A Flag Full of Stars Star Trek Book 54

A Flag Full of Stars Star Trek Book 54❰BOOKS❯ ⚣ A Flag Full of Stars Star Trek Book 54 Author Brad Ferguson – Oaklandjobs.co.uk A Flag Full Of Stars It has been eighteen months since the Starship Enterprise completed her historic five year mission and her legendary crew has seperated taking new assignments that span the galaxy A Flag Full of ePUB ´ Full Of Stars It has been eighteen months since the Starship Enterprise completed her historic five year mission and her legendary crew has seperated taking new assignments that span the galaxy On Earth Admiral James T Kirk has married and started a new life as the Chief of Starfleet A Flag PDF/EPUB ² operations where he is overseeing the refit of his beloved ship now commanded by a new Captain Willard Decker Kirk's only tie to his former crewmates is his Chief of Staff a young Lieutenant Commander named Kevin Riley But Kirk's new uiet life changes Flag Full of Stars Star PDF or when he meets a scientist named G'dath who Flag Full of eBook ✓ is on the brink of perhaps the greatest scientific discovery in a century G'dath's invention could mean tremendous strides in Federation technology or in the wrong hands the subjugation of countless worlds When Klingon agents capture this new technology Admiral Kirk and Lt Commander Riley are all that stands between peace and Flag Full of Stars Star PDF or devastation for the entire Federation. A thoroughly uninteresting Star Trek novel ostensibly about a race against time to prevent a powerful new propulsion device from falling into the hands of the Klingons but really about Klingon living in New York who teaches 6th grade and learns to love a kitten He then manages to invent a magical device that can instantaneously travel immense distances and then puts it in his closet By the time anything of any importance happens in this book it's than halfway over and the limp climax that's implausible even by Star Trek standards just kind of happens and ties everything together in a neat but just as uninteresting bow since the only people who learn anything at all in this story is the 6th graders This novel fails as a seuel to the first Lost Years book jumping ahead a year but not advancing any of the characters' storylines in any appreciable way Kirk still hates his job and wishes he could be back on the Enterprise Nogura still wants him behind a desk for reasons that are never truly made clear because he's Shadowy and Manipulative oooo Riley still thinks he isn't good enough to serve as Kirk's aide and also wishes his wife wasn't dumping him Spock and McCoy simply don't appear in this book at all because why would we want to read a book called The Lost Years and learn what those characters were doing during the aforementioned years?Literally the most exciting part of this book is that the Klingon teacher G'Dath uses the same subway stop I do I was pleasantly surprised with A Flag Full of Stars finding it to be an enjoyable adventure with characters I found to be uite interesting Even an implausible finish to the story didn't detract too much from my enjoyment and it was fun to see Kirk in a situation other than starship command and still succeeding brilliantly Plus there is a kitten in the story and who wouldn't love that?Full review This was a great read tightly focused full of character development and a fast moving exciting plot that slows down at just the right times to give us very human and very Klingon moments that scream this is Star Trek A concise little powerhouse of a Trek novel Admiral James Kirk seems to be happy in his new role he has just over seen the initial refitting of the Enterprise and the world watches as the saucer is flown into orbit for attaching to the engineering section However all is not well his marriage to Admiral Lori Ciana is crumbling and he is still estranged from his friends from his time on the EnterpriseAs the world looks to celebrate the 300th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landings which will include an epic flyby of vintage spacecraft including a retrofitted Space Shuttle Enterprise a Federation naturalised Klingon scientist named G'dath makes a breakthrough in energy generation Thus the players are in place for a action based and politically charged clash of intelligence and Starfleet services as the fruits of G'dath's creation are up for grabs A Flag Full of Stars continues the storyline brought to us in the novel Lost Years and expands upon Kirk's time in the admiralty before the arrival of V'ger We see that his time wasn't wasted and he is responsible for some major changes in procedures within the fleet thanks to the benefit of his experience and insight We also see that the wanderlust is still within him and that as much as anything leads to his failed marriage The addition of G'dath a Klingon who finds a home on Earth thanks to the Organian intervention was eye opening as is the real world Federation Brad writes about I have to be honest and say it may not offer the most Trek like conclusion to the paths some of the characters tread in the narrative but it makes sense in terms of how they have been presented to us so you'll come away satisfied if not too happyOh and credit to Brad for making me uestion my own opinion of the presence of families onboard the Enterprise D No real action to keep a readers interest This is a good story and for those that are a fan of James T Kirk I am sure that they will love it While Scotty Uhura and Sulu play a small part in this story they are the only members of the original crew that show upJames Kirk is working as head of Fleet Operations and is just finishing the work on refurbishing the Enterprise William Decker is now captain of the Enterprise and I think Kirk has resigned himself for the time that he stuck behind a desk Jim is married although the marriage isn't going well in this story Admiral Nogura appoints Kirk to be the face of Starfleet for the press It is during this first interview that he meets a Klingon that is working on a new power source The Klingon Empire wants the device and will do anything to get it including taking a child and Kevin Riley Kirk Chief of Staff as hostage so they can get off the planet and head for homeI have never been a really big fan of James T Kirk I have always preferred Mr Spock and it was said that there was only a tiny mention of him or Dr McCoy in this book It bothers me that Kirk has resigned himself to losing both of his closest friends I realize that there probably isn't much of a story in Spock trying to purge all his emotions but it would have been nice to know that he was struggling with what had happened to him and what he left behind I do like Kevin Riley and I hope that he straightens himself out and gets over feeling sorry for himself and get a little confidence in who he is and what he is capable of I know that happens it is in one of the later books that he finally finds it calling and is doing a very good job Oh yes this sorry is set just before the events of the first movie An entertaining read but mostly if you have some knowledge of the Star Trek universe that provides context to the book The Lost Years books of which this is the second is an interesting speculative thread between the end of the tv series and the first movie None of the major Trek alum appear in this save for Kirk and a brief sort of appearance from Dr McCoy Overall of you're a fan of the original cast it's a light enjoyable book uick enjoyable and has an interesting undercurrent of racism in the federation that Trek didn’t get around to showing on tv until ds9 a good half decade later But the story is pretty light and doesn’t get moving until maybe halfway through which considering how short this book is really says something I would have rated this higher because it was very enjoyable and a great example of the spirit of Star Trek However there were a few plot contrivances I just didn’t care for I would have to add a spoiler tag to go into detail I’ll say that those choices may work very well for others but didn’t resonate with me A good story from the Lost Years series of Star Trek tales It's interesting read a story from the past that ties into current events with the prejudice faced by G'Dath seemingly similar to the cultural and race issues facing society today Overall a good story also looking at the personal lives of Kirk and Riley while the original crew is presit but not the stories focus

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