Blood and Lemonade (Hap and Leonard, #11)

Blood and Lemonade (Hap and Leonard, #11)✭ Blood and Lemonade (Hap and Leonard, #11) Books ✯ Author Joe R. Lansdale – Hap Collins is a complicated man He looks like a good ‘ol boy but his politics don’t match After way too many jobs Hap has discovered what he’s best at kicking ass Vietnam veteran Leonard Pine i Hap Collins is a complicated man He looks like a good ‘ol boy but his politics don’t match After way too many jobs Blood and PDF/EPUB or Hap has discovered what he’s best at kicking ass Vietnam veteran Leonard Pine is even complicated black Republican gay—and an occasional arsonist As childhood friends and business associates Hap and Leonard have a gift for the worst kind of trouble East Texan troubleJoe R Lansdale’s popular Texan crime fighting duo are immortalized in this collection of new Hap and Leonard short stories and tall tales Hap and Leonard Blood and Lemonade follows the exploits of the early years of these beloved characters Many of these intertwined stories appear for the very first time. Blood and Lemonade is a collection of tales of the early days of Hap Collins wrapped in a mosaic novel as Hap and Leonard drive around bullshitting with Bret Chance and each otherI get a lot of ARCs and it's always a treat when I get one I was dying to read anyway How could I pass up Hap and Leonard Blood and Lemonade?Using Hap and Leonard driving around and telling stories as a framing device Hap and Leonard Blood and Lemonade is a mosaic novel about the early life of Hap Collins Some of the stories are about Hap some are about Hap's father and Hap just narrates They're all told in the much revered Joe Lansdale styleAs near as I can tell I've only read three of the stories before although I could be wrong about that As a mosaic novel Blood and Lemonade works very well and does a lot to show how Hap and in some cases Leonard have been shaped by the events of their early livesLansdale's beer and tailgate style of storytelling gives him a uniue voice and feels like it was written specifically for my ears There is comedy fist fights and even some horror in the form of a ghost story showing the depth and versatility of Lansdale's styleWhile I wouldn't recommend this as a first Hap and Leonard or first Joe Lansdale book it's definitely a worthwhile read for anyone who is a fan of Hap and Leonard Four out of five stars I received a free advance copy of this from NetGalleyBest buddies Hap and Leonard have some time to kill so they end up sparring eating ice cream and generally farting around as they bullshit extensively about their pastIf this sounds like a trip down memory lane or a clip show episode of a TV series than the fellas having a new crime adventure then you’d be right because the idea of HL wandering around to some of their old haunts is just the framework used to string together some short stories about the good ole days which weren’t always so good Along the way we hear about their first meeting as well as the early days of their friendship and there’s a lot about Hap’s childhood and teen years with stories that involve his parents as well as good deal about racial issues Overall there’s some interesting stuff for HL fans and I’d only seen a couple of the stories before However by sticking to their early days we don’t get much of the what I love which are the guys bumbling their way through some kind of mess as they try to play detective and usually get themselves in a whole lot of trouble There’s still some crime elements to it but I gotta say that Hap ran across so many dead bodies in his younger days that he probably missed his true calling of being an undertaker They’re all pretty decent but it fell into a weird grey area for me where I felt like I was getting history than I really needed or wanted about the guys rather than another one of their hilarious adventures Somewhere along the line one needs to take a breath of fresh air and ask where one's line in the sand is The Joe R Lansdale book Hap and Leonard Blood and Lemonade only contains five new stories The book costs eleven bucks if purchased through and sixteen bucks plus postage if purchased from the publisher and so what does that mean? It works out to two or three bucks per new storyPersonally I had read all the older stories in this collection and I realize the purpose of publishing one's book is ultimately to line one's wallet or to buy a better brand of caviar What saddens me the most is that I like and respect Mr Lansdale's writing With this publication I feel like he is just asking me to bend over and take one for the teamThe joining pieces he has written to conjoin the stories together are weak at best Perhaps I am speaking out of school here to all the Lansdale fans and I am not giving up belonging to that group however it gives me pause to think Contents013 Parable of the Stick 2016 re written021 Tire Fire 2015 re written039 Not Our Kind2016 re written059 Down By The Riverside 2015 re written065 Short Night 2016 re written077 The Boy Who Became Invisible 2009 re written085 Blood and Lemonade 2017 First Appearance107 In The River Of The Dead 2017 First Appearance147 Stopping For Coffee 2017 First Appearance 163 Apollo Red 2016 re written177 Coach Whip 2017 First Appearance193 The Bottom Of The World 2015 re written207 Suirrel Hunt 2017 First Appearance223 The Oak And The Pond 2016 re written231 Afterword235 About The Author Hap and Leonard have come to grow on me They've burrowed into that soft spot of nostalgia that makes me think of being a kid and listening to my dad tell stories When I listen to Hap tell his stories in Blood and Lemonade it reminds me of sitting around the kitchen table listening to my dad tell stories about his