Coyote Speaks Wonders of the Native American World

Coyote Speaks Wonders of the Native American World☀ [PDF / Epub] ★ Coyote Speaks Wonders of the Native American World By Ari Berk ✍ – A one of a kind compilation of beliefs stories and cultural artifacts from Native American tribes  Coyote Speaks explains how to look at and appreciate Native American culture For thousands of years A one of Wonders of eBook ´ a kind compilation of beliefs stories and cultural artifacts from Native American tribes  Coyote Speaks explains how to look at and appreciate Native American culture For thousands of years tribal ways and wisdom Coyote Speaks PDF/EPUB or have been passed down in story song dance and art from elder to child from tribe to tribe and from Native peoples to the world at large This book gathers many of these beliefs and traditions enabling Speaks Wonders of PDF/EPUB è the outsider to appreciate the vast and diverse world of the First People Among the subjects addressed are the meanings of certain animals and symbols what shamans and medicine people do and how the natural world the Speaks Wonders of the Native PDF/EPUB ² animal world and the spirit world interact Of the than five hundred known tribes nearly fifty are represented from all regions Speaks Wonders of the Native PDF/EPUB ² of North America The book is profusely illustrated with paintings artifacts and photographs and includes a glossary of tribes and an index. I was suppose to be in a dead run to finish reading two books by this time but although I got started on the bigger one which seemed to be my type I started to eyeball this one Flipping to the end I noticed that it had a smaller amount of pages and so in mid flip I turned my reading choice to this one and I am so glad that I did since I loved it This book is a strange combination of presenting aspects of Native American life especially the various beliefs thoughts and cultures that they had Meanwhile interspersed with the exploration of these subjects the reader found themselves also being given poetry songs and even stories of the various tribes that would help the reader to understand just a little bit and on a intimate level what the subject is being discussed as As one other reviewer has pointed there is a strange tone to the book and I think that it is the fact the book is directed towards a Native American audience than it was for any other groups There are hints and suggestions that give of a shove to the Native reader while at times it was like I was invading the book and its secrets although there had been parts that I had heard before or stories retold from another Native American legend book The illustrations were a collection of photographs of actual artifacts from the days of the Ancient Ones and some modern uptakes They weaved together to carry on the message that seemed to recur throughout the book on when the past becomes the present and the present carries on the past so that one or the other isn't lost All in all it is a deep book but one that is easily readable and provides the reader whether Native American or not with an intimate look at a time when the world was definitely not what it is now It is truly another gem that I want to wrap my arms around and hold close while re reading all the parts that spoke to my own soul I really don’t know much about Native American mythology I’ve never had the exposure and other than one character in the Mercedes Thompson series I’ve not read any books that feature people of this heritage So of course I was extremely excited and fascinated to pick up this book and learn something new Which this was a perfect introduction to I now know that I want to read further along about this mythos but as a broad overview this was fantasticThis broad introduction was beautifully graphic I spent of my time staring at the pictures than actually reading the words It was just beautiful and unforgettable I’ll pick this up again and again just because I loved the layout and print of the workI’m well aware of how many of the world’s Indigenous cultures and beliefs are freuently disrespected So I was very happy to find that this was not only informative and a great introduction it was also incredibly respectful to the mother culture Now I just need to start slogging through that great bibliography at the end I really liked the way this was written The writing style seems simplistic but as you read you get drawn in by it and I realized that this is because it's almost written as though it is being spoken by a storyteller not particularly elouently or poetically most of the time but in an almost childlike magical way of forming sentences leading with uestions and presenting ideas directing the mind to a grander larger than life yet much simpler concept of the ways and workings of the world It also taught lessons as it taught history indicating where the modern world could learn from the ancient people especially lessons on respect for the earth our ancestors and for our fellow man The book was also full of a wide and interesting variety of pictures of artifacts and artwork and it was well organized so that the subjects flowed smoothly into each other Altogether an interesting and uniue blend of myth history legend and analysis of various Native American cultures Definitely worth reading This was a really interesting book written in an accessible way so that teens and adults can learn about Native American folklore The author is a folklorist and has obviously done his research There are facts in this book that I've even had a hard time finding in other Native American folklore books and websites I wish that there were illustrations and photos showing and explaining symbols for example The overall Beauty of this book so far blows me away Not uite sure why it would be shelved as a Children'sYoung Adults book I didn't like the style of writing and there was practically no information on the art in the book which annoyed me greatly

Coyote Speaks Wonders of the Native American World ePUB
  • Hardcover
  • 160 pages
  • Coyote Speaks Wonders of the Native American World
  • Ari Berk
  • English
  • 19 October 2016
  • 9780810993723