Princess Lila Builds a Tower

Princess Lila Builds a Tower[Reading] ➼ Princess Lila Builds a Tower By Anne Paradis – Princess Lila lives in a beautiful castle and has everything she could ever desire—well almost She yearns to venture beyond the forest explore her country and meet people her own age But the forest Princess Lila lives in a beautiful Builds a MOBI î castle and has everything she could ever desire—well almost She yearns to venture beyond the forest explore her country and meet people her own age But the forest is off limits Resourceful and ingenious Princess Lila sets to work building a tower Princess Lila Kindle - to catch a glimpse of the forbidden land Thus begins a thrilling adventure she becomes the manager of a vast construction project involving an impressive number of materials obstacles and solutions At last with the help of the castle’s staff she constructs a tower that extends above the trees Lila Builds a eBook ↠ After the plucky princess takes matter into her own hands will she find what she was looking for. This is a cute children's book with charming illustrations It started out leading in a Feminine Mystiue direction Why does this princess who has everything feel so unfulfilled? What transpires is a plan for the princess and her staff to build an observation deck so that she may see the forbidden world beyond her castle For a child's picture book there is some genuine suspense to see what will happen next and what she will find there I won't ruin the surprise for you This is a very cute story and the princess is very kind and has all of the good role model ualities that I expect parents would appreciate I think it would be a fun book to read to young kids I'm not sure if there is an overarching moral to the story or not I would say something along the lines of taking matters into your own hands and Look before you leap but there's no leap here as far as I can tell It's not necessarily about the journey or the destination as far as I can tell But that's a grown up's analysis and this is a book for kids I think it would be super intriguing for kidsThank you to NetGalley and the publisher for providing me with a copy for review Princess Lila Builds a Tower by Anne Paradis Princess Lila Builds a Tower by Anne Paradis is a cute story about a princess who had everything except freedom to go outside her castle into the forest She starts plans to build a tower to view the forbidden land At last with the staff of the castle she is able to build a tower that reaches above the trees It is written for ages eight and up I gave it four stars I received a complimentary Kindle copy from Chouette Publishing CrackBoom Books and NetGalley That did not change my opinion for this review It is in pre order status so I could not leave a review on or Barnes Noble Link to purchase This book was much shorter than I anticipated however I look forward to sharing with my granddaughters This is a wonderful book of seeing your goals and making them happen As the young princess wants to see beyond the walls of the castle she makes plans and follows them to accomplish her goal Great motivator for young girls I was provided an e copy of this book through Net Galley and the publisher While I did admire Princess Lila setting and achieving a goal I thought she kinda came across as a brat that would do anything to find a way around just doing what her parents told her to do Princess Lila Builds a TowerBY Anne ParadisRating 4 StarsThis is a nicely told story about a princess yes another princess story but it is that It also portrays a life lesson about cooperation and working together planning and determination in a way that even a young child would be able to understand and grasp The story is short which enables the child to stay focusedThe illustrations are the icing on the cake and will definitely hold a child’s attention for than a few seconds The ending has a nice surprise too that will be sure to please every childParental Note This story opens the door for discussion about working together for a common goal and seeing something through to the end I would recommend this story for children ages 3 to 7 I have received an electronic copy of this book from the publisher and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review This in no way shaped or influenced my opinion of the book I would like to thank Chouette Publishing and NetGalley for this opportunity I like that the princess wants to build a tower so that she can see over the places she is not allowed to go I like that this book focuses on a girl who wants to build But that being said I don’t care for it I don’t hate it by any means There is absolutely nothing wrong with it That being said it's just not one I would purchase It is probably a combination of an overly long story and while the illustrations are nice they don’t reach out and grab you Note I received a digital ARC from NetGalley in return for my honest reviewPrincess Lila is a princess who had everything in order to be happy and yet she wasn't She lived in an enormous castle had all of the material things a princess could hope for and servants to take care of her every need But she wasn't allowed outside of the walls of her castle and she had no friends I don't know about you but I wouldn't be so happy in that situation eitherSo begins the story of Princess Lila in the new book by Anne Paradis CrackBoom Books May 2017 She tries a variety of ways to get past her parent's rule about not leaving the castle grounds and still seeing the world outside the walls until she decides to build a tower with the help of one of her tutors The tutor is thrilled as it will involve architecture geometry and mathematicsWhile still staying a princess Lila designs the tower and becomes project manager overseeing its construction Her dream of seeing into the distance finally comes into fruition and she even manages somehow to see to another distant castle where a young boy has a similar tower to do the same goalThere was something wonderful about this story although I will admit to not understanding how a nameless boy off in the distance could be considered her new friend What I did find engaging however was that a the princess needed than just being coddled she wanted to see the world around her and b she followed her dream devised a plan and brought that dream to lifeIn a world of helicopter parents it was good to see that Lila refused to be held back Lila also highlights the fact that living in isolation is no way to live even if you have all of the basic comforts of life a life without love and friendship is a life half livedPrincess Lila is a great twist on the common princess story She is a modern day princess who is intelligent and knows that if she wants something done she has to be a part of the process A great book to encourage young girls to do than just look pretty I love fairytales and am always on the look out for retellings splintered fairy tales or fairy tales where gender roles or stereotypes are challenged or subverted In this story a princess decides to take her destiny into her own hands – she may have long blonde hair just like the stereotype but she is not going to wait for a prince to save her In fact she is going to use all the resources she has – books and people – to solve the problem of her isolationJust look at the fact that she’s holding a hammer on the cover – Lila is a determined princess who isn’t afraid to muck in alongside her team to achieve her goalI liked the messages in this book that we cannot exist in isolation and that problems can be solved as long as we put our heads together consult some books and try try try againWhat I liked Princess who takes control of her own destiny – no sitting around waiting for a prince education being seen as the way to solve problems and books as repositories of knowledge Lila studying engineering and architecture using them to achieve her aim I liked her perseverance when things went wrongEven better if It is fine as it is but I had uestions – why can’t she leave the Castle grounds? Why are there no other children around? What happens next? I couldn’t see Lila being satisfied with just a tower anyHow you could use it in your classroom Could discuss stereotypes of princesses and towers – perhaps compare to Rapunzel Could also look at image of princesses – do they all have blue eyes and long blonde hair? Why? Could write predictions or seuels – what will happen next?Thank you to Netgalley and CrackBoom Books for my review copy Princess Lila really wants to see what is outside the castle walls and she really wants to make new friends Her parents will not let her leave because it is too dangerous so she has to think up a way to stay in the grounds but see beyond the walls This is a great story showing kids how to problem solve and that problems usually have than one solution The illustrations are beautifully done This would be a great story time book that could be accompanied by a craft maybe a popsicle stick tower or even a spyglass Note I was given this book by the publisher It does not affect my opinions in this review This was a good book it shows strength determination and goal setting it was only missing it's fun factorI would read it to my kids but that is about it

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