When a Man Loves a Woman 2

When a Man Loves a Woman 2❰BOOKS❯ ⚣ When a Man Loves a Woman 2 Author Tumika Patrice Cain – Oaklandjobs.co.uk Jacuie remembered a time when she was once a tender caring hopeless romantic But happily ever afters and once upon a time fairytales proved over time to be just that – fairytales After what she feel Jacuie remembered Man Loves eBook ´ a time when she was once a tender caring hopeless romantic But happily ever afters and once upon a time fairytales proved over time to be just that – fairytales After what she feels When a ePUB ✓ has been “a lifetime” of true love eluding her she loses all hope resigning to live a single and loveless existence As time passes she shifts her focus choosing to concentrate on her career and makes the a Man Loves PDF/EPUB æ best of italoneGorgeous artsy and charismatic was the man who Jacuie’s eyes fell upon causing her heart to beat in a rhythm she’d forgotten existed Michael was than a Man Loves a Woman PDF or enough man to make her lose herself inside dreams a Man Loves a Woman PDF or of a future interwoven with the very fabric of all that defined the beauty of being in loveBut just like in fairytales there’s always something out of place For alas this knight in chocolate armor was twelve years her junior – an age gap that defined a cultural difference and a major problem for Jacuie’s overbearing mother Will pressure from family and other obligations turn their love into a nightmare Or can Michael and Jacuie tune out the rest of the world embrace the sweetness that they share and build a foundation that lastsIn book two of the series When a Man Loves a Woman A Love Divine is a story of hope accepting love embracing one’s personal truths and making no apologies for it. First and foremost I would like to Congratulate Author Tumika Cain for writing this vibrant and soulful piece pleasant read and hard for me to put down I truly enjoyed the simplicity of this novel A storyline filled with so much substance; embraced with real life issues The scenarios associated with friendships courtships and relationships were authenticThere's love joy peace anger hurt pain hope fear and so much captivated in When A Man Loves A Woman 2 A Love DivineThe beautiful full figured Jacueline Roberts is a 37 year old single woman; a successful administrative assistance seeking her muse She's been dedicated to Ariel Landers Incorporated located in Detroit for 15 years Jacuie is connected with loving friends and family she's very passionate about her religion and her beliefs have kept her groundedbut there's a few elements missing to complete her world of happiness Recently she's finding herself dreaming about this tall black man with a brilliant smile and long dreadlocks Who is this man Will these dreams alter Jacuie life forever Read to find out Not at all what I expected but a great novel anyway Loved the ending and the true love found between Jacuie and Michael Glad they found happiness and a family Felt much like reading a great Christian romance novel A Love Divine is a sweet calm love filled book with Jacuie as the star This book is a story of growth faith and love – lots of it It has renewed my faith and filled me with hope leaving a smile on my face as I finished this bookThis story is not just about Jacuie but it is also Jeremiah’s story I loved that fact that is a book that flows smoothly and guides without being preachy or condescending She is a confident self sufficient strong and beautiful woman and Jacuie wants for nothing except true love That she finds it is destiny I loved the way the author Tumika brought them together – totally like our Bollywood Indian movies True love will find a way indeedMichael is a young free spirited painter and handsome to boot He just made me drool with his charm sweet words and even sweeter manners a cool guy who is so hot When a Man Loves a Woman 2  When A Man Loves Woman 2 was an enjoyable read All the characters brought something special to the story and the message of love was very powerful Even though I love Jacuie Claire was my favorite character She was a lover of people and a lover of God Claire knew how to minister to JacuieJacuie was a beautiful person and I adored her personality I love that she was a praying woman  that she listen to the Lord and was obedient to Him Little Jeremiah was a breath of fresh air and made me smile whenever he would come on to the scene I really enjoyed him The only way I can describe Michael would be to say sunshine on a cloudy dayAlso there are other secondary characters beside Claire who bring life and flavor to the story They  will keep you engage and glued to the pages Jacuie is an independent 37 year old woman She's got a great job a nice place to live and very strong Christian beliefs She's a plus size woman wearing a size 24 and is shy and demure She cares about everybody especially Jeremiah the 6 year old boy who lives across the street Jeremiah's mother is Jadea too young mother who can't get her life together and is on drugs and consistently gets wrapped up with the wrong guys The story between Jacuie and Jeremiah is would constitute a novel unto itself But let's throw Michael into the mixMichael is a 25 year old artist and by chance meets Jacuie in a park He's immediately enad with her and paints a picture of her on the spot They hit it off in a good way but he doesn't ask for her phone number and when they part ways they leave it up to God to decide when or if they will meet againThis book is a romance in its truest form Jacuie and Michael fall in love and respect each other enough to hold out on the physical part of it until much later in the relationship They don't even kiss for the longest time They took their time and really got to know each other They supported each other in ways that a lot of married people don't even do It was really refreshing to watch their relationship unfold and grow all while Jacuie's life is taking on new meaning in different waysThis book is loaded with church scenes and many references to God none of which I minded and I'm not Christian Being a Christian was part of the very essence of Jacuie It made up a great part of her character