Undercover Amish (Covert Police Detectives Unit #1)

Undercover Amish (Covert Police Detectives Unit #1)❴BOOKS❵ ✪ Undercover Amish (Covert Police Detectives Unit #1) Author Ashley Emma – Oaklandjobs.co.uk Buy the paperback and receive the Kindle eBook for free Detective Olivia Mast would rather run through gunfire than return to her former Amish community in Unity Maine where she killed her abusive hus Buy the paperback and receive the Kindle eBook for free Detective Olivia Mast would rather run through gunfire than return to her former Amish community in Unity Maine where she killed her abusive husband in self defense and witnessed her family’s murder She soon finds out that there are even dark secrets in Unity than the ones from her own past just waiting to be unearthed from the farm soil After an Amish man is murdered the community will not pursue justice or answer uestions from the police so she begrudgingly dons her old prayer kapp and heads to Unity to investigate the murder undercover To make things even worse her captain also orders her to protect the man she dated as a teen Isaac Troyer who was attacked on the night of the murder but cannot remember the incident The handsome and uirky cabinet maker begins to fall for her once again unaware that she carries a mm under her skirt as she must fake her way into rejoining the Amish community to gain the people’s trust After another murder some deadly pranks and a kidnapping Olivia realizes she needs Isaac's help most of all because of his personal ties to the suspect When Isaac asks Olivia if he can court her her captain orders her to pretend to love him to make her cover believable Even though Olivia lies to Isaac about a lot of things she doesn’t have to fake her reigniting feelings for him Especially when he smiles that crooked smile or tenderly holds her hand When Olivia tells Isaac she is a detective will he be willing to break Amish rules to help her arrest the killer Or will he be unable to forgive her for lying to the community about wanting to be Amish againand for lying to him Olivia values one important rule over all others never let emotions especially love get in the way of the job But as the body count rises and she starts falling for Isaac again she might just end up breaking her own rule Like free ebooks Go to AshleyEmmaAuthorcom to download of Ashley's free ebooks and get all of Ashley's future ebooks free Undercover Amish was a finalist in Maine Romance Writers Strut Your Stuff Competition and received out of points These books can be read out of order or as stand alone novels The seuel Amish Under Fire is coming soon Ashley Emma clearly did extensive research on the subject and portrayed this group in a compassionate thoughtful manner Couple her careful handling of this society with her compelling characters and heart racing plot and you've got a real winner” Staci Troilo author The only disappointing thing for me about Undercover Amish was when the story ended—I already miss the main characters” Sue M Wilson author A twig snapped in the woods somewhere in the distance Olivia whipped around clamping a hand on the leg holster that was beneath her skirt “I’m watching you Olivia” The scratchy deep masculine voice rode on the breeze from somewhere in the trees that no longer seemed so far from her Her blood froze a sick feeling churning in her gut “You still mourn the ones who died here don’t you You miss your family” She stood on the other side of her vehicle using it as protection as she carefully drew her MP Shield Her throat closed up She wanted to shout angry words but fear stole her voice How did he know about the fire “If you go I won’t harm you You should leave now while you still have the chance. Sorry to give poor review but its my honest opinion Very little character development and thought plot superficial and predictable and a bit ho hum all round Audiobook Review I am a softy for books set in the Amish community When paired with a murder mystery and a lady detective who left the Amish faith and a former sweetheart only to be ordered back for an undercover assignment I was doubly eager to give this one a goBut something was off from the beginning I thought it was just a mood so I returned my earbuds to my ears and kept going I stopped and started several times and was content to pick up other books and other audios before coming back to it It is nothing for me to breeze through a few hours a day with an audio book but I'm only about four hours in two weeks laterThe story begins with an abused Amish woman defending her very life against a husband trying to choke her to death She accidentally kills him in self defense Then the story picks up years later when she is an experienced police detective in a covert crimes unit Her work is her life Her captain calls her in and against her vehement 'no' tells her that her job is on the line Departmental cuts and she's low man so she has to prove herself Not only that she is under a Shunning and must first repent to get reinstated in the community and pretend she wants to get back with her high school crush to stay close and guard him since he might have witnessed a murder And right there I felt it went wrong I just couldn't wrap my mind around this must subterfuge especially since the man Isaac is well aware of the danger and it is his choice not to involve the police let alone a special unit after he woke up from his attack This isn't a guy who saw something to bring down the mob or a drug empire but a single murder in rural Maine I'm not trying to sound callus about a murder but bringing in covert ops to do witness protection and nose around for a murderer just seemed over the top What do I know? Maybe this is normal stuff for a special covert police unit And then there was the part about faking all that she was going to have to fake a religious repentance returning to her faith and the lifestyle where she would be lying to her family and entering a courtship all to have one win on her record and an extra week in the Bahamas for her vacation? Just in the time I was listening she kept bouncing back and forth between believing her thing in the past and the present with Isaac was infatuation to knowing it is love all the while she's lying big time It didn't set well with me that he was completely honest about love and everything else but she wasn't I know it was under orders some of it but hey it wasn't working in the romance part for meI never could warm up to this story and I constantly felt the disconnect The narrator was good and did both Liv and Issac's narration turns well I think I might have given up sooner without Callie Beaulieu's narration work I was just under half way and thought about pushing on through but why I wasn't into it It happens to all of us So if it sounds like just the thing and you want to give it a go why notMy thanks to Tantor Audio for the opportunity to listen to this book in exchange for an honest review Loved itThis was such a good story I usually don't write reviews bit I had to give this book a 5 I love mysteries and I enjoy reading about the Amish Great combination I liked the story It is a Christian Amish book with a great dose of romance and suspense The story was engaging very well written And Callie's voice made the story as interesting as it was Great performance It is a 5 star book for me Good ReadThis book is full of suspense and surprises I thought I knew who the bad guy was but I was wrong This book has murder attempted murder arson kidnapping false imprisonment and domestic violence I felt so bad for Olivia she endured so much hurt and sorrow But in the end she got the victory I fell in love with Isaac so caring Loved him and Olivia together A very good bookI enjoyed this book it covers lots of emotions from religion love life as an Amish community and law enforcement action I recommend to any one that enjoys a good read uick read but I figured out the end so uickly and then back and forth of the protagonist and Isaac was so la la la Pretty much every character needed depth Not predictable and a good storyI bought this book by accident but I am glad I didThis book is a page turner and a story line that can not be predicted I read this in one day I could not put it down Detective Olivia Mast use to be Amish She left her Amish faith after she killed her abusive Amish husband in self defense Now six years later there have been bad things happening in her old community Her boss wants her to go undercover and solve the mystery Olivia does not ever want to go back to all those buried memories but she also has to obey her boss Believe me this book will have you sitting on the edge of your seat as you follow Olivia back to her old community and an old friend she cared for growing up and the twists and turns of a murder mystery This book failed to completely draw me into the story There were times when I enjoyed it but other times I found that it didn't seem realisticespecially with the Amish characters Also it didn't flow smoothly in most places The plot was good and it had a lot of potential but somehow for this reader it just fell short I downloaded this book from The Kendal Lending Library A review wasn't reuested All opinions shared here about Undercover Amish are my own I wasn't expecting to be too interested in this book I enjoy reading Amish fictionnonfiction but I'm not a huge fan of mysterysuspense I was wrong I couldn't put this book down It was a page turner and I was anxious to read what was going to happen next Ashley Emma made the characters come alive and you felt like you were right there with them