childhood Granted there are about a 1000 miles between where Lansdale's tales are taking place in East Texas and where I grew up in southern Michigan but the settings have some amazing similarities and the era Hap grew up in coincides perfectly with my dad's storytelling of his childhood So yes I have a soft spot for Lansdale's yarns about Hap and Leonard But outside of that these are great little snippets in Blood and Lemonade Lansdale calls it mosaic storytelling and it's not told in any order You could read any of these short stories randomly and the impact would be the same They are the filling in the cracks that binds Hap and Leonard to our psyche It brings them to life and makes them seem like real people If you've never read any of the Hap and Leonard tales you could get away with making Blood and Lemonade your first one but I would recommend going back to the beginning If you've already discovered the magic of Hap and Leonard then Blood and Lemonade will be like sitting around with 'ol Hap by the campfire and letting him tell you tales of his childhood And he'll have your attention the whole night5 Co'Colas out of 5This ARC was provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewYou can also follow my reviews at the following links I’ve always enjoyed the oddball “odd couple” setup of Joe R Lansdale’s series duo Hap Collins and Leonard Pine Hap is a white leftist who went to prison rather than go to Vietnam; Leonard is a Vietnam vet whose aggressive demeanor is a product of growing up black and gay in East Texas Hap hates resorting to violence and using guns often trying to talk Leonard out of fights; Leonard has a short fuse the proverbial bull in a china shop who flies off the handle Somehow they became the best of friends starring in a long running mysterythriller series and a new TV show on the Sundance channel This collection brings together stories of their earliest years as a “mosaic novel” or “fixup novel” tying them together with a new frame narrative It’s a look back at how the two met showcasing their teenage friendship and some of the events that made a young Hap Collins into the man he is todayOn the one hand it’s nice to slip back into some familiar characters whose antics I’ve enjoyed for many a book but I worry things are starting to wear thin There’s been a steady stream of Hap and Leonard novels novellas and collections in the last few years not counting the fact that some like this one reprint older harder to find material I’m not sure I’d recommend this as a starting point for new readers despite its focus on Hap and Leonard’s earliest days—if you haven’t read Savage Season or watched the first season of the Hap and Leonard TV show I’d recommend you do so first to gain a full appreciation of the characters This book feels like one for the fans as it’s missing the things that make the series so well loved there’s a joy to watching these two get in over their heads forced to work their way out of rotten situations and unravel crazy mysteries Here it’s all nostalgia a trip down memory lane to the ’50s’60sI’d say that the best material includes most of the new stories “In the River of the Dead” is the closest thing in the collection to the average Hap and Leonard adventure a tale where the two teenagers go out fishing and find themselves held at gunpoint embroiled in a cocaine deal gone wrong that’s left a dead family and the drugs at the bottom of the river There’s some good excitement and action here a nice change of pace when most of the stories are contemplative dealing with a young Hap learning tough lessons about the world Take “Blood and Lemonade” where Hap and his mother try to help a poor black boy lost and alone; while they try to cheer him up and do the right thing they run into the social barriers erected by racism Or “Coach Whip” a kind of two sided moral fable about two snakes which teach Hap life long lessons via words of wisdom imparted by his fatherThis isn’t to say the old stories are bad but they hew closer to the small town slice of life meets coming of age variety “The Boy Who Became Invisible” is one I covered in the Hap and Leonard collection a year ago but it’s a poignant story that haunts me where one of Hap’s friends is bullied to the point where even Hap abandons him; this boy has his revenge on his bullies in a brutal finale “Apollo Red” is a flashback to a cocky young tough that tries to start a fight with Hap’s dad only to find out the middle aged mechanic is no slouch “The Oak and the Pond” is a mournful recollection of lost youth and the passage of time where Hap revisits the verdant forests of his youth and charts the “path of progress” that has left the area stripped of its natural beautyThere’s blood and bitterness a pean to the innocence of youth and the naivete we see when we look back at our childhoods as adults Because things were never uite rosy as we remember them being as the stories show dealing with bullying racism sexism and homophobia Even as Hap looks back at his past there are no rose tinted glasses with the rotten elements shining through just as clear as the good moments The stories capture Hap’s important memories—some powerful others poignant some a bit funny most a bit sad The stories in Blood Lemonade are all solid and entertaining if dark; they give a good idea of how Hap came together as a person the world he grew up in But that also makes it feel like a clip show filling in gaps so new fans are up to speed As mentioned I’m not sure it’ll appeal to newer readers since it’s a different speed than the usual Hap and Leonard fare and the hardest of the hard core fans probably own the reprinted stories Those in the middle ground who appreciate the characters and want to know