New York City Monsters

New York City Monsters❮PDF / Epub❯ ✅ New York City Monsters ❤ Author Anne Paradis – Do you know New York City The City So Nice They Named it Twice attracts people from all over the world—even little monsters Did you know thatMonsters are masters of camouflage who can easily hide in Do you know New York City The City So Nice They Named it Twice attracts people from all over the New York PDF/EPUB or world—even little monsters Did you know thatMonsters are masters of camouflage who can easily hide in plain sight They lie low among the dinosaur bones in the Museum of Natural History go incognito in Times Suare and even pay a visit to Lady Liberty Have fun spotting them all as you explore some of the Big Apple’s most iconic landmarks and sights. What a delightful way to piue the interest and engage young children in a discussion about New York City In the style of Where's Waldo children are encouraged to look for eight monsters one on each page of the book New York City Monsters text by Anne Paradis and illustrated by Lucile Danis Drouot takes us on a tour of Times Suare with its bright city lights plethora of visitors double decker tour buses and traditional hot dog stands We view dinosaur skeletons at the American Museum of Natural History and the ice skating rink at Rockefeller Center The full saturation illustrations are amazing The monster reuest provides an opportunity to count in descending order supplying a math lesson as wellNew York City Monsters is a fun book to read before a city trip to revisit the city experience or to learn about a city different from one's city village or hometown An excellent resource for parents and teachers alikeThank you Chouette Publishing and Net Galley for the opportunity to read and review New York City Monsters New York City Monsters is a fabulous book by Anne Paradis It is a search and find book so on each page you have numerous monsters to discover hidden within the illustrations it does tell you on each page how many monsters you need to findThroughout the book you get to visit Brooklyn Bridge Times Suare Rockefeller Center Ice Rink Thanksgiving Day Parade plus many places of interestThe book is filled will beautiful brightly coloured illustrations drawn by Lucile Danis Drouot They really capture the essence of the city and the popular tourist attractions withinYoung children will have so much fun with this book Older children won’t find it too boring or babyish for them either as some of the monsters are uite difficult to find it too me uite a while to find a few of themWhether you have been to New York or not or are a fan of the city or not this book is extremely enjoyable and well worth five starsReviewed by Stacey on wwwwhisperingstoriescom Monsters in New York City Yep and they just happen to like all the same destinations as us humans This book is a great travel guide for kids It makes New York City interesting and fun Great illustrations and pretty well hidden monsters Not to mention it is an interactive book that helps kids be perceptive as they try to find all the monstersNote I was given this book by the publisher In no way does that affect my opinions This was cute and would be perfect for introducing NYC's highlights to children especially if they were going to be visiting soon The monsters were all uniue and oftentimes funny but I just wish there was an answer key or hints included at the end as there were actually a few monsters that I couldn't find Adorable search and find book with some of the Big Apple's most famous landmarks I must admit some of the cute little monsters were hard to find Great activity for kids who have been to NYC or are going there This was a sweet book in which the reader has to spot monsters hidden in different locations around New York City I enjoyed the illustrations although I would have preferred if the book was longer therefore including locations That said the big tourist locations were all mentionedLocations and events included The Statue of Liberty Times Suare American Museum of Natural History Central Park Zoo 5th Avenue the Empire State Building Brooklyn Bridge the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade iceskating at Rockefeller Center and Grand Central Station The monsters were uniue and hidden at different levels of difficulty I spent much too long trying to spot the final monster in the American Museum of Natural History and began to worry that I was going to be stumped by a book aimed at children Sometimes they are right in front of you and you don't even noticeThis would be a great book for any children traveling to NYC for the first time I would recommend it for traveling in November December than other times of year as two of the ten spreads are dedicated to events only held towards the end of the year Bright landscapes of Noo Yawk are interspersed with info bubbles and monsters for you to find in a Where’s Waldo fashion Some are pretty tricky like the one dressed in a business suit on the street Toward the end I missed some much to my everlasting chagrin; some three year old is bound to find it and make my embarrassment complete One of the reasons that I like these books is that they have a format They always include places to see animals places to go shopping something of historical significance a type of museum and then a culturally significant area They are all the same but at the same time they are as uniue as the city that they are visiting Title NEW YORK CITY MONSTERS  Series Monsters Search and Find BooksAuthor ANNE PARADIS Illustrator LUCILE DANIS DROUOTGenre CHILDREN'S FICTION TRAVEL ACTIVITY BOOKSLength 22 BOARD BOOK PAGES Release Date MAY 16 2017Rating 5 OUT OF 5 STARS Let me start by saying that the illustrations especially the monsters are absolutely adorable and spot on The goal of the reader listener is to find 6 8 hidden monsters within the illustrations as each page spread explores one of New York City's famous landmarks Landmarks included in the text are the Statue of Liberty Times Suare American Museum of Natural History Central Park zoo 5th Avenue shops the Empire State building the Brooklyn Bridge Thanksgiving day parade floats the ice rink at Rockefeller Center and lastly Grand Central Station Although I understand the book is for beginners and of a seek to find book I wish the author could've included a little bit depth or backstory of the landmarks included I think other readers tourists planning to make a trip with children to NYC would've also enjoyed to see some fun facts or a bit of narration I received an ARC via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

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