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Arthur – After his parents kicked him out for being gay Marc Villegas lived on the streets before getting a second chance Now he's giving back by working at a shelter for LGBT teenagers—because helping fight After his parents kicked him out for being gay Marc Villegas lived on the streets before getting a second chance Now he's giving back by working at a shelter for LGBT teenagers—because helping fight their demons keeps his own at bay Including his infatuation with the former best friend he's sure is straightAnthony Romano hasn't seen Marc since Marc left home eight years ago In his confidant's absence Anthony turned to heroin Now at rock bottom he has an offer from Marc to help him get clean Detox is hard and ugly but not as hard as admitting Say It PDF/EPUB or the truth he's in love with Marc Always has beenMarc swore he'd never date an addict but he never dreamed the one in uestion would be the man he's always wanted to be with As the two explore their feelings for each other Marc faces a difficult choice Say yes and it could cost him his sobriety; say no and it could cost him his heart. Book 2 of Arthur's latest series was an entertaining read but I must admit that I preferred book 1 Come What May a bit than this storyAt 24 Marc has been sober for nearly 5 years having overcome homelessness prostitution and his battle with shooting up heroin then co founding an LGTB homeless shelter with Tate from book 1Former high school soccer star Anthony Marc's ex best friend also had his life upended when Marc was kicked out of his home at 16 for being gay Without Marc Anthony was lost and ended up turning to drugs as an escapeAfter an 8 year separation Marc rescues Anthony from the streets and helps Anthony kick his own heroin addictionThis story expectedly felt much serious and somber than the first book with Marc's big secret as to why he's so closed off and hates to be touched keeping his friends along with the reader from really getting very close to himMy biggest issue with this story was the lack of a physical connection as I'm a sucker for cuddle time and tender touches Yes Marc's been abused so I understand his aversion to hugs comforting your partner and such but I'm still not a big fan of books with physically and emotionally withdrawn MC'sWhen the former best friends begin to date once Anthony has 6 months of sobriety under his belt earning back some of Marc's trust they do get physically intimate; however those scenes still came across as a bit distant in this story especially compared to book 1Also toward the end of the story the Drama Llama did make a brief appearance with Marc view spoiler hitting Anthony twice then throwing the lowest verbal blow of all at Anthony followed by a shouted Get the fuck out of my house hide spoiler I wanted a bit from this book liked it but sadly didn't love it I really enjoyed the whole group of characters but Marc actually annoyed me with his whole frantic lack of trust his no touching and then his off the charts reaction to bad news I just felt he over dramatized everything and for me it was wearing thin Anthony was a pretty good character and the love of Marc's life but again I couldn't uite buy into his story This story just dragged a bit for me so many dramas so little romance 35 stars We first meet Marc in Come What May where he and Tate are co founders of All Saints House a shelter for at risk LGBT youth Marc is the moody lonely uiet guy you just know has a dark secret something that explains why he is so committed to the homeless shelter and All Saints' missionAnd while Marc's backstory is compelling the story of Anthony and Marc felt predictable two childhood friends one comes out and is discarded by his loving family onto the street; the other remains home to mourn the loss of his best friend Life deals each of them a bad hand and they meet years later only to realize they have always loved one anotherThe arc of Anthony's rescue and ongoing redemption keeps the story interesting and Marc and Anthony's love for one another is tender and true In Come What May I loved how Josh came to terms with his love for Tate In Say It Right Marc is so closed off and so tightly wound with some pretty big triggers that breaking through to that love was a difficult and sometimes slow moving process While the ending brings Marc and Anthony to that hard won HEA the whole fundraising subplot seemed a bit too long winded and unfocused But I completely understand that your mileage may vary so if you liked the first book in the All Saints series give this book a read and let me know if I'm off base And as an added bonus if you've read AM Arthur's Belonging series you'll get to catch up with Ezra Donner and Alessandro from that series I received an ARC from Carina Press via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review Review also posted at Gay Book Reviews check it out 35 Second chance StarsSay It Right is the second book in the All Saints series and each can be read as a standalone All Saints is a homeless homeless shelter for LGBT teens and Marc is one of the founders of this inner city non profit A homeless teen himself years ago he knows what it's like to be turned away from his family society because of his sexual orientation When a knock comes on his door and he's confronted with a face from that past 8 years ago he's forced to decide whether to take in his old high school love friend or