Heart of the Winter Wolf

Heart of the Winter Wolf❰Ebook❯ ➣ Heart of the Winter Wolf Author Dani Harper – Oaklandjobs.co.uk Note from AUTHOR This book was revised and re released as Changeling Dream June 28 2011 by Kensington PublishingWas it only coincidence that the white wolf Jillian had depended upon for years in times Note from AUTHOR This book the Winter PDF Æ was revised and re released as Changeling Dream June by Kensington PublishingWas it only coincidence that the white wolf Jillian had depended upon for years in times of need to comfort her came back into her life at the same time that she met James Macleod the giant of a man with the pale blond hair and the look of a Viking James Macleod was a Changeling who'd lost everything dear to him in a single night of blood and fire Devastated by guilt and driven Heart of PDF/EPUB ² by grief he became a great white wolf and vowed never to walk as a man again until a small blonde veterinarian shook his resolve and his world Now James must remember how to be human and walk in his human skin again in order to solve a frightening riddle Who is this beautiful woman and why is his wolfen side hunting her. Heart of the Winter Wolf James Macleod's story has been updated and revised and was released in June 2011 as CHANGELING DREAM This is now the 2nd book in my new shapeshifter seriesThe first book CHANGELING MOON Connor Macleod's story was released in May 2011 by Kensington Brava The third book CHANGELING DAWN comes out December 27 2011 which features Kenzie one of the Macleod sistersAnd there's MORE to comeTHANKS TO ALL OF YOU for your wonderful encouragementsincerelyDani Harperhwwwdaniharpercom Genre Paranormal My Rating 5 of 5This was a wonderful read I liked the characters from the very beginning of the book James has been running from life to avoid his grief and pain Jillian is fiercely determined to live her life in spite of having had to overcome the trauma of a violent attackJillian was only 17 when a huge white wolf literally saved her life Now she is a 32 year old veterinarian who believes that her memory of the strength and warmth of the wolf helped her heal from the attack and has helped her to keep going in life When new dreams of the wolf signal a change to her she takes the risk to move clear across Canada to accept an unexpected job offer She is shocked but thrilled when she meets up with the white wolf from her past and her dreams She doesn’t understand why she keeps seeing the wolf in unexpected places but she is extremely drawn to the wolf and feels peace and safety when it is nearJames is a Changeling who has lived as a wolf for thirty years after a tragic loss and injury Now suddenly the wolf is becoming involved with a human woman James fears that being near Jillian will put her in danger but both his wolf and human natures seem to be compelled to be near her Since he doesn’t feel he can trust his wolf side to stay away he pulls his human side to the surface and has to re learn to cope with living as a human and dealing with the tangle of human emotions This book simply flew by There was a fine threat of danger threaded through the romance keeping the reader anticipating when where and how an attack would take place The love scenes were vivid and beautifully done The author easily wove wildlife history and facts into the story giving the feel that she had done her research well This book has all the elements of a solid wonderful romance a strong intelligent heroine a tortured hunky hero a solid love story a threat of danger and a HEA Interesting secondary characters too so maybe stories to come Beautifully written shapeshifter romance The writing is well crafted and the story is sweet and true about healing and second chances The wolves call themselves Changelings here and can turn someone with a small scratch or bite All of them in this story are peaceful one's a veterinarian another a sheriff another a farmer and the antagonist a bitter old human who commits double homicide at the beginning of the book and anticipates a werewolf staying in wolf form out of grief for 30 years As I said this book is amazingly well written and I am looking forward to readin by this author I absolutely loved this story from start to end i could not put it downHeart of the Winter Wolf I was an emotional washout going through the trials and tribulations of Jillian Deschame and James Macleod the two main characters as they find one another through the most unusual of circumstances and places or so it may seem A love story that knows no boundaries a fantastic read that i will most definately recommend for all you fellow book lovers This is a really good book I loved it There is another Changeling book due in 2011 and I will buy it immediately