A Tudor Tragedy: The Life and Times of Catherine Howard

A Tudor Tragedy: The Life and Times of Catherine Howard[PDF] ✍ A Tudor Tragedy: The Life and Times of Catherine Howard ✸ Lacey Baldwin Smith – Oaklandjobs.co.uk A biography of Henry VIII of England's fifth wife beheaded for playing Henry at his own game adultery At seven o'clock on the morning of 13th February 1542 Catherine Howard stepped out into the cold o Tragedy: The Kindle Õ A Tragedy: The Life and MOBI :¼ biography of Henry VIII of England's fifth wife beheaded for playing Henry at his own game adultery At seven A Tudor MOBI :¼ o'clock on the morning of th February Catherine Howard stepped out into the cold of the great courtyard of the Tudor Tragedy: The ePUB ´ Tower of London Slowly she was escorted across the yard and carefully helped up the steps of the wooden scaffold Only Tudor Tragedy: The Life and PDF/EPUB ² a small group of sightseers had gathered to watch the death of a ueen; there was no weeping no remorse only chilly curiosity The ax rose and fell a life ceased an episode came to an end The life and death of Catherine was truly a Tudor tragedy A mere teenager the vivacious and flirty Catherine Howard was an unsuitable bride for the elderly and fat Henry VIII Like most of Henry's wives she had come to his attention at court whilst lady in waiting to his fourth wife of only a few months Anne of Cleves Henry was soon besotted and came to adore Catherine his 'very jewel of womanhood' His head already turned by the year old Henry never consummated his marriage to Anne he divorced her and married for the fifth time on th July Lacey Baldwin Smith one of the finest historians of the Tudor age narrates the rise and fall of the most tragic of Henry's ueens the woman who dared to cuckold the king of England. AUGHOkay This book really frustrated me I picked it up because I thought it might be a sympathetic view of Catherine I thought the author was a woman based on the name and I thought a woman might be understanding Nope it's a dude and he is judgy as all fuck It was also published in 1961 so you know twice as judgy He calls her things like a silly slut and a frivolous idiot and I just Oh my god She was a child you asshole She was no than nineteen when she died She may have been as young as twelve when her music teacher abused her She was a child and she was thrown headfirst into a world she had no ability to understand thanks to her near total lack of education Do not complain about what you think are her personal failings when in fact she was still so young and so uneducated We will never know what she could have become and we will never know the woman she could have been Don't you dare dismiss her as an idiot when she was only a childAhem That said Smith really does have a talent for a good turn of phrase which is why I kept reading He also painted a really good picture of Tudor London but there are other books that do that as well Liza Picard anyone? Maybe read this if you really want to read 1960s Tudor scholarship but otherwise I really don't think it's worth anyone's time A good if curiously unsympathetic book on Catherine Howard I am disposed to have sympathy with the fifth wife of Henry VIII than this author Repeated references to Catherine as silly petty and vain get rather tiresome Perhaps Catherine was young and foolish but I see as of a victim of politics she had no defence against than a silly girl After reading Ives' Life and Death of Anne Boleyn where small comparisons are made between Anne's and Catherine's downfalls i realized that I didn't know very much about this young woman fifth wife of Henry the eight I had this book so I decided to read it and learn about her Catherine was very young when she married the king pushed by her family in the arms of a man that was now old fat and ill It couldn't have been easy for a twenty years old girl to find herself married to such a man to love him respect him and be faithfull to him She played her cards well in the beginning making Henry believe to have married a caste pure and sinless girl She fooled him well but eventually she loosed the grip on her behavior making coarse mistakes Problem is she surely was young naive and flirtatious but first of all she was unprepared to be ueen Where Anne had politics ideas religious ideals a vivid intelligence and strong ambitions Catherine lacked all this Anne was able to be loved by people who surrounded her Catherine wasn't That was perhaps her greatest lack Smith follow the events that bring her to her death putting us in the middle of sixteenth century politics alliances deceptions and court life I must admit I felt very sorry for her while reaching the end Sure she should have thought about what she was doing especially since she must have known how easily Henry got rid of people who disappointed him or lacked him respect so I can't say she was blameless nor very smart yet she didn't deserved what she got Smith also