Return to Arkady

Return to ArkadyTomorrow She Would Be In Corfu Again Joanna Had Fled The Sun Drenched Island With Proof That Her Husband, Arkady St Vlastos, Had Been Unfaithful And She D Been Carrying Arkady S Child Now Arkady Was Back In England, Demanding Custody Of His Son And Forcing Joanna To An Agonizing Decision Either She Return To Corfu With Him And Live Under The Same Roof As His Mistress, Ilone, Or Arkady Would Take Her Baby Did Joanna Really Have Any Choice This is a marriage in trouble story, set in Greece, with a hero who is 14 years older than the h, and whose household consists of a teenage daughter, a beautiful cousin of his dead wife, and a housekeeper who may or may not burn the food according to mood No wonder the pregnant heroine ran back to England when the spiteful teenager told her the beautiful, infertile cousin was her father s mistress and he only married the h to have a boy to inherit all his worldly goods.The story begins a year later with the hero showing up at h s dingy bedsitter and threatening to take the baby away from her if she doesn t return to Corfu view spoiler The heroine does return The OW is still in residence The daughter is much nicer, but still managing to get herself into trouble with a Peeping Tom photographer The cook is still burning the food according to her mood ring.Eventually, change does occur when the hero finally starts to unpack why the h left he thinks it s because she was so much younger he had no idea about the cheating accusations and when the heroine decides she needs to cultivate her own interests photography rather than submersing herself in love for the hero There s a sub plot about the daughter and the Peeping Tom photographer that goes on to long And the OW is finally dispatched with little ceremony or reasons for her awful behavior , but those are small quibbles This is a solid story, but it lacks the banter and snarkiness of some of Jeneth Murrey s other works hide spoiler A marriage in trouble, reunion romance I love this trope and both hero and heroine were faithful Which is sort of a spoiler as the heroine JOanna suspects the hero Arkady of being unfaithful with Ilone who is a relative of his first wife and cared for his teenage daughter.It is a year since Joanna returned to England and now Arkady is back to collect his three month old son and incidentally his wife Of course she can t resist him but it takes some work and the clarification of some misinformation before things can head for the happy ending they deserve.For some reason I hadn t heard of this author but have recently collected a few of her books and have been enjoying them. Frankly, I didn t grasp some parts..perhaps because of the copy of the book or because i m a bookworm beginner or english is not my native language.Because of this, i didn t get whether the hero really loved the heroine and it felt incomplete. Boring The family character was wasted on this story and hero I don t like alpha Herod but this one was really boring man.

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  • Return to Arkady
  • Jeneth Murrey
  • 26 December 2017
  • 9780263750904