissaAs I said Moroi can control four elements But Lissa has a fifth element the spirit With the spirit she can heal others What happen then? Rose died and Lissa brought her back to life When that happened it created a bond between them Lissa believed she hadn't specialized before she learnt that spirit existed Lissa also became depresseddid strange things and because of the bond and with the compulsion of Sonya's Karp Rose decided to run away with Lissa2Rose and DimitriThey are two strong characters They are both badasses warriors Rose has a crush on Dimitri who denies it Dimitri is so hard to read most of the time I didn't know how he felt for Rose I loved their training every single time When under Victor's Love Spell they confessed their feelings for one and other and nearly had sex in Dimitri's room but they broke away from the spell when Dimitri threw away the necklaceI was so excited in that moment Later they said that they could never be together because they were destined to be Lissa's Guardians 3Lissa and ChristianLet's start from that Lissa and Christian are a royal Moroi Lissa is the last from her bloodlineDragomir Christian is an Ozera but because of his parents' actions Christian was avoided as people thought he was likely to become Strigoi like his parents Christian and Lissa knew each other before Lissa left the Academy but had never talked to each otherUpon Lissa's return she discovered that Christian had begun to spend time in the attic where she had before she had left They began to share the space and became friends Christian soon fell in love with Lissa Rose who didn't like Christian told him that Lissa only felt sorry for him and so he began ignoring Lissa But later Rose understood the terrible mistake she made and she told Christian that she lied but Lissa reunited with her ex boyfriend But at the end of the book they were togetherChristian is my favorite character in the first bookHe is so funny and he is sarcastic in the entire book I loved it I also loved when he set Ralf on fire because he was mean to Lissa and Rose4MiaI hated her in the first book Because I have read all the books I can not hate her any but she did a lot wrong things and the most of all was to sleep with Jesse and Ralftwo Moroi idiots to get them to spread rumours about Rose She hated Lissa but at first I thought because she was jealous for Aaron but she hated her because she had a relationship with Lissa's brother and he dumped her5The bad guy was Victor DashkovAt first he showed us that he cared about Lissa but he wanted her to heal him from a disease that was slowly killing him He wanted to test her power first so he had his daughter Natalie I DID NOT SEE THAT COMING lay dead animals so Lissa could bring them back to lifeEventually he kidnapped her and forced her to heal him but RoseDimitri Christian and other guardians save the day Christian my baby almost died but Lissa healed him6NatalieI don't hate her She loved her dad so much that she become a Strigoi because her dad told her to I felt sad for her7I really liked Mason He is completely in love with Rose but she only sees him as a friend He is very funny and he is also protective of Rose especially when other males would insult her Okay I was wondering why I didn't remember Eddie in the first bookNow I remember BECAUSE HE HAD ONE LINE in the entire book That's not fair I gave this book 3 stars on my first read I raised my rating after reading and liking it on my second readAddition Why I think you should read VA instead of Covenant The before September 2010 I was a stubborn brat when it came to reading Vampire Academy Part of me honestly thought that a vampire series couldn't impress me after experiencing how oversaturated the genre had become with depressing and lackluster characters and stories Because of this I went into my first read of VA begrudgingly and with a bad attitude It didn't make any sense to me why so many people were rabid fans of this series I think I pre programmed myself to want to hate the books So I read the first book and ended up liking it But I still didn't see what the big deal was My review reflected the attitude that it was an easy read and somewhat entertaining but what was the big deal?Apparently there must have been something sparked because I started book 2 shortly thereafter and then found myself blazing through the rest of the series getting and addicted with each book The After September 2012 Two years later and this remains one of my favorite series of all time Even though book 1 had a few glaring errors each book got better by massive leaps and bounds The end of book 3 had me crying the second half of book 4 had me on pins and needles and after I finished book 5 I joined the crew of people who were throwing out theories about what could possibly happen in the upcoming release of book 6 Since then I've devoured the graphic novels and spinoff series Bloodlines featuring a cast of extras from the original VA books I had become obsessed Dimitri is one of my all time favorite heroes Period There is no one I've come across in my book reading history uite like Guardian Belikov He is bad ass and lethal He is loyal and honorable He is strong vigilant and protective He is the man you want to take home to momma before dragging him off to bed he is 24 and all man so I do not feel guilty about admitting this He is every characteristic that I'd want to see in a hero without being turned into an arrogant and controlling asshole like you