turn him away for fear of falling back into his old waysIt's been a long eight years since Marc left Antonio's life back in high school Homeless and addicted to heroin Antonio thinks he's hallucinating when his sister and Marc pick him up off that abandoned gas station floor Can he clean up his act for a second chance with his game changer Marc?I've read a fair amount of MM books from AM Arthur always promising readers both angsty plot and steamy romance This book albeit on the surface was a great second chance romance I felt it a bit long winded and monotonous I think cutting the length by 25% would've actually given readers a bigger 1 2 punch but long drawn details of secondary characters and such tended to muddle the waters and lesson the emotional connection for me I still enjoyed it however it's not my favorite book from this author AM Arthur delves uite deeply in the subject of drug addiction in this love story Not only for the addict but for the people who love them The mistrust and day to day struggles for all involved to stay true to the commitment to not use drugs and to rebuild trust in the user It's not sugar coated here and AM Arthur did a nice job with the realistic nature of that daily struggle We also get uite a few glimpses of previous heroes within her past books I look forward to within the All Saints series Advanced copy received by publisher via NetGalley in exchange for my honest review SAY IT RIGHT is just as good as the first in the series It has a bit of a darker tone but an unputdownable readAnthony and Marcos were the best of friends from elementary school all the way to high school When Marc came out to his family he was kicked out onto the streets Marc and Anthony weren't able to keep in touch and he really was all alone doing what he had to do to surviveFast forward years later and Marcos is clean off the streets and running a shelter for homeless LGBT teenagers He's built a life for himself he can be proud of But when Anthony re enters his life things get a bit turned around for himAnthony didn't handle Marc's leaving too well and ended up on the streets as an addict When Marc finds him he helps him get clean and stay clean But trusting is hard for Marc especially since he has his own addictions and burdens to carryI really loved them together and the way they helped and balanced each other They had to re learn each other and how to be best friends The only difference is this time their feelings are known They know they love each other but have to hold off Make sure Anthony really is on the road to recovery before starting a romanceI understood and respected the waiting but the wait was a painful one Marc and Anthony had so much chemistry and tension I was so ready for them to move forward with their relationship When they did they were really great together so totally worth itBesides the romance there's a lot to love about this book There is lots of time with Tate and Jonas from the first book and a whole list of loving and supportive secondary characters Anthony's journey to recovery wasn't all about Marc he really went out and made a difference for himself and othersI really hope there's for this series I've loved both books so far and would jump at the chance to read I was able to finish this as I got ready for work this morning WoohooI had to be in the right frame of mind to read this story My first attempt I couldn't get into it so I switched to a different AM Arthur book This isn't an easy story It deals with being rejected by family and kicked out on the street for being gay being homeless drug use prostitution and violent gang rape If you don't like high angst and drama in your books you won't like this one as it is very heavyMe? I love drama and angst so this was right up my alley ; I was sad to hear about Anthony and Marc's history and how Anthony felt he had no other choice but to turn to drugs to numb his feelings That's true of too many people in this world I was happy to see that Marc was willing to give Anthony a chance If Anthony can stay clean for 6 months they will go on a date High incentive for staying clean right? Anthony did have a hard time detoxing and he had temptations but he did not want to disappoint Marc They were going to have their dateThis was a drama filled story but with also filled with love and hope and friendship They care about each other and Marc is finally able to trust someone enough to tell him how bad things really were for him on the streets It's why he helped create the shelter for LGBT kids he doesn't want anyone else to suffer what he didIf you are a fan of book 1 and AM Arthur you know what to expect I enjoyed it hurt for all the characters and cheered their successes Great story and I can't wait to read book 3 I don't want to spoil it for you so that's all I have to say A solid 4 stars Say It Right is the second story in AM Arthur’s All Saints series all about the staff who work at a teen LGBT shelter Some of them including the hero of this book Marc have personal experience with the difficulties encountered by many teens when they come out to their family With backgrounds of addiction and dependency working the streets and surviving day to day most of the teens who come through the shelter and the adults who work there have had their share of hardships Yet the author manages to take this background and still create an uplifting story with a sexy and heartwarming friends to lovers romanceWhen Marc came