How to Belong with a Billionaire Arden St Ives #3

How to Belong with a Billionaire Arden St Ives #3[Download] ➼ How to Belong with a Billionaire Arden St Ives #3 ➾ Alexis Hall – If you love someone set them freeI thought I'd be okay when Caspian Hart left He was a brilliant beautiful billionaire with a past he couldn't escape And I was just me an ordinary man lost in his own Belong with PDF/EPUB å If you love someone set them freeI thought I'd be okay when Caspian Hart left He was a brilliant beautiful billionaire with a past he couldn't escape And I was just me an ordinary man lost in his own life It would never have lasted It How to PDF \ should to Belong with a Billionaire Epub / never have happened Not outside a fairytaleAnd I am okay I've got my job my family my friends and everything Caspian taught me Except it turns out he's going to marry his ex boyfriend A man who doesn't understand him A man who almost broke him to Belong with eBook ↠ And I've finally realized it's not enough for me to be happy I need Caspian to be happy tooProblem is I've already done all I can to help him I've followed his rules and broken his rules and learned his secrets And he still won't believe I to Belong with a Billionaire Epub / can love him So now it's his turn His turn to fight and trust and hope It's time for Caspian Hart to choose me. Dying to read the final book If you value your sanity DO NOT read the preview chapters at the end of Book 2 I wanted to flung myself out of the nearest window 35 stars rounded upTo be honest I really really wanted this to be a 5 stars book I have read the first 2 books in a row finished the second book and read the excerpt from the third book and wanted to throw my iPad on the window I absolutelty couldn't put this one down I've read it in one sitting BUT it wasn't what I expected I wanted Caspian to grovel to fight for Arden's forgiveness and somehow he dissappointed me Not enough for me to forgive him We get many scenes with the secondary characters and all I wanted was for Caspian to admit he really wanted Ardy I didn't want his excuses I didn't really want his doubts So overall I enjoyed it but it was a little too detailed for me and the ending felt a little too fairytale for my taste NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO what is going ON in the rotten state of Denmark?????Update no 2 March 2018 com Your Orders | Your Account | comRelease Date ChangeWe have received new release date information for the item in the order below The release date has been changed by the publisher and we want to provide you with the updated release date We apologize for the inconvenience caused by this delay We'll keep your pre order open on your account and you'll receive a confirmation when the item is available for download As a reminder you can change cancel or view the status of your orders in Your Orders on comYour new pre order release date Tuesday February 5 2019Order DetailsOrder #D01Placed on Wednesday June 7 2017 Arden St Ives #3 sent me an email saying that my pre order was moved to August 14 2018That is a fucking long ways to go pouting The Story 3 Pants OffI am so disappointed in this book 😞 With the first 2 books being so excellent I was expecting great things but I felt like I got the same issues which should have been handled but it all just got left up in the airSo the blurb describes the book has being an epic conclusion and all I can think is that yeh it was epic an epic let downLet’s get into it1 Caspian Hart is an epic asshole He needs help and a school for adult babies because that’s exactly what he is a giant ass baby2 Arden 😫 absolutely no growth as a character He actually became even stupid in this last book3 The Story A mess an actual dirty in the house mess that couldn’t be cleaned up by the ending4 Arden and George That entire sexual relationship made me uncomfortable based on how it started oh you’re upset about losing your love You wanna fuck Almost all their sexual encounters sprouted from Arden being in some sort of distress HATED IT A beautiful friendship was ruined IMO and George who I really liked ended up looking predatory5 An assholepedophile didn’t get the throat punch he deserved this upsets me the most 6 This should have been called “How To Tell A Billionaire To Go Suck A Dirty Dick”Overall I don’t think anything was handled well and Arden and Caspian’s love is tainted in my eyes Maybe that was the point of the story that nothing ends perfectly even for a dude with lots of money but sue me I wanted A bitch is disappointedThe Narration 4 Pants OffA good job by Joel Leslie even though his Arden got a bit whiny at times still delivered on this great disappointment of a book 35 starsI’m not uite sure what happened hereI loved books 1 and 2 and it’s not that I didn’t like the last instalment of this series but I’m somehow left a teeny bit unfulfilled?But before I get to that I must say that as always reading Alexis Hall’s writing is pure bliss I love language and he certainly knows what to do with it His intelligent wit original metaphors expressive imagery and overall cleverness never fail to make me swoon linguistically Admittedly the references to English literature were a bit lost on me I’m not that way inclined but Thank God at least I got the movie ones 😁Arden himself can only be described as a real sweetie pie but one who’s also full of sass snark genuine emotions and able to stand up for himself I couldn’t