see in so many books featuring a larger than life male leadRose is one of my all time favorite female leads What? Both the male and female in the same story are great? She is mouthy stubborn determined loyal brave and can also kick major ass If you ever wanted a friend who would go to bat for you Rose is your girl Rarely does a couple balance one another in a story Now this isn't to say that these two are an actual couple I will neither confirm nor deny that they end up together since another potential love interest does enter the picture in book 2 but the chemistry between Roza and Dimka is off the charts because they are able to challenge each other Oh but wait There's a complication Rose is being trained to become a guardian by Dimitri That's right they are teacher and student Now this isn't in the disgustingly creepy pedo way Rose is almost 18 and Dimitri is 24 Their values and ways of thinking often show them as euals than mentor and student so the lines become blurred But yesthis has the potential to become a forbidden and dangerous love storyif they ever allowed it go thereI'm not telling of courseFinal analysis from then to now My first read complaints were that I didn't understand why Rose was so down for the cause and had such unfailing devotion to the ruling class Even after going through a complete series read I still struggle with this even though I liked some of the attitude shifts in the later books Lissa didn't impress me back in 2010 She still doesn't impress me in 2012 I didn't recall book 1 having so much silly teen drama Because books 3 through 6 are focused so much on fighting and real life struggles outside of the school those are the memories I carry with me This is an extremely mature and sexy series for YA because of the older characters and content So I was surprised to go back and realize that book 1 read younger and sillier than the rest of the books It was still good In fact I appreciate it now knowing how much it set up the series so I'm raising my rating a full star Make no mistake though this is the weakest book in the series If you're unsure about book 1 keep reading because it gets INCREDIBLE from here on out The world building in the first 30% of the original book was overwhelming imo Initial info dumping is one of Mead's only flaws as a writer because otherwise she is a master at getting me to care about her characters regardless of seriesThe action and adventure balances the romance excellently I should have mentioned this earlier but this is not a paranormal romance series It is a high octane Urban Fantasy Expect adventures in every book The sexual chemistry is just a bonus but it doesn't choke out the fun aspect of the seriesI have no doubt now that this will stay in my top 3 series for a long time to come Re reading only cemented this for meOh my Dimka my Dimka Dimitri hovered over us alert and ready for any threat his body coiled to attack I felt safe with him beside usIn that horrible moment with him raging like a storm I knew why Mason had called him a godHe regarded me with utter seriousness like he always did I think you're beautifulBeautiful?You are so beautiful it hurts me sometimes Best Vampire Saga EVER Just that I dare anyone come and tell me otherwise It is funny witty the plots are amazing and the characters are great well maybe Lissa is not great but hey she is just the one flaw If you like vampire books you must read it If you hate vampire books you must read it What the hell whether you like or dislike books in general this book is a MUST HAVE Because I say so OK me and thousands of people just like me Twilight? What the hell is Twilight? So I said I wouldn't read this after being warned about 10 million times that they stop being worth the bother after book 3 I said it repeatedly earnestly and then I caved I mean what do you do when you've nothing ahead of you but a day at the library and when you turn arounddum dum dum there it is the internationally praised series that you swore you would never but then what if you felt different? how can you expect to deal with not finding out for yourself? So I guess I'm going to be the whole 'curiosity killed the cat' cliche when I get past book 3 not to mention the one about being a 'glutton for punishment'But as I've been told and as I therefore expected this first book in the series I've been putting off was really good I'm not surprised I liked the writing style seeing as I'm already a Richelle Mead fan after reading her Succubus series She uses traditional urban fantasy features like supernatural creatures and mythology but has a very chick lit feel to her books which I like My favourite hobby is to read about spunky sarcastic heroines who aren't afraid to express their sexuality I expected Mead to be somewhat vanilla in a young adult novel but she not surprisingly pushed the boundaries and made this uite a sexy novelIt's basically the vampire version of high school complete with bitchiness cliues and hot but obnoxious guys I also found it one of the best depictions of friendship between two teenage girls that I've read in a long time Rose and Lissa are simply delightful characters It did make me really want to read book 2 but I will be progressing with caution throughout I couldn't help myself I've been warned countless times and read reviews that talk about Mead's later failures with this series but I still had to find out for myself I'm annoying like that

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