about them will appreciate this the mostI received an e ARC from the publisher Originally posted on my blog I would like to thank Netgalley and Tachyon Publications for an advance copy of Hap and Leonard Blood and Lemonade a mosaic novel with episodes from Hap's youthI hadn't heard of the term mosaic novel before Mr Lansdale used it in his afterword but it is a wonderful description for this novel It opens with present day Hap and Leonard discussing current education policies and segues back into a memory from Hap's childhood to make Leonard's point As they go out for a drive it pulls them back down memory lane for a series of tales from Hap's youth in 1950s and 60s East Texas It is many years since I read Hap and Leonard but I always enjoyed the humour the defiance of stereotypes and the gleeful adventure of it all Sadly much of that is missing from Hap and Leonard Blood and Lemonade which I think has been written in reply to a television series and sets out Mr Lonsdale's vision of his character Hap Collins and how he came by his valuesObviously as this is mostly a first person narrative by Hap Leonard takes a bit of a back seat and there isn't the same amusing banter between the characters Also the episodic nature of the narrative makes it hard to get fully immersed On the other hand I found the scenes set in the 50s and 60s with their overt racism extremely well done and a timely warning in our modern times of how history has a habit of repeating itself It does not make for pleasant reading but is I imagine realistic of the eraIt was interesting to re visit old well loved characters and get an insight into their formative years albeit in a different format from their usual adventures I love the concept of this collection or novel in stories whatever but it's the execution that didn't really work Am I getting bored with Hap Leonard? Has the world changed too fast for them? Fighting evil racists and bigots is pretty much why they exist but it didn't feel like the guys were morally or physically challenged here They're just smugly plowing through waves of bigots and living on to tell the tale I understand that racism is still an issue today but these antagonist were so all one and the same that felt like zombies Nazis or any one of these token bad guys But instead of saying braaains or heil Hitler they say well you know what That word was said an uncomfortable amount of times I felt self conscious reading it in public transportationI feel heartbroken giving this a bad review because I really liked Hap Leonard at some point But this is a well if you don't like this book you don't agree with its beliefs type of book and you know while I think racism and homophobia are horrible I think self congratulating tales of crushing bigots are horrible and boring too It's not subversive and it's not exactly a notch on the ladder of progress either We need heroes like Hap Leonard today than anything but we need them to be pertinent and to fight the right enemy Another great entry from one of my favorites This one is in short story form and fills in some of the gaps in Hap's and Leonard's relationship but also has a few stories where Hap is only the narrator This is HL #11 and the author calls it “The Mosaic Novel” a novel that is not in order of events nor do those events roll precisely into each other The stories herein are about “the early life of one Hap Collins”I’d read two of these before but the rest were new to me “Tire Fire” was a special treat the first time HL meet And “Apollo Red” shows us what a bad ass Hap’s dad was and where Hap gets it from Actually many of these involve Hap's dad Bud and they are pretty dang good The whole book has a nostalgic feeling and it really made me feel like I was there It's a really well written bunch of stories even if you don't like the usual HL action packed novel This volume has a sweetness to it despite some of the sour subject matter It's good background information about HL mostly H but it's also good stories about the life of a poor boy growing up in East Texas Bravo Mr Lansdale As a big Hap and Leonard fan I was so happy when I received a copy from Netgalley in exchange for my honest review As Lansdale mentions at the end of the book this is called a Mosiac novel which is basically a string of memories with some thing stringing them together Basically it's a collection of short stories While the title says Hap and Leonard a good half feature stories with just Hap and cover Hap's life from about age 7 or 8 through 17 when he meets Leonard The stories with him and Leonard all take place when they are 17It was interesting to find out how they met and how their code was already mostly developed by 17 Not too surprisingly if you've read the other books just one even there's blood the bad than lemonade the good Too much so really While occasionally the right triumphs in the end most of the stories were pretty depressing and most people suckOn the plus side for younger readers Lansdale doesn't shy away from how brutal the south most of America really was to black citizens in the 50s and 60's and yes still is as we were rudely reawakened to in the last presidential electionI would not recommend this book to people new to the series unless they've watched and enjoyed the tv series which I have not because I don't think they'd appreciate the characters I only give the book an ok rating because I'm not fond of this format and short stories and because the stories were just too dark I needed a touch lemonade Hap and Leonard didn't triumph well just making it to their ages after their teens might be the ultimate triumph over the bad guy letting me close the book on a high note

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