help but smile at his usual socially awkward antics and his amusing self deprecating thoughts Arden makes mistakes he has his faults but when it comes to his heart he really shinesHowever Arden’s personal development and his attempts at living a life ‘after Caspian’ are very much at the centre of this bookWhich isn’t a bad thing or anything and he does make HUGE leaps in character development but I was really gasping to see what was going on with Caspian particularly after the ‘punch in the guts’ revelation the cliffhanger we were left with at the end of book 2 that happens in chapter 3But about 50% into the book Arden and Caspian have meet I think only twice And there’s very little movement on where they stand – Caspian being distant and cold and Arden still in love and heart broken Which is when my fingers started tapping and my patience was slowly dissolving into thin airInstead we get a LOT of Arden and George Ok I loved George and didn’t begrudge her the page time she and Arden got together Basically she is exactly what Arden needs at that point in time She is such a kind and wonderful person who gives him the opportunity the explore his submissive desires in a safe and accepting environment And yes I think I have to mention here that uite a bit of the scorching sex happening in this book is not between Arden and Caspian For those readers who are very infidelity sensitive it might be important to know there’s one incidence of cheating I do get why it happens and we get complete remorse at least on Arden’s part as we get his POV only but I understand that this might be an issue for some people Arden and his best friend Nik Not sure why we needed so much on page time with Nik as much as I like the guy One chapter in Boston would have been enough for me Arden and Caspian’s sister and female best friend Ellery Tbh Ellery started to seriously annoy me with her attitude and behavior She desperately needs therapy andor medication But what irritated me the most was the events about 50% Then there are further ‘diversions’ in the form of Bellerose and Finesilver Two undoubtedly interesting characters I would have been happy to find out about if they hadn’t been standing in the way between me and finding out about Arden and Caspian Not to mention the events around Arden’s father which felt a bit constructedI wonder if Alexis Hall tried to pack too much into this last book maybe there should have been one ? So while some of the events get a lot of detail others I would have liked to know about don’t view spoiler I would have loved to see some bigger reaction apart from the physical by Caspian to the Exhibition and I was really craving to see some evidence that Caspian was going to reach out to Ellery at the end hide spoiler caspian better have a prince zuko level redemption arc35 stars “Love isn’t earned Caspian It’s given”i read this series for exactly two reasons1 i like alexis hall's writing2 ardy is surprisingly charmingi did not read this series for the romance the sex caspianso obviously not being a caspian fan and knowing he and arden supposedly get their HEA i did not have the highest of hopes for this book but seeing as how the majority of this book was arden trying to get over caspian and making mostly healthy decisions i enjoyed it i know a lot of readers weren't happy with ardy moving on but i loved that and not just because i hated caspian so often romance protags lose themselves and fall apart moping over their break up and it drives me crazy arden focusing on work and friends and sex while still having mopey feelings was totally refreshing cry over your man but don't let it stop your life y'know?i am so proud of how grown up arden is he still makes mistakes but he knows how to fix them and if he doesn't he doesn't let pride stop him from getting help that is soo good to see in a character he's flawed but he tries and that's so importantnow the big uestion did caspian redeem himself in a way befitting a fire lord? well eh by the end of the book i didn't hate him but he was really only at the brink of starting his journey to self acceptance and recovery he still spent the majority of the book being a wanker and i know he was abused and i feel for him i do but that doesn't make him unaccountable for his hurtful actionsspeaking of abuse though i was thoroughly disappointed that a certain rapist and pedophile wasn't slowly eviscerated and left to writhe painfully to death that would have been so satisfying alas this wasn't uite that kind of bookso i liked the ending but it was really a beginning which means it felt unfinished there were many loose ends and i had uestions a little epilogue could probably have tied things up without spoiling the feeling the last sentence of the book evokedalso ellery deserved better than this book had to offer her A brilliant ending to a brilliant series It was not what expected and it worked perfectly in the end I absolutely love how the authors plays with romance conventions and turns them on their heads to make a contemporary ueer billionaire romance so much than a fantasy escape readI will be reviewing the whole series together some time this week For now I highly recommend itHere is my review of the complete series I got an ARC of the final book in the series so I binge read all three books in a week What an emotional journey this has been As usual I find myself lost for words when it comes to reviewing Alexis Hall’s books so