out to his family they kicked him out Not only did he lose them but he had to leave his best friend Anthony an aspiring soccer star with whom he’d been friends since they were young boys Marc’s experience on the street was grim but with the help of a former priest Father Davis who worked as a drug and alcohol counselor he got clean and sober Father Davis helped him get an electrician apprenticeship which led to other home repair skills and odd jobs and he was able to give back by getting a job with All Saints House When Anthony’s sister comes to Marc for help Marc is shocked to find out that after he was gone Anthony spiraled into depression and addiction himself With a heavy heart Marc is able to find Anthony and get him off the street Bringing him home to his house isn’t the best plan but it’s the only one he has for the man who used to be his best friend But Marc has an ultimatum for Anthony – he’s got to get clean or get out He can’t afford to backslide into his own addiction problems He can help Anthony but it will take a long time for him to trust him As Anthony pulls himself out of the mire he finds things to look forward to Marc is part of a supportive community and they are willing to help Anthony too As Anthony’s life improves he is able to reveal the truth to Marc – that he is bisexual and had feelings for Marc in high school And Marc has his own truth – that he’d secretly been in love with Anthony in high school too Can these two young men find healing and hope with each other?I’d read the first of the series and really enjoyed it so I was looking forward to Marc’s story having been introduced to him as a secondary character in Come What May In this story we get a fuller picture of the difficulties he’s faced and how far he’s come with the help of friends especially Father Davis who saw beneath the addiction to the strong and capable man underneath It’s admirable that Marc is willing to work at All Saints House after his own personal experiences but it’s his way of paying it forward Having Anthony around again is both a blessing and a curse The man Anthony is now is not the boy Marc once knew And Marc can’t afford to ruin all the hard work he’s done for his own sobriety But as Anthony gets over the initial withdrawal and Marc can see the effort he is putting in to stay clean the other thoughts come back The ones about the attraction he had towards Anthony as a teen When Anthony starts to act and appear like the person Marc knew and confesses his bisexuality it’s easier to think of starting a relationship with him But Marc is smart He sets a time limit of 6 months for Anthony to stay clean before they’ll go on their first official ‘date’ The result is a slow burn romance between the two as they share their thoughts feelings and experiences They become intimate but as friends not as lovers It doesn’t mean there aren’t a few slip ups here and there but the wait is definitely worth it There are some steamy scenes between them as Anthony’s life is finally moving in the right direction and Marc can admit to himself that a future with Anthony could be in the cards I really enjoyed seeing how Marc and Anthony coped with the challenges of rebuilding their friendship and a relationship The story is told from both points of view and it was heartening to see Anthony take control of his life once again As well the circle of friends and support that surround Marc and Anthony add some lighthearted and amusing scenes The situations come across as very realistic and despite the serious topics I didn’t find the story depressing or melancholy Rather it’s a testament to human strength and compassion as these two longtime friends find each other again and start to build a future togetherThis review appears at Straight Shootin' Book Reviews a copy of this story was provided by the publisher via NetGalley for review Say It Right is a dark heavy gritty book exactly what you'd expect from characters who are both drug addicts This book wasn't easy to read and the struggles the characters face are heart wrenching but it's so so worth it I loved this book for everything that it had the potential to be but wasn't it wasn't too angsty the characters were not tortured or made to face hard to believe struggles and it wasn't dramatic We met Mark in the first book in this series; along with Tate and a third partner they opened All Saints LGBT shelter that helps keep homeless LGBT teens off the streets Mark has a dark past that was hinted to and we know he is HIV positive but Mark is a very closed off individual and not much was revealed about him Mark became a homeless teen after his parents kicked him out for being gay; this seems to be a freuent topic in MM books and something that unfortunately happens too often in real life Mark lost his family his safety and his best friend Anthony Tone who's very straight and who Mark has been crushing on for years After a couple of years spent on the streets doing whatever he needed to keep himself fed and alive Mark got a second chance He stopped using drugs stopped drinking and bettered his life the best he could but the scars run deep and certain things are hard to forget Anthony hasn't seen or heard from Mark since he left home over 8 years ago Mark's absence was something Anthony couldn't deal with because Mark was the most important person in Anthony's life and without him the truths he had to face were too harsh Anthony turned to heroin to forget and numb the