Rez Rebel

Rez Rebel➝ [Epub] ❦ Rez Rebel By Melanie Florence ➧ – Floyd Twofeathers has always trusted his mom a traditional healer and his dad hereditary chief of their band to take care of the people on their reserve But a lack of educational and career opportunit Floyd Twofeathers has always trusted his mom a traditional healer and his dad hereditary chief of their band to take care of the people on their reserve But a lack of educational and career opportunities medical support and counselling has left young people feeling that they have no future As suicides pile up Floyd finds that his friends and kids he knows are taking their own lives because they feel that they have no future but his father refuses to listen to Floyd's attempts to find a realistic solution When Floyd's father is overwhelmed by the situation and succumbs to alcohol and depression it is up to Floyd to turn around his community's descent into crisis before it's too lateSet in a situation of suicide contagion among young people in Aboriginal communities this novel follows one teenager's determined efforts to help his friends and his community find solutions. Floyd Twofeathers is a nice kid who lives on a Cree reservation with parents he's a hereditary Chief and a it's his job chief she's a medicine woman who love each other and don't seem to be suffering from the desperation of many around them But things aren't going well an epidemic of suicides is eating away at the heart of the community and Floyd will need to be brave to get his father to listen to him and careful to not lose track of the people he loves as he tries to make change A standard teen story relatively simple but uniue in not making Floyd and his friends sound like an Afterschool Special This may be hilo or at least short enough to appeal to reluctant readers but I've read worse didactic stuff I received this book for free from the publisher A copy of this review can also be found at Book Ink Reviews Trigger Warning This book deals with suicides on a Native Reserve in CanadaThough the story itself is fictional this is a true epidemic that must be discussed However due to the sensitive material there are those that may be triggered by the content If you find that you are please text START to Crisis Textline at 747 747 Whew This was an incredibly fast paced read It was handled with compassion and grace for such an incredibly devastating topicFloyd has already lost one of his best friends to suicide When the body is found is described briefly and it is mentioned how Aaron kills himself It only mentions how one other person in the book dies by suicide and the rest are only mentioned as cause of death as a generalized suicide with no means attachedMelanie Florence knows what she's doing when it comes to mimicking a teen mind She is able to draw the full scope of how devastated Floyd is by his people dying around him while also discussing his hope and how he is no where near depression or substance abuse Floyd is a strong character that is able to see where hope lies in his tribe and works desperately to do what he can to save them all  The rest of his friends are a bit two dimensional except for Mouse However I still loved the group dynamic and it brought back comforting memories of The OutsidersI really appreciated this book guys It is so important for teens and adults to understand that it is a discussion to be had In the book there is a group of girls discussed Their ages might surprise adults and it shouldn't More and very young kids are attempting to kill themselves And it is incredibly important that Florence included this bit in the book I also work as a Crisis Counselor and the topics reflected in this book are seen daily with the conversations I have with kids the hopelessness the feelings of wanting their families to be better off and that they'll be better off with them the bullying and the bright little spark that still wants to liveRead this book for the sake of the kids around you Read this book if you've never contemplation killing yourself but know friends that have Read this book Just because it is focused on the epidemic of suicides on reservations does not mean it can't be applied elsewhere this is a universal topic that Florence handled with dignity grace and hope Thank you to NetGalley Melanie Florence and James Lorimer Co for the free ARC in exchange for an honest review I was very disappointed in this book I was at first excited to find a book that was about First Nation people and issues they face in the modern world but I found the characters to be caricatures not realistic and the voice of the narrator who was male sounded female to me While the author knows her stuff about the issues she has not successfully rendered a story that had real possibilities and has important content AND the book cost nearly thirty dollars for 173 pages It's not worth it at half the price and that's really unfortunate Would love to find some excellent YA fiction about First Nation people I was able to read this ebook through NetGalley I gave this book 3 stars for a few reasons Pros the themes surround current events that are not commonly talked about outside of indigenous communities Cons poor writing underdeveloped characters simplified relationshipsI would recommend this book to middle or elementary school readers It's definitely a good opening into Native American reservations and their issues that the federal government needs to address I read Rez Rebel by Melanie Florence in one seating and it was awesome this is a really good book Short but very engaging The characters and the story are realistic and believable The plot is interesting enough to leave me wanting to know about the characters the storyI received a copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review An important and timely novel with a strong male protagonist The writing is simple so it is accessible for grade 6 up reading level probably grade 4 This book was a revelation It shed light on both the historical trauma and present day ramifications of white supremacy and genocide on Indigenous people in a way youth can understand

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  • Paperback
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  • Rez Rebel
  • Melanie Florence
  • 12 May 2015
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