Splunk: Enterprise Operational Intelligence Delivered

Splunk: Enterprise Operational Intelligence Delivered➿ Splunk: Enterprise Operational Intelligence Delivered Free ➶ Author Betsy Page Sigman – Oaklandjobs.co.uk Demystify Big Data and discover how to bring operational intelligence to your data to revolutionize your workAbout This Book Get maximum use out of your data with Splunk s exceptional analysis and vis Demystify Big Data and discover how to Operational Intelligence ePUB ´ bring operational intelligence to your data to revolutionize your workAbout This Book Get maximum use out of your data with Splunk s exceptional analysis and visualization capabilities Analyze and understand your operational data skillfully using this end to end course Full coverage of high level Splunk techniques such as advanced searches, manipulations, and visualization Who This Book Is Splunk: Enterprise PDF \ For This course is for software developers who wish to use Splunk for operational intelligence to make sense of their machine data The content in this course will appeal to individuals from all facets of business, IT, security, product, marketing, and manyWhat You Will Learn Install and configure the latest version of Splunk Use Splunk to gather, analyze, and report data Create Dashboards and Visualizations that Enterprise Operational Intelligence Kindle Õ make data meaningful Model and accelerate data and perform pivot based reporting Integrate advanced JavaScript charts and leverage Splunk s APIs Develop and Manage apps in Splunk Integrate Splunk with R and Tableau using SDKs In Detail Splunk is an extremely powerful tool for searching, exploring, and visualizing data of all types Splunk is becoming increasingly popular, as and businesses, both large and small, discover its ease and usefulness Analysts, managers, students, and others can quickly learn how to use the data from their systems, networks, web traffic, and social media to make attractive and informative reports This course will teach everything right from installing and configuring SplunkThe first module is for anyone who wants to manage data with Splunk You ll start with very basics of Splunk installing Splunk before then moving on to searching machine data with Splunk You will gather data from different sources, isolate them by indexes, classify them into source types, and tag them with the essential fieldsWith thanrecipes on hand in the second module that demonstrate all of Splunk s features, not only will you find quick solutions to common problems, but you ll also learn a wide range of strategies and uncover new ideas that will make you rethink what operational intelligence means to you and your organizationDive deep into Splunk to find the most efficient solution to your data problems in the third module Create the robust Splunk solutions you need to make informed decisions in big data machine analytics From visualizations to enterprise integration, this well organized high level guide has everything you need for Splunk masteryThis learning path combines some of the best that Packt has to offer into one complete, curated package It includes content from the following Packt productsSplunk Essentials Second Edition Splunk Operational Intelligence Cookbook Second Edition Advanced Splunk Style and approach Packed with several step by step tutorials and a wide range of techniques to take advantage of Splunk and its wide range of capabilities to deliver operational intelligence within your enterpise.