The Ghosts of Moonlight Creek

The Ghosts of Moonlight Creek[Read] ➮ The Ghosts of Moonlight Creek Author Sue Copsey – Just this once Joe would like a spook free holiday He should be so lucky When Anastasia's movie director father invites Joe and the gang to hang out with the stars on location near ueenstown they soon Just this once Joe would like a of Moonlight PDF ´ spook free holiday He should be so lucky When Anastasia's movie director father invites The Ghosts PDF/EPUB or Joe and the gang to hang out with the stars on location near ueenstown they soon discover there's than one reason why Ghosts of Moonlight PDF/EPUB ¶ the old gold mining settlement of Moonlight is known as a ghost town Who is the mysterious Shadow Man causing bother for the crew and what is the meaning of the signs that appear in the dust of the old ruins As Joe is drawn into another ghostly mystery he wonders if this time it's not a coincidence The Ghosts of Moonlight Creek is the third Spooky Adventure from award winning author Sue Copsey read it at night if you dare. The third in this excellent children's series of creepy fiction set in real New Zealand historic settings Joe Ed Beckie and Anastasia four very recognisable children who are each rather extraordinary in their own special ways continue to attract and wrestle with spooky supernatural beings This time the setting is the goldfields near ueenstown complete with ghost town gold nuggets and a film set reminiscent of the Lord of the Rings There is a film director a film star whose macho image turns out to be mainly just image a beautiful starring actress and a stuntman child readers will love Then of course there's the ghost whose true character is revealed as the story progressesThe writing is lively with a youthful voice that will appeal to young readers with plenty of humour and the right amount of conflict in dialogue and tension in plot As always in Copsey's books the level of creepiness is perfect enough to stimulate delicious shivers but without going so far as to risk giving nightmares to young readers As an ex teacher I feel she has nailed it Another intriguing aspect of this story was the portrayal of racial tensions of the goldrush era involving Chinese gold diggers I was delighted at the reference to the fascinating true story of the ship SS Ventnor which was wrecked off the West coast of Northland in 1902 while attempting to transport the remains of hundreds of Chinese goldminers home to China In this incident the bones of the Chinese washed ashore on the coast of Northland and were treated with respect by local Maori to the gratitude of relatives in China If Sue Copsey's story inspires children and teachers to take a closer look at the cross cultural Ventnor incident it could lead to worthwhile studies in cultural comparison one that includes real world ghostly themes It could be of great interest in today's multi cultural classroomsAnd this is the value of Sue Copsey's stories If I were still teaching myself I'd be reading them aloud to any class studying historical disasters and events The books bring the settings to life in a way that can't fail to increase the children's interest in the topics And look at the three topics she's chosen Captain Cook's arrival at Young Nick's Head The Tarawera eruption and now the goldrush Copsey puts modern children right there into the historic setting so they can almost taste it for themselves I can't wait to see where she'll take us for the next one Sue Copsey does it again with a great follow on to the two previous Spooky Adventures novels and we go to yet another famous New Zealand holiday spot This time it's ueenstown where Joe's sister's friend's father is directing a Hollywood film and yes we might be on the other side of the world from everywhere but we do have blockbuster films to our name and many others where they have come for the scenery and the fantastic Kiwi people Anastasia is uite an annoying eleven year old though it's rather nice having Joe revise his opinion of her every now and then and makes one wonder if as the children all get older there might be a little romance in the author's mind ? as are all the relationships between the kids but who wouldn't accept an offer of a holiday on set with famous actors and all that?There is some nice tension what's the father's real motivation in inviting them all down? are there ghosts on set? are they malignant? is the daredevil stuntsman going to come a cropper? There's some fascinating history around the time of the world wide Gold Rush 1860s in New Zealand spun skillfully into the story There are great characters This is a thoroughly engaging book for all ages aimed at 8 12 I guess but I'm a lot olderWhere to next Sue? The best kids books are the ones where the kids themselves want to turn the pages and no adult has to compel them to do so And Moonlight Creek definitely has this page turning uality I found it a fast and fun read but throughout is a smattering of Central Otago gold mining history and modern kids getting involved in problem solving Books like this that make NZ seem like a cool and interesting place to be are what make NZ kids proud to be from NZ We need of this I really enjoyed The Ghosts of