The United States of Absurdity

The United States of Absurdity❮Reading❯ ➵ The United States of Absurdity ➭ Author Dave Anthony – Discover illustrated profiles of the weird outrageous and true tales from American history that don't appear in school textbooks From the creators of the comedyhistory podcast The Dollop The United St Discover illustrated profiles of the weird outrageous States of ePUB ´ and true tales from American history that don't appear in school textbooks From the creators of the comedyhistory podcast The Dollop The United The United Kindle - States of Absurdity presents short informative and hilarious stories of the most outlandish but true people events and from United States history Comedians Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds cover the weird United States of PDF Ë stories you didn't learn in history class such as Cent Beer Night the Jackson Cheese and the Kentucky Meat Shower each accompanied by a full page illustration that brings these historical milestones to life in full color Adding to the giftable historycomedy package each story is accompanied by tongue in cheek trivia and timelines that help place the stories in context with the well known historical events that occurred around them. The United States of Absurdity Untold Stories from American History by Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds is a great collection of the crazy stuff that has happened in the US that Americans have forgotten or never knew about to begin with There are some really strange and bizarre things in here that I forgot but the way they told it was funny and refreshing such as the stinky cheese in the White House the straw hat riots and those poor radium girls But new things like raining meat episode in Kentucky the eggnog riot in West Point and what happened to the famous Heimlich after his cure for choking Great stories told in a fun witty and entertaining way to keep the reader interested Great job Loved the book Thanks NetGalley for suggesting this book I received this from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review Corny humorous and dare I say it absurd If you are interested in reading about some of the craziness that makes up the US of A this book is for you The amazing thing is that only ONE of the accounts is set in Florida The hosts of The Dollop podcast take us on a journey through the freuently hilarious macabre and bizarre world of American history A grand carnival of crackpot inventors circus freaks religious zealots and political hucksters combine to give a surprising insight into how the US got to be the way it is History it seems arises from flawed and deluded souls than it does the supposedly great or legendary Many of the stories can call them jokes are not funny but instead deadbeat and plain insensitive It’s one of those ideas that sounds great until you think about it and then it sounds crazy cYou knew you had a crazy idea when they said no in that era cRADIUM GIRLS1917–1930sThe radium girls however were told Undark was fine and safe To keep a fine point on their brushes the girls were instructed to run the wet brushes between their lips They did this hundreds of times a dayUnfortunately the health of the OG radium girls was fading The radiated clock dial was ticking One of the girls Amelia Maggia was losing weight her joints ached and her mouth would bleed regularly When she went to the dentist to have a painful tooth removed her jawbone splintered under the dentist’s hand Sadly almost her entire jaw had to be removed On the bright side she got the tooth out Another could barely walk and her hair glowed in the dark Good for night reading; bad for not dying c Poor girlsTHE STRAW HAT RIOTSEPTEMBER 1910–SEPTEMBER 1925 It was all well and good for a while but eventually people started to take the straw hat rules very seriously Hat tensions swelled in Pittsburgh on September 14 1910 That night young people who were very angry about people wearing hats so late in September started an organized protest Americans felt like straw hats were being worn too late in the year dammit It did stop but not because Americans wised up The real reason was the introduction of felt hats that phased out the straw ones The people remained batshit—hatshit cNEWPORT SEX SCANDALFEBRUARY 1919–SEPTEMBER 1921 Arnold wanted to form an elite unit of sexy straight Navy men who could infiltrate these gay get togethers and find out who was gayby doing gay things with them To be clear his investigation consisted of sending straight men to go be gay with gay men Yes this was a good plan and absolutely not gay National media picked up the story and people were pretty freaked out by it It all just seemed so weird The highest officials in the US government reading this press couldn’t believe it c Well this was funny Even though highly insensitive Around 3 pm Dr Dick arrived Yes yes his name was Dr Dick—grow up cWhat he was right about was that dolphins are very smart and emotional beings What he was wrong aboutwas everything else He thought dolphins were the key to a telepathic way to communicate with extraterrestrials cIn 1965 he came up with the idea of having a dolphin and a woman live together for ten weeks with no contact with the outside world Twenty four hours a day seven days a week—one woman and one dolphin We now call scenarios like this “sellable reality shows experimentso Margaret did what we all would do She jerked off Peter the dolphinDr Lilly was thrilled by this development He knew that this interspecies handjob was the next logical step in getting us to speak to aliens As the weeks went on so did the dolphin hand j’s Margaret saw nothing wrong with it because it made Peter happy And that in turn made Margaret happy And that made Lilly happy Yes everyone was happy Just a grown woman jacking off a fellow mammal in a dolphin human hybrid house Nothing to see here folks с Randy if everFUN FACTThere were fifty two deaths related to amusement park rides between 1990 and 2004 as reported by the Consumer Product Safety Commission Then the Consumer Product Safety Commission stopped tracking the number of theme park deaths So it’s all fine? c Book received from NetGalleyWhile I had heard of or read about uite a few of the overlooked parts of history in this book there were still multiple that were new to me Someone who isn't a history buff would definitely be in for a bit of a shock about the things that were mentioned in the book Most of the people mentioned in here are not history's best and brightest and for the ones that are widely known historical figures it makes you wonder what they were thinking I will be getting a copy of this for my own shelves This is a collection of stories about weird Americans who lived throughout history I had already heard about most of these people so I didn't really learn anything new It has a sense of humor to it which didn't work for me Pass The United States of Absurdity by Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds is a completely irreverent look at the skeletons in the closet of US history What could be naked than skeletons in the closet? Nevertheless this is not porn There is language that might offend the prudish To counteract that there are cultural references that will challenge those who look to find smutty meanings in almost any utterance The prudish will be left in the dust Those not left in the dust will get to feel superior to those who are left at “What does that mean?” The novel with references to true events but in the reporting of fact truisms are disguised by a slathering of snark will amuseThis novel is a fast read of 136 pages that will take less than the two hours recommended by Kindle The reader will be drawn by feelings of unbelief to go on to the next chapter Six primary divisions of the story will make serious historians scrambling to find primary sources while the rest of us say “I always suspected that” or for the know it alls among us to reaffirm what we always suspected “Of course” Published in 2017 this novel vigorously competes with the absurdities spewed forth daily by the current Emperor Without Clothes The only danger posed by this novel is that it might lead the sheepish among us to accept that there is not much new compared to what happened in our past The events of the past described in this novel the acceptance of them by society at large were harmful and incorrect They are not examples to be emulatedGreat American Characters The story of Michael Malloy is a cautionary tale to all alcoholics both functional and the one a reader might be to be wary of friends As I read this I thought of popular tales about the demise of Rasputin a person who also drank with trusted friends Set in the early 1930s this story is believable because of the facts publicly available This section also has a great story about Nixon What do you find hard to accept about Nixon?The Best Of American Sports I detest all sports and believe that the reporting and glorification of them are obvious government s attempts to distract a population from serious matters; like wars recessions and imminent economic collapse I almost skipped this section But the story of 10 Cent Beer Night was worth the effort of my sticking around Cheap beer and a lot of gratuitous nudity; what is not to like? There may have been policy changes related to public sports exhibitions as a result of thisGreat American Medical Breakthroughs The authors give a warning about not eating while reading this section Or not eating too soon before reading Or not eating too soon after reading Readers should pay attention to these warnings They are not trigger warnings They are common sense Learning about Heimlich might surprise readers really? We are talking about 2016 here The section on The Stomach Men will put readers off their feedVery Bad American Ideas This section might be a section unto itself but the authors have selected some examples they think outstanding The Flying Pinto will resonate with many Baby Boomers who voted for Nader for President There is another car comparable to the Pinto made by another manufacturer as far as disposability and austere offerings but nothing offered the fireball displays of the PintoWhen Americans Go Wrong Vampires exist People believed that around 1900 and some believe it today But this account of how people dealt with their non presence is yet another example of stories you don’t want to read around the dinner table Unless your menu includes some rather unusual organic ingredientsAmerican Tails The story of the Kentucky Meat Shower will encourage readers to come in out of the rain Imagine receiving a mysterious gift of plentiful meat from the heavens What would be your reaction?The authors mention I think promote is too strong their Dollop podcast so for readers intrigued enough to want to do follow up activities either for sourcing or for interesting stories the information is hereSnark aside and I have no problem with it this novel is hilarious I give it five stars for originality and fun If you enjoy reading about odd and ridiculous events in history then this is the book for you Let's face it the history we learn in school isn't exactly a barrel of laughs All those events that happened throughout the centuries—while important to know about—are decidedly lacking in the humor department This book has many funny anecdotes but it's not exactly the sort of history that would find its way into a school textbookWhat you will find are stories about such notable moments as The 14 year old boy who made nitroglycerin in an improvised lab who eventually built a breeder reactor in his parent's backyard Henry Heimlich's campaign to make the Heimlich maneuver the preferred way to save someone from choking to death followed by his attempts to prove malaria could cure cancer and Lyme disease and AIDS Harry Smolinski's attempt to create a flying car using a Ford Pinto A cheese wheel that was gifted to Andrew Jackson which was four feet in diameter two feet thick and weighed a whipping 1400 pounds The Straw Hat Riots of 1922 which began because some men were absolute heathens and wore their straw hats past the acceptable dates of May 15th to September 15thSome of the stories were interesting than others as would be the case with any collection such as this and I was aware of a few—such as the story of the Radium Girls I was in need of a light read and this fit the bill nicelyI received an advance review copy of this book courtesy of Ten Speed Press via Netgalley See my full review and at Mystereity ReviewsThe duo from The Dollop podcast have written a book full of the odd the outrageous and all the funny stories that never made it into the history booksThis was a very humorous take on some of the lesser well known stories that make up the fabric of our history The presidential cheese story made me chuckle What A Legend and the Lobotomobile story was outrageous but the best story and the reason I wanted to read this book was the Kentucky Meat Shower story The stories are indeed hilarious and absurd but not necessarily untold I've seen a few of the stories in other places and Reddit is full of Action Park stories and even has its own subreddit ractionpark so check that out if you want Overall The United States of Absurdity is a short and funny look at US history great as a time waster side splitting funny and a must read for trivia fans and history buffs Thank you to Ten Speed Press and NetGalley who provided an advance copy of the book in exchange for my honest review Entertaining book that is perfect for fans of Drunk History or The Daily Show These are humorous crazy anecdotes that are embellished with funny and colorful commentaries This would not be appropriate for young readers but teachers and college students should read this for laughs Unlike similar books published in the past this one is not filled with inaccuracies

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