pain and became an addict that two stunts in rehab couldn't help Now Mark and Anthony's sister find him on the streets and Anthony gets a second chance he intends to grab with both hands and never let go Being with the man he's always wanted is not going to be easy and Mark makes it clear that Anthony needs to prove himself worthy of his trust and has to stay clean of drugs I loved how the characters interacted with each other; their relationship takes a long time to flow from friends to lovers and that's so understandable all things considered; I truly expected nothing else because anything else wouldn't have worked Both Mark and Anthony are flawed and each has a ton of baggage from the past but they're written so beautifully and seem so real you can't help but be fully invested in their relationship and lives and root for them all the way to the endWhat I love most about this series is the awareness it brings to the situation homeless LGBT teens face every day how many struggles they go through and how much even a little bit of our contributions can help This book makes you want to do something to help reach out to others contribute in whatever means you can be it by volunteering or donations There's this feeling of hope that I'm not used to getting from Arthur's books; little things that happen like Anthony beating his addiction and bettering himself a homeless teen being accepted back into his family friends helping each other and having each other's backs make this book light and hopeful even during the dark and heavy timesI stand by my statement I've made after reading Come What May that this is the best series Arthur has written so far I'm looking forward to the next book I think it's going to be amazing I received a copy of this title to read and review for Wicked Reads 3 Stars Say It Right shouldn't be read as a standalone being that it is the second in the All Saints series Yes some series are easy to read as a standalone but the connection to the past book is necessary in the overall enjoyment of the read The same cast of characters are shown and their presence keeps the reader rooted in the storyAM Arthur is known for writing emotionally shattered characters with tortured backgrounds and back stories and the two MCs of this novel are no different Marc is one of the founders of an LGBT homeless shelter for youths after being tossed out of his home at 16 by his abusive father and battered mother As a recovering addict with dark and traumatic emotional wounds he won't allow anything to jeopardize the life he's built Anthony is a drug addict caught in its vicious web at the start of the novel He'd spiraled out of control after his best friend was tossed out of his life only to reconnect 8 years later Say It Right is a journey through addiction and emotional trauma done in a mature compassionate manner I have to be truthful in my review especially when it involves such hard hitting subject matter While well written and accurate the pacing was one of the slowest I've read making it difficult for me to stay interested I read Say It Right over the course of a few weeks reading a chapter or so a day I was never gripped by the story never compelled to continue forth After the 3rd or so chapter I knew how it would play out How there would be a lull where the MCs got along well then miscommunication or a breach of trust by using would break them apart then they would come back together again I was frustrated while reading to the point I was able to put the book down and only the due date on my review looming had me picking it back up again PacingPacing many scenes of everyday nothingness that didn't propel the story forward while waiting to the end of the book to offer a reward to the reader for sticking with the story Since this was 100% character driven with no true threads of conflict besides addiction and relationship building the reader needs a payoff earlier or else it feels dragged onIt's obvious from page one the MCs will get an HEA together so waiting nearly 300 pages to give the reader a taste is the epitome of drawn out But for me there was no tension so I didn't care when they finally did I understand than most the aversion to touch but I wish this would have been dealt with earlier in the book as it's nearly 80% into a long book before a connection is made I don't just mean sexual but hugging holding hands altogether touching through connection The MCs touching working through Marc's reason for not enjoying it would have anchored the reader to the couple instead of creating a sense of disinterestThings needed to happen sooner in the novel with a real resolution to their issues being foundI worried it was my mood but my mood would have changed over the course of many weeks This is a shame as the storyline is compelling the subject matter is important but the pacing dragged it down to the point I no longer cared about the character or what was happening Some of this may be because everyone is so wounded everyone is so broken to the point there isn't enough pages to make sure everyone gets help Not truly The only voice of reason was an 18 year old high school senior wishing to study psychology in college Why are there no therapists in sight? There was a scene near the end of the book that I wish would have happened at the midway point and then the events should have been fully explored instead of written away with an ILY Real life angst where real issues could have been worked