The French Revolution 1789 1799

The French Revolution 1789 1799❰Ebook❯ ➩ The French Revolution 1789 1799 Author Peter McPhee – This book provides a succinct yet up to date and challenging approach to the French Revolution of 1789 1799 and its conseuences Peter McPhee provides an accessible and reliable overview and one which This book provides a succinct Revolution 1789 PDF ✓ yet up to date and challenging approach to the French Revolution of and its conseuences Peter McPhee provides an accessible and reliable overview and one which deliberately introduces students to central debates among historiansThe book has two main aims One aim is to consider the origins and nature of the Revolution of Why was there a Revolution in France in Why did the Revolution follow its particular course after When was it 'over' A second aim is to examine the significance The French PDF \ of the Revolutionary period in accelerating the decay of Ancien Regime society How 'revolutionary' was the Revolution Was France fundamentally changed as a result of itOf particular interest to students will be the emphasis placed by the author on the repercussions of the Revolution on the practives of daily life the lived experience of the Revolution The author's recent work on the environmental impact of the Revolution is also incorporated to provide a lively modern and rounded picture of France during this critical phase in the development of modern Europe. Was way too condensed and had way too much information packed into one book Not for a beginner in the French Revolution Perhaps would have been easier to understand if I had know a little about the French Revolution in the first place However I knew next to nothing and everything brought up and touched on in the book was new to me and so imagine reading about 4 entirely different stories on each page each involving multiple characters Was just difficult It is a good book for an initiate to the history of the French Revolution McPhee takes a social approach dealing with uestions of peasant participation war emerging political ideologies women's role and environmental impact The book gives a survey of participation in and opposition to the Revolution by people living in various parts of France rather than focusing simply on Paris It also brings to fore different expectations by different social classes across time and space rather than discussing solely the Enlightenment and the ruling groups of the capitalIt is condensed approach is accessible and enriched with a list of further reading in English A great book I read it as a part of Coursera’s “French revolution” course and I found it very informative very easy to read and understand the video lectures made it even easier to remember many of the details As an absolute beginner in the subject the book helped me grasp the main background of the events that I can now find my own way through other books about the subject with no big difficulty I'm not clued up about the French Revolution so this book was useful to me as an overview of the main events and issues I don't feel ualified to make a judgement about the uality of the scholarship but I did feel that the writer had included a wide range of opinions about social and cultural aspects as well as the role of women which seemed to me interesting and informative Excellent overview of the French Revolution the economic social and cultural factors and a survey of various modern interpretations and controversies offering a sympathetic and nuanced appreciation of the revolution and its continuing significance Read as the textbook for my French Rev subject at uni which was funnily enough taken by McPhee himself Great book Comprehensive and very easy to read —even for non academic readersI read it along McPhee's MOOC on French Revolution This is an interesting book about the french revolution i found it to be a good complement of other books i have read on the matter I think the book is well reasearched but it uses the data inconsistently across the length of the book The chapters about the old regime and the social and economic reasons that led to its fall are the ones i enjoyed the most In them the author uses detailed research to place the reader in 1787 89 France and explains why the revolution came about I think that as the book progresses the strenght of the narrative weakens and certain aspects of the revolution are not dealt with as much emphasis as they should On the second half of the book i found myself skipping pages several times as details were either too deep and did not add much to the narrative or some key aspects of the revolution were fastforwarded by the author ie how Robespierre came to power This is a short book that helps a lot if you have read other authors and want to fill in some gaps but if this were the only book i had ever read about the revolution it would have onlly left me semi knowledgeable about this topic I'm a year 12 studying revolutions and as far as easy to read and understand historians texts this is the best It is easy to understand and compared to the other major French Rev historians McPhee is the most interesting and also modern so you're not only having to try to comprehend what the french revolution was about but also what the historians from 150 years ago were talking about D Despite only purchasing the book for uotes I read it cover to cover because it was actually really interesting I also felt like the book was written simply for taking uotes Every second line is a viable uote that not only provides information about events but also illustrates McPhee revisionist opinions Speaking on behalf of a VCE student this book really is fantastic Detailed and uite easy to read McPhee gives a broad overview of the revolution and analyses its impact on French society Packed with primary sources that help add context although McPhee's focus on the big picture means he doesn't really spend much time looking at the characters of the revolution like Robespierre Danton and Marat The final chapter's discussion of historiography is essential for anyone studying the revolution Overall an excellent read that provides a solid primer to the French introduction

The French Revolution 1789 1799 PDF/EPUB È French
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  • The French Revolution 1789 1799
  • Peter McPhee
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  • 14 April 2016
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