EDITING The RedPen Way

EDITING The RedPen Way[PDF / Epub] ✅ EDITING The RedPen Way ⚣ Anne Rainbow – Oaklandjobs.co.uk Anne Rainbow RedPen mentor explains her tried and tested approach to self editing Writing as Jenny Lawson Anne is an established and traditionally published non fiction author and editor After 35 year Anne Rainbow RedPen mentor explains her tried and tested approach to self editing Writing as Jenny Lawson Anne is an established and traditionally published non fiction author and editor After years in the publishing world Anne turned her attention to the challenges facing fiction writers Aware of the uphill battle and frustrations experienced by writers who received rejection slip after rejection slip Anne set up her RedPen EDITING The PDF/EPUB or group in the late s Her objective was and still is to help budding writers to learn how to edit their own words and therefore to maximise their chances of having their stories and novels accepted for publication Now with writers choosing to self publish Anne is making her self editing RedPen system available to a wider audience In the indie publishing world it's sensible to hire an editor before going to print but a writer who can self edit will benefit from lower editing costs With her simple three task system Anne shows how EDITING The RedPen Way can become a SMART specific measurable attainable realistic and timely route to a polished manuscript And she makes it sound fun. Anne's 10 step editing process is very useful The book is brief and packed with useful information I once thought I was decent at finding errors when reading stuff I have written but this short book opened up a whole new world of improvements and ways to launch my manuscripts farther than I could have taken them before I'm almost excited to start going over my current work in progress to see what areas I can improve Lots of great information packed on every page Anne is the RedPen Way she’s greatAnne that is a excellent book for me as a Indie writerGreat tips and excellent classroom skills to enjoy and apply to my own self publishing journeysYou can’t go wrong hereShe also tells you the tricks and trades of writing in Scrivener I write in Scrivener for windows and am anxiously awaiting for windows 3 edition of Scrivener to come outAnne offers continuous training and updates on most any writing situation She’s available to you in various applications so there’s no excuses not to follow her and her trainingI highly recommend herThank you Anne Editing the RedPen Way This is the most concisely written book about self editing I've ever encountered The steps are simple and easy to follow getting you up and editing your work uickly and accurately Now if only of the self publishing authors would read this and start using the method there would be fewer one star reviews bashing authors about spelling and grammatical errors This book was well worth the price A rare thing a useful and accessible book that shows you how to edit your writingThis book doesn't tell you how to write it shows you how to edit It can be read in less than an hour but can lead you through weeks of productive enhancement of your work I've tried The Red Pen way and my work is better for it A great resource for writers uite basic I was expecting some detailed self editing insights not broad advice like Find your voice or Checkif your tense is suitable to your plotI give 4 stars because the end of each chapter have some useful uestions to ask yourself but I doubt someone will really be able to do a proper seld editing just by reading this book Very helpful to compartmentalize the self editing process I will use these tips for my own editing process Interesting techniues Some I think I can use some not so much An aid for very rough draftsHelpful guideline to use if you dont know where to start Good style and guidance on a simplified way T Very comprehensive a definite must for anyone wanting to write