Moonlight Creek and so did my 12 year old It's a big thumbs up from us Sue Copsey's Spooky Adventures series just keeps getting better and better The Ghosts of Moonlight Creek is Joe's best adventure yet Ghosts gold and movie stars keep the action moving at such a brisk pace that the kids won't even realise that they are also getting a good dose of history at the same time Wow I loved this book even better than the last one Ghosts movie stars ueenstown what's not to love The Ghost Of Moonlights Creek marks the third entry in Sue Copsey’s spooky series and it is by far her strongest book yet All of the impressive hallmarks that characterised Sue’s previous stories are present herestrong historical teachings utterly tense scares fun and vibrant characters but are now joined with an expert pacing that can only come from the confidence of an author in her elementIn Ghosts of Moonlight Creek we are once again invited to join the adventures of Joe and Eddie but this time Anastasia is elevated from a supporting role to main character It is a welcome addition and in many ways Anastasia's character arc is the centerpiece of this book with Sue deftly commentating on the impact of social media on the youth of today Anastasia’s closely cultivated online followers stand as a stark contrast to her undeniable loneliness and seeing her properly experience friendship in the form of Joe Ed and Becky is a story element both poignant and heartwarming There’s even a portrayal of parental neglect here which is done in a delicate and genuine manner It would be interesting to see Ed Joe’s ever dependable friend receive some development but that is a sign of me wanting rather than finding Ghosts of Moonlight Creek lackingAs with all of Sue’s books this story manages to imbue a riveting ghost story with a grounded sense of New Zealand history The history surrounding Otago is perhaps the most emotionally engaging yet reflecting the themes of Place and Belonging that have characterised Sue’s series thus far There is some very important discussion on the relationship between race and identity here and as with Sue’s exploration of parental neglect it is performed in a respectfully masterful way To put it simply this is a story filled to the brim with valuable lessons that every child deserves to know and yet it teaches them without ever losing sight of how SCARY ghosts are There is something very special about Sue’s books It’s clear that they will awaken a child’s imaginationor indeed even an adult and act as a staple for any young New Zealander looking for a sense of belonging Sue walks a miraculous line both opening up an infinite world of supernatural possibilities to her readers and yet also exploring a world of deep history heritage and home These books fill an important hole in New Zealand literature and I envy those who grow up with this as their Harry Potter This is one of those rare stories that you can reliably recommend to everyone and so I don't hesitate in recommending it to you This is my favourite book in the series The characters are developed The setting is suitably eerie in the Skippers valley I live in the area and really felt like I'd gone back in time to the early gold mining era with its cross cultural conflicts and all the hardships involved The ghosty gravestone mystery is intriguing and keeps the pages turning The contemporary movie cast and shooting on location adds great humour It's a rollicking read for all ages Buy it My daughter and I loved this book The author has written some great characters which have really distinct personalities The plot is well thought out and works easily It reminds me of a modern day Three Investigators which were instant classics We read this out of order there are three in the series though it stands alone which is great Testament for me is how uickly my daughter scrambled to find the second book which we are reading now I so enjoyed returning to these characters and Sue Cospey's beautiful writing and their new adventure is a doozy Set in picturesue Otago the gold rush ghost town 'Moonlight' captured my immediate interest The local history is well researched and this spine tingling tale is perfectly set crossing the spectrum of old timey tales and Hollywood dazzleJoe Ed Becky Anastasia are invited by Anastasia's super famous movie director dad to visit the set of 'Dragonlord Rising' in ueenstown where spooky mishaps and ghostly misadventures have hampered the shooting schedule Fresh from surviving the eruption of Mt Tarawera Joe's ghost sensing abilities are employed to get to the bottom of the problems on set I just loved this angle All the behind the scenes movie stuff is so much fun and mixed with the historical intrigue of the gold rush the plot kept my attention from beginning to end There are signs from the beyond warnings disasters a treasure hunt with clues and sneaky bad guys begging for just desserts Anastasia's father uips he should make a film called The Ghosts of Moonlight Creek and I couldn't agree This story like The Ghosts of Tarawera would be perfect for a big screen family movie with engaging and entertaining characters action adventure and a story full of heart I loved it I found this a haunting read