Markov Models: Master Data Science and Unsupervised Machine Learning in Python

Markov Models: Master Data Science and Unsupervised Machine Learning in PythonMarkov Models Are All About Learning Sequences A Lot Of The Data That Would Be Very Useful For Us To Model Is In Sequences Stock Prices Are Sequences Of Prices Language Is A Sequence Of Words Credit Scoring Involves Sequences Of Borrowing And Repaying Money, And We Can Use Those Sequences To Predict Whether Or Not You Re Going To Default In Short, Sequences Are Everywhere The Easiest Way To Appreciate The Kind Of Information You Get From A Sequence Is To Consider What You Are Reading Right Now If I Had Printed The Previous Sentence Backwards, It Wouldn T Make Much Sense To You, Even Though It Contained All The Same Words So Order Is Important While The Current Fad In Deep Learning Is To Use Recurrent Neural Networks LSTM To Model Sequences, I Want To First Introduce You Guys To A Machine Learning Algorithm That Has Been Around For Several Decades Now The Markov Model This Book Follows Directly From My First Course In Unsupervised Machine Learning For Cluster Analysis, Where You Learned How To Measure The Probability Distribution Of A Random Variable In This Course, You Ll Learn To Measure The Probability Distribution Of A Sequence Of Random Variables This Course Is Also Going To Go Through The Many Practical Applications Of Markov Models We Re Going To Look At A Model Of Sickness And Health, And Calculate How To Predict How Long You Ll Stay Sick, If You Get Sick We Re Going To Talk About How Markov Models Can Be Used To Analyze How People Interact With Your Website, And Fix Problem Areas Like High Bounce Rate, Which Could Be Affecting Your SEO We Ll Build Language Models That Can Be Used To Identify A Writer And Even Generate Text Imagine A Machine Doing Your Writing For You We Ll Look At What Is Possibly The Most Recent And Prolific Application Of Markov Models Google S PageRank Algorithm It Is Surprising That The World S Leading Search Engine Could Have Made Its Money On What Is Essentially An Undergraduate Linear Algebra Problem If You Think Markov Models Aren T Relevant To Your Life, Think Again Even Smartphone Autosuggestions Can Be Programmed Using Markov Models Amazingly, All The Technologies We Discuss In This Book Can Be Downloaded And Installed For FREE That Means All You Need To Invest After Purchasing This Book Is Your Effort And Your Time The Only Prerequisites Are That You Are Comfortable With Python And The Numpy Stack And You Know The Basics Of Probability A short introduction to Markov process of updating probabilities with new information Namely, the mathematical and programming model to do such a thing Short book but introduces to the reader how the concept and method work. Excellent and brief intro to markov models but falls short in code clarityThis was a solid quick start to understanding the fundamentals of markov chains While well written, code samples use shorthand and abbreviation making itdifficult to assign or understand Elements like clearly written semantic variable names and not using trailing dots for casting to floats could make the Samples seem less obfuscated and thus beapproachable.