through This scene also felt out of place out of character featuring many forms of abuse on Marc's part Mental and emotional abuse by treating Anthony as lessor in their romantic partnership by calling their home MY home as if Anthony had no rights to it as if he's a guest in Marc's life instead of forging a loving partnership together Physical violence by touching Anthony with the intent to injure and harm Even if Marc was in the throes of a fight or flight reflex he should never be written awayBoth characters were wounded but that doesn't erase their bad behavior As a survivor of domestic violence it gutted me to see Anthony write it away with compassion while altruistic and selfless this removes boundaries and any self respect Anthony has for himself and any respect Marc had for Anthony because Marc wasn't being held accountable for his actions It bothered me during the entire novel how no one until the ending of the book cared about Marc's mother and siblings being abused by his father even then no one stepped in allowing nature to take its course A simple phone call could have saved the mother from harm Victims of domestic violence suffer in silence most not realizing they are being abused like the abuse of being told your home is not yours but only your partners that IS abuse Isolation demoralizing Those who love them should be their voice This isn't written away with a hug and an ILY Whether it be a malefemale couple or a same sex couple featuring two men or two women abuse happens Men can abuse other men Women can abuse women Women can abuse men Don't write this away with a he didn't mean it so it's okay or Mom doesn't want help so we'll ignore it Marc didn't mean to hit Anthony Marc isn't like his dad But Dad became an abuser with the first hit Many readers look to books to find a path through their own struggles When it comes to the domestic violence angle of this novel Arthur missed the mark by a thousand milesAfter the first hit the second is easier and the third because your victim excuses your actions the abuser loses all respect for their victim because they didn't stand up for themselves out of love Boundaries and respect gone the abuser knows they can take their emotional issues out on their partner because their partner won't leave them for their heinous misbehavior This is how an abuser and victim are born not dealing with the issue from the first hit the first insult the first manipulation There is no abuser without a victimMarc needed intense therapy that day especially after growing up in an abusive household where it was commonplace to strike your partner if you were having a bad day especially when you are a drug addict who thrives on negative emotions to give you license to do bad things Full Stop The minute he returned Marc needed intense therapy While the drug addiction was portrayed accurately there were many instances of things that were neglected That is the issue when there are 10 traumatized characters living and breathing on the pages their traumas are written away instead of properly being dealt with with only certain issues being addressed What wasn't accurately portrayed in regards to the addiction you don't treat the addiction you treat the problem Anthony had NO problem other than 'love' and Marc's issues were hidden Neither was fully addressedI don't believe I will be continuing on with this series and I'm on the fence with reading by this author when I've read 90% of all of their works simply because I find the same issues with every book Too many traumas where love fixes it and never any real solutions The characters always act out of character for the sake of drama using miscommunication and running off usually getting lost without a cellphone when we lived in a world without cellphone until 2 decades ago and didn't die from a lack of it where the rest of the cast of characters has to come to their rescue Harsh words are said pain is dealt to loved ones but it's always written away as He can't help it because of what happened to him in the past Victim mentality creating victims no matter how horrible of a backstory the author created I prefer reading about survivors and no longer feel like being emotionally extorted by an author This book suffered the unpleasant conseuence of being the first addiction story I picked up after I read the excellent Counting Daisies by Nikola Haken There is nothing bad about the book as far as I can tell in the 15% I have read so far One of the main protagonists has a history of drug abuse and the other one is introduced as an active drug user who undergoes detox And I understand that this is not a textbook on drug addiction But having the bar set so freaking high by Counting Daisies I could not help but feel a bit disappointed at how much less depth was provided in the portrayal of the addiction and the detox we saw on page And really it’s unfair for me to keep reading it with this kind of attitude because it’s massively affecting my enjoyment of the book at the moment I am going to have to shelve it for now and pick it up at a later date when Counting Daisies is not still at the forefront of my mind Because of this I would definitely not discourage people from reading it what I have seen so far lays the foundation for a romance that will put the MCs through the wringer and this author is a win win for delivering this kind of plot Wrong timing for me I guess

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