gives us a portray of the Howard family and he show us how they abandoned Catherine while she was falling in disgrace What a family I've found the last lines of the book very sad and hard to digest making me feel very sorry for this young woman despite her faults There is a certain inevitability in the tragedy that occurred but somehow one feels that the shallow motives the juvenile desires and petty and vain considerations of the ueen had little to do with the final calamity the end would have been the same history would have been unchanged had she never lived or died Possibly no worse verdict can be passed upon a human life Here in a twisted obscure sort of way lies the essential failure of Catherine Howard's life although she was caught up in the game of politics and was never a free agent the ueen never brought happiness or love security or respect into the world in which she lived This biography of Katheryn Howard under its original title of A Tudor Tragedy was the first I ever read Daughter of a younger son the Duke of Norfolk Katheryn was a first cousin to Anne Boleyn Katheryn's ascendancy occurred in less than ten months of coming to court But she fell less than two years later Why?First published in the 1960s Baldwin Smith's account is both rigorous and unsympathetic To this end some of Baldwin Smith's language can appear judgemental almost reactionary Here Katheryn is inconseuential with the characteristics of a juvenile delinuent Baldwin Smith doesn't paint the abused tragic girl we have seen recently How correct this account can be cannot be answered Katheryn left no real historical footprint Baldwin Smith was a fantastic historian and his account of Henry VIII is brilliant This biography is for those with interest in the subject It does act as a counterbalance to recent accounts This book was very interesting I love to learn new things about the Tudor monarchy and I was very interested in reading about Henry VIII fifth wife I feel that her brief reign as ueen is often a mere footnote in a lot of biographies This book goes over a lot of background exploring possible reasons for the tragedy of Catherine Howard's life While I enjoyed the background information I also wished there had been a little substance The lack if details concerning Katherine are not due to the author's neglect but the lack of historical evidence All together I would recommend this book to anyone who is interested in Tudor history but do not expect the romantic version of the story There’s very little to be said about Catherine Howard Her date of birth wasn’t recorded her portraits are all speculative and the one letter preserved in her hand is badly composed as it is reckless Lacey Baldwin Smith didn’t have much to add about Catherine herself that I hadn’t read in other sources but he did contextualize her life and the Tudor mindset in a way that made her rise to power and alarmingly rapid downfall fathomable His take on her was pragmatic—it was nice to read a biography of one of the wives that didn’t fall into maudlin romanticism—and at the end I felt exactly what he claimed speculators must have felt at her beheading only a “chilly curiosity” Enjoyed it This is the first real biography I've read of Catherineie one that is entirely fact based and not bordering on historical fiction And what was really fascinating was learning how little is actually known about her or her short time as ueen of England To fill in the gaps Smith supplements by talking about Catherine's family and giving context to the court and country in which she grew up But even with the added details it is still uite a short and uick but informative and worthwhile read ive never really read a historical book before but ive always been really interested in that sort of time period and Henry the 8th and his wives of all his wifes Catherine Howard was the one i knew least about and i found this book really interesting it was written in shortish chapters which made it uicker to get through alll in all i really enjoyed it and it took me less than a day to finish it I read this book first as a teenager a few decades ago and have kept it on my bookshelf ever since It's not only a wonderful careful thoughtful interpretation of poor Katherine Howard but is a great look at her entire power brokering family of the Howards who so carelessly exhibited her as a seductive tidbit to King Henry VIII and so hastily denied her entirely once her mistakes came to fatal light Even now the best book on this period after roughly 50 years The title of the book is a little misleading this is less a biography of Catherine Howard then it is an examination of the society and situations she passed through on her way to becoming ueenWith that in mind I'd recommend this book to those already familiar with Catherine Howard It's a fascinating insight into society and familial obligations in the Tudor times but don't expect too much information about the lady herself