The Unaccompanied

The Unaccompanied The Most Popular English Poet Since Larkin Sunday TimesAfter Than A Decade And Following His Celebrated Adventures In Drama, Translation, Travel Writing And Prose Poetry, Simon Armitage S Eleventh Collection Of Poems Heralds A Return To His Trademark Contemporary Lyricism The Pieces In This Multi Textured And Moving Volume Are Set Against A Backdrop Of Economic Recession And Social Division, Where Mass Media, The Mass Market And Globalisation Have Made Alienation A Commonplace Experience And Where The Solitary Imagination Drifts And Conjures The Unaccompanied Documents A World On The Brink, A World Of Unreliable Seasons And Unstable Coordinates, Where Odysseus Stalks The Aisles Of Cut Price Supermarkets In Search Of Direction, Where The Star Of Bethlehem Rises Over Industrial Yorkshire, And Where Alarm Bells For Ailing Communities Go Unheeded Or Unheard Looking For Certainty The Mind Gravitates To Recollections Of Upbringing And Family, Only To Encounter Unrecoverable Worlds, Shaped As Ever Through Armitage S Gifts For Clarity And Detail As Well As His Characteristic Dead Pan Wit Insightful, Relevant And Empathetic, These Poems Confirm The Unaccompanied As A Bold New Statement Of Intent By One Of Our Most Respected And Recognised Living Poets A Writer Who Has Had A Game Changing Influence On His Contemporaries Guardian Armitage Is That Rare Beast A Poet Whose Work Is Ambitious, Accomplished And Complex As Well As Popular Sunday Telegraph The Best Poet Of His Generation Craig Raine, Observer A quite stark and dark collection of poetry featuring a critique of modern life and austerity I do enjoy a collection of poetry every so often and I actually chose this Armitage collection to teach to my yr 13 class for their exams but I and they found it very heavy going There are some real brilliant poems here Thank you for waiting, Gymnasium, The Present, The Poet Hosts His Annual Office Christmas Party, Kitchen Window, Poor Old Soul, Nurse at a Bus Stop and Poundland All of the aforementioned a
I heard Simon Armitage read some of these poems at Hay , which is what prompted me to buy the book It also meant that as I read them, I heard them in his voice It is a very varied collection, lots of humour but some very bleak points t
Some of the poems in this collection made my synapses implode The range of Mr Armitage s voice is astonishing He can do opulent and sparse, bucolic and urban, Beowulfian and airport announcements, slapstick and death.I read over a
This is the finest poetry collection of a British master that I have read for years and I read quite a number from contemporary poets with a growing sense of disappointment at their lack of artistic courage verbal colour, and their narrowness of socio political focus.This group of stunning poems really rugby tackles body checks contemporary Britaindare I say England heaving down holding up to the unmerciless light such vital current issues as increasing urban squalor, milennial youth disillusionment cultural spiritual disintegration, in an unforgiving series of different verse styles, without ever neglecting age old poetic forms notions Simon Armitage radiates his deep affection for his native land pieces on his favourite northern wildernesses with their ancient, tribal echoessmall towns that have decayed from the inside the outside since the upheavals of 20th century progress et
Such is Armitage s skill and voice as a poet that there is pleasure, resonance, to be had even from poems whose meaning escapes me There are some of these here And some too that get away too completely And then there are those whose meaning seems completely clear and the words a joy Sad, wry perhaps To Do List featuring Donald Campbell was funny and then uncomfortable Poundland utterly, ut
This collection features a number of excellent poems from Armitage, such as Poundland , Last Snowman , and the eponymous The Unaccompanied , alongside a few others that are less arresting, and feel a bit like filler material Overal
Unmistakeable Armitage, with a number of poems about modern life alongside a number about wild British landscapes Some poems deliver themselves with a punch and a vigour Gymnasium, Thank you for Waiting, others resist easy interpretation, prompting a sense of one s own flaws as a reader in the thought That can t be it can it Sometimes poems shift around with incongruities and will need further research before yielding greater depths Reviewers linked this to a sta
I saw the advertisement for this book on FaberFaber and it had a video with Armitage reading the poem Thank You for Waiting I was immediately hooked The straight to the heart dissection of the current society, one of the most banal experience waiting in the airport transformed in a poem It is only one of the poems from this collection that really connects Another wonderful example would be The Present which won the 2010 Keats Shelley Pri
The Unaccompanied has all the verve and feeling that first drew me to the poetry of Simon Armitage in early collections Zoom and Kid There s a maturity of view in his new collection Armitage is now in his fifties that gives an intensity of perception and a sense of regret at the transitoriness of things that I haven t seen before in his work except perhaps in his long millennium poem Five Eleven Ninety Nine Some of the poems in The Unaccompanied are about places that I know very well
I spent a very enjoyable afternoon reading through this collection Whilst I feel that I need to go back and reread some of the poems, others I connected to immediately, such as The Present and Poundland Thank You for Waiting is such a clever poem Most of us have suffered the ignominy of being an economy passenger, standing around and waiting while those blessed with money or prestige make their way to relatively luxurious seats, making it easy to understa

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