I wasn't put off at all by this It reminded me that God is always in control and when things are going haywire and the problems seem insurmountable you hand it over to Him In the mean time just be thankfulI enjoyed this story very much I gave it four stars due to a few minor editing issues Other than that the writing was excellent the plot was steady and the characters were easy to care aboutI received this book as a gift A Love Divine tells the story of Jacuie a single full figured black female who must decide if she will grasp the sweet essence of life and love or fall prey to the enemy of dread and comfortWith the help of vivid dreams and memories of a not so distant past Jacuie recalls a period in her life when she was a delicate mindful starry eyed woman believing as some women do in fairytales Longing for the love of a man and child these desires manifest themselves in prophetic dreams With the man and baby just beyond her reach she shakes herself into the realization so often broached upon by single childless women that enchanted romances are mere fables and do not come true She accepts her fate of spinsterhood and resigns to live the characteristic life a single Christian woman where she finds solace in her friends and familyOne afternoon flawless and aesthetic Michael meanders into her life causing an unexpected paradigm shift Jauntily forging ahead Michael and Jacuie embark on an emotionally charged voyage buoyed by love selflessness naiveté and unparalleled faith While sailing through the wave of love filled bliss an unkempt little boy enters her life Yet just as in the fairytales of her youth something is a wry Having a life sprinkled with the love she has longed for Jacuie is not without woes and poor choices The essence of the story centers on listening to one’s authentic voice and believing dreams will come true uite often in women’s contemporary fiction readers find stories that are true representations of life and its adventures This story chronicles the love affair between an older full figured woman and her younger thinner lover This enchanted affair is the dream of many though enjoyed by few Presenting this couple offers a uniue perspective; however it is not uncommon to observe this union in urban romantic fiction This work neatly fits into the urban romantic fiction subgenre as it combines the best features of romance and urban literature Due to the taboo nature of premarital sex and the minimization of the institution of marriage it is disheartening to see this work classified as a Christian fiction Written for women this novel has brief moments where even a feminist would gag The sheer focus on having a man and family in order to experience completeness takes away from subliminal messages emanating from the pagesStructurally sound the story flows evenly The author strives on the surface to present alternating points of view for Jacuie Jade and Michael While this was a nice feature the story would have fared well in its absence Further we learn about each of the characters perhaps than is necessary for the story to evolve Yet this allows the reader to relate perhaps on a deeper level to the major and minor characters uite often women’s fiction seeks to shed light on popular issues Providing the story with an urban flavor Jade shares her story and plight Sadly she depicts a realistic picture at least for those familiar with the struggles of drug addiction and parenting at a young age The protagonist Jacuie is not uite as relatable Painted as a moral upstanding career oriented single Christian woman she is uite naïve and self righteous at times Conservative Christians may balk at the notion of an author taking a demure woman such as Jacuie and allowing her to betray her path of moral rectitude Nonetheless the novel shares a pertinent message all can agree upon Inspiration is not something you wait on; it is something you make The inspiration to “find your bliss” lies in knowing and going after that which you connect with and feel incomplete without Reviewed for the Sankofa Literary Society Book provided by the author or the publisher for review purposes Finally my loveRealizing that she was not really at peace with her life Jacuie embarks on a self discovery voyage Tired of making sure that everyone needs are met except for her own Jacuie enters into a relationship with Michael who is much younger than herself Jacuie also meets a young boy that she becomes very fond of The boy's mother Jade has had a rough life and she really doesn't know how to take care of him She's living on the streets and wherever she can lay her head She's being abused and using drugs leaving Jeremiah to basically take care of himself until he met Jacuie Jacuie realize somewhere along the road of self discovery that a family is what she wants and needs Take the journey with Jacuie and Michael to become one It was a journey that was filled with passion and betrayal A great read#Deanna's bookshelf# Put it in God's handWhen a man loves a women started off real slow it then picked up so well that I could not put it down until I completed it I love the way the author used the presence of God to intertwine the lives of the two women Everything happens for a reason and in god's time you have to lay your burdens down to him and trust he will take care of them for you This book came right on time for me I love the love story between the main characters and the kids so genuine and so much love I recommend this book Great job To the author When I finished reading When a Man Loves a Woman my thoughts and feelings were all over the place I wasn’t sure if I had finished reading a Contemporary Romance or a Christian RomanceHurt as we all know is real at some point in our lives we have all been there The love story between Jacuie and Michael although cute dragged on and on This was my first read by Ms Cain as well as the second book in series A well written story the gaps for me may be due to the fact I have not read book oneI will read a second book by Ms Cain Phenomenal Such a great mix of love and Christian Fiction The story line was well developed and flowed efficiently It definitely grabs you from beginning to end