this won't be a very elouent or coherent review I'm afraid I tend to have a very emotional reaction to his stories which makes my reviews personal than usualOn the surface and judging by the titles ans covers this is a billionaire mm romance but the I read the I saw it as a story about two people with troubled pasts find their ways to each other A bildungsromans of sorts for Ardy in particular but very much for Caspian tooThe story is told exclusively from Ardy's POV and I loved the easy flow and multitude of things going on that made me eager to keep reading in order to find out how it will endSomething Alexis Hall does really really well in my opinion is the creation of characters who feel real human with flaws and strengths And this was very much the case here It's not just Ardy and Caspian but almost every minor character was interesting and I got engaged in their stories I found Ardy so easy to relate to we see him navigating University graduation first serious job making new friendships and keeping close the old ones first attempt at a serious relationship And the pressure there was not because Caspian was a billionaire it was because of who Caspian is a trauma survivour riddled with guilt and shame refusing to accept his past desperately trying to be someone different than who he is It's a very emotional story both for Ardy and Caspian Lots of mistakes get made and it's one of the things I particularly liked int he story The way none of the characters are perfect and they don't always know the right thing to dosay but Ardy is very keen to listen and to learn Caspian is reluctant but still ready to make sincere apologies and amends for his mistakes Even Nathaniel whom I got hate at some point despite understanding the terrible position he found himself to be so even he is not malicious and only had the best intentions and is ready to admit he has been wrongmisguided in his approach to everything I want to say a few words how trauma is handled in this series It's not there for shock value or for tragedy p0rn it's presented a complex issue that needs professional handling one that affects the deepest corners of one's soul There is no easy way to deal with it and no magic peen can cure itOn that note I am very happy to say that despite the heavy emoptional content of the books none of it due to ueerphobia The issues the characters deal with have nothing to do with them being gay And the books are so effortlessly ueer it's a joy to read No token marginalisation no fetishising lots of ueer characters interacting in multitude of ways as friends lovers in professional capacity I also want to mention how much I loved Ardy's family and how important I found the episode with his biological father It was disturbing but also very much needed to show a different aspect of Ardy's personality We get a first hand look at how powerful manipulation can be how dangerous people like Ardy's father can be and how Ardy is noting like thatCaspian and Ardy spent most of book 3 apart they are both involved with other people they cheat on them It was a wild ride I cried and laughed and wanted to hug them and make it all better for everyone But I also see how they needed that time apart how it was important for them to work through their issues on their own before trying to be together Because we know they can be good together we saw that already in the previous bookAll in all I love how Alexis Hall takes apart the conventions of the romance genre and re arranges them to come up with an unforgettable romance It's nothing like I have read before yet it's very much a tropey swoon worthy romanceJust a couple of words on the supporting characters Ellery Bellerose Nik Nathaniel George they are all colourful and uniue and give this richness and depth to the world of the books The romance between Caspian and Ardy doesn't happen in isolation like real people they are busy doing other things while falling in loveOne of the most loving episodes in the series for me involves Ardy taking care of Bellerose It encapsulates everything good in this world together with so much of the bad in it It's about love and care in its purest formThe trilogy ends with the sweetest epilogue full of tenderness and promise It's the beginning of a long process for Ardy and Caspian of learning how to be together and be happy And it's why I read romance for this ultimate moment of hope love is possible happiness is possible the darkness can be defeatedCWs for the series Assault sexual abuse in the past attempted rape death of a parent in the past stalking and manipulation drug use car accident secondary character cheating panic attack unprocessed trauma Yeah noMy review of book #1My review of book #2My thoughts are so scattered here I already know I won't make any sense But basically all the things that I found issues with in the previous books that were manageable aren't hereFirst the elephant in the room not even for fucking Harry Potter did we wait than a year for the next book I just I couldn't care less about the politics behind publications As a reader that was shit And I can only be glad that Hall does warn readers about the huge cliffhanger at the end of Book #2 so we could decide not to read it until the series was complete Had I not been thoroughly prepared for that I would have cancelled Hall foreverSecond that prologue I'm just going to say it again complete and utter bullshit The exact thing I don't want to have in my romances other people's feelings like outside the couple or the people involved in the main goal relationship I mean And like dark And not in the sexy way It put me in a bad reading mood from the get goLastly everything elseI know that what didn't work for me isn't like realistic I'm perfectly aware that the book did a good job of depicting life It wasn't what I wanted at all And most definitely not what was expected from a series with the selling point of How to Bang a BillionaireBasically for me the book didn't deliver in emotionally satisfying the expectation of a well rounded HEA This book follows the MCs in completely different emotional paths Caspian is engaged to Nathaniel until the 89% mark of the book And Arden feels like crap for that exact length of the book and the relationships he forms elsewhere show how he overcomes thatHow to Belong is accurate Both Arden and Caspian most likely needed the mental health? journey to get to a point where they could realistically be together This book is about the growth they both go through separatelyFuck that shit I'm not here for thatPlus I kind of disagree with the conveyed message in How to Belong I find the notion that there’s nobility in forgiving those who have greatly wrong you abhorrent The story puts the onus of being the better and bigger person on Arden Instead of on Caspian which I don't give a fuck how many ways the background story is spinned around should have shuldered the burden of asking Arden to forgive himLook I’m not emotionally stunted so I get the point of like the complexity of this love story Except that that’s not at all what I expect nor want when I pick up a series about how to bang a billionaire If I had wanted to delve deep into the intricacies of human emotions and our different manifestations of love I would have reread Kundera or some shitI didn't want to read 200 pages of Caspian being all I don't want to hurt you so I can't be with you even though I'm hurting you deeply right now and meanwhile I'm also hurting the other man that cares for me and I care for him too and ooooooh the torture Caspian and Arden barely even interact with one another in this book I think there's dialogue between Arden and NathanielOh and huuuuuuuuge plothole view spoilerat the end Arden states that he won't be telling Caspian about what happened with Lancaster Steyne Except that then it makes no sense whatsoever that Arden could have found Caspian and Nathaniel in the secret über risué sex party He couldn't have known what where and when He would have been oblivious to it all Not to mention the crappiness of not telling Caspian for like his own good The most rubbish reason ever for anything hide spoiler Wow now the long days without Arden beginSpoilers ahead kind ofSo many feelings reading this last book The first thing that popped in my mind after finishing it was that somehow I've missed the moment the scene in which Arden and Caspian went from being separated to being together I felt like I've missed a piece of the storyI think now maybe I was waiting for some kind of climax or decisive cliche moment in which the two protagonists would look into each other's eyes and realize that they could not live without each other The truth is that in this story that moment took place practically at the end of the first book so waiting for that to happen in this one was a mistakeAs the author said several times this book is the outcome of the story of Caspian and Arden their HEA We already know they love each other they already know it tooThe book is about Arden growing as an adult; here we can see him much mature and sure about what to do with his life Caspian also has a long and hard journey in the book although this path we only see through Arden's perspective Caspian has to finally accept himself as he is and therefore accept that part of his feelings towards Arden aren't crooked or harmful for any of themThe book left me with a bitter taste due to the way Nathaniel's story was treated Despite his prejudices and ignorance he really loved Caspian The story is a bit cruel to his character he was simply a desperate man trying to hold on to the person he loved I hope some day we get to read his storyAnd ok I have to say it Wouldn't it be great for Bellerose to meet this other secondary character in the story in need of some english company in those Far Away Lands where he is recuperating from some health problems? Maybe I like to paired everyone but those two would be great together Nik isn't as straight as he so desperately wants to appear I thinkOh and Ellery and the lawyerand what about sexy George ??? So many amazing characters Alexis Hall Universe continues to grow and I love it February 21 2020I had fun reading it but this was not my favorite Alexis Hall story Mostly because of the second book where both Arden and Caspian pissed me off to no end And while reading it I was eual parts engrossed in it but also thinking omg enough with the melodramatic ominous statements and tell us what's your damage already ffsBut still I practically read the last installment in one breath and I loved their HEA so it must not have been that big of a deterrent to my enjoyment of it August 18 2019February 19 2019I'm waiting for this book to come out to read the whole series Been waiting for so long I forgot I already pre ordered it in OCTOBER 2018 glares at the release date

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