The Unrepentant Cinephile

The Unrepentant Cinephile[PDF / Epub] ☉ The Unrepentant Cinephile By Jason Coffman – Insight and passion are mainlined through the readers’ eyes directly to our hearts and Jason’s adventurous spirit becomes our own for those all too brief moments As proved by his entry in our Rond Insight and passion are mainlined through the readers’ eyes directly to our hearts and Jason’s adventurous spirit becomes our own for those all too brief moments As proved by his entry in our Rondo winning collection of essays HIDDEN HORROR only Jason could make watching a train wreck like Doris Wishman’s A NIGHT TO DISMEMBER seem like a good idea Aaron Christensen editor of HORROR and The Unrepentant eBook ´ HIDDEN HORROR from his introduction If you're looking for another film guide to remind you to watch The Godfather or Citizen Kane this is not the book for you If you're looking for a collection of reviews that confirm another person on the planet has watched The Synthetic Man or spent time than is probably really necessary thinking about Hot Saucy Pizza Girls you may have just found what you're looking for Jason Coffman has been writing film and home video reviews for Film Monthly and Daily Grindhouse for the better part of a decade He covers a wide range of films in this book from modern microbudget horror movies like Babysitter Massacre and House of Ghosts to golden age adult films like Sex World and The Violation of Claudia This book collects in one place all of his reviews of cult exploitation horror independent films originally published on those sites and others Also included in this collection are all the reviews Coffman wrote for Bad Movie Night in the late s to early s an embarrassing assemblage of pointless snark and lazy sarcasm that is utterly humiliating to read But hell if you wanted to find this stuff it's on the Internet Archive so why not just format it nicely and present it here Additionally this final ebook update adds hundreds of capsule reviews from film festivals between to In total this book now covers over different titles It would be irresponsible NOT to buy it PLUS An introduction by Aaron Christensen AND Cover art by Andy Vanderbilt. I feel like I have to preface this by saying that most of the moviesgenres covered here are not things that I would typically watch But what I do very much appreciate reading this collection is how intelligently each movie is approached discussed analyzed etc I come away appreciating an entirely different perspective and feeling smarter All in easy bite sized pieces Who couldn't use a little bit of that? A vast collection of reviews from a real deal cinephile While there are plenty of stuffy review collections on the works of Truffaut and Cassavetes you don't see many from those steeped in the likes of the New French Extremity and blaxploitation satire Whether approaching slasher classics or indie goreporn Jason Coffman gives each film its day in court with keen wit and an engaging voice His borderline encyclopedic knowledge of the genre makes for interesting spoiler free reviews that leave you learning something new whether you watch the movie or not Even when I disagreed with his verdict on a film as I did with Repo The Genetic Opera I enjoyed hearing his well argued thoughts This book makes for a wonderful summer read but beware your to watch list will grow exponentially as a result The Unrepentant Cinephile is one of those books you need to buy a trade paperback very simply The Kindle version is cool yet for those like myself who wallow in reference books the paperback version of the reviews of Jason Coffman is one of those is one of those you want in easy reach His style is nice and easy yet filled with some detail He is not flying above the radar denigrating some films and denigrating others And do look at the kind of films the man reviews cult exploitation horror and independent Should you have noticed the word exploitation kudos to you Some of the shamefulshameless among us have delved into the sex films These are included here as well Jason Coffman's business is Reviewing and that includes almost all that's out there Remembering on my end the films shown on Skinemax and the famousinfamous Caligula The directors you would love to suash for their output They were all part of the creativesexy output ready for our viewing Jason Coffman provides the reviews no matter how low or how high the films strive to go A very fine book which might not appeal to everyone and to others like myself marvelous