The Absence of Evelyn

The Absence of Evelyn[BOOKS] ⚦ The Absence of Evelyn Author Jackie Townsend – Newly divorced Rhonda haunted by her sister Evelyn’s ghost travels to an old palazzo in Rome to confront Marco the man who stole her sister’s heart—only to find out he’s vanished in the wake o Newly divorced Rhonda haunted by her sister Evelyn’s ghost travels to an old palazzo in Rome The Absence PDF/EPUB ² to confront Marco the man who stole her sister’s heart—only to find out he’s vanished in the wake of Evelyn’s death Meanwhile Rhonda’s nineteen year old daughter Olivia adopted by Rhonda at birth travels to the mysterious and lush waters of northern Vietnam where she’s been summoned by the missing Marco—a man she only knows from her parents’ whispers a man she has never met or seen Soon truths are exposed and lives unraveled and the real journey begins Four lives in all spanning three continents are now bound together in an unfathomable way—and they tell a powerful story about love in all its incarnations filial and amorous healing and destructive. I received this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review Unfortunately at a uarter of the way through the book I finally had to put it down and stop reading The writing to say the least is terrible awkward disjointed juvenile The plot well there is none The story jumps from here to there no warning no transitions And for the life of me I could not figure out how Rhonda ended up going to Italy All of a sudden she was thereand it only got worse The initial book synopsis sounded great unfortunately it just didn't come together for me I'm not uite sure how I feel about this book Mothers daughters lovers who are all flawed and make terrible decisions that will affect them the rest of their lives There are so many layers to this story that at times I was confused I think the author did a wonderful job though in bringing it all together to provide the reader with a somewhat satisfying ending Beautiful writing and I would like to read another book by Jackie Townsend I won this book from LibraryThing This story took me back to my trip in Hanoi specifically the Halong Bay cruise It was my first time to be on a cruise and I felt like big bucks There were just about 20 of us in the junk and we felt like we owned the boat It was only an overnight stay in Halong Bay after a tour of the floating villages pearl farm and the big cave in one of the islands We kayaked in tandem It was an amazing experience except for the fact that Halong Bay is not exactly as beautiful as in the pictures The water was not clear and there was even a smell which is not the same refreshing and revitalizing salty air you would usually breathe when at seaThe Absence of Evelyn is a story of familial love The love between sisters The love between parents and kids The love between mothers and daughters The story revolved around three women Evelyn Rhonda and Olivia Evelyn and Rhona are sisters Olivia is the adopted daughter of Rhonda The story will take you through the longing of Olivia for her real parents and Rhonda's getting to terms with the absence of EvelynI always love stories about women women's literature There is always this poignant display of emotions when you talk about women Our pain disappointments triumphs and struggles are always filled with intensity and drama I guess it has to do with us women being emotional beings We are drama ueens at some point in our lives and even if we try to downplay some of these emotions they still show and come up to the surface It's in our anatomy It's how we were made We were made to feel and exhibit those emotions We were made to share and spread these feelings out to the world We were made to feel deeply and passionately about a lot of things especially about things that we hold dear like family and friendsAt first I kept asking who is Evelyn and what she is in this story Then as the dynamics between Rhonda and Olivia was explained it slowly became evident the role of Evelyn in their lives She is the glue that held all the connections between Olivia Rhonda Carlotta and Marco With her absence it seemed that the link has been severed also Some of them were left drifting like Marco finding no reason to live Others like Rhonda became scared and fearful of the changes Olivia on the other hand was looking for that something to make her whole I liked how one Skype call changed everything It prompted the series of events that moved all these people into each other's orbit It propelled each person to reach out and in turn each one discovered what's the significance of the other It was like playing connect the dots It all starts and ends with EvelynThis is a very moving story of finding oneself To realize that the one thing you were looking for was right in front of you To find that there is someone or people out there who cherished the same things as you do and you have a common ground a connection that could never be erased by distance or time That knowing where you came from can actually lead to to finding the person you want to becomeI give this 45 junk boats I was not happy with the ending Not everything was resolved Marco should have done something to make up for his shortcomings and for the time that were wasted What happened to Marco's character made the ending incomplete All the other characters in the story had been able to find solace but not Marco I think it was so cowardly of him to not face his situation I think he should have been thankful instead of turning his back I wished there was a better ending for Marco I think he too deserved some measure of happiness and peace after all that he has been through She stood listening to the silence a silence so unlike the one she knew the desert dried up and hollowed out empty But this silence was different Full and lush and alive She felt strangely attuned to it the soft wind like a howling animal Jackie Townsend The Absence of Evelyn Thank you again Netgalley for the copy Rhonda Olivia Carlotta and Marco in life and now in death are all tied together by one person Evelyn In her absence they all appear to be floundering in search of something that will give them a sense of themselves It's only when they meet open up about how this one woman touched their lives do they all find what they've been looking for I know it sounds rather formulaic and even a bit sappy but in Jackie Townsend's hands it actually works and I enjoyed the book Thank you to Goodreads and Spark Press for a copy of this book in return for an honest review This started out a little slow for me perhaps because I found the character of Rhonda mom too flat and not relatable The story grabbed my interest when Olivia took center stage This is ultimately a story of complex family ties and the conseuences of our decisions While not a stunner this was overall an enjoyable read goodreads first readsI won this book via Goodreads and I loved it It was one of those reads that is uite the psychological thrill but also offers characters of depth and highlights the way our lives are connected to others It was beautifully crafted and written in a clean crisp fashion that kept me fully engaged This book was so good I loved the Italian setting and the plot kept me VERY interested I received this book The Absence of Evelyn by Jackie Townsend from BookSparks as the third book in their spring book tour It's Raining Books  Unfortunately for me somehow this book and another one fell to the bottom of a pile of books I had already read and reviewed and I never noticed it until I was cleaning the book cabinet to make room for  While I missed the BookSparks' tour I still wanted to share the books with readers so they'd know they could run out and pick it up for themThe Absence of Evelyn is the story of a mother daughter sister and lover and their four lives all connected by one woman's death  As the title suggests Evelyn dies and all the people in her world deal with how her loss touches each of themRhonda Knight's divorce is finalized just as she is turning 47 She seems happy  but the truth is that she's all alone and mourning the loss of her estranged sister Evelyn who died two years earlier Her children are all grown up and forging their own lives in the world including her adopted 19 year old daughter Olivia Rhonda has a mountainside mansion in the desert that she just wanders around in while haunted by her sister's memoriesWhile Rhonda heads to Italy to meet Marco Rossellini face to face only to find that he has vanished  Marco was Evelyn's former lover who stole her sister's heart and he has some of her sister's belongings At the same time Rhonda's daughter Olivia secretly heads to Hanoi so she can collect items left to her by her Aunt Evelyn  Rhonda arrives in Italy and meets Marco's daughter Carlotta and her mother both of whom share their stories about Marco In Hanoi however Olivia is spending time with Marco trying to learn answers to some of the uestions she has about her pastThe Absence of Evelyn is a well paced story and the characters are interesting  My only complaint was the use of alternating perspectives and the way it seemed so random Once the story was all laid out and I was at the end of the story I realized the alternating perspectives worked out just fine and it was a great story about a broken family trying to healI received a complimentary copy of this book from BookSparks as part of the It's Raining Books Tour in exchange for this post I was not reuired to post a positive review but I chose to do so because I enjoyed the book  Thanks so much The Absence of Evelyn is a human drama which explores people and their relationships with family lovers and friends It also focuses on grief and explores the multiple stages of grief that a person can go throughFrom early on in the story we meet our two main character Rhonda and Olivia who are mother and daughter Rhonda is going through the aftermaths of divorce from her husband and Olivia starts to feel some of its residual effects They are somewhat close to one another and also estranged at the same time They often don’t see eye to eye on the same topic and instead of really taking the time to listen to one another they just gloss over all of their issues It was really interesting to how the author presented this motherdaughter duo and how their relationship grew over the course of the bookAnother aspect of this book that I enjoyed was the theme of self discovery Evelyn’s death spurs this self journey uest for many of the main characters who are intertwined with each other Each of them goes on a literal and mental trip to confront their pasts face the truth and use their past mistakes to somehow move on to a brighter future Olivia wants to purse her true passion for acting Rhonda wants to stop relying on others for self fulfillment Carlotta wants to reconnect with her father and so on and so forth In moving on these trips help to move towards the futureLast but not least I loved all of the descriptive writing in the book It helped me to connect with the characters and their problems The travel scenes were written beautifully and I loved reading about all of the wonderful sights that the characters were experiencing in new and unfamiliar places The Absence of Evelyn A Novel by Jackie Townsend is a multi faceted novel of family loyalty and betrayal of sacrifice and selfishness of deceit and painful honesty Its characters are brilliantly talented and horribly flawed The novel deals with the tenacity of the human spirit and the frailty of the human psyche The genius of Townsend is her ability to delve into the human psyche and render each character believable Rhonda Knight stoic as she is in the face of divorce her sister’s death and her adopted daughter’s hostility shows signs of cracking under her tough exterior Olivia Rhonda’s daughter bratty hard straightforward hides a softness within her harshness Evelyn Rhonda’s deceased sister drives the narrative It is Evelyn’s death two years before the book begins that is the impetus of all that happens The choices of Evelyn’s past set events in motion that now with one unexpected phone call from Evelyn’s married lover Marco have come back to haunt Rhonda forcing her to come to terms with the secret she and her sister had kept for decades A secret when revealed will undoubtedly bring pain to many people especially the one person Rhonda has worked so hard to protectThrough both Rhonda and Olivia’s search for truth about Evelyn’s life and death they travel to Italy and Vietnam Each learning unexpected facts about the sister and aunt they lost Each return to Arizona with uestions than answers But where do those answers lie? It isn’t an easy journey for either And eventually each learns that the answers lie within themselves as all answers do This is one of those novels that stays